Bepannaah 6th July 2018 Written Episode Update: Aditya reads Pooja’s diary

Bepannaah 6th July 2018 Written Episode, Written Update on

Aditya sat in a corner of room on floor, haunted by Sakshi’s blames over his responsibilities and childishness. He denies accepting all this and says it can’t be true. There were heavy wind in the room, a book fell off from the shelf and his photo with Pooja fly to Aditya. He goes into a flash back. “He thanked someone on call and was excited he had planned all holidays of the year in advance, he always forgot Pooja’s birthday. Pooja came to him from behind. Both had surprises for each other. Pooja told him she is pregnant, Aditya was in such a disbelief and questioned how it was possible, is she joking? Pooja finally said she was joking. Aditya was relieved and told her he himself is a child, he already planned the whole year’s holidays and would have to cancel the bookings otherwise. He then

regretted telling her about the surprise in such a bland way and hugged Pooja. Pooja didn’t hug back.”
Aditya looks towards the photo and cries that she wasn’t joking. Why she didn’t tell him. He regrets she told him but he was the one who never understood. He spots the diary on the bed and recalls how possessive Pooja was about her diary. He said he would one day read it, he should know what she writes about her husband’s diary.
Zoya was calling Aditya and tensed as he didn’t pick up the phone. She wonders if she did the right thing by telling Aditya all this, his conditioned worsened. Noor brings the coffee and says Zoya did the right thing, someone must have told him one day about it. Zoya was tensed that Aditya didn’t pick up the call, what if he harms himself.
At Hooda house, Anjana shuts all the windows and doors. Harsh comes to her. Anjana was worried as the weather was the same that day, same thunderstorm and raining. He wonders when this thunderstorm will get over. Aditya hasn’t even opened his doors. She wonders when Zoya will stop harming them, Aditya shatters more whenever she comes to meet him. Harsh was determined that this storm will soon be over.
In the room, Aditya sits the read the diary. Pooja wrote, ‘He was my best friend, my love. I wonder when all this happened. That day, I told Aditya about my pregnancy but I had to abort my child to save my relation. Pooja cried in the washroom, she says It seems everything has finished, it’s a one sided love in which only Adi is there, and she exists nowhere. In the office, she discussed with Yash, This friendship is an over rated relation, she suffocates with this word ‘friend’ now. Adi could never see her with the look a husband give to his wife, he never felt her existence. Yash stared at Pooja. Pooja feels odd, then turns to leave. Yash held her hand and said it was already late. He expresses he wait for her each day waiting when he would meet her. When he holds this hand he wish it’s only left with death. Pooja withdrew her hand and says we must stop this all right here. Later, Pooja sat with her head on Yash’s shoulder. He asks why she didn’t tell Aditya about the child. Pooja said, Aditya must have accepted the child, but their marriage was at a verge where children only bring frustrations. I have tried to live happy in this marriage but couldn’t. Adi would also have tried to bear the responsibility of the child, but must have got frustrated soon. Pooja placed her head back on his shoulder and said, I am now used to Yash’s love, I don’t want a friend anymore but love. Yash hugged Pooja assuring he is here ’
Aditya cries lying on the floor beside his bed, broken.
The next morning, Zoya didn’t eat anything for breakfast. Noor notices she was lost completely and requests her to eat something. Soon Noor’s cell phone vibrates, she first cuts the call. She then takes the call, it was Arjun who wanted to talk to Zoya. Waseem says at least they must have breakfast peacefully. Arjun tells Zoya that Aditya has gone to magistrate, they are also called at magistrate office. Zoya promises to be there soon. Zoya leaves home.
In the court, Arjun tells the magistrate that his client Mr. Hooda took the decision in a hurry. He needs to review the file. The magistrate wasn’t ready to make the case more complicated, he was already confused. Aditya signs the papers and turns to Zoya.

PRECAP: Aditya and Zoya put the ring and Yash-Pooja photo in a water stream. Aditya bids farewell to his friend. They turn saying good bye to each other. Aditya says they might not meet but Zoya says fate brought them so far, it will surely keep them in touch. Both walk in opposite directions, turning to see each other in different times.

Update Credit to: Sona

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  1. I have not watched the episode yet, but thanks a lot for updating.??

