Tere Bin 6th October 2016 Written Episode Update

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Nandini asks Akshay to divorce Vijaya and marry him soon. Akshay says it will take a lot of time. She asks him to get a house then, they both will stay together until he gets divorce from Vijaya. He says Vijaya will not let Neeti. Nandini says he has married Neeti’s mom and is not Neeti’s father. Akshay fumes, but calms down.

Vijaya in her cabin thinks Akshay did not call back at all after reaching home. Her mangalsutra breaks. She gets worried thinking why lots of inauspicious things happening recently.

Akshay speaks to Dr. Solanki and lies that he has reached Delhi, but stuck in traffic, so he will come for conference tomorrow. Nandini drops eyebrow hair on his hand and asks him to wish something, she knows he cannot stay without Neeti, so he should wish Neeeti. She says she cannot stay without him and he cannot stay without Neeti.

Naani picks Neeti from school and travels in car. Phone rings. Neeti happily searches phone in Naani’s purse and does not find it. Naani bends to pick phone from purse and car meets with an accident. Vijaya is in her nursing home with nurse Jennifer. Constable calls her and informs that her mother and daughter met with an accident. She starts crying and rushes to hospital. Naani on hospital bed injured asks doc to call her daughter and son-in-law. Vijaya enters hospital room and asks where is Neeti. Doc says she is in ICU. Vijaya then calls Akshay and informs that Naani and Neeti met with an accident. Akshay rushes towards hospital.

Vijaya starts crying a lot. Irfan who comes there for consultation sees her and asks reason. She tells him about Neeti and Naani’s accident. Doc comes and says Neeti has a blood clot near her brain and need to operated. She has a huge blood loss and needs O negative blood transfusion. Vijaya says she and Naani’s blood group is different, she will check with Abhaya. Doc asks where is her husband. She says he has gone for a conference. Irfan thinks Akshay lied and went with Nandini.

Daadi calls Vijaya and says she needs to talk to Neeti. Vijaya says Naani and Neeti met with an accident. She then goes and prays god to save her daughter. Akshay comes and she hugs him and cries. Ashay then meets doc, checks Neeti report and says Neeti has blood clot near brain, why did not he start surgery. Doc says his wife did not approve yet. Akshay says Vijaya wanted him to come I think. Doc asks what is he giving Neeti for her diabetes. Akshay is shocked to hear that Neeti is having diabetes.

Precap: Akshay before starting Neeti’s surgery prays god to help him as he is starting his life’s most difficult surgery.

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