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Episode 19
Hellos Thanks all for commenting. Hope you enjoy today too!!

Episode begins at police station the next morning, Pragya has gone to see Aaliya, in cell Pragya tells Aaliya everything that happened on engagement party. Aaliya is shocked and very worried for her Bhabi.
Aa: Pragya you know someone is out to kill you now?
P: everyone has always wanted to kill me I am used!
Aa: (looks Ashamed) I am sorry for my part I really am Di.
P: I know Aaliya so don’t worry about it. I forgave you long ago. I know for a fact that you have changed now.
Aa: (gets a small smile on her face, then a skeptical look like she is thinking something) Bhabi, have any of you seen Tanu?
P: no, not since Abhi kicked her out of the house.
Aa: I think am sure Tanu is behind the accident yesterday. Very sure infact, but why has she taken this long?
P: I don’t know and if it’s Tanu then I am very safe! she is very dumb and can’t execute a sharp plan on her own!!
Aa: that’s the problem, she is not alone. I know Tanu, we have been best friends for a long time, she is stupid and dumb and very impulsive. If she were on her own, she would have acted on her revenge already she is not patient. But she has waited for 5 months, five bhabi…there is no way she could have done that!!
P: do you think she is working with Nikhil?
Aa; no he follows her around and he loves her so he listens to her, she uses him too so they both would have acted way sooner than this?
P: I really don’t know but I will try my best to keep my family safe!
Aa: Bhabi you are flying blind here, with me you knew who your enemy was, now you have no idea who it is!! This is not ok!
P: look Aaliya its ok, God protected me before, he will do it again!
Aaliya is too worried and she hugs Pragya telling her to be safe. Please that if anything happened to her she would never forgive her self. They hug like that for some time….

On road outside, Tanu is coming to Police station she is thinking how could Aaliya be arrested and I don’t know about it, meaning I was not ditched by her, she was just arrested! Tanu happily enters Station and asks to be taken to Aaliya Mehra, constable takes her…
In cell Aaliya is hugging a so not dead and not crippled Pragya…
Tanu reaches cell and is about to call Aaliya when the words die on her mouth, she sees Aaliya hugging some one she thinks who is that then Aaliya..
Aa: Bhabi please be careful I cannot lose you now! Please Pragya Please….
T: (thinks) Aaliya with Pragya hugging…and Pragya is not dead or crippled. Aaliya betrayed me too, she ditched me for behenji

Tanu feels so betrayed but thinks only Pragya could have had Aaliya arrested, but now they are friends? She thinks I will find out. She goes to inspector’s office dejectedly and meets him, she asks how Aaliya got arrested, Inspector says no one, she arrested herself then threatened to kill all of us if we let her out! Tanu asks how long Pragya has known and been coming here, inspector says from night of arrest she was here. Tanu says thanks inspector and leaves.
She is hurt and feeling betrayed, she thinks of when she felt she missed Aaliya but she was busy with the enemy. She is leaving when she sees Pragya leaving she hides and thinks I didn’t even hurt her last night and now I have to answer to Purvi for failing, she gets vindictive and thinks Aaliya you will pay for this today. If I have to put up Purvi, then I will also carry out side plans on my own, she thinks Aaliya your brother betrayed me and you did too and for this the Mehra’s will pay!! HEAVILY!
She leaves from there….

At MM…
Mitali is woken up by Raj, she thinks it’s too early
R: if you want to work with me, you should get used to waking up early, and remember the person we were supposed to meet? yea we need to go now
M; like now now?
R: yes in like 10 minutes?
M: (rushes to Bathroom stays for like 5 mins and comes out ready) lets go!
R: wow you work fast when on a mission
M: that Tanu endangered my family, I thinks it’s high time she pays.
R: You know something?
M: no what?
R: you can make good constable!!
M: slaps him on shoulder
R: smiles and looks at her adoringly, have eyelock for some time and then rush out!
they get into car and set off..a few minutes later they reach temple and bulbul comes out, Mitali remembers her seeing girl that day and says yaah it was Radhika….so is She and Raj…Raj interrupts her line of thought when he speaks..
R: Mitali, I would like you to meet…
M: (interrupting Raj) Radhika…I met her at party last night sille… but why Radhika
R: plays fully slaps Mitali on top of the head, Mitali says ouch and looks at him confusedly) do you think am stupid, I saw you meet Radhika last night, but now I would like to introduce you to the real Radhika…
M: interrupts Raj again) real Radhika..is this one not real..(extends hand and pinches Bulbul. Bulbul says ouch and Mitali looks at Raj ) see she is real!
R: holds head and closes eyes like he is suffering, he holds bridge of his nose too then looks at Mitali) can you shut up for a second and I complete??
M: holds mouth
R: thank God, now listen, this is Radhika, she got that name when her face changed, her real name is Bulbul, Bulbul Arora