    1. Ooshi

      Congrats for being first to comment Tuba

  2. ShraddhaSharma392

    1. Nothing more than emotional truth about prengancy, love, friendship, trust, hate, affair, etc… But its. Only half truth.. No clue about thier death…

    2. Pooja cheated aditya her reason is out now.. But why yash cheated zoya is still mystery for me?? (do anyone have answer)

    3. I hope now aditya behave mature and zoya turn sensible..

    1. Neha1

      Yes Pooja cheated Adi but why Yash did isn’t revealed… I think Yash thought that Zoya will not bear his problems, he felt Zoya was weak…
      Both Yash and Pooja’s biggest mistake was they hide all the problems from their respective partners…they didn’t share their feelings and problems, and not happy in their relationship…and their marriage became a burden to both Yash-Pooja…
      later Adi-Zoya suffered a lot…
      But Still the death mystery isn’t revealed yet…???
      Anyways, I’m just waiting 4 AdiYa’s fresh start….waiting 4 their friendship and bepanaah love..!

    2. ShraddhaSharma392

      I think same… As since start even zoya is shown just innocent like child, though aditya was more childish as he always stayed as friend or may be specific just like teenager lover, where as zoya never faced real life challenges, she was in her dream world only

  3. Neha1

    Aditya finally read Pooja’s diary…. he was shattered… Zoya worried for Adi..
    but what Adi doing in megistrate office and on which papers Adi signed..??
    Waiting for Monday’s episode…

  4. that was soooooooo heart rendering ????

  5. Ooshi

    PooSh ended
    Feeling happy
    Eagerly waiting for AdiYa

  6. Ooshi

    Thanks for the update Sona

  7. Precap is the best part….finally we gonna have some adiya love scenes. Thanks for the update 🙂

  8. So pooja gets pregnant twice with ADhi?? Still confused!!

    1. No she was pregnant only once with Adi.. That is clear…She aborted it much before her death…So if at all she was pregnant at the time of her death it was yash’s baby else she was not pregnant at all at the time of her death☺️

    2. I thot she was pregnant twice at different times. I am confused?

      1. Actually, writer is confusion all of us. If we can rewind the episodes, then we came to know that
        1) Zoya meet Doctor and she told Zoya that Pooja was pregnant and as per record, Yash is the father of the child. She didn’t mention about any abortion.

        2) Sakshi is telling Adi that Pooja was pregant but she aborted because of his reaction. She was totally depressed and then she met a person who asked her about her feelings & emotion which she doesn’t get the attention from Aditya. That man was Yash. That means, after the abortion only she met Yash. Then how the Doctor will mention his name in Father’s column. It means that they had physical relation also.

        It was just an Extra Marital affair by cheating their partners. Writer are not giving any clarification or supporting about Extra Marital Affaris, but he wants to convey us – why extra marital affairs are happening nowadays. The reason behind is that there is no communication or sharing between couples. Couples needs to take some time everyday to have discussions, planning & sharing their emotions. Lapse of which, communication gaps arisen & individually come to the conclusion that their partners are avoiding them.

        As per my view, every couples should have the balance between love & friendship. Between the couples, both love & friendship is required a lot. Generally, we all are sharing our problems with our friends but hiding most of the things from our lovers. So, couples must have both emotions – love & friendship.

      2. Ooshi

        Pradeep nice analysis and the conclusion was the best wants people to learn the same(conclusion)

  9. Ok I believe pooja was pregnant with Adi’s baby which she aborted…Probably yash accompanied her n doc misunderstood him as hubby or may be he himself said he is her hubby to make pooja comfortable…so that means at the time of her death pooja wasn’t pregnant at all…Hope my interpretation is right…Well Zosh n Adija were terrible mismatches…Well now bye bye Poosh…Welcome Adiya from Monday..God Adiya romance will set the screen on fire..Their chemistry is great even when they fight ..Zosh is going to reopen i read somewhere..But now the company should no longer be called ‘zosh’..It will be renamed I guess…☺️

    1. Neha1

      Yes Arch, Zosh events will reopen and also Zosh’s employees to joined the sets of bepanaah… Few days ago, I already posted the link…

  10. Neha1

    In a relationship, you don’t have to put blame on other. Whenone relationship ends, your life doesn’t get over. There’s always a Second Chance…This story is about giving Second chance…!
    Watch Harshad and Jennifer’s interview…!

