Kundali Bhagya 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Preeta asks the Doctor about Sherlin

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Preeta begs the doctor that she must help her, the people consider the doctors as god’s as they not only help to save lives but also bring new lives into this world. The girl she is helping will destroy a beautiful family and will lead it to disaster. She asks the doctor to help her, the doctor says that she understands what Preeta must be feeling and knows what will happen to the family of the boy if the girl is the same, she says that she cannot help her as she is bound by Doctor patient confidentially, Preeta says that she can asks her as she is also a doctor and they can both consult on this matter, they doctor says that she can agree to this.
Karan asks Prithvi if he came here with Sherlin, he says that Karan is lying and he is not here for her, Karan grabs his collar , Prithvi gets angry

and asks him to leave his collar saying that he will call the police, Karan says that he will call them himself, he tries to call them when Prithvi stops him saying they must stop fighting as they both care for their loved ones, like he for Preeta, just then he says her name Karan yells at him and asks him to not say her name, he gets angry saying that Karan is a sick person and he must stop this, Prithvi is about to leave when Karan holds his hand and pulls him towards the doctors room even when he does not want to.
The doctor says that the name of her Patient name is Sherlin, Preeta gets anxious and says that the person they are trying to find is also Sherlin, she asks the doctor for every detail, the doctor says that she will show her the file’s later but now she must show her something and they both stat walking towards the stretcher when Preeta hears Karan and Prithvi are fighting and runs out asking the doctor for some time.
Karan is pulling Prithvi with him where he breaks free saying that he will not go and Karan must stop this , he says that he will bend this now and everyone will know the true face of Prithvi as he is not a good person, Prithvi disagrees and they both start fighting, Preeta comes and tries to calm them both, they do not listen and still continue to fight, Karan asks him as to why he was here and what was the reason when he was not ill, Prithvi also yells and Preeta asks them to be quiet as they are in a hospital and there are certain rules. They both get quiet after a lot of struggle, Preeta asks Karan as to what is happening and he says that Prithvi is here with Sherlin and when he found him Prithvi was hiding.

The doctor is standing by her table and when she walks outside, Sherlin pulls her from behind and starts to misbehave with her saying that she must not tell all of her private information to anyone as she is bound by Doctor patient confidentially and she must not say anything, the doctor gets angry and says that she knew what she was doing as Sherlin is a bad person ad she knows that the baby belongs to the sick person who came with her and now she will tell the truth to Preeta, she will be able to save the life of an innocent person. Sherlin pulls her from behind and after a struggle hits her with an instrument and thereby knocking the doctor out, she gets worried and looks for a nerve, she is relieved knowing that the doctor is alive, Sherlin then puts everything in order.
Prithvi says that Karan is not in his senses and how did he think that Prithvi was here with Sherlin, he gets angry and says that Karan needs some medical attention and he is only fighting with him because he cannot let him say anything against him in front of his future wife and will protect his honor, he says that eh only came here as he saw her entering the hospital and was worried, Karan say that this a lie, Prithvi gets angry and says that all of this is pointless as the doctor said this herself when they came to the hospital the last time and the doctor said that it was just a case of Acidity, Preeta gets angry and says that she is fed up and will solve the matter her way and they both can continue to fight.

Precap: Karan and Preeta search the cabin but are unable to find Sherlin, Karan ask Preeta if she looked in the wardrobe and they both head there where Sherlin is hiding.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  2. Same sick kumkum bhagya line. Fed up of it. Sherlins pregnancy track will be continued and no body will get to their truth minimum 2-3 years.

  3. All the evil actors are living like dogs in ekta serials.

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