Lajwanti 9th December 2015 Written Episode Update


Lajwanti 9th December 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Auction ring
Sunder is alarmed at the high bidding by jamaal, and supercedes it at 225 Rs, shocking jamaal, as they eye each other tensedly.

Scene 2:
Location: Sunder’s residence
Lajo gets the mehendi done, and finds sunder’s name on it, and tells dulari that the mehendi might not show its colour, but she wants his name to shine on her hands, overjoyed at their marriage. Merriment and dancinn ensues, wherein lajo dances greely and then shys away when teased by the other ladies. all bless her galore, while she hugs everyone happily. Just then, Lajo is extremely happy to hear the horse hooves, and narrates to granny and others that her sunder came on a horse, only for her. Granny asks her to rush down and greet him at the door. she rushes down

excitedly. but she is shocked to find that its jamaal, on the horse, who eyes her leeringly. he gets downthe horse, while she is stunned with shock. she is scared and retreats as he begins to approach her. she goes in and alarms the other members of the family, while jamaal stands at the gate. they all ask her whats the matter. they follow her gaze to jamaal standing at the gate, and eye each other boggled and alarmed, while she stands scared. he gets inside the house and confronts them all, while she steps back impulsively. kishori asks his introduction, and murad says that he is his special friend, and invited him as the guest for the marriage, so that he can see lahore’s best hospitality. kishori readily welcomes him, and as it is he is next to god, in their culture. he welcomes jamaal in the marriage of his son. he eyes lajo, who looks down scared. Kishori asks whats the matter. she fumbles, hesitates and says….but Jamaal completes her sentence saying that she thought her husband came dressed in bridal wqear on a horse, and generally it happens that she expects something, and gets something else isn return, and then waits for something else yet again. he says thats why he always takes off the eyes of the animal he is about to butcher. kishori terms him as an interesting man. he identifies himself as the trader of skin, and then talks about how he outbid the horse, from a person, whose love was making him purchase this horse at an exorbitant price casting indirectly his gaze at her, and hence his passion upped the other’s love. Kishori says that he is happy to know that he got what he wanted. jamaal says that he is happy too that he came at the right time, or else the marriage would have happened. kishori tells him that the marriage is tomorrow, while he keeps eyeing lajo, who tries to escape his gaze. Then the customary rituals and cultural night begins, as Murad and Kishori lead different teams, while lajo stands tensed, as she eyes Jamaal, who has his eyes for her only. he leers at her, and says that white meat look bful draped in green, and that there’s still tonight left before morning, and much can happen, as the winds of lahore are changing, as the present might be her past, and her present right now, might become her future. She is scared to hear this and extremely worried. Amrish and lal notice this, and ask lajo if she is alright. she says that tomorrow shall bring sunder with her, and they shall get married, and even if sunder isnt here, so that, as this is her own house, and her husband’s too, and noone can bother her here, hinting her dialogue at him. She asks them to enjoy the celebrations, as tomorrow she shall be forever sunder’s, and then leaves with attitude. jamaal is amused. just then, the lights go out and all are tensed. revathy is concerned for lajo, while she assures from the roof, that she safe and would be back with diyas soon. Jamaal hears this and stealthily escaoes from there.

On the roof, lajo finds the bird scared of the dark. She is suddenly gagged and pinned against the wall, by jamaal, seeing whom she gets immensely scared. He then takes the bird from her hand and eyes it and then her, both equally scared, and then helps the bird fly away. he says that he freed the bird, but freedom comes at a price, and then leans in closer to her, to get physically intimate, while she is disgusted. she tries to wrangle free, but he pulls her closer and tighter. He says that he touches meat everyday, but none like this. She turns away in frustration. he asks her to become his, as he shall treat her as queen, and serve her the best of luxuries, and adds that much can change between the past and the present, and she can define a new tomorrow. he tells her that in the darkness of the dark night, the shimmering things become extra bful, hinting at her. She sighs heavily. he takes off her nosering, and then cups her face. he leans in close and asks her to give this night to him, while she is disgusted by the proximity and his lewd prospect. just then, the lights come back on, and she pushes him away, while he eyes her angrily. she asks him to be scared of the gods, as he sees well in darkness too, and tells him that even in her soul, leave alone body, sunder’s name is imprinted, and she is only his, and no amount of jamaal’s money can take her or her soul. She rushes away from there. he smirks evilly, and then eyes the nose ring that fell down, saying that whats destined cant be changed. Lajo eyes Sunder’s name in her mehendig, and remebers sunder’s promise, and smiles, through her state of despair. She smiles.

Scene 3:
Location: Amritsar and Kishori’s residence
The next morning, her haldi ritual is going on, while she excitwedly and shyly participates in it with the entire family. She is bathed in milk after the application of haldi. She gets a call from sunder, in amritsar, who is excited that he is returning back, while she is sad and asks him not to leave her. He gets tensed and asks if anything happened. She says that she misses him and awaits his arrival, and asks him to come soon. he assures her the same, and says that now noone can come between them.

The other morning, sunder finds a bangle shop, and remembers lajo’s likeness for them, and purchases some for her, and smiels to himself. he then walks off. Riots ensue, in which the muslims and hindus are at loggerheads with each other on the streets. A hindu group finds a muslim, and swear that they shall kill him with swords. They rush after him, while he makes a sprint for his life, in which he collides with sunder lal returning, from the other end of the road, carrying his luggae. His I-card falls out of his pocket, as the muslim narrates his plight, and begs him to save him, as hindu group is trying to kill him. Sunder gets alarmed, and stands in front of him, as the hindus approach and then confront him with eyes ablaze and rage enormous. he eyes them angrily. They are taken aback. The screen freezes on Sunder’s tensed face.


Precap: Lajo dances dressed as a bride, while dulari enjoys it thoroughly, on the roof. lal enters with a charred body, in his arms, and everyone thinks that its sunder, while lal stands dead and stunned into silence. the family breaks into grievous screams and incoherent rants of mourning. jamaal is shocked too. lajo hears the grieving screams and is boggled, distraught and aplled, as she collapses on the floor of the roof.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

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