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Laut Aao Trisha 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Episode starts with Vivan with a girl at food cort where he massed up with a wrong girl. both Vivan and that girl misunderstands each others and Amrita reaches there. Meghan comes and tells Vivan she is not the girl with whom they fixed meeting. The girl also says sorry to them after knowing his name is Vivan as she is here to meet someone eles.

In the mean time Pratik catches Neha and asks her about evidences. Neha is thinking how to call Police. Pratik says he doesn’t have much time and Police comes there and says they also don’t have much time and asks him to come with police. Neha hugs Pratik and says it’s all Amrita’s plan and she must inform police to arrest Pratik. Amrita comes there but Pratik shouts at him. He left with police. Neha sent a message to someone

Mission completed’.

Kushan gets a message and smiles. Lavanya asks him what happened. Kushan says to watch news then will get good news. At news it shows that Pratik got arrested and journalist asking him about Trisha’s kidnapping. But Kabir takes Pratik from there. Gourav gets tensed after hearing this news but Sonali says it is his opportunity to be an important part of Swaika industry. Gourav gets irked.

Bobby, Vivan and Megan are talking about their family. Megan says it’s all unbelievable. First they get the news about Lavanya’s affair then of Pratik’s. Now this news about Pratik’s involvement in Trisha’s kidnapping. Bobby says in this entire rumpus they forgot its Trisha’s birthday tomorrow.

Trisha is crying at her room thinking it will be her first birthday without her family. A man asks her why she is crying, if she is hungry. Trisha asks for a notebook and a pen and says she is getting bored here so she wants to write.

At police station Neha comes to meet Pratik. Pratik asks her about evidences. Neha says she saw Lavanya at his office standing beside the locker and she entered at cabin Lavanya went out of cabin. Kabir hears this and makes fun of Neha as it is a very big evidence of Pratik’s innocence. He asks Pratik to get ready for interrogations. Amrita comes there and Pratik says he should not trust Amrita.

At outside of police station Amrita accused Neha for informing police but Neha says it is her fault. She must want to take revenge form Pratik so she called police. Amrita asks what kind of revenge. Neha says Amrita is trying to hide her relationship with Kabir.

Precap: Amrita says Kabir that she will not forgive Kabir. An officer informs Pratik’s healthis getting critical. They take him to hospital.

Update Credit to: PrincessN

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  1. why is amrita such a weekling she should slpa neha and that pratt pratik he has so much attitude

  2. i hate neha and kushan.

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