Our love story is different (Episode 1)

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Hey guys thank you for your wonderful support . Keep commenting and liking. Let’s begin with the first episode.

St. Teresa College,Dehradun.

Zoya pov…

I read the board with a incandescent smile on my face. I came out from the taxi with my luggage and payed the taxi driver using Paytm. I was back here after one whole month. After completing our first year of MBA we all five friends were actually not ready to leave each other as this last one year made all of us quite independent and also we five felt like a family. Although being an introvert I felt that my four friends are just like my another family. We don’t hide anything from each other. Me, Anurag and Prerna , Arjun and noor. We share Netflix subscription, Amazon prime video subscription, completing each other and helping each other in assignments , sharing clothes, talks , home made food and most important emotions. Whenever I see Prerna and Anurag I feel so good that how lucky they are as they have been knowing each other since childhood and also having a liking looking for each other even if they won’t agree. Noor and Arjun also shared a good bond now I wish I can also have a someone but being an introvert it’s difficult for me. I am always busy writing or playing guitar and that also when I am alone. I wish I could be expressive. If my family was not away from me than this four would have not been so special to me 

I opened my room and placed everything on right place once again and also making space for Noor and Prerna to keep clothes as we three share a room and Anurag and Arjun does but we have different wing in hostel for girls and boys but when it comes to study or any serious talk we are always together. 

I got a conference call to all four of them that when they will reach hostel because from tomorrow we are having college. They all replied by night as still it’s evening and the bus is late. Anurag told me that he is also bringing a surprise for me which confused me but I being tired kept the call soon and went to have my dinner from hostel mess and soon wrote my daily dairy and I couldn’t know when sleep took over me.

My alarm disturbed my sleep and I wanted to sleep back but couldn’t as I didn’t wanted to get late on very first day of second year of my college. I quickly took a bath and got  dressed up in blue jeans and a white shirt with my hairs tied in a simple plait. I took my phone and messaged four of them to meet me directly in canteen after the general assembly. 

I ran down to take my sit in general assembly when I saw a new boy already sitting at my place. I am irritated that first of all I hadn’t my breakfast and none of my friend is here to attend this boring general assembly which will be started by a long boring lecture of our principal. I sat beside him having no other option as now mostly all sites were occupied. That boy looked at me and smiled. I gave him a forceful smile and started checking my phone. Hii I am Aditya Hooda that boy said forwarding his hand. I just smiled and then Shaked my hand with his with again a irritated smile and introducing myself as Zoys Siddiqui. Nice name he said after may be a micro second. I smiled and thought how much he speaks! I again thanked him and started checking my phone. But I didn’t knew he is so irritating and from then he continued speaking about his life style and school, family likes and dislikes , how he is here and what not! Ghosh how can someone speak this much to a mere stranger. I kept my head nodding and then finally after full one hour my jaw was paining by continues forced smile and my neck was paining by keep nodding for whatever he said. I came down from the general assembly hall totally exhausted after continously  listening Aditya and ran towards canteen area as I was starving by now.

Hey Zoya ! I again heard Aditya and he came to me running and told me that forced smile is not as beautiful as incandescent smile so I should always smile real it makes me beautiful. I was shocked to know that a mere stranger how come got to know that I smiled forcefully or ungenerously. I just nodded my head and took my way to canteen and looked back as Aditya got far away from my eyesight.

Hey guys please keep supporting and soon story will progress.

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  1. Anuva

    Nice update yaar…

  2. Jasminerahul

    finally adiya met.aditya is so cool that he spoke a lot to zoya in the first meeting itself n found out that she is faking smile

  3. Wowwwwww too good plz continue
    It’s damn interesting clg life of beautiful couples??????

  4. It’s very interesting.post the next soon.

  5. Fantastic dear. Waiting for the next.

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