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A man tells constable if inspector does not take his complaint, he will call MLA. Just then, Inspector drags VK in who is disguised as thief and tells man that inspector broke his finger for trying to take MLA’s help. Man gets afraid and keeps back his phone in. Inspector sends VK inside cell. VK asks his cell mate what did he do. He says he killed his wife. VK asks how did he kill her. Cell mate asks who sent him in. VK says his boss and continues his jokergiri.

During court session, VK continues his jokergiri. Judge gets irked, adjourns court for the day and asks him to defend wife’s murderer punishment. VK says he does not want to but agrees on his boss’s insistence and accepts file from judge.

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VK informs his inspector friend about being forced to become defense lawyer of wife’s murderer who is in cell. Inspector tells man is doll volume 2 actress’s father and sends him into cell as a thief to investigate man.

Man’s daughter calls for a press meeting and starts crying for her new film’s pubilicity and garner sympathy.

VK on the other side continues questioning man in his baffoonery style, but man keeps quiet. Inspector calls VK out. VK asks him to send case details to him.

At night, VK silently enters his boss’s house and starts working on case. Boss and servant think a thief must have come, but are surprised ot see VK. Boss asks how did he enter her house. He says via window. He starts his jokergiri and tells details about his investigations.

Court hearing starts. Man (suraj) confesses that he killed his wife. VK says he is defending man and gives judge forensic report of lipstick prints, hair, alcohol glass, cigarett butt. Judge gives 3 days time to gather evidence and adjourns case. Suraj tries to intervene, but VK says he will defend him at any cost.

Trisha questions Suraj’s daughter Naina and records her statement. Naina says her mom Naina was very dominating and forced her into films, but dad was very supportive and used to tolerate mom, but his tolerance level broke off and he murdered mom. Trisha questions building watchman who informs that Suraj’s wife had a servant who left 15 days before murder. She asks where does he stay. He gives her address. VK goes to get servant’s record from inspector. Inspector says he does not have record. VK says he got missing and has not reached his village, so he should find him. Inspector takes servant’s pic and asks constable to get info about him. VK says he needs info by tomorrow morning before court hearing and starts his jokery with inspector and calls him bheem putra. Inspector gets irked and says his name is gatotkach. VK says it is all same.

Inspector meets VK in the morning and informs that he did not get any info about servant. VK starts jokery again and irks inspector.

Court hearing starts. VK enters late and asks judge if she needs driver. She asks to come to to point. He says if he loses case, he will have no option to become driver. Judge asks him not to waste time. VK says inspector ghatotkach has found a dead body. Judge asks whose body. He says it is Naina’s servant’s dead body and requests to give some time to let inspector investigate case. Suraj says he murdered servant. VK asks where did he hide dead body. Judge asks why did he say that inspector found dead body. VK says he was just shooting in air and asks why did Suraj kill servant when servant went to kill Naina. Judge gives 2 days time for further investigation and adjourns case.

VK works on case in coffee bar. Waiter tells him Naina had come here with her boyfriend and she took selfies with her. VK asks to show selfie. She asks to say please. He agrees, checks selfie and is shocked to see the man. He gets happy find the clue.

VK reaches Naina’s home at night and starts searching it while Naina is sound asleep. He runs back seeing Naina taking turns in sleep.

VK’s boss scolds him for entering Naina’s house like a thief and tells if they don’t find clue, judge will not spare them.

Court hearing starts. VK questions Naina and asks where was she when her mother’s murder happened. She says she was busy in shooting. VK tells a joke and says Nain is lying. Naina says she is not. He shows report and says hair found on murder spot were Naina’s. He tells how Trisha took Naina’s hair sample and matched it with Naina’s hair. He asks Naina why did she meet her mom before murder. Judge says it proves she went to meet her mom, but does does not prove she murdered her mom. VK says it is his next question and asks when she is married why don’t she wear sindoor, bindi, etc. She says she is not married. He asks why did not she marry. She says heroine’s career stops if she is married. He asks if she hid her marriage with her assistant Mukesh. She asks waht rubbish he is talking. He shows her marriage certificate. She asks where did he get it from. He gives certificate to judge. Nail pleads that she did not kill her mom. VK asks her to go back and calls Mukesh in witness box and asks him to accept even he was present in murder spot as his cig’s butt was found there. He gives report to judge and tells he is tired of submitting reports and proving that Suraj did not murder his wife. Mukesh says it is true he and Naina went to Naina’s mom’s house. He says he wanted to tell about their marriage on Naina’s film release day, but her mom did not like that. He goes into flashback where mom slaps him and calls poor manager. He gets irked and strangulates her to death and flees from there. VK praises Suraj for trying to rescue his daughter and asks what happened to servant. He goes into flashback where servant informs him about his wife’s murder by Naina and her husband and killing servant to save his daughter. VK rest his case. Judge annouces to arrest Suraj, Naina and her husband and pronounces them guilty.

After court, judge asks VK how did he get Naina’s marriage certificate. He says from court. She asks him to become her driver for 1 month. VK asks if his profession changed.

Precap: A lady murders a man. VK defends her case.

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