Laado 22nd January 2018 Written Episode Update: Rantej kidnaps Parth

Laado 22nd January 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Mahasangam Episode of Laado and Dil Se Dil Tak begins with Yuvraj hugging Rantej, Ranveer and Tej. Anu gets shocked and cries. Amma ji says this guy made you danced on his tune and instigating you against me. She says you are angry with me, but don’t go to that house where these men had disrespected my Janvi and killed her. Anu tells her that she didn’t get weak, but more stronger and have hopes on law. She says she will approach high court and will get them punished. Amma ji tells Saroja that she will punish them. Rantej asks Yuvraj to introduce them. Yuvraj introduces them as his cousins and goes to inform Balwant. Rantej tells Anushka that his words are right, they got freed on first hearing. Ranveer tells Rantej that the girl’s name is Teni. Anu hears them. Teni waits for chutkan and says they will go to Nainital. She calls him and says we shall have tea until Chutkan comes. Rantej challenges Anu to go and save teni. He says Teni is enjoying tea at a tea stall. Anu runs towards there. Rantej tells Yuvraj that Anu said she will come and asks them to go.

The goons are coming there. Anu calls Teni and tries to inform her about Rantej’s goons. Goons come there and hold Teni. Parth’s Dada ji plan to give US tickets and says it will be honeymoon for us. Parth comes there and fights with them. She runs behind the car calling Parth. Goon calls Rantej and says they have kidnapped Teni’s husband. Rantej gets happy and asks them to bring Parth there. Teni is worried for Parth and tells Anu that she can’t tell anyone about Parth. Dadi calls her and says parth’s phone is not answerable. Teni promises her that she will bring Parth there. Anu tells her that they shall go there.

Rantej and his brothers come to factory where Parth is tied after kidnapping. Rantej tells him that Teni will come there and says they will disrespect her infront of him. Parth gets angry. Rantej takes his video and sends to Teni. Teni is shocked to see Parth’s state in Rantej’s captivity.

Rest of the update in Dil Se Dil Tak’s update

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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