M: looks at hem like they are mad, she laughs and tells Raj) Bulbul? Dead Bulbul? You are mad
B: Mitali, you conspired with corporator and your dad and tried to steal KKB Marriage hall, your husband got arrested for it, and you blamed my Di. You conspired with Tanu and Aaliya on MMS….NOW tell me if I were not Bulbul would I know that?
M; (eyes open wide then she screaming while running) BHOOT BHOOT BHOOT HELP BHOOT EHH!!
R: Runs after Mitali, hold her mouth and brings her back…he has a funny long suffering look in his face!
B: is dying of laughter
R: looks at bulbul like he wants to die
B: listen Bhabi, Raj brought you here because we are working together to stop Tanu, he told me everything you told him last night on phone…
M: but you are dead!
B: no I didn’t die and Raj found me wondering around lost. He took me to hospital and I got surgery, then I started living here and your husband used to come see me and bring me my needs. I owe him a lot
R: you don’t owe me a single thing..
M; gets flash back of seeing Raj meet girl named Bulbul but girl didn’t have bulbul’s face. Mitali goes to Bulbul and undoes her hair and lets is fall, she looks like girl she saw with Raj that day and thinks ok they are not lying to me.
R: so do you believe now?
M: yes so what should we do?
B: I have a plan….

Meanwhile at MM Abhi won’t give Pragya space, wherever she goes he goes, what she does he does, he even goes to kitchen and Pragya has had enough. She turns and looks at Abhi and makes typical Abhi-you-are-irritating-me Pragya face! With pouty mouth and puckered nose!! Abhi just raises his eyebrows at her and continues to follow her around. She is now pisced and thinks this idiot needs a lesson to give me space
She goes and turns on stove, Abhi follows her, she gets oil and pours on pan, Abhi accidentally knocks her and too much oil pours on pan. She raises her lip and turns around and looks at Abhi, he has his typical oohh! face on…she gets cooking oil can and walks to Abhi with her mouth pouted
P: listen Mr. stop following me around or I swear I will ruin your rockstar hair, face and clothes
A: oh please what can you do with oil?
P: smirks and turns to cupboard, comes out with frying pan and points it at Abhi with a smirk?
A: oh oh…he steps backwards slowly while raising his hands in surrender
P; starts stalking Abhi like stalking prey…her face is still very much in a Pragya pout
A: (thinks) arey I have played with lioness, lioness Fuggi!!
P: (still stalking ABHI WITH FRYING PAN) Get out of my kitchen!!
A: hey relax lioness fuggi…
P: (Taken aback by name, and now she is real pisced) what did u call me?…lioness fuggi? You called me lioness fuggi?…you will pay today (she starts chasing Abhi around with frying pan and swinging it to hit him)
A: runs around avoiding lioness Fuggi’s frying pan. He thinks Abhi you have gone and done it now, he runs then runs out of the kitchen , Pragya follows him with frying pan chasing him. He is screaming..save me! save me! from lioness fuggi! Hey fugii stop naa, lioness is going to eat me, eat me and become even more fuggi.…save rockstar from lioness fuggi…
Dadi and Dasi come there to see what is going on, they find chase match of Pragya chasing Abhi with frying Pan. Tai ji thinks Lioness Fuggi..and laughs and leaves from there…..

