Laal Ishq FF – MATSH, SNS, YHM, Swararagini, Saraswatichandra Part 12


Shravan’s tears rolled down his cheeks.

Vidya:What happened Shravan?
Gaura:Tell Shravan..
Shravan:Vidya…you said since Rachanaji lost her son she will love our Priyal.But no..she took Priyal only to take revenge on us.
Durga:Shravan…is Priyal fine?
Dharam took the mobile from Shravan and viewed different videos of Priyal getting tortured.
Dharam:Hey Ambe Maa…so cruel.
Vidya took the mobile from him and all ladies watched them together.They were shattered.
Vidya screamed:Priyal…my daughter…forgive me my daughter.I destroyed your life.

Shravan held Vidya weeping:Don’t blame yourself Vidya.

Durga wiped her tears:This is happening because of me.I will go there.
Dharam:What are you saying Durga?We struggled hard to save you from Rachana.Now again you want to go back to a Lioness’ cage?
Durga:Right now more important is my grand daughter’s life.I will save her at any cost.

Dharam:Yes..we have to save her.We all should go there and save Priyal.But we need to call police too.Rachana should be caught.
Vidya:Yes.The witch who tortured my daughter should rote in jail.

Vidya phoned Gopi and started crying.
Gopi:Vidya…what happened?
Gopi put the phone on loud speaker.

G:What happened to Priyal?

Vidya told everything.All were shocked.
Ahem:I told you not to sacrifice your child for anyone.But you did’nt listen.If you had listened to me Priyal would have been safe with us.
Vidya cried.
Gopi:Ahemji..please be calm.
Kokila:Ahem..instead of consoling Vidya you are scolding her.Now we should think about saving Priyal.
Meera:Yes dad.Save Priyal soon.
Gopi:Hey Kanhaji..please save our Priyal from that cruel woman.

Modis and Suryavanshis joined their hands together and went to Rachana’s house.
But only Durga got inside.Rachana laughed victoriously.
Rach:I knew that you would come to save your grand child.I was waiting for it Durga.
Dur:Why are you doing this?

Rach:Because you killed my son.
Dur:Yes I did a big mistake.But i did’nt do it purposefully.It was an accident.
Rach:You can say that easily.But I lost my son.
Dur:I understand your pain.But we gave our heart…our Priyal to you.But to a small baby you are so cruel.I did the crime.But why are you punishing an innocent child?

Rach:Yes.I did that because she is your grand daughter.I tortured her purposefully so that you will come here again Durga.You thought you escaped from me?No…you can never escape from me Durga.Now again you will be under my control.
Suddenly Modis and Suryavanshis came inside.Rachana was stunned to see all of them together.
Shravan:That will never happen.I won’t allow you to touch my mother and daughter.
Dharam:Your games are over Rachanaji.
Rachana smirked:You guys can’t defeat me.

Vidya:Where is my daughter?
Racha:Forget about your daughter.You will never get her.
Vidya was shattered.She burst into tears:Please don’t do anything to my daughter.Please..I beg of you…

Shravan lost his control:How dare you?If you hurt my daughter I will never leave you.
Rachana laughed.She took out a gun.All were shocked.Suddenly police men came inside.Rachana was shocked.
Ahem smiled:What did you think about us?That we are fools?We brought police men with us.You are finished Rachana.
Rachana said angrily:But still i will take revenge.
In a second Rachana shot Durga.Durga fell down.All were shocked.
Shravan and Vidya:Maa..
Gaura and Dharam:Durga!
They held Durga and cried.
Rachana laughed.The police men took her away.
Dharam:We will take her to hospital.
Durga:Wait Dharamji..let me speak first.
Durga looked at Meera who was weeping.
Durga:Meera…come here…
Meera went near her.Durga held her hand and kept it on Dharam’s hand.Dharam and Meera became numb due to shock.

