Kya Hua Tera Vaada 25th March 2013 Written Episode Update


Kya Hua Tera Vaada 25th March 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 25th March 2013 Written Update

B-Bulbul,V-Vihaan,J-Jatin,RV-Rajvir,R-Rano,M-Mona,AS-Alok singh,N-Nani (Mona’s mom ),A-Anu,P=Pradeep


B rues on the staff for not making the arrangements faster. Then she orders for very diff. selection of the curtains n flowers for which even the person who was taking the order was shocked n staring at her with disbelief. I guess it was light(est) green n dark brinjal color .

B shouts at him if he got what she said or not. He says he wondered abt her color selection n says that it will cost a lot. B says its the dinner party of the company CEO n not any ordinary man n so they will pay what he wants. . He leaves.

B selftalks that first he gave away her money to him, then he gave her the shock n now she must do

what he says. Company Editor is working on the dinner party arrangements. First she says poor Maira she has nothing to do with, then she says only she did everything, she must have informed her abt it

M in saree full ready comes to RV. He stares at her n she asks she isn’t looking good n she will change. But Rv stops her n says she is looking gr8. She then helps him in selecting the dress for him. She then asks if her decision is ri8? RV says she deserves all the happiness as he know very well she struggled n gone through a lot. Though he may not be old enough to understand all this yet, but still he supports her mom. If she like J, then he too likes him. (superb words RV, u are very much matured than R n spoke so very well )

RV asks but where are they going? M replies she doens’t know, J said its some dinner party.

They all reach the venue n so does V & J. J thanks them for coming n N says how can they say no to him. M asks what’s the party abt? J replies he too doesn’t know n its all V’s plan. M introduces V to N n they appreciate V for his sting operation. V in turn praises M. J asks them to go in.

They all enter n was surprised to see the decorations as it was not less than a marriage decorations . M says the decoration is so hatke . V says its done by one of his fav. colleague n goes to get her.

V calls B n she just steps there n ask her how’s the decoration? V says its wonderful n he adds even his guests too are saying the same n asks her to meet them. B says for sure n was taken aback when she sees her family members V says on behalf of J’s family, he thanks her for all this n B stares at him .

B accompanies M n her family to make them sit while J drags V n says he is taking too much of panga with hitler n be careful as she may roar at him. V says he will handle the hitler .

All reach home except V though n they see it was dark n they hear the video of R n P. When they switch on the light, they were shocked to see the photos of P spread all in the hall n R was watching the video of her’s with P.

B asks what’s all this? R says they must have enjoyed the engagement ceremony of M & J n here she wanna spend some time with her dad. She says everyone has forgot P but she can’t. AS shouts at her n says they can’t forget P forever. R says but M has. Now she feels she never loved P n it was all show off. Otherwise she never have agreed to marry J. Only A loves P a lot n she knew all the truth now.

B slaps R but M stops her n says its R n her’s matter n asks R to says what her A aunty has said?? R says M has never loved P nor her kids. She’s marrying J for money n nothing else. She feels A to be her mom instead of M. A loves her so much. M says if she feels A as her mom n loves A a lot, she can leave the house n go to A. All were shocked to listen to this n tries to stop her. But M is detemined n asks her to go to A next morning.

R stops her n says she will leave immediately n calls A to pick her up. She packs her bag n B & RV tries to stop her but she leaves picking the apt. keys. but M stops her. R thinks she stopped her n was happy but M asks for the keys n thus R leaves.

A waiting in the car near parking lot n seeing at balcony, she says she knew M will there for sure. R gets down stairs n A n R hug n M watches them from the balcony. A finally smirks n M moves back again.

M broken down n was abt to run for R but J stops her n says if she becomes weak, R never changes n so she must be strong for R’s bettement. M cools down.

A takes R to the room n says from now on its her room n her home. R happy.

M puts on alarm n informs the same to B & RV but RV says they doesn’t need n she is putting that for R who is not here. M becomes sad.

Precap: OMG Mona dressing was a bit diff. with googles n some rang rangi necklace She was coming towards Anu in her home n Anu was taken aback with her arrival. (is there any continuation after this??)

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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