Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Sharma And Assistant Demand To Marry Panjeri and Prarthana

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Lawyer Sharma shows his assistant Dino that Kanhaiya is flirting with Prarthana/Kanto, but Kusum sees them and exchanges Pratibha in place of Prarthana. Dino scolds Sharma that Kanhaiya is romancing with his wife Prarthana. Kanhaiya says he got fresh gajra/flowers from market for his wife. Pratibha says she is Kanhaiya’s Prarthana, Panjeri, Prema, Pari and Prahiba and wants him as her husband in all 7 lives. Kusum and Prarthana smirk standing on stairs. Kusum says Kunti that she saw Sharma and Dino spying on Kanhaiya and Prarthana on time, else 2 crores would have gone. Pratap yells Kunti does not give him 20 rs easily, why will Sharma give 2 crores check so easily. Kunti as usual scolds and shuts his mouth. Kusum says Shalini bua/aunty set a wrong condition of having Kanhaiya only 1 wife.

Sharma and Dino dream of Prarthana and Panjeri and discuss they fell in love with Kanto and Chanto and decide to marry them. Sharma gets his mother’s call and informs her that he found a girl for marriage.

Pratap continues pestering Kusum and forcefully makes her Kathak dance. Kunti passes by. He pesters her then with his jokergiri. Sharma and Dino walk in shying. Kunti asks 2 crores cheque. Sharma says he will after marriage as he found a girl. Pratap asks who is it. Sharma says Kanto and Dino says Panjiri. Pratap dances happily. Kunti sits in shock. Jokergiri continues. Sharma insists he will give her 2 crores cheque only if he marries Kanto and Dino marries Chanto and asks to call Kanto and Chanto’s parents.

Kunti’s whole family panics. Pratap blames Kunti for mishap. Prarthana and Panjiri cry loudly. Kanhaiya fumes and says he will trash Sharma and Dino. Kusum stops him and says they don’t know truth and believing our drama. Pari’s jokergiri starts and says they can get them married with 2 crores. Kunti calls her madhuri dixit. Pari enacts. Kunti hits her bum. On the other side, Sharma and Dino get ready in kurta pajama to meet Kanto and Chanto’s parents. Pratibha and Panjiri continue crying. Kunti tells Kanhiaya is not greed for money. Pratap asks to look into his eyes and say. Kanhaiya says enough of drama, he will tell truth to Sharma and Dino.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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