Pragya chases Abhi up stairs with Frying Pan Abhi runs to bedroom and closes door, he is breathing hard, he thinks lioness is not easy ….after some minutes he thinks she has gone, he opens door slowly and peeps out….sees no one and opens door wider
A: lioness just coward, it has given up..
P; appears out of no where wielding frying pan and scares the shit out of Abhi. He jumps in air and screams. She says “I will be lioness but not coward lioness” and chases Abhi again Abhi runs and runs..he is screaming help…she is screaming you are dead. He runs to Dadi’s room. Dadi pushes him out and closes door, he turns and is face to face with lioness fuggi…this time she has to frying pans
A: two..two frying pans..Ahhhhh and runs away…Dadi is dying of Laughter…Pragya pokes head in Dadi’s room and says thanks for second frying pan. Dadi laughs and Pragya sets off chasing Abhi….
It is night and Suresh is in bed sleeping, he is woken up by phone call, he picks and says hello and listens, then he screams whaattt?? And jumps from bed
Su: (on phone) ok! ok! am on my way, am on my way. He hangs up and grabs car keys, he thinks shit and runs out of house, in Pajamas. He gets into car and drives like a mad person. Later his car is shown to have reached the police station, he jumps out of car and runs to the police station…IT IS ON FIRE……

Precap; Suresh runs inside burning station…

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  1. Rithu

    Abhigya scenes were hilarious dear.
    waiting for the next part

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear…..next part tommorow

  2. So funny di???…
    Dying cockroch,lioness fuggy..(Di only you can made these kind of names?)..superb di..
    eagerly waiting for nxt part di..
    Love you di..keep smiling?..

    1. SavitaVidya

      Hahahaha thanks dear…i sure do have a smile on my face now!! love you more Priya choti…KISSES

  3. Saranya24

    Haha lol awesome epi but precap is sad fr alia loved it dii????

    1. SavitaVidya

      Thanks Saranya choti….hope it ends well for AALIYA

  4. Vaishali

    it was awesome no no more than awesome dii just amazing lioness fuggi… i was just laughing hard imagining that scene and abhis expressions omg it was awesome… superbb dii i still couldnt stop laughing dii it was lovely i thought suresh and aaliya will become pair thats good love u dii take care and haan eagerly waiting fr next part,
    with love,
    ur urgent choti

    1. SavitaVidya

      After reading your comment, i re read scene and imagined Abhi and Pragya expressions….i am dying of laughter too. …..and about Suresh, no spoilers choti..just wait and see!!
      kisses kisses and kisses….love ya

  5. CuteVanshu

    Superb epi di….plz post next part soon abhigya scene was too funny????????

    1. SavitaVidya

      next part tommorro…..thanks Choti…love ya….

  6. Asmithaa


    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Chotiii

  7. wow wonder epi dear as abhigya sec r super hit yaaaaa

    love u lot dear muhumaaaaaa

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Di…wonder epi huh? hahaha ..thnks so much and love you too dear

  8. Superb and funny episode di chasing scene is lovely bulbul raj mithali scenes also nice loved it

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks Minu….thnks soo much,,kisses

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks dear…first reply went to bottom of comments….

    1. SavitaVidya

      thnks Sethi…

  9. Mukundraj

    hey please dont kill aaliya its request and please update regularly

    1. SavitaVidya

      Bhai..i update regulary…everyday unless i am very busy. and sometimes if busy i gv short epi, but i try and update…and about aaliya…no spoilers….lets wait and see

  10. Trisha

    Awesome update dear…you rocked???
    Sorry for not commenting in previous epis…now catching up….
    Take care!

    1. SavitaVidya

      hello Trisha, i missed you and its ok for not commenting, we are busy some times…..but thanks for commenting dear and hope you enjoy the catching up. hahahaha

  11. OMG just awesome!!di …I couldn’t stop laughing…abhigya and bulbul(radhika) and mitraj scenes both were awesome..I am seriously laughing even now…lioness n dying cockroach both these names r hilarious di…today’s epi as I always say was superrrrbly rocking…dying indeed is a perfect name fr tanu..her face and actions r just like that…precap is interesting and scary..hope nothing happens to aliya…take care di ….love u a lot…keep writing…. 😀 😀 😀 😉 ….

    1. SavitaVidya

      thanks choti…..kisses and lods of love..new epi already posted

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