Kumkum bhagya ( love makes everything possible) Episode 31


Episode 30
Soory for short update I think you all not forget my ff its beging so late that I have upload my ff but as you all know there is exams in my collage so I am busy and now my exams got over so I will daliy upload my both ff and read it and comment please

Pragya and dadi come to hall and all se pragya and praise her and abhi also sitting their smiles seeing pragya pragya too smiles
From staries rohit see pragya from backside and shout
Rohit: mom and runs towards pragya and hug from back side
Aliya also come
Pragya turn and rohit see her
Rohit: dost u I thought mom soory
Pragya sits on knees and pulls his cheek
Pragya: its ok my little champ no need to tell soory
Rohit: really u know dost you are looking like my mom in this sari right dad
And see towards abhi
Abhi: yeah
Pragya kisses on rohit cheeks
Pragya: aaww thank u my champ love but why you come here go I will bring your break fast at your room
Aliya: yeah di I also tell him but he is not listning me
Rohit: but I want to do breakfast with all of you please dost
Pragya: ok
Rohit smiles: and u will feed me today like my mom do
Pragya: ok and smiles and make rohit sit on chair and sit next to him and feed him and they talk and after breakfast pragya make rohit sleep and abhi left pragya to her house sarla see her and get happy and ask about rohit and pragya and bulbul go in their room
Bulbul: di tell me truly do u love abhi
Pragya fumbles: no what are u saying bulbul
Bulbul: di don’t lie to me I have seen care in your eyes for abhi and rohit both

At that time sarla come but stop hearing their conversation
Pragya stand from bed and goes towards window
Pragya: there is nothing like bulbul u are thinking so much
Bulbul comes to her and put her hand on her head
Bulbul: di tumhe meri kasam tell me truth
Pragya take her hand
Pragya: ok I love him
Sarla shocked to listen this
Bulbul: di are u sure di he is married and have son also
Pragya: I know bulbul but I don’t know when I started loving him u know I was completely lost trust on love after what suresh did but when I meet abhi I know there is true love and I can do anything for him and rohit you know bulbul he is my jaan don’t know what I have connection with him but I can do anything for her anything means anything I can give my life for him I love both of them if abhi is in my heart rohit is my heart beating I love them so much
Bulbul and sarla both has tear in their eyes
Bulbul hugs pragya and sarla goes from their
Bulbul: di I am proud of you I am happy that I got a di like you
And breaks the hug and wipe pragya tears
Bulbul: so when u will tell this to my jiju
Pragya: I don’t know bulbul I fear if I tell him I lost his frndship also
Bulbul: don’t worry di I have seen cre in abhi eyes for u
Pragya: ok now you tell me about your ha
Bulbul blushes
Pragya: oh my sister is blushing not bad
Bulbul: di you know na then why are you asking
Pragya: so when you were telling him
Bulbul: I will tell di
And they both sister chit chat

Here dadi come in rohit room and see him waking up
Dadi come and sit near him
Dadi: so how is my beta now
Rohit: fine dadi
Dadi: beta can I ask u one question
Rohit: yeah dadi
Dadi: ok do u love your dost
Rohit: yeah dadi I love her so much she is best
Dadi: ok then what if she become your mom do you accept her as your mom
Rohit see dadi: mom
Dadi: yeah beta you love her so much will you accept
Rohit in excitement stand up and hugs dadi
Rohit: really dadi I am very happy I get my mom back thnk u dadi
Dadi: ok beta but we have to do something from which your dad also accept your dost
Rohit: yes dadi and sleep with open eyes in dadi lap
Here sarla come in her room and stand near pragyas dad pic
Sarla: today I am very happy seeing the happiness on my pragya face which is lost I got it I am very happy as my daughter is happy today if you were here you also fell happy seeing your daughter I will talk to abhi dadi as all I need is my daughter happiness nothing eles and a smile come on her face with tears

Precap: abhi pragya conversation at beach

Credit to: queen

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