laakhAM : the love story that stole our heart ( Episode 3 )

our lethal love story continues….

recap : priyom is shown. priyom says to lakhan that like him he can’t stick to a girl for 11 years. he leaves for to poonam’s house to feed himself.

priyom reaches poonam’s home and knocks on her window. poonam opens the window
poonam : what happened ?
priyom : first open the door then i’ll tell. poonam opens the door and priyom comes in her room which is a simple small room with many books.
poonam : now tell what happened ?
priyom : mithilesh bhaiya scolded me a lil
poonam : oh……but why are u here ?
priyom : you know that budiya (badi amma) will not give me food now so i came to you!
poonam : oh so you came here for food……..this is not a hotel
priyom : this is not a hotel but u r my friend……..go bring some food naa
poonam smiles……. and says ok. then she goes to the kitchen and brings some food and gives it to priyom.

priyom : wow! chachi cooks brilliant food
poonam : i cooked it !
priyom : oh that means u have finally came out of the books and started doing some work !
poonam : shut up !
priyom : now finally u hve came out of the books then wht about watching a movie………….a horror move…….!!!
poonam : horror no i’ve got so much work to do……poonam tries to get rid of this topic.
priyom : oh ya i forgot how big coward you are ! darpok !…….priyom starts laughing !!
poonam : no i m not darpok
priyom : ok then tonight at 9 pm in big cinemas me you guddi(his sister) and rajkumar (his brother)
poonam : ok

i end this epi here : )

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  1. the story is quite nice but make priyom marry ponum as they are first love of each other

    1. lol poonam is not priyom’s 1st love some ranchi girl with whom his marriage was fixed was his 1st love.basically he was a casanova,poonam too counts in only after marriage he fell in love with bindiya n even poonam admitted she was always afraid of laakhan’s anger coz she didnt want to live was always laakhAm love story.priyom was the third angle of their story.

  2. Don’t make Priyodarshi marry Poonam we can’t imagine laakhan n Poonam separating ,laakhan said love is unconditional .

  3. I want to see laakham as a married couple.

  4. guys see the name of ff its laakhAM not prinam so ofcourse it is a poonam and lakhan luv story

  5. Pls. Make this ff daily. This is interesting

    1. thnk u tanaylay nd i’ll try : )

  6. shruti its getting very interesting!!loving the story.update the next episode soon 🙂

    1. thnk u piu 🙂

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