    1. ShraddhaSharma392

      So true…. Life doesn’t end with one bad chapter… Though its tooo hard to move on in life again, but as we all say: Jitni zor se mutti band kroge, reith uttni jayda fisal jayegi or jitni aaram se mutti band hogi, reith uttni jayda rehegi… Same goes with life… Bus new raste and journey dundni hoti hai, jisme waqt lagta hai…

  11. Neha1

    Another award Jennifer’s bagged????? :- Indian Affairs Most promising Versatile Actress.

  12. I hate Yash because he was not concerned much about zoya… Whereas pooja thought to stop ther relationship… Yash is a big bloodiest fellow… He married a eloped girl.. And thought to leave… May be mahi know all these…. Affairs and she supported him for some profit

    1. Neha1

      Yes, after knowing the truth….I felt that Yash wasn’t worried for Zoya at all…he didn’t even think once for Zoya…He’s so mean and selfish…first he married Zoya, and it was love marriage, where Zoya went against to her parents…still he didn’t bother about Zoya… I hate Yash more than Pooja…They were equally wrong…
      But On the other side, I’m happy that now bothAdi-Zoya moving on and waiting to see them together…

      1. Mona146

        yup he had no reason except finanicial problems to have an affiair and too much sympathy for pooja. he cud hv been a good friend. but even pooja is mad she should have gone for abortion without telling anyone at home. She killed her child by herself and got depressed as well?? I dont find it maturity in handling relation. even yash is so absorbed with pooja that he hardly thought of zoya.

      2. Ooshi

        Agreed Mona

  13. What is going on with Indian serials? They seemingly want to glorify affairs. This program has become unbearable. Even Silsila is about an affair… Emotional melodrama doesn’t make a cheat any less. Pooja was a dim wit, an idiot and probably the stupidest character. She did MBA but didn’t know about family planning and contraceptives? Her mother is another class act. People want to blame Aditya and point fingers at him but he wore his heart on his sleeve and it got stepped on, he didnt force Pooja to stay with him. Pooja knew how much he disliked dishonesty but there she was day time with Yash night time with Adi – that is the whole fact of the matter.

    1. U r ryt .. silsila too .. colours serials are more interested in extra marital.. lyk bakwas show Dil se Dil tak

      1. Mona146

        silsila is too pathetic. i get irritated even with thought of it

    2. I agree with u.. All are full of cheating, hating and revenge.. This is not what I expected from Bepanah..

  14. Hey friends commenting for the first time here but watching bepanah from the first day. I just hate poosh. How Pooja just said she was giving 100% in her marriage. If she had given then she wouldn’t be cheating

    1. Ooshi

      Welcome to the family and forum Radhika
      Keep commenting totally agreed

  15. A long long time ago, my husband, our two sons and I had gone out for an ice-cream treat. It was sometime when I was always thinking of curbing unnecessary expenditure.

    As a selfless person, who was too much in love with her family to deny them of any pleasure, I always chose to sacrifice my own excesses. And it didn’t even feel like a sacrifice ever, because I was a woman of very few needs/ wants/ desires…
    So, when my husband asked each one of us to choose our favorite flavor of ice-cream, I responded as usual, “I won’t have any.”

    The boys enjoyed one round and ordered another; my response remained the same, “I don’t want any.”

    I was happy in my family’s happiness. I was happy that my not indulging in pleasure was perhaps ensuring some more goodies in the future for my dear ones. .

    But my husband looked at me and said, “Please don’t do this to yourself and to us. I want a happy wife; not a sacrificial lamb. I have seen that too much sacrifice eventually leads to bitterness and victim-mentality. And I sure as hell do not want you to develop that.
    You see, after a period of time, the boys and I will stop asking you for your choice, because we will assume that you don’t want it; we will take you for granted and subconsciously start treating you as a doormat… It will then hurt you.. and you will feel miserable and unimportant. You will think that we don’t care about you.
    While in truth we would be behaving naturally, knowing from experience that you don’t care for yourself.. That your wishes are not important… .

    So, I suggest that you always take your share and then if you really don’t like it, share it with someone who does. That will be good for all of us. You will learn how to claim your importance in your own and our eyes and we will always ask you. There will be happiness all around.”

    His talk made sense to me and I couldn’t help but think about many older women who always complained, “I did so much for so and so but today they don’t even think/ care for me.”

    I also remembered many instances where children would turn back and say, “But why did you do so much? Did we ask you for it? You did it because it made you happy. Who asked you to be so self-sacrificing?”

