Kumkum Bhagya Fan Fiction (Episode 2-3)


Episode 2:
The episode starts with pragya was standing outside the door hearing about tanu secret she is boggled..pragya comes to her room thinking about it..

Just then abhi comes and sees her tensed and asks if she is thinking about something to torture him and his family..

Pragya sees some paper on sofa.abhi was standing near that pragya tries to take both fell on the floor Allah warriyan song plays…

Pragya walks out uncomfortably thinking about tanu just then pragya hears raj and aaliya conversation and shocked.tanu sees her and shocked..tanu gets up from the bed it is just a dream.

Tanu runs to aaliya and says about her dream pragya overhears and thinks.pragya thinks I found who is helping aaliya and tanu’s father now I need to expose them Soon..

Pragya thinks to say about this to dadi,purab,bulbul and tries to call them just then abhi comes they start their knok jhok fight tanu sees them and gets irked..

Precap;tanu,aaliya,Raj.were in the same restaurant where dadi,purab,bulbul were there..


Episode 3:
The episode tanu gets irked seeing their fight and moves from there..

Pragya and abhi fight continues and after some time pragya leaves from there and goes to the restaurant and sees purab, dadi,bulbul and goes to them to speak.

Tanu,aaliya,raj comes to same restaurant where pragya was there .pragya tells about the truth to everyone all of them boggled and happy they were talking to pragya asking here to expose th em soon..tanu sees pragya talking to someone and leaves from there.

Pragya sees aaliya and raj together and tells dadi, purab,bulbul they were boggled.

Precap;pragya was collecting proof against aaliya and tanu to expose just then nikhil arrives .pragya sees him and goes to talk him.

Guys sorry I was busy in Saturday so did not update now I updated both episode.

If there is some mistake I am really sorry . this track is nice or I need to change track pls give comments so that I can correct my mistakes

Credit to: Narendran

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  1. How do you know ?? When will this happen ???

    1. It was just my intention I am thinking newly about this show to keep fans to watch it

    2. It is a fan fiction
      An imaginary story

      1. Yes you are right I think you like this episode

  2. Very nice episode…

  3. Where’s the fan fiction for today and can u please tell me what days and what times u will be uploading the fan fictions please thanks

    1. I will update on Monday,Tuesday,Friday,Saturday if not wednesday

  4. Plz continue ur imagination it’s nice
    ………..nice to hear them r exposed…

  5. koodiya seekarathuka viewers ah paithiyama aakama vida matanunga pola
    dai oru mudivuku vaanga da
    naana iruntha mothalaye abhi ta um avanga family ta um solitu kathaya mudichurupen
    evanunga kathaya paatha mahabarathame mudinjurum pola… shhhhh
    please show the ending soon

  6. u r right priya but it sd appen soon as possible as my exams are ought to come….

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