All were shocked.
Durga:You both should unite.
All were shocked.
Shravan:What are you doing Maa?
Gopi:Durga behn..what is this?
Kokila:Hey Krishna Bhagwan..can’t understand anything.

Ahem:What nonsense is this?

Shravan:Maa…why are you doing this? was your mother’s biggest wish.To unite your papa and Meera.
Shravan was shocked.
Durga:Shravan…the real couple is Dharamji and Meera,not your papa and me.Till now your papa and I were pretending to be a couple.we were never a couple.Your father is not Dharamji…but his twin Mihir.
All were shocked.Shravan was shattered.
Dharam:Durga…what are you saying?

Dur:Sorry did’nt want anyone to know Shravan’s birth secret.But this truth had to come out now.And Dharamji and Meera’s love story started long ago.Infact their love is eternal.Meera is Dharamji’s beloved Taani’s reincarnation.
All were shocked.
Ahem:What nonsense?
Vidya:Papa…Durga maaji is right.
Kokila was stunned.
Dur:Atleast in this birth Taani should get Dharamji..she should not lose him because of me.If so Go will not forgive me.Gopi behn…Ahemji…Kokila Kaki..please unite Dharamji and Meera.Shravan…if you really love your mother and father you should unite papa and Meera.Your father never got a wife’s love.Atleast now he deserves love in his life beta.
Shravan cried holding Durga’s hands:Ma…I will do anything as per your wish.But you should not leave me.
Dharam:Durga has to be taken to hospital now.After that we will talk.
Suddenly Durga closed her eyes.All were shattered.
Shravan screamed:Maa…

Vidya hugged him and cried to console him.

Meera cried:To give me a place in Dharamji’s life Durgaji left this world.
Dhharam wept:Durga…what did you do?Why did you leave us?I never loved you.But you were my good friend.
Dharam remembered his moments with Durga and wept.

Kuch Khushbuyen
Yaadon Ke Jungal Se Beh Chali
Kuch Khidkiyan
Lamhon Ke Dastak Pe Khul Gayi
Kuch Geeth Purane Rakhe The Sirhaane
Kuch Sur Kahin Khoye The Bandish Mil Gaye

Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye
Bichde The Kinare Mil Gaye – See more at:

Kuch Khushbuyen
Yaadon Ke Jungal Se Beh Chali
Kuch Khidkiyan
Lamhon Ke Dastak Pe Khul Gayi
Kuch Geeth Purane Rakhe The Sirhaane
Kuch Sur Kahin Khoye The Bandish Mil Gaye

Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye
Bichde The Kinare Mil Gaye – See more at:
Kuch Khushbuyen
Yaadon Ke Jungal Se Beh Chali
Kuch Khidkiyan
Lamhon Ke Dastak Pe Khul Gayi
Kuch Geeth Purane Rakhe The Sirhaane
Kuch Sur Kahin Khoye The Bandish Mil Gaye

Jeene Ke Ishare Mil Gaye
Bichde The Kinare Mil Gaye
– Phir Milenge

They heard Priyal crying.
All were nervous.
Vidya and Shravan:Priyal…
They all followed the sound of Priyal’s cry.They reached a room.Priyal was crying in a cradle.All were relieved.
Gaura:Ambe Maa…

Kokila:Thanks to Lord Krishna..
Gopi:Kanhaji..thank you..
Vidya took Priyal in her hands and wept:My Baby…
She kissed all over her face.Shravan too hugged Priyal weeping.

Durga’s cremation was done.

Modi Bhavan…

Gopi:Meera…what was Durga ben saying?Tell Meera.What is going on between you and Dharamji?
Kokila:And reincarnation.. foot.Mom..this is narrow minded Durga’s superstition.
Meera:Papa..whatever Durgaji said is right.After the accident only I remembered my past with Dharam.
All were shocked.
Meera:But we both decided not to be together as Dharam was married to Durgaji.But my love never ended.

Meera wept.
They were shocked.
Ahem:I don’t believe all this crap.
Meera:But it’s true dad.
Ahem:With this excuse if you are planning to marry that middle aged man leave it Meera.

