Kya Hua Tera Vaada 11th February 2013 Written Episode Update

Kya Hua Tera Vaada 11th February 2013 Written Episode, Kya Hua Tera Vaada 11th February 2013 Written Update

Rano says the day Bulbul smiles, it will shake the world. Vihaan says that he lost the bet n shows Bulbul smiling. (How cute was her smile Rano says its the first time she has smiled. Bulbul comes n taunts them. Rano gets a message so she leaves.

Bulbul says she know that they are talking abt her smile. She can’ do so what’s the big deal. Vihaan says she can do it coz she just smiled. May be she saw something which liked so she smiled. Bulbul leaves to her cabin n was smiling again thinking .

Her collegues were had mixed expressions of confusion, shock and all n thinks something happened to Bulbul .

Mona thinking of not revealing the truth of Anika to Alok n same expressions from Alok of not revealing the truth to Mona .

Rano n Rohan in the

cafe n after general talks, they both run away from cafe as both didn’t get purse .

Alok in bank n Jatin too coming out of the cabin with manager. Alok n Jatin come face to face accidentally n they talk abt Pradeep, Mona n also reveals that he met Mona in Anu’s party n how she humiliated Mona . Jatin asks why does Mona still bear all this n why Anu harm Mona. Alok says its Anu’s character to hurt all n Mona is so nice that she bears all this. (Oh yes all this crap ) They both leave.

Vihaan talking to Harsh (his dad) n asks him not to worry for money n he is working hard to send them n soon he will send the money. He asks abt dadi n asks him to take care n he misses them a lot. Bulbul overhears while entering his cabin n just leaves.

Later Vihaan comes to Bulbul submitting some tasks. vihaan says they must work out on some real story which helps for the channel. Bulbul says she will see to it n says that she wanna talk something personal to him. Vihaan all confused n taken aback. She asks him not to take wrong of her. She says that she accidentally heard his words with his dad n got to know in which situation he is. She offers her promotion amt to him which she says is not from her salary but like bonus.

Vihaan reluctant to take the amt n says that even she is need of that amt n she want to use them for her family members. Bulbul says seeing him in trouble she felt bad so she is helping him out. Vihaan says how does she know that he will use that for his dadi’s treatment ? She doesn’t even know him at all .

Bulbul says she know that he is not acquainted fully but… She then draws a graph saying dreams n problems both are part of life. For today they must solve the problem n dreams can be fulfilled anytime n they aren’t running anywhere. If we solve prolbems today, it will give strength to fulfill dreams 2moro. Vihaan fully impressed with her n just leaves silently taking the check .

Vihaan walking on the road thinking abt Bulbul’s words n how Anika spoke abt how money matters n not donations and all.

Rano n Rohan walking along some stores n Rano stops near a cloth store n was staring at a dress n says she is saving money to get the dress. Sohan says she is crazy n asks her to come with him to get the dress. Rano reluctant as he is going to steal the dress but he challenges her. They enter the shop n he asks her to try some dress. But the security alarm rings n the security guard says he called the owner n he will be here with police. Rano panics. The owner comes n says that Rohan never changes. Rano asks if he knows him. He says Rohan is his son. Rano is taken aback .

Vihaan comes to Jatin. Vihaan assures Jatin that they will take the company to top once again n they will do lot for that. Jatin asks reason for his confidence. Vihaan says that someone has shown trust on him n has given him strength n how to believe in self n what he can do. Jatin impressed .

Precap: Mona shouts at Anu that the more she takes her humiliation, the more she takes her advantage. Mona says she can’t let her break her house. Anu says she doens’t want to break her house but break her family. Mona shocked.

Update Credit to: swethasyam08

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