Kundali Bhagya 17th December 2018 Written Episode Update: Janki gains consciousness and is very happy

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BI jee asks SHrorsjti top sit, she says that she feels Janki’s wanted to see her first because she loves her he most and when she was about to say it she feel and even if she regained consciousness then would have again got into the state.

Rakhi says that she feels blessed that Janki got better and was no longer paralyzed. Samer says that when Janki will be consciousness she will say everything of the one who attacked her, Rishab also prays that they find the person responsible. Prithvi hearing this decide to leave and runs away.

Shrishti prays that Janki get better, Sarla says that she will no longer fight with her as she really misses her, Rishab is very amazed to see the relation.

Prithvi is thinking about what will happen to him now that she is better, Sherlin also comes

confused saying that Janki is alive. He says that she will destroy them if she gets better and now no one cares for him and instead prefer the servant. They both start to plan what they will do now and what will happen to them if she get better, she tries to calm, him down but he is very worried and asks her to not believe in him so much, he gets paranoid.

Karan asks Preeta to move forward, he say that when she gets better she will call Janki to the stadium, she starts to argue saying that when he call s Janki he will lose his biggest fan, he says that he will still have her and if she is not his biggest fan then who is she off. They start to argue and he asks at which she says that she will remain it as a secret.

Karan gets mad and when Preeta goes away he doesn’t follow and moves away while still being angry,

Preeta asks the nurse if everything is okay and whether they can meet Janki, she says that she can.

Sherlin is trying to calm Prithvi down but he cannot remain strong and falls down.

They all enter the room and are very happy to see Janki awake.

The nurse brings the report of Janki, Preeta says that she and everyone else were really waiting for her smile, she starts to cry at which Shrishti taunts her and says that she must be smiling, she says that she will not cry and it is only because of her sister.

She says that Janki took a lot of time to get well and they all were waiting for her, Sarla asks why she took the bullet as it w ament for her and she must not have come to her aid, Karan asks her to not cry and that she must remain strong for her family. Shrishti starts to cry, Sameer asks to take her out, Rishab hearing this asks why he is so caring so much, Samer explains that he was only trying to cheer her, Shrishti says that Janki can tease her as much as she was because she also teased her a lot, she asks her the name of the person who was behind all her problems.

She asks her to tell the name of the person who had tried to kill her and does she remember the name of the person, she asks her what she wanted to tell Karan and what was it, Sarla asks her to remain quiet but she says that she will ask it here, she says that Janki has to just say the name and she will herself kill the person, Janki says that he is with them and hearing this Prithvi thinks that now everything is finished for him and he will be dead because of her, Karan sees the reaction of Prithvi and Janki, Shrishti again asks the name of the person.


Precap: Karan says to Prithvi that he has something in Janki’s condition, Prithvi starts taunt him saying that he is like a dog who is always walking around Preeta. They both get into a fight.

Update Credit to: Sona

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