Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Kanhaiya receives special power after he survives electric shock

Kya Haal Mr. Paanchal 17th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Unconscious Kanhaiya is brought home by family. Kunti gets worried. Pratap does his usual jokergiri. Power goes off. Kanhaiya wakes up. Kunti asks why did he touch live electric wire and asks Pratibha to call doctor. Pratap asks Kanhaiya why did he touch electric wire, he should have let Kunti instead. Kunti shuts his mouth and asks Prarthana to call doctor soon. Kanhaiya says he is fine. Pratap jokes doc will take 200 rs and Kunti will go in depression. Kunti shuts his mouth again. Whole family leaves. Kanhaiya sees electric lighting and thinks power came.

Pari fixes Kunti’s photo on dark and aims at it. Pratap asks what is she doing. Pari says sasuma told that sasuma should be bahu’s aim after marriage, so she is aiming at Sasusma’s photo. Kunti sees her and scolds.

Pratap does his jokergiri and badmouths Kunti. Kunti shouts at him as usual. Pratibha comes and they all dance on Taki Taki…song. Kunti says she is having shoulder pain. Pratap says his friend’s saas also had shoulder pain and then it turned into heart attack, hopes sasuma also should get heart attack. Kunti shouts to shut up and asks where is lalla.

Kanhaiya feels energetic and thinks it is because of his deep sleep after electric shock. He stands near tape recorder and speaks to Khatru over phone. Tape recorder gets electric connection automatically. Khatru and Kanhaiya’s jokergiri continues, Kanhaiya asks him to go and open shop soon. Kanhaiya then steps his foot on electric wire and speaks. Lights get on. Prarthana prays god for getting kanhaiya well after electric shock. Kanhaiya steps out of electric wire and lights go off. He steps back unknowningly and lights get on again. Prathana says jai baba barfani…

Panjiri while working in kitchen tells Pratibha and Prema that they should cancel their dance program as Kanhaiya would have got more weak after electric shock. Pratibha says they will inform Kanhaiya to rest, Vimla aunty’s son’s wedding will not go wrong if they don’t dance. Pari walks in holding Kanhaiya’s photo. They get confused how come Kanhaiya is speaking like Pari. Pari says it is her. Their chatting continues. They hear music from living room and walk out to check. Kanhaiya plays music and says their Jeetendra, Vivek Oberoi, Varun Dhawan, SRK, etc., is ready to dance with them. Kanhaiya dances with Pari first energetically. Pari and Kunti get happy seeing that. Kanhaiya then dances more energetically with Pari onTumse milke dil hai ye….Pari gets tired. Kanhaiya then dances with Prarthana and then Pratibha and when he touches them all they get electric shock. He dances with Panjiri next on Manma emosan jaage re…and touches her, she gets electric shock and get tired. Kunti thanks God for giving so much energy to her lalla. Kanhaiya asks wives to dance with him again. They all tired says enough, they cannot. Kunti says her lalla is very energetic. Kanhaiya says he will practice dance. All bahus run away. Kunti thanks god for his magic.

Precap: No precap.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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