    This train of thought made me take a re-look at the word ‘self-less’, equating it with self-sacrifice. That day the meaning of these words opened up for me!

    Self-sacrifice ……… is not the balanced way!!!

    Did Aditya ask Pooja to take his responsibility,no she did by herself and blaming Aditya.
    Have you guys watch last Saturday crime patrol, that person also has lots reasons for crime, blaming Pooja went for abortion without Aditya knowledge,she doesn’t want to continue with adi and blaming him.if adi has some faults why can’t she tell him.he hates his father bcoz father was having an affair,how come sakshi blaming adi for that he should have think harsh love also as a divine love,I want adi to move on but saksi is just saying Pooja is also at fault but all are just bcoz of adi, that is no right.pooja did affair bcoz she didn’t give any importance to adi and baby ,that’s why she went for abortion without telling adi,most of the time people did mistake of not telling problems to their own spouses and telling to others spouses and ending up in such relation.every people have their own reasons for their doing. v can also have our own opinion here.

    If any one cheat you no need to take revenge, just move on in the life ,that’s what crime patrol teach us most of the time,why should v waste our life,I really want poosh death by accident,I don’t want hooda and wasim to murder them.its really hard to watch.

    Waiting for adiya

    1. Ooshi

      Totally agreed to you about sharing problem with spouses although the mistake was also Adi’s but it doesn’t mean pooja was innocent indeed she had big role in this affair including Sakshi she should make him understand his mistake
      And about the incident of ur life
      What ur husband said was true n but I have no problem in getting hurt or any sorrow so just lifeless

      1. Ooshi

        One more thing which I forgot to say
        So be positive always and be hopeful

    2. The above story of the couple was a what’s app story, not mine

    3. Mona146

      ur incident was really true i wonder such men exist!!!

      1. Ooshi

        Still men still exist no need to wonder

  16. Hii guys can i join u?
    From the first episode i like pooja more than zoya n after knowing truth about her I’m loving her n feel bad tht she died …i just love her innocent n cute smile

    I’m sure I’m only one who like pooja more than zoya

    1. Ooshi

      Yeah no need to ask be here as it’s ur right and wish
      Welcome to the family and forum
      I never compare Zoya and Pooja but Adi

  17. Neha1

    OK Friends,
    I think we have to stop our debate here as I can see it has no ends….Everyone have their own perception, views and opinions…. but Completely agree that “CHEATING CANNNOT BE JUSTIFIED FOR ANY REASONS”…. Yash-Pooja was wrong.. but I guess from now onwards the story will revolves around Adi-Zoya…as we all know that their partners cheated on them an died…So that chapter is closed now…only we don’t know who did murder of Yash-Pooja and Why…? So, I think the doubt is on Mr.Hooda but nothing confirmed yet…
    So, till then we all should be glad that finally Adi-Zoya will move on in thier life and soon new chapter will going to start….i.e. AdiYa’s Bepanaah Love…
    Ab shuru hogi bepanaah pyaar ki shuruaat…!

    1. Ooshi

      Ye aese ho ga
      Ab hogi pepannah pyaar ki shuruaat

  18. One thing I learnt from this show is dont write diary.. dont know how many people will read ur diary.. ? btw awesome epi.. precap is superb

    1. Ooshi

      Very funny
      But the thing is don’t complicate ur life instead of it try ur best to make it

    2. Haha lol

      1. Ooshi

        Actually mistakenly I press the post comment button

    3. Ooshi

      Very funny
      But the thing is don’t complicate ur life instead of it try ur best to make it simplest and live it simply at the level best u could

    4. Mona146

      haha OMG

    5. Neha1

      Hahaha.. very funny pankh.?????

  19. Well…Fundamental problem with Adija marriage is both misunderstood friendship for love…We all have best friends of the opposite s*x but that doesn’t mean they are life partner material…Making someone life-partner needs a different feeling altogether..Friendship is not enough…n Adi definitely was immatured..n in this serial he is a 32 year old man…so any wife would get frustrated if her hubby behaves like a kid at this age..

    Fundamental problem with Zosh marriage is social status mismatch between the two and Zoya’s innocence…zoya’s inability to understand that there is a problem in the first place coupled with her expensive tastes due to her rich background burdened Yash over a period of time…Marriages do break in real life too due to status mismatch..I have seen..zoya was selfless but could never become a good friend to Yash bcos initially she was mentally weak..n she lived n fairyland…n her naive attitude started frustrating Yash..

