Ladies Special 13th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Prarthana Loses Job

Ladies Special 13th December 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu takes Amar’s Mota pappa for medical checkup. They walk out of examining room and see Kangana there. Kangana greets Mota pappa and leaves. Mota pappa asks Bindu if she knows that woman. Bindu says no. Mota pappa asks her to get reports while he sits in Amar’s cabin. Prarthana’s boss asks her to apologize Subodh. Viraj says it is not Bindu’s mistake, she will not apologize. Boss sayus if she does not apologize, she can come and collect her termination letter tomorrow. Viraj tries to convince boss, but he walks away. Viraj asks Prarthana not to worry, she will not lose job. Prarthana ask if it is his father’s company,, fact is she lost job and he should not follow her anymore. Viraj says he will not let her job go even if he has to fire whole staff.


with Mandar and Jyoti goes to buy sewing machine and shows her factory’s card Swapna garments. Shop owner asks if it is pvt ltd or public ltd, if she has GST number, etc. Meghna says she has not got anything yet. Shope owner says it took him 6 months to get all the licenses. A conman hears their conversation from distance and gives Mandar his car and lures that he will help them get licenses. Meghna says she will go and get Baba’s reports from hospital and leaves. She meets Bindu and informs her that Amar is having an affair with another woman. Bindu says she knows already as Amar informed her on the night of marriage. Meghna asks how could she digest such a big truth, does not she feel pain. Bindu says she accepted truth on first night of marriage, Amar loves Kangana a lot. Mota pappa asks Amar when did Kangana return, if Bindu knows about her. Amar says no. Mota pappa leaves. Amar feels severe headache. Nurse walks in and asks if he is fine and needs any help. He says he is a doctor and knows what to do.

Prarthana returns home and fumes seeing Viraj singing with her father and asks who let him in. Rachna says he came to give Punith’s commission, so she offered him tea. Father says he is a very nice boy. Prarthana fumes and calmly tells Viraj let us go out as she needs to talk about business. He realizes she is angry and says let us speak here. She drags him out and asks why he is following her. He says she will get back her job. She asks not to pester her anymore. He continues pestering her. She locks door. Door bell rings. She angrily opens door and sees house owner smiling.

Precap: Bindu asks Mota pappa why did not he sleep whole night. Mota pappa says he was worried about her. Meghna’s sweing machine order returns. Jyoti says all society ladies were asksing why sewing machines returned, what is Meghna doing with their money.

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