kumkum bhagya – abhigya forever Episode 13

Hi guys long after writing an epi

Abhi’s house in Delhi
Abhi says to dadi tat he had invited his frnds fr party. Dadi asked y he says he Wil tel her at party and leaves.
purab picks pragya;bulbul, tanu,aliya with him

I’n the party ,abhi could nd take his eyes from pragya .he goes near her and says I look beautiful ,pragya blushes ,aliya teased her . Abhi asked her to be silent as dadi is near them.aliya agrees with him.

As purab announced tat abhi wil sign a song and will dance. Abhi was to take pragya to dance floor bt ritu holds his hand and drags to stage and they dance fr a romantic song. Pragya gets annoyed seeing their dance. Abhi keeps an eye on pragya.

After dance , ritu proposes to abhi ,all were shocked, dadi gets angry and leaves.pragya gets tears and silently left from tat place. Abhi didn’t watch her as he was in shock and drags ritu a side . He says to her ,”yes I loved u long back years bt not now,I am in love with pragya and she too.so don’t interfere n my life plse . Ritu gets tears and before she could speak abhi leaves from there.

Pragya was walking on the road sadly thinking abt the scenes in party and cries hard. She lost her control and could not even stand on her legs all around hr is just black,she could nt see anythg and she crosses the road when suddenly a car hits her. She falls down

Abhi was searching fr pragya and ask bulbul abt her ,she says she left as ritu proposed I and goes away , he says to himself tat I am sure ,pragya will be hunted and leaves.

Pragya was admitted in hospital ,abhi cries purab consoles him

. Spoiler : a new man to enter in abhigya’s life guess who

Guys I know it’s short bt I hav fever ,so I could nt type more ,next epi wil be long

Credit to: naveena


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