    Though EMA is not the solution Adi n Zoya kind of attitude will frustrate any spouse over a period of time..all married folks out here will surely agree to it..

    1. No I don’t agree with you.poosh came to a conclusion of their own ,they never thought of asking or saying to adiya,so v can not blindly blame adiya for everything

    2. Ooshi

      There was some comment that Zoya’s appearance doesn’t shows that Zoya have expensive needs specially in comparison to pooja
      pooja and yash should share their problems with their spouses And although Adi was mistak

      1. Ooshi

        Although Adi was mistaken but the same problem with AdiJa

    3. Ooshi

      And 1 more thing
      To me friendship and love r not different feelings but r limited and limitless respectively

  20. Such a touching episode … Superb acting by Harshad!

    1. Harshad and Jenifer are setting new benchmarks in acting.They are totally into the character.

  21. When we did not like a track in our show(this poosh)we opposed it and expressed our anger and unhappiness to the best of our ability .The result is tv trp went very down and online trp also decreased.Makers probably stopped the track to satisfy fans.So from Monday our Adiya and their love track is starting So make sure we are going to shower all our love on them.Because if we gather and try then there will be a boom in tv trp .It is the same show that opened to a trp of 2.5.

    1. Neha1

      Yes, I agree….last week Bepanaah Trp was lower than Silsila badalte rishton ka…
      Bepanaah trp was :-1.3 and
      Silsila trp was :- 1.6
      Very sad that on colors channel lowest trp was bepanaah….
      But, Monday onwards I think and hope that our show bepanaah trp will soon increase by AdiYa’s bonding and their love story….❤

      1. Yes silsila is a very boring serial n I was surprised that it got a higher trp than ‘bepannaah’…But Adiya love story will bring back our show in top 10 I believe..In fact even ‘ishq mein marjawan’ is beating around the bush but it always gets higher trp than ‘bepannaah’ …That story is full of murder n betrayal…I just don’t understand the audience of our country…Their taste is ‘kumkum bhagya’, ‘kundali bhagya’ n ‘yeh rishta kya kehlata hai’ – seriously!!!!!! Naagin 3 ,’ kayamat ki raat’ n ‘kaun hai’ at least belong to a different genre…n seeing them in top 10 I was happy that our audience is showing changes in preferences…☺️

      2. Specially in silsila toh the leads are going to get involved in EMA.I don’t know how are they gonna accept it if they have so much issue with poosh

  22. More than the Poosh past track, Pooja’s pregnancy track was the most boring of all…n on top of that Adiya’s constant fights really cost the serial it’s trp…n everybody watches this serial for Adiya n yearning for their love story n thats just about to begin…now trp will soar…this serial may never be in top 5 bcos of cut throat competition but it can surely be in top 10…n that is possible only with Adiya love story…

  23. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    Finally this chapter of extra-marital affair come to an end. Anyways, I still don’t understand, why Pooja and Yash don’t shared and discussed their feeling and problems with Aditya and zoya. Pooja and Yash are not happy with their partners,But pooja takes money from Aditya for Yash.Yash takes money from zoya’s father. That’s OK for them. Why pooja and Yash don’t meet to any marriage councillor for saving their marriages. Why Yash cheated zoya. Many questions remained unanswered! Why shakshi don’t informed Aditya about all this. I know in today’s society many people from today’s generation facing the problem of cheated by their spouse and faced saperation,divorce, domestic violence and even get murdered. Even, My best friend get murdered,I mean shooted by her husband because her husband had an extra-marital affair. That’s the true face of extra-marital affair.

  24. Bipasha Bhattacharya

    My best friend is a good wife, good daughter-in-law but her husband get involved in extra marital affair with his office colleague! Finally, killed my friend. After that incident, I not only hate this word extra marital affair also lost faith over institution of marriage.