Meera cried:Dad…
Gopi:Hey Kanhaji…what a situation is this?You yourself please solve the problem.Maaji…what should we do?
Kokila:We should call panditji.

Dharam could’nt sleep because of being haunted by Meera’s memories.
D:Meera…why I always see you?
Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke
Yeh Arzoo Kaise Ruke
Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke
Yeh Arzoo Kaise Ruke

Meera cried thinking of Ahem’s words that he can’t approve of Dharam Meera relation.
M:Why this is always happening with us?
Manzil Mushkil to kya
Dhundhla Sahil to kya
Tanha Ye Dil to Kya

They thought the moments they spent together and wept.
Raah Pe Kaante Bikhre agar
Us Pe to phir bhi chalna hi hai
Shaam Chhupale Suraj magar
Raat ko ek din Dhalana hi hai

Meera:Though we can’t live together we can live for each other.
Dharam:Whether we unite or not I am only yours Meera.

Rut ye tal jayegi
Himmat rang layegi
Subah phir aayegi

Meera took a paper and wrote Dharam Meera and caressed it.

Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke
Yeh Arzoo Kaise Ruke
Yeh Honsla Kaise Jhuke
Yeh Arzoo Kaise Ruke: Dor

Gopi who passed by watched Meera.She became upset.
G:Hey Kanhaji..please wipe Meera’s pain and give her happiness.

Kokila gave Meera’s birth time to the astrologer.
Panditji:This girl has a special horoscope.Nobody remembers their previous life.But she will remember her past birth.Because she had unfulfilled love in her previous life.She took this birth to be united with her lover.
Kokila and Gopi looked at each other.
Koki:Meera was right Gopi Bahu.
Gopi:Means Meera and Dharmaji have to unite?
Ahem:Just because the astrologer said something we should get our Meera married to that old man?He is Vidya’s father in law too.
Gopi:But Ahemji… better don’t say about it.
Meera came downstairs.
M:Dad…Dharam and I are made for each other in all 7 lives.
Ahem:Meera! love me.Right.?You have fulfilled all my wishes since childhood.Then why are you not willing to fulfill my biggest wish?Please don’t do this to me pap.I beg of you.
She cried.All became emotional.Ahem became upset.He wiped her tears.
Ahem:If you cry how can I be peaceful?My little doll should always be happy.I will do anything for your happiness.I will grab Dharam’s hand and give him to you if he is your happiness.
All were surprised.
Meera smiled emotionally:Dad…you are the best.

She hugged him.

Shravan wept thinking of Durga’s death and her last words.Vidya sat near him making Priyal sleep.
She cupped his face in her hands emotionally.
V:I won’t tell you to stop crying as it’s your right.But your maa won’t be able to bear your tears.Wherever you are she wants you to smile.
Shravan burst into tears and embraced Vidya.They both wept.They broke the embrace.He wiped his tears. are thinking of what Maaji said.Right? knew this before.Right?
Vidya was silent.
Shra:I had felt that you were hiding something from me.It was this.Right?
V:Yes Shravan.I hid it from you as I did’nt want to give you pain.
Shr:I understand. Dadi showed me my real father’s photos.Dharam papa never made me feel that he is not my real father.He sacrificed his love for me and my mother.Now it’s time for me to do something back for him.
Shra:Papa always gave me what I wanted.Now I will give him what he wants.Meeraji.
Vidya was surprised:Really Shravan?You really thought about this before taking a decision.Right?
Shra:Yes Vidya.I really thought about this.

Vidya embraced him in happiness.

Danny and Kumari went for a party organized by his office mates.
They were enjoying the party.
The music started.
Danny Kumari were slowly walking to the dance floor to dance.

A stylish girl came towards Danny .
She:Danny…may I dance with you?

