Lakshmila a lovely birthday surprise (two cute shots) first shot

Lakshmila 1st shot..

Recap-Urmila wakes up to know that its her birthday tomorrow, bt no one in the palace seems to remember it.

In the grace filled palace of Ayodhya, the divine beauty Urmi is crying in her room. She recalls all the promises made by Sumitranandan lakshman. She isn’t sad cos no one is celebrating her birthday, after all it wasn’t celebrated fr 14 years. She was sad that her Sumitranandan had broken his promise, which was never expected. She was sad that he sister forgot their memories of childhood.. Thinking all this, she felt asleep.
Sita came to call her fr food.. Knocking the door.. ?
Urmi… Urmi… Come out.. Food is ready.. You didn’t have breakfast properly.. Won’t u have lunch ???.. No rply came.. Sita repeated her words again. No rply. Sita told the same to Kaushalya.
Kaushalya n Sumitra knock her door ?. Putri Urmila.. What happened?? R u nt feelin well??? Urmi opened her eyes. She wipes her tears and goes to open the door ? . Mata, you here?
Kaushalya-what happened? Why u r nt opening the door?? Urmila says nothing, ma I was sleeping ? ?. Sumitra-won’t u hv lunch?? Urmi nods her head in the negative. I’m not well. Kaushalya n Sumitra go… Urmila closes the Door n Luks at her n lakshman’s paintings… Her eyes close n she gets asleep..

Urmila opens her eyes too find the whole room beautifully decorated with blue n pink lotuses. She gets over excited and laughs ???.. Fb shows..
Lakshman goes to Siya and asks her.. Bhabhi, what is Urmilas favourite flower?? Sita recalls Urmi n the sisters seeing lotuses in the pond and says lotus. Her fav flower is lotus. Lakshman goes towards the palace pond n collects the lotuses. He finds them less . He rushes towards the river and collects the lotuses.. He knocks the door bt Urmila is sleeping. He enters their room from d window and decorates the room..
Fb ends..

Urmila goes in the balcony to see the palace heavily decorated.. She gets supa excited ?.. OMG.. She gets fresh n sees on dressing table. A beautiful jewellery set studded with diamonds ?? .. A beautiful pink dress.. She dresses beautifully and comes out finding Lakshman. Lakshman sees her and flirts with dasi Chandrika. Urmilas smiling face turns again to a sad one ☹ . Sumitra holds Lakshmans ears. Enough masti you’ve done today. Now go with Urmila. Everyone laugh. Lakshman closes Urmilas eyes and takes her to the decorated garden. Urmi opened get eyes and gets shocked to see Janak and Sunaina with Kushadhwaj and Chandrabhaga there.. Mata.. Pitaji.. She hugs Janak n Sunaina wid tearful eyes. Everyone look on smiling ?. Urmi talks to her parents and Sita sets the food on the table. Everybody takes a seat and have food. Lakshman asks who made the food?? Mandvi says sita di made it wid me n Kirti… Mata’s also helped ?.. Lakshman sys yessss!!! Now I get it. The food is really sweet.. He says seeing Urmi. Urmila pinches him. What do u mean?? Wen I make food I put neem leaves in it?? Lakshman says noooo noooo NT neem leaves.. I’m saying abt the spices u add to it.. Urmila puts a spoonful of the pickle in his laughing mouth. Is it nt spicy?? Kaushalya Mata made it.. Lakshman coughs.. Urmi gets tensed and gives him water. Everyone smile and laugh.. Sita says first decide u wanna fight or love. Urmi blushes ☺☺ .. Everyone finish food n goo..

Precap-Lakshmila share some very cute moments..

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  1. wow , awesome vanshu dearie . loved the b’day celebrations of urmi .update next one soon cutie

  2. Padmaja

    Reallyy a fantastic one dearie.. loved it a lot and the cute convo btw dem made me to smile continuously..

  3. Astra

    Wow dear…what a cute story….

  4. wow vanshu amazing ff loved it a lot.plz post the next one since i love lakshmilla

  5. Vanshika

    Thnx dears fr the overwhelming response.. Love you all n will update soon ??

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