    1. Ooshi

      Felt bad to know this
      Did he get punished for the murder

  25. Love is the most strongest illusion of human heart.No-one can define what is love actually.Certain emotions and feelings gathered at one place namely in heart for some specific person and most of us call it Love.The sentence”Love is blind” has to do something with the theme of the Bepanah.Love doesn’t look for anything else,watch out for nothing and wherever it finds its place,rushes there to claim it.No boundaries have that power to stop love when it decides to strike someone with its overwhelming spell.Poosh loved each other but what about their respective partners and their love for them?Was all those fake and superficial?They did not even bother to confess the truth to their partners and got involved in the darker side of love.Marriage is not a joke but those who treat it like the way Poosh did,doesn’t go well with the image of the institution of marriage.There is some subtle justification behind the affair of Poosh which makers are trying to convey to the viewers but those are looking gross to almost everyone.As on can fall in love with anyone,anywhere at any age and by falling in love that person doesn’t think about his/her present scenarios and surroundings.So,here comes the term Bepanah,most suited for Poosh affair.Pooja forgot her childhood love,her husband to whom she is his world and at the same time Yash ignored Zoya,her emotions,her rights of being his wife and every single thing.Most ironical part is,when Poosh fell in love with each other,probably they were not in love with their partners that’s why they could cross the boundary with much ease!Their new found love was so Bepanah that they forgot their previous one true(seemingly)love!Be it love or life,one should learn how to balance everything.To learn to take the responsibilities of one’s share.Pooja couldn’t make understand Adi her problems regarding his nature and Yash was scared to disclose the truth to Zoya fearing her reactions as she left everything for him,for his love.Poosh feared that their action will break their partners heart but was not it destined the moment Poosh fell for each other?In the process of saving everything,they have lost everything.The indecision of human heart is clearly visible here.Poosh died inflicting unimaginable pain to their partners.Perhaps they became victim of their own Bepanah love.

    1. Ooshi

      In this all the most important thing was
      Marriage is not a joke
      My thoughts
      Never marry
      And if u then stop urself from falling for anyone else or if u can’t do that at least try to control urself from obeying ur heart but if u can’t do that then divorce but for Muslims this last option is the most disliked

  26. Lokesh

    Waiting for Zoya and yash story, although it was really emotional.

  27. As for now, we only know the story of Pooja. Still, Yash’s story are to be revealed soon. But, I have a doubt on Poosh story. As per Pooja’s diary, she was fed up of friendship & Yash was fed up of love from Zoya. Pooja was seeking for love & Yash was seeking for friendship. Then, how both of them fall in love cheating their partners.

    As per Sakshi, everything is wrong from Aditya’s side. I am not agreeing with that. Ok, I understand that Aditya’s behavior sometimes is like a childish or like Sakshi is telling that he was just in the world of college days but He loves Pooja a lot and wants to be live with her like GF & BF. Now a days, all the married couple wants to enjoy their college life after marriage. They don’t want to become a parents at sooner stage. Most of the couple are trying to become parents after 4-5 years of their marriage. But, in between, if the partner becomes pregnant, Firstly, the Husband reached just like Aditya reached but after that they will discussed & decided accordingly. Same way, Aditya reacted but when Pooja confessed that it was a joke. However, Pooja herself told to Yash that if Aditya knows then he will agree to keep the baby but it was her own decision to abort. Then how, Aditya was blamed for the abortion.

    There are no couples in the world which we can say as Perfect one. There are so many indifference’s between the couple , however they will discuss & decided with each other to adjust with their limitation. In Poosh case, they had never tried to talk with their partners about their feelings or problems.

    There are no problems in this world (atleast between the couples) that can not be resolved by talking with each other.

    1. Ooshi

      Agreed to last paragraph
      In fact there’s nothing perfect either it’s couple or some person so as the things made by man

  28. Neha1

    Upcoming Spoiler :- Sakshi will unfolds Yash and Pooja murder truth to Aditya and Zoya.
    Aditya and Zoya will overcome Yash and Pooja’s memories and will promise to begin a new life, as Zoya and Aditya will part ways for their new destination, Sakshi will make her Shocking entry and Will unfold Yash and Pooja’s Murder mystery Shocking the duo.
    Mr.Harshvardhan Hooda Cryptic Truth….
    Sakshi will reveals to Aditya and Zoya that Yash and Pooja didn’t commit Suicide but they were murdered.
    After knowing the Pregnancy News, Pooja returned to Aditya but Yash and Pooja were murdered before they would starts a new life…!

    I saw this on Instagram, let’s see if this spoiler comes to be true or not….but I also doubt on Mr.Hooda…coz I found something fishy in initial episodes of bepannaah..!

    1. No this spoiler seems to be fake…Pooja aborted Adi’s baby n she wrote the same in the diary too..n lot of fake spoilers floating around…As of now Aditya Zoya are parting ways…Logically show will go in for a short leap…

  29. Ooshi

    Eagerly waiting for AdiYa

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