Danny Kumari became dull.
Danny gave her a pale smile and said:Sure.
Kumari looked at Danny with a shock.Danny whispered to Kumari:Sorry Kumari..She is my Boss.I can’t refuse it.
Kumari felt sad and shocked as she never expected Danny to leave her and go with another girl to dance.

She held Danny’s hand and started dancing.

Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyar Aaya Hai
Aaj Phir Tumpe Pyar Aaya Hai
Behad Aur Beshumar Aaya Hai –

Kumari fumed with anger and jealousy.While dancing too Danny’s eyes were on Kumari. The stylish girl stopped dancing and went towards Kumari with an evil smile.
She:Are you getting jealous Kumari?Trust me.I really pity you.

Because Danny forgets you when he sees me.
Kumari stared at her with anger:What do you mean?
She:Danny is getting attracted towards me.Very soon he will be completely with me.
Kumari:Stop this nonsense.Danny respects you.But he loves only me.He is a not a man who forgets his wife seeing a beauty.
Danny’s Boss smirked:You trust him this much?
Kumari:Yes.I trust him more than myself.Danny is the one who married a simple village girl like me inspite of being brought up in Dubai and seeing many modern beauties.He will leave me for anyone else as he knows who loves him sincerely.
Danny’s Boss smiled.
Danny came from behind.He looked at Kumari emotionally.
D:Kumari..I was right.I knew that you trust me.

Kumari:Yes Danny.I trust you.What is there to doubt about it?I am your wife.As a wife I trust you completely.

They shared an emotional eye lock.
A man came and stood near Danny’s Boss.
He:You have won Danny.
Danny smiled at him.Danny’s Boss giggled:Look at Kumari.She is longing to burn me.
Danny too laughed.Also the man near Danny’s Boss.Kumari looked confused.

Danny’s Boss:Kumari..don’t be angry with me.I am not Danny’s Boss.I am his colleague Kusum and I am not after Danny.Danny is completely yours.

My heart is already given to my Satya.
She looked at the man near him romantically.
Kumari was confused.
Satya:Actually Danny and I had a bet .I said that all wives are suspicious.But Danny said his wife is not like that and she trusts him completely.So we had a bet that Danny has to prove that his wife trusts him in every situation.So we planned this drama and Kusum was a part of our bet and drama.And yes..Danny won.He is lucky to get a wife like you.
Kumari could’nt believe it.She stared at Danny and started beating him fooled me.
Danny ran and Kumari chased him.Satya and Kusum laughed seeing it.While running and chasing they collided with each other and shared a romantic eye lock.
The song continued … Danny Kumari and Satya Kusum started dancing together passionately.

Tu Hi Meri Awaaragi
Tu Hi Duaa Har Shaam Ki
Tu Khamakha, Tu Laazmi
Tu Hi Razaa, Tu Hi Kami
Aur Tu Hi Wo, Firaaq Hai Jisko
Hai Silsilon Ne Mere Pass Laaya

Hothon Pe Tere Izhaar Aaya Hai
Hothon Pe Tere Izhaar Aaya Hai
Behad Aur Beshumar Aaya Hai

Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyar Aaya Hai
Aaj Phir Tum Pe Pyar Aaya Hai

