Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 18th November 2014 Written Episode Update

Mere Rang Mein Rangnewali 18th November 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

Radha tells Renuka that she wants to be freed from this relation. Renuka tells Radha not to do melodramatic roles as she is bad in this. Radha tells that life sometimes makes one cry and that day it happened. Scene shifts to the day of her audition. She is on her scooty and crying. She comes in her building and her mother asks if she didn’t go to college. She doesn’t say anything and goes to her house.
Leela tells his dadaji that he will make all arrangements so that he is comfortable. He tells Dadaji that he got an asana made as he doesn’t sit in sofa. Dadaji gets happy and tells Leela to sit with him. He asks Leels if he is happy. Leela tells that he is very happy. Dadaji tells Leela not to do anything which will leave him ashamed in front of them. He tells Leela that he has only wish that his family stays together and his family is incomplete without him.
Sulochana asks Leela if someone said anything to her. Leela tells that she didn’t give her audition. She tells her mother not to ask anything else to her as she is irritated. Her father asks if the music was a remix one and her dance steps didn’t match. She asks her father how he understood. He tells that he was a struggler in this industry. She asks if there is no respect for values. He tells Leela that whatever she did today was right. He tells her to be happy as he is going to make sev-puri.
Leela’s mother instructs the cook on how to make the food. Leela comes there and thanks his mother for coming to his place. Leela’s mother tells that his dadaji cares for him but can’t say anything. He tells that his dadaji got happy coming here. Leela tells his mother that he will get his name changed today.
Leela’s dadaji asks him if he requires money to meet his expenses. Leela tells that he is not having any problem. Leela thinks that it’s the right time to talk about changing his name. He tells Dadaji that his friends feel that his name is a bit longer and calls him L.D. Dadaji tells that people here doesn’t respect anything. He tells Leela not to be ashamed of his name as this is his identity. He tells that people who make fun of his name can’t be his friends. Dadaji goes from there.
Radha is playing cricket with kids. She throws a shot and Leela gets hurt. Radha tells Ravi to say sorry to Leela. Leela tells Radha that she must have destroyed his mobile. At that time Leela’s mobile rings and Radha tells him not to quarrel with her un-necessarily. She tells Leela that his parents gave him the right name.
Renuka tells Radha that she teased Leela a lot on his name. Radha tells that Leela behaves strangely about his name. Renuka tells that what is funny to her may not be the same for others. She tells that a name is someone’s identity. She asks Leela how that happened between her and Leela. She tells that it happened on the day when she met Leela’s dadaji.
Radha is collecting donation. Dadaji is on the way to temple with Shambu. Rupa goes to Leela’s Dadaji to collect donation. Dadaji gets angry seeing her collecting donation for Janmasthami. She holds dadaji’s hand and he pushes him and she falls down. Radha runs to her. She tells Renuka that it all started from this and it didn’t stop.
Episode Ends

Precap : Leela comes to Radha’s house. She tells him to leave but he stops her from closing the door.

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