kya Humare Beech Kuch Hai (Episode 2)

Episode 2

You Smile, I melt….
Whenever you smile, My heart forgets to beat….


Your smile drives me more crazy..
Perfect..dis one suit this pic..

Yes i am searching quotes for arnav which perfectly suit his smile..
We fans will always go crazy☺☺☺☺☺ about our actors..we always want to post a comment which will make us unique from others.

Kya baath hai
Aajkal you are having so much of arnav’s photos in ur lap and mob.
Pyar kar rahi ho kya usse..
Shut up aaru..
I am fan of him.
So i hve rights to have his photo..
Koi prob nahi di..he is too single..u can mingle with him if you try..

Aaru started to teasing me..but actually he was true..
Mujhe bhi kabhi kabhi aise lagta ki mein kuch jyada deewaani horahi hu uske liye..

Usually i wont have any work in home..i hve to do work only in my office..After coming from office i will always set myself free..but now after following arnav’s fb, and others social media pages its became my regular work that to open lap, go to arnav’s page, like all the pictures and put a comment for each nd everyone..
And i got few likes from him for my comments…and yes others will also get..but whenever i got a likes from him i would think he noticed me (Actually Not)

So these things went for some days..

In office i am nd my teammates were working hard to complete the project..
Coz we are in a deadline.
So we girls planned to do work in the home..

Was so busy wid office work,

It took completely 3 days to finish our work..and for that we got reward 2 days leave…
I’m so happy..after all we worked 3 full days..

(In my home, i was about to sleep)

Di i wanna play game in ur lap..
Okay , just check anyone sent a mail for me..and then u play

Diiii diiii diiii????????
Kya hua aaru

Di U got a message from Arnav_actor
You both are chatting..y didn’t you share with me..

(Mujhe koi frnds nahi hai..mere liye,My friend, my world sab kuch meri bhaai hai.
I didn’t hide anything from him..and i won’t..after all he is my cute lil devil??
He is so shocked of seeing this msg )

Shutup aaru..u would have mistook..he sometimes gave likes for my comments..thats it

Let me recheck the mail..
no its was clearly written that Arnav_actor was sent you a message (Goosebumps Moment???)

I didn’t have tym to check fb, and other social medias in these 3 days..
So that was a mail before 2 days.
I clicked on that mail
It showed that he sent a thank you msg..
Once i closed my mail, i opened my fb and yes lil devil was next to me in more excitement than me.
It showed few notification and we checked for arnav’s

And there it is he liked my comment..
And he sent a direct msg to me..i clicked on that
(Excited about what he had sent)
Aaru read loudly
Thanks for ur love and ur compliments☺☺

We both looked at each other.
And i asked aaru, should i need to send him a reply?
Ofcourse di sent a msg and he recognised ur love.
Chup aarav
Okay fine he didn’t recognise ur love..but he recognised you..
He gave few likes for ur comments and for ur editz..
And now a msg
Which means now he knows you like you are one of his fans.

Obviously i’m one of his fans..and maybe he sent msg for some of his fans too..y should i reply him..even he won’t wait for my reply mail right?

Di this is so childish..An actor sent you a msg..u have to reply..if you got some msgs from office u will reply them ryt?.. u just think lyk that.
And send him a reply??

Okay fine
Wat to send?
Thank you or
Thanks for your msg.
But he sent this 2 days back .he won’t see if i reply now.
I heared a voice from my backside..
mujhe milne hai ya phir arnav ko??
Got trapped..
Meri pyari bhai..mein tume hi milne aayi thi..
Dont be so dramatic di..i could see in ur eyes and the way u dressed..usually u wont care in ur dressing ryt??.
Par ab dekho, u had wore matching bangles, ear rings.

u came here to see arnav..

Actually na my only prob is i could say lie to anyone but can’t with my devil..he will found that in a minute..

Haan usse milne aayi thi mein..toh?

Dats lyk my good di.
Chalo wil meet him togther

Arey haan..u r saying lyk he is waiting there for us..

Pagal zara dekho wahan
Securities are there..they won’t allow us

Di they were doing their by giving securing him.
Har insaan apni kam karne padega..
Toh humari kaam arnav ko milna hai
Toh chalo

(I don’t know whether my devil was sure of what he is talking about)

Stop aaru..we cant even enter building entrance.

Lets try di..
Few peoples Are there.
I asked some whether he came out..they said no..
And we too waited for him..
After sometimes..
He came..
He is in black shirt with coolers in his eyes.
he gave a smile looking at us and raise his hands ✋✋✋✋

He looks even more cute than i saw him in that series.
And i didn’t forget to notice his dimple when he smiles???

I want to live all my life with u ..
teri pyar ke liye..
I will do anything..
I could see my world in your eyes..
Whenever you smile. my heart melts

(Me saying arnav)
Everyone is watching me including aaru, arnav and all the people ..

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  1. Madhuag

    O my. This girl is totally crazy about arnav….excited for next one…continue soon

    1. Riya5794

      wil post the next episode soon

  2. AMkideewani

    Amazing dear, I love Khushi’s character?

    1. Riya5794

      aww…i too luv khushi’s character

  3. Farie

    nice b/w Khushi nd Aarav simply superb..waiting for Arnav side

  4. Lovely! But you posted so late. Try to post a bit earlier. Loving this 🙂

    1. Riya5794

      Ya sure dear..will try to post soon..

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