Why you Cared for me? Part-2

Recap: Swara begging to whole family for accepting Ragini. Sanskaar in confusion…what to say..


Lakshay goes to Swara holds her hand to make her face him.

Lakshay: Swara….. what are you saying? Do you even realise what you are asking for? Do you know how much you have Ragini hurt everyone?

Lakshay leaves her hand go away in huff…putting his one hand over his head. He is not able to understand what is in Swara’s mind now.

Swara: I know what I am saying but why you don’t all understand that it’s not all Ragini’s fault. We all are guilty.

Swara(Facing Lakshay): First your marriage is fixed to her. I know you never love her…but your action tells her that you like her. She accepts you as her life partner. For a marwadi girl it’s a big thing to get engaged with sumone.

DP: But to be engaged with Lakshay doesn’t give the right to Ragini to hurt everyone.

Anpurnna: Swara…I too believe that marriage is not joke and so as love. I am also a lady and marwadi I also know the importance of engagement. You also love Lakshay right then why you don’t do these things to get Lakshay.

The whole Gadodia family helplessly watch Swara and her actions. They are shameful on Ragini’s deeds and they are feeling proud how Swara is fighting for her sister. Everyone is surprised to see Swara’s love for her sister even when that sister does so much wrong with her.

Ragini to herself…. “oh God….what I do? I become so wrong in Lakshay’s love that I didn’t realise what I am doing? I’ll separate my own parents for whom togetherness I’ll fought with whole world. I broke my Dadi’s trust over me. There was a time when I was the crown of his head and today…I become the shame. Yes, everyone is right I did wrong…. I am a sinner. Please God forgive me for what I did. And punish me for hurting the whole family.” (She is in tears while looking towards Swara)

Sujata: I can’t believe my eyes. Swara you are supporting your evil sister. How can you support her…she snatches your love for you.

Swara: Maa….plz don’t say like this…Lakshay is not my love….if he ever loved me must have waited for me that day. He must have trust me when I came back. He never loved me.

Lakshay looking towards Swara in deep guilt. Rest of Maheshwari family also agrees to Swara somewhere on this point.

Sanskaar in shock about what Swara said just a minute before. He is the only one there who understands Swara’s pain that it’s not only the Ragini who betrayed her…but Lakshay also hurt Swara by not trusting her in her hard times.

Precap: Swasan together…….

I don’t write precap in detail to make you bind with the story.

Credit: Priyanka.

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  1. jus want to c swasan dear !! thanq dear priyanka pls cntinu !!!

    1. thanku dear…i’ll keep it swasan

  2. Swasans is da most adorable couple ..Thx alot for paring them

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