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She wants to play it that way,okay then she would get it that way. Arjun Mehra never loses sweetheart.

Get ready to fall head over heels in love with me babe..


I was about to ask her about herself when my phone went off indicating someone is calling me.f**k!!!

I checked it only to see Soumya’s name flashing on mobile screen.

“Excuse me..I have to attend this one.Its important.” I said to which she nodded.

“Hey babe sister how’re you?”


Sighing I ended the call.I think I should visit her. It’s been months since I last visited her.Maybe i should make a surprise visit to her.Thinking about it I turned only to see that Radhika is gone.

Where the hell she went?? That to without even informing me. What the hell she thinks of herself??
First she rejected me me and now she left without even informing me.The nerve of this girl….Its been just an hour of meeting her and she had already managed to drive me insane.

Sighing I called my P.A. Thankfully he received it on 2nd ring.

“I want information about Radhika Mishra within next 24 hours.” I declared sounding as calm as possible.

“But sir there can be 1000 girls of the same name .How can …..”

“I don’t pay you for listening this shit.I want every damn information about her within next 24 hours.Am I Clear?.”

“Yes sir ”

“Good” and without giving him time to reply i ended the call.


“Hey man what’s up” Neil came showing his perfect teeth.God how much I want to punch him for making me more than I already was.

“Just f**k off Neil” I said .

“What happened to your mood? I thought your mood will be awesome.Wait…didn’t you get laid last night? ” he asked surprised.

“Shut the f**k up and get the hell out of here”

He just gave me a glare.

I just hate this man!!!!!

“Mind telling me what happened”

“Fine” sighing I told him about last night.

And he….he just bursted out laughing? Wtf !!!

“So she just indirectly rejected you as in The Arjun Mehra”, he asked controlling his laugh.

That’s it . I punched him hard.And he again glared at me and in next second he started laughing again.

“Bastard” I muttered under my breath and giving him a glare left to the study.

Currently i am working or atleast i am trying but I can’t. Everytime I try to forget her ,her smiling face comes in my mind.Her eyes,that blue orbs have the power to make anyone forget everything…..Those chicks which get red by blushing…..that heart melting smile…..those luscious red lips….how would it feel to taste those lips…..f**k…I can’t get her off my mind even for a f**king second.

And on top of that my so called PA hasn’t been able to find her details.I think I should change my staff.

I was thinking about her again wondering what would she be doing now when my phone started ringing. Checking the caller ID I was just hoping they would have find out about her.

“Sir we got the details of the girl which you had asked”

“Mail me her details NOW”

“Yes Sir”

Within 5 minutes i got her complete details.

So she’s a cardiologist.Interesting.I haven’t thought she would be in medical profession….its so unlike of her character…a shy, sensitive girl but I am happy that my girl isn’t a gold digger or a spoiled brat .Wait my girl…did I just say my girl? Where did it even come from??

Take a grip on your thoughts Arjun.Dont behave like a f**king teenager .


“That’s it.Hope you liked the project Mr.Sinha.”

“Must tell you Arjun its really interesting.If it goes the way you have planned then it would be the best product in the market.I appreciate your efforts boy.You are making me proud of yourself.”

“So r u interested in investing funds for the plan”

“Off course boy who will let down such a brilliant offer.”

And then we continued some business talks and after some time he left for some work.

Finally this meeting got successful.Well I was waiting for this since ages….this is my dream project… I was making every possible efforts which I could make for it but from yesterday I wasn’t in good mood….well let’s not go there.

When I was about to leave someone grab my attention….wait not someone… It’s Radhika…The very same woman who have driven me insane…..I was f**king frustrated from last night and here she is laughing, enjoying with….with some guy??

Is he her boyfriend? Could it be possible ? But then she would have told me last night when I umm I was flirting..yeah flirting with her.But she didn’t that means she is single.Then why the hell is she with him??

Whatever I just found her and now that I have found her i won’t let her go this much easily…maybe it’s time to play the game which she wants to play….but before that a little punishment will work,right?

Be ready babe a sweet punishment is waiting for you……

So guys that’s it for today . I know it’s too short and it hardly has any ardhika scenes but it was just a filter chapter to let you know what arjun feels about our Rads…and yeah a surprise is on its way?

So what do you think Arjun is up to? What punishment he is talking about? What do you think guys and plzzzz don’t forget to tell if you like the chappy or not☺☺

Good bye love you loads and take care????

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  1. DivzS

    Awesome.. Update.. It took so long to get posted…. But it’s worth waiting.. Nice chappy. Waiting for that surprise…

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks divzs …glad you like it…will post soon dear

  2. It’s really wonderful waiting for his punishment.come soon and take care

    1. Ridziee

      Thanx chashni….will be posting soon this time?

  3. Awesome update

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks preet…glad that you like it

  4. Nice one. Waiting for the long update

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks priyush for commenting…..will try to post a long chapter?

  5. Awesome update waiting 4 this 1 ???

    1. Are u in wattpad if u are will u pls tell ur id

      1. Ridziee

        Thanks subi dear…yes I am …but I haven’t posted any story on wattpad yet….will be posting soon ….n yeah my id is @ridzieee…what is yours?

  6. Nice update.i like this very much.impatiently waiting for the punishment of radhika.pls don’t take much time.its my request.i will be waiting for the next one.

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks angle…will update next part soon

  7. Awesome……just loved it…….

    1. Ridziee

      Thanks momtaz

  8. Loved it awesome

    1. Ridziee

      Tysm saran?

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