Behad Aur Beshumaar Aaya Hai – Hate Story 2

Everybody wished Sarika Happy birthday.She was very happy:Thank you all.
Romi held her hands:Happy birthday darling.Get ready.We will cut cake.Ishita bhabhi is going to bake cake for you.
Sarika:I am happy.But no need of cake bhabhi.
Ishita:Why?You like my cake naa.
Sari:I love your cake.But always cake cutting on birthday is boring.
Romi:Ok..fine.But tell what gift you want from me?Saree?Salwar suit?Accessories?
Sari:Romi..this is what you gift on all my birthdays.But this time I want something different.
Sari:Will you give me that gift?
Romi:I promise birthday girl.I won’t deny your birthday wish.
Sari:Then marry me.
All were stunned.
Sari:You said you will give me my gift.Then marry me.
Ro:But why?We are already married.
Sari:Yes.But we did court marriage as you hated marriage ceremonies.
Ro:Ya..I hate long marriage ceremonies.
Sari:But it is my dream to have a proper wedding.I know you don’t want wedding to be a long process.So I am cutting other ceremonies like mehendi,sangeet,haldi and all.But I want a proper wedding with just our family members. need to fulfil Sarika’s birthday wish.She deserves it.
Raman:Romi..what decision you have taken?
Ro:Because of my selfishness Sarika did’nt have a colourful wedding.So I am ready for marrying Sarika.
Sarika was very happy:Thank you so much Romi.
Toshi:Hai hai bhalle bhalle..but other ceremonies can also be conducted.
Ishita:How mummiji?Today evening wedding.But for other ceremonies where is time?
Toshi:There is time.Ishita puttar…Ruhi is excellent in mehendi.She will put mehendi for Sarika.
Ruhi:Yes dadi.I will.
Toshi:Ishita..we will give a haldi bath ro Sarika as the bride has to shine.
Ishita:Sure mummiji..we will.
Toshi:After wedding surely we all will dance and sing.So Sangeet will also be done.

Ishi:Great idea mummiji.

Ruhi put mehendi on Sarika’s hand.Toshi and Ishita gave haldi bath to Sarika.Shagun dressed up Sarika as a bride.

Raman went near Ishita:Ishita,you are not ready yet?
Ishita:No Raman.I had to make prepsarations for Romi sarika’s wedding. are taking too much of time to get ready and even after that your appearance is poor.
Ishita got irritated:My appearance is poor? are pretty.I mean the way you dress is poor.
Ishi:You are talking as if you know how to dress up well.
Raman:Of course I dress up well.In college I was known as the fashion specialist.
Ishita felt like laughing:Fashion specialist?You?Don’t joke.Your tongue has no control.
Raman:No..i am not joking.If I dress you,you will look gorgeous.You know that?
Ishi:Is it?Then dress me up.
Raman:Why not?One[i] second..are you not challenging me?
Ishi:Of course yes Ravan Kumar Bhalla..
Raman:Ok..I am accepting your challenge.But if I win the challenge you have to give me a gift.
Ishi:Ok done.
Raman starts draping saree on her.He pins it on the shoulder.

Maang teri saja doon main
Aaja bindiya lagaa doon main

He puts earrings on her ears.He places necklace on her neck.

Laal chunri odha doon main
Tujhe dulhan bana doon main

He puts bangles on her hands.

Hathon se tera shringar karoon
Baahon mein bhar ke pyar karoon

The pin got removed. did’nt pin my saree to shoulder properly.
Raman:Some mistakes will happen.But I will correct it.
He pins the saree to the shoulder again.

He puts chain around her waist.

She shivers due to the passion caused by his touch on her waist.

Hathon se tera shringar karoon
Baahon mein bhar ke pyar karoon

He makes her sit and puts make up on her face.

He sticks bindi on her forehead.He puts sindoor on her the parting of her hair.She closes her eyes in happiness.

Roop main sanwar doon
Aaja pehna doon tujhe phoolon ka gehna

He made her stand before the mirror and look at the mirror.

She smiles.
Raman:Tell me Madrasan Jhansi Ki Rani..who won the challenge?

Kaisa lagta hai?

Ishita smiled at him:You won and I failed Raman.You really made me look more prettier.

Achcha lagta hai.

Raman smiled:You yourself is praising your beauty.Means self praising?Too proud you are Madrasan..
Ishita giggled and kicked him:Raman..don’t tease me too much.If I am self praising my beauty that’s a compliment for you .Right?Because you only made me look pretty.
Raman:Of course..but since you admitted that I won the challenge give me a gift.
Ishi:Sure.But what gift do you want?
With a naughty smile he touched his cheek.She became shy:Raman…this is too much.
Raman:You are talking as if I asked you to buy a diamond necklace for me which you can’t afford.I am not a woman,I am a man,So I need this gift.
She moved her lips towards his cheek and pressed it there.

