Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Roshni faints down

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein 19th June 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Simmi saying Raman always blames us, I don’t want to have anything now. Parmeet says I want you to have sweets, what we wanted is actually happening, someone is doing this as we are not doing this. She says it means someone wants to harm Roshni and her child. He says yes, someone hates this child. Everyone gifts Roshni.

Shagun says sorry Aaliya, this was your right. Aaliya says don’t be sorry, its okay. Shagun says we are always with you. Pihu comes and gifts a book to Roshni. She says I have written all the good things for the baby, like respecting family and studying well. Roshni says its my best gift and hugs her. Ishita takes Roshni with her. The woman says our plan flopped because of Ishita, she isn’t leaving Roshni. She gets a message and reads you won’t

get money if you don’t do the work well. Ishita asks Roshni are you fine. Roshni says relax, I m fine, don’t take tension. Ishita says I don’t feel relaxed, you and your baby are precious for me. Roshni says I m absolutely fine. Ishita says you have to take care, I m glad that Raman is doing this for you. The woman follows.

Roshni says I will change, I feel uncomfortable. Ishita says I forgot clothes in the car, you go to washroom, I will call Ruhi and ask her. She calls Ruhi. Raman says you are here, where were you Romi. Romi says I m busy. Raman asks what’s going on, we already have problems at home. Romi says who comes home drunk, you do the drama. Raman says talk with manners. Romi smiles and asks really, did you check your manners, you don’t teach me. Raman shouts enough. Romi says enough, don’t shout. Ishita says Roshni, I m going to get clothes. The women go to Roshni. Romi says I can also shout. Raman says why don’t you slap me. Romi asks why shall I slap. Ishita asks why are you fighting. Romi asks her not to talk in between. Raman scolds him. The lady comes. Romi worries seeing her. The women look for Roshni. They lock the bathroom and the room door. The lady asks did you call me to see this, you can’t adopt the baby in such a way, what atmosphere will you give to the baby, sorry. Romi says please…. She goes. He shouts you have snatched my happiness, what do you want. Raman says I didn’t know. Romi goes.

Roshni knocks the door and shouts Ishita. She says someone open the door, I got locked. She washes her face and knocks the door again. She gets breathless. She asks someone to open the door. She faints. The women see Raman and Ishita, and hide. Raman says Romi wants to adopt a child, he never hid any things, today he didn’t share this, he hates me. She says maybe he wanted to share, so much is happening, maybe he was waiting for the right time, why will he hide things. He says Romi feels I ruined his life, he is right, I was sunken in Adi’s grief, Romi got away and hates me. She says sorry. He says its okay, I will handle him, where is Roshni. She says she is in washroom, I will get her clothes. He asks for car keys. She says I got the house keys, I will get car keys. The women leave before anyone comes. Ishita sees the lock. Raman asks why did you lock. She says I didn’t lock, Roshni is inside. They call out Roshni and ask is she fine. She gets worried. She says Roshni is claustrophobic, what shall I do now, Raman do something.

She tries to open the lock by her hair pain. The women collide with Parmeet. He asks them to stop and picks the purse. Raman sees them with Parmeet. He goes. The women run. Parmeet thinks they are running as if they did any big thing. Simmi says why were they running as if they did some theft. Raman asks Mrs. Bhalla about the room keys. Mrs. Bhalla says its in your room. Amma and Ruhi go to see. Ishita asks Raman to open the door. He says I didn’t get keys. He gets a vase and breaks the lock. They get in and find Roshni in the bathroom, unconsciously lying on the floor. Everyone gets worried. Raman and Bala lift her and make her rest. Shagun asks did anyone call doctor. Raman says doctor is coming. Aaliya asks them to go out, Roshni needs fresh air. Amma consoles Mrs. Bhalla. Shagun says someone is intentionally doing this, who can it be.

Raman and Ishita come to the woman’s house. Ishita asks why did you do all that with Roshni, who has sent you. The woman says we didn’t see him. Raman asks how would we know if they didn’t see him. Ishita says there is one way.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. I am very disappointed with gold awards .
    I must say only becoz of the story line with immense negatitivity Divan did not get best
    actor and actress award . Even best jodi .Their
    skill is faded away by the cvs ! Whatever rubbish the storyline is both KP and Dt did their roles deficatedly . Award to be given for acting . Kp really all thru same good acting though Dt sometimes over acted . But in teleworld they r the best . Once in a while happen to watch kkb , yrkk, IB … No lead actors are near to Divan .
    Most celebrated actors award they got .. what does that mean … yes Divan is the most celeberated . Popularity should go to Dt …and VD deserves the award but his show is yet to come and to nominating was not fair . But he won ! The serial I think is going to end … worse than Sathiya … Gopi Bahus .
    Fully believe Adi will come back imposter Adi is killed .

    1. I too agree that the show has become a crap but their acting still stand-out compared to couples in many other shows. But their acting as jodi at the inception was out standing which made us glued to the show.
      In those episodes expressions both facial and bodily expressions were superb. Now what is lacking is story line to bring up those skills.

  2. i think it is aaliya or shagun who told those ladies to harm roshni.

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