My layered demeanour (Episode 7)

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[KVB’s pov]

All the arrangements were done and everything was just perfect. The party was in one of the posh banquet halls at the eighth floor. I had also dressed up, looking my best. I saw few of my friends entering as we hugged each other. Suddenly, I was handed an envelope by one of the waiters catering there.
“From your well- wisher”. These words were inscribed in bold on that envelope. I quickly scanned my surroundings to look out for that waiter but I assumed that he had left the place. I moved away from there in a secluded area and quickly tore open the envelope to reveal its contents. The photographs which spilled out of the envelope stunned me. I kept the photos back in the envelope and quickly opened the letter. But to my utter disappointment, only an address was printed on that paper.
‘1 hour,’ I muttered in disbelief. 1 hour was the time that it would take me to reach the address mentioned on the paper. I looked at my wrist watch and it was 9. ‘I would reach back here by 11.’ My fingers moved into my hairs as this envelope had just spoiled my mood. ‘But what if all this is not true?’ Several thoughts were running in my mind. I was unable to come to any decision.

‘Fine, I’ll go.’ I let out a sigh as I had finally decided. I moved over to my friends who were busy talking to each other. ‘Guys, I need to go out as there is an important work.’ I raised my index finger as I warned them, ‘And don’t do anything behind my back.’ Saying so, I moved out without listening to them as I was in a hurry to reach back here.


[Vicky’s pov]

It was a busy area with a lot of hustle- bustle but it was much quieter now. I was standing outside one of the medical stores waiting for her to come. She had really surprised me when she had asked me to meet at such a time. It was 10 now and she is known for her punctuality. I decided to wait for some more time. I was growing restless as dizziness was taking over me and I started pacing the area. I held my head as it started paining and anxiety overtook me. I felt the urgent need to take them but a firm and strong hand on my shoulders had stopped my thoughts. I turned back as my eyes popped out. ‘Bhai’, was all that I could utter. He threw a few photos on my face as they flew in air, before finally landing on the ground. I bent down as I started collecting all the photos. This was the second shock of today’s night. All the photos were of mine only- one was with a drug peddler and the others had me taking drug at various occasions. He grabbed my biceps as he pulled me over, back to my feet. I was unable to meet his glare and so, kept my gaze down.

‘What the hell is this, Vicky? You have again started taking drugs. How could you?’

‘But bhai. I have started…’

‘Just shut up!!! Don’t you dare utter a single word.’

There was a complete silence as we stood there like statues. He gestured me to come along with him. I followed him and we both sat in the car. He handed over me an envelope as I read, “From your well- wisher.”

‘Do you know who this well- wisher is? Who knew about this habit of yours?’ He had started questioning me. I remembered her, showing me these same photos, blackmailing me and calling me here. ‘Surbhi,’ I muttered but my voice was so low that it was unable to reach his ears.

‘Did you say anything?’

‘No, bhai. I don’t know who this well- wisher is. But please bhai, don’t tell about this…’

He exactly knew what I was going to say and had thus cut short my speech. He glared at me as I felt helpless and folded my hands in front of him. He was still staring at me angrily but finally uttered, ‘I won’t say anything but you are joining a drug rehabilitation centre tomorrow and that’s final. I don’t want you to ruin your life.’

I nodded my head as I agreed to his each and every word. He really loves me but this time my mind was on her. Why did she do this?


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  1. Loved today’s episode saya…. Love u loads 🙂

  2. It was a quite intresting episode dear…. it was really sweet one too…. coz aahil is such a caring brother…. luved it..
    U r jusst amazing dear whn it comes to writing….
    luv u dear…..

    1. Thank you so much janvi. Love you too

  3. Hey saya your epi is really good..I really liked the part of ahil being such a caring brother…Love u a lot my dear bestie

    1. Thanks dear. Love you too and I’m really happy to see all of your comments. Thanks for waiting for my episodes.

  4. wlcm dear… actually we love to wait for such amazing stories n tht to written by our lovely frnds…

  5. I don’t know why my comment has not been posted. Thanks sunehri. Love you too 🙂 🙂

    1. It’s ok bestie. .. love u loads 🙂

  6. Awesome episode saya my dearrryyyy, KVB very caring n concerned for his younger bro vicky…but how surbhi knows about it n blackmailing vicky? why did she informed KVB as well wisher? In last episode it looked like KVB n surbhi were rivals…or just KVB doesn’t like surbhi but she does…so many questions n mysteries…curious to know more…eagerly waiting for the next episode, love you loads

    1. Hi roma. you have just made my day? I hope you don’t mind me addressing you by your name. And coming to your comment- OMG! you are just so awesome at interpretations. I just love it and loved your questions too. And I’m really happy that you didn’t let me wait for a long time for your comment. love you 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  7. hai saya….
    y didnt u post next parts?
    its not correct to make us mad of ur ff….
    my day is becoming bore if i ddnt read ur ff

    1. Hi Jasmine. Sorry for making you wait so long… I’ll upload it today.

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