Pyar ka sapna
Sachcha lagta hai : Baaghi (1990)

Then she ran out shyly.He smiled.
Raman:We have been married for many years now.Still Madrasan is shy.So cute.

Romi Sarika got married.They got blessed by all.
Raman and Ishita:Happy married life and a very happy birthday.

Sarika:Thank you so much for fulfilling my wish by conducting a full fledged wedding without cutting off any ritual.Thanks to you all.

Toshi hugged Sarika:Have a happy life my dear girl.
Sarika said to Romi emotionally:Romi..thankyou so much for tolerating wedding ceremonies for me.This is the best birthday I ever had.

Lafzon se jo tha pareh
Khaali pann ko jo bhare
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan

Romi:To be frank I too enjoyed our wedding a lot.Wish earlier itself I had agreed for this wedding.

Rishte ko kya modh doon
Naata yeh ab todh doon
Ya phir yunhi chodh doon, darmiyaan

Sari:Good that you refused to marry me like this earlier.Otherwise I would’nt have got such a nice birthday gift today.
He smiled.

Benaam rishta woh
Benaam rishta woh, bechain karta jo
Ho na sake jo beyaan, darmiyaan

Sari:By the way everybody said that my mehendi has become bright red.So now it’s proved that you really love me.

Darmiyaan… (4)
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan

Romi:I really love you Sarika.
Sari:Love you too Romi.

Darmiyaan… (4)
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan

They shared a romantic eye lock.

Darmiyaan… (4)
Kuch toh tha tere mere darmiyaan-Jodi breakers.

Toshi:One more ceremony is left.Sangeet.Put music.
Adi played music.They all danced to song.

Tera Rang Balle Balle, Teri Chaal Balle Balle
Tera Roop Balle Balle, Tere Gaal Balle Balle
Dekha Tujhe To Mujhe Pyar Ho Gaya
Tere Khayaalon Mein Yeh Dil Kho Gaya
O (Naiyon -2) Mainu Dil Tera Naiyon Chaahida
Ik Tu Hi Mere Naal (Naiyon -2) Janchda
(Dhol Jaani -2) Mere Paas Aa Teri Meherbani
(Jhoot Bol Na -2) Neeyat Mein Hai Teri Beimaani

O Kurti Teri Chhentdi Dupatta Tera Leheriya
Hindustani Rani Banja Raja Ki Tu Goriya
Mein Kudi Punjab Di Mera Resham Da Rumaal Ve
Zindagi Bhar Bhoolega Na Kar Doongi Vo Haal Ve
O (Naiyon -2) Tere Bin Dil Naiyon Lagda
Tujhe Dekhte Hi Haye Dil Mera Nachda – Soldier

Saras Kumud were going by car.Suddenly Kumud says:Stop stop.
Kum:Chudi bazzar.I want to buy bangles.
Saras stopped the car.Kumud got out out of the car and went to the bangles shop.
She was confused about which bangles to be bought.She tried wearing some bangles.

Saras looked at her bangles.Saras showed does’nt look good.

She tried some other bangle set.
Saras:Not good.
She took another bangle set.
Saras showed thumbs up:Superb.
She smiled.
Kum:Pack this.
Saras got a call.
Saras:I need to go to office for an important work.I will drop you home and go to office.

Kum:Oh..I thought when I wear the bangles you will be there to see it.
Saras:Even I want to see you with bangles.After all I only selected your bangles.But I need to go now.So you take a photo and send me.
Kumud smiles slightly.
After dropping her home Saras went to office.
Kumud wears bangles.

Kumari:So cute.
Kum:Please take a photo Kumari.
Kumari:Sure di.
Kumari took Kumud;s photo with bangles worn.
Kumud sent it to Saras.Saras smiles seeing the photo in his whatapp.

He sent her a message:My beauty is looking more beautiful with bangles.

Kumud smiles seeing his message.

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