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Next morning…..
Anika woke up and got dressed. She wore a shoulder-cut out yellow top with black jeans. She also wore a silk scarf with minimal makeup. Her hair was curled up from bottom. She was looking really pretty.
Anika had a whole schedule of what she and Chanda were going to do today. First, they were going to start with breakfast which was, of course, aloo puri. Then they were going to the amusement park and spend their whole day over there. After that, they were going to the pani-puri stall. And then to end the fun day, they were going to a fancy restaurant (according to Chanda’s wish). Anika was so excited. She went to Chanda’s house and from there, they started their schedule….

On the other hand….
Shivaay was busy working on his new project when Meghna came in.
“Shivaay, you are always working. You never spend time with me. Can’t you just give a little time to your fiancé?” Meghna whined.
Shivaay shut his laptop and went to Meghna.
“Meghna, you know na, I have so much work to do after all I am handling half of the Oberoi Empire…” Shivaay said.
“You are right…” Meghna said sadly.
Shivaay noticed that she was feeling sad.
“Ummm… but if you want, we can go out for a dinner tonight?” Shivaay said.
“Really?! Thank you so much Shivaay!” Meghna said in excitement and hugged him.
Shivaay felt uncomfortable. She noticed that Shivaay wasn’t responding, so she backed off.
“Umm.. you book a table at any restaurant you want and I will be there at your house to pick you up at 7.00 pm” Shivaay said.
“Ok,” Meghna said and went away.

Back to Anika….
Anika and Chanda had enjoyed their whole day so far.
“I am feeling so hungry now….” Chanda whined.
“That’s why we are going to a restaurant now…” Anika said.
“Yay. Btw, which restaurant?” Chanda asked.
“We are going to ‘By the Mekong’ restaurant” Anika said.
“Oh really?! That’s my favorite one!” Chanda exclaimed.
Anika smiled.

Back to Shivaay….
Shivaay POV
It was 6.55 pm. I guess I was going to reach at Meghna’s house 5 minutes early. As I parked my car, I saw she was already there waiting for me. Oh god! Usually, women take a lot of time to get ready and are late. But to my amusement, she was already there waiting for me. She was definitely a unique girl. She was dressed up in a blue gown with her hair in a bun and a lot of makeup on her face. She would have looked prettier with less makeup. Being a gentleman, I got out of the car and opened the door for her. Then I got back in. As I started the car, I asked, “Which restaurant are we going to?” “By the Meckong” She replied. Hmmmm…. Her choice is really good……
After an hour of ride, we reached the restaurant. As I entered the restaurant, I got an unusual feeling. I felt like SHE was here. But how can this be possible? SHE cannot afford to eat in this expensive restaurant (REMEMBER: shivaay doesn’t know that Anika is rich now). I should just ignore this feeling.
Shivaay POV ends.

Shivaay sat with Meghna on the table nearby. He didn’t realize, but his table was right across Anika’s table! Anika was sitting in a way that Shivaay could only see her back. Anika also didn’t notice Shivaay as she was facing Chanda.

We ordered our food. As we were waiting for it, me and Meghna started to talk about business deal. Then Meghna excused herself and went to restroom. Since there was nothing else to do, I started to check my emails. But then something caught my eye. It was the girl who was sitting on a table across mine. It wasn’t really the girl, but her scarf. There was a waiter who was passing by her side with a birthday cake with candles on it, and the girl’s scarf caught fire from the candles (Guys, remember, Anika was wearing a silk scarf… silk can catch fire very easily). Oh damn! I don’t think anyone noticed because everyone was busy chit-chatting. The fire was spreading quickly! What should I do? What should I do? I didn’t have time… that’s when I saw a glass of water on my table. I took the glass, went to the girl, and without wasting any time, SPLAASSSSHHH!!!! I poured the whole water on her back. She was all wet…. I was about to say something to the girl, when she shouted, “YEH KUAN PAGAL HAI?!” The voice was very familiar. And then I realized it was HERS. “ANIKA” her name escaped from my mouth in a soft voice.

Anika POV
I was enjoying my food and chatting with Chanda when I felt something hot on my back. I was about to turn, when SPLAASSHHH!! I was wet in a second. I got so angry that I screamed out loud, “YEH KUAN PAGAL HAI?” I was about to turn to see the person who dared to throw water on me, when I heard my name. I heard my name from HIS voice. Does it mean that….. No! He can’t be here?! I slowly turned my face around, and that’s when my brown orbs got locked with blue orbs. It was HIM! The GREAT SHIVAAY SINGH OBEROI, who actually looked really weak right now………. Phel gaya raita. MIL GAYE DO RASTE PHIR SE!!!!
Anika POV ends


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