the unknown truth…Episode 1

hello everyone… thanks for those lovable comments. then, I’ll start my work.

its about 1am.

I felt a hand across my waist. that’s my crazy husband Mahi. I turned to him and hugged him tightly.

the next morning

“maha! are you ready?” he shouted. he was in the kitchen.
” almost mahi” I too shouted. he came to our room.

” what’s this maha? why is your dress on the bed? put them in laundry bag. I don’t know when you’ll change” he said with a cute expression.
” oh my love! is the bed feeling hurt for my clothes on it? it is normal in my room” I said with a girlie attitude.
” whatever.. you’ll never change.” he said with a cute smile.

I leaned towards him and kissed his cheeks which is already occupied by trimmed beard. I pulled his moustache and he ran after me. we were playing as if we are free but we are amidst our hectic schedule.

we reached the cafe and our bags are in our jeep. we were waiting for our group members. we are eight in total and I m the only girl.
Mahi was an experienced member and I’m a fresher. actually before my marriage, I wanted to join this group ( THE NEGATIVES ) . but I had no chance. after marriage, Mahi and I were hesitant to speak and you know he’ll will lecture me his rules and regulations. then I got to know that he’s in the group which I’d wanna join. our first talk was about this and we became close. he cares for me so much, as I m his wife he’s not ready to send me with the other members, so I never had a case. now we got this one which I will be with Mahi. its our first case together. I m happy happy. I m well trained with scientific tools and gadgets. but I m nervous. so we are waiting for case details.

after 10 minutes, two guys with an envelope came to us. they are our seniors. he smiled at us.

1st guy: hey you two kids! ready for the adventure?
me: oh my son, we are ready.
1st guy: son? that’s not fair.
me: you too was.
2nd guy: jokes apart, mahendran be careful this time because you’ll get no help from us for seven days.
Mahi: yes sir. I’ll take care of both the problems.
1st guy: both?
Mahi: yes, the ghost and my wife . ( everyone laughed but I stared daggers at him).
2nd guy: the details will be mailed to you in a few minutes. happy journey.

( they handed us the envelope. it had the legal documents to enter the area.)

we were in the jeep. I m working for the new project of my company. I m checking the chemical components. Mahi was driving. he then stopped the jeep. we were in a jungle side. he came near me and closed my laptop. I stared at him. he just smiled and lifted me out. I was in his arms.

” so my junkie wife! you are heavy.”

” well my strict hubby, I have my husband in my heart”

he smiled at me and made me sit on the bonnet. he took out two apples. we had them.

he: I got the case details. the place is far away from here. its an island. do you want to do this?
me: of course . I m not scared.
he: OK. fine . we ‘ll start today night. we’ll go in a private boat. the island is near nicobar. its a haunted mansion..
me: a mansion in island? fine.

he hugged me. I smiled. we returned home. I started packing my clothes. Mahi was busy too. evening we checked our gadgets. we started our jeep to the port. its like an official long ride. we giggled a lot on the way. and of course Mahi lectured his rules and I as usual violated them.

we had a good time.


I will say the history of the mansion in the next part guys. bye. take care. 🙂 😉

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