Lajwanti 12th January 2016 Written Episode Update

Lajwanti 12th January 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Scene 1:
Location: Peshavar tenthouse
When even after repeated insistence, lajo doesnt speak up, jamaal talks about how she has recently been through a family tragedy. the lady takes permission to ask the girl her name herself, and goes to lajo. she asks her not to be scared and show her the face, as she is her wellwisher. she says that she shouldnt be traumatised for what happened to her, as she would do whatever it takes to better her situation. She asks lajo to show her face. jamaal asks her sternly to show the face as directed. Lajo takes off the burqa, and she eyes the face, sans the tandolas. Lajo sits resignedly, while the woman is boggled. She asks the lady if her name is lajo, her Baraatiji’s lajo, and tells her that her baraati has sent her here. she is alarmed and tensed to hear this. the lady says that she can get her rescued, and asks her not to be scared, and then asks her name. Lajo looks at jamaal sternly, as she remembers how jamaal had warned her about this woman, and had asked her to stay quiet about her identity. lajo vehemently says that she shall always be lajo, as its embedded in her soul. jamaal smiles, and then says that he knows how to tame her as as long as she complies to his request, sunder shall keep breathing. lajo says that he is bluffing. he talks about his relation with yakub Mirza, and how his one instruction shall get him killed barbarously, and asks her to now ponder whether she wants to save her baraatiji’s life. She decides that she has to stay quiet, as if jamaal is right, then he shall kill sunder. she is in a dilemma. She then comes back from her flashback, and responds to the lady, that she is aisha. jamaal and his wife are happy. the lady frustratedly asks why is she lying. She asks lajo again not to be scared, as they cant hurt her, and asks her to say whether she is lajo, as he is waiting for her and she is the only proof of his innocence, but lajo continues to stick to her fake story. the lady continues to pester, while jamaaal asks her to give up now, and asks what else evidence she needs, as this girl is aisha, and he asks her not to bother her, as she is already traumatised. he says that till now, she has seen the hospitality, but now she shall see his ire, and when that happens, these police officers also wont be able to help her. the lady comforts lajo on her shoulder, and then gets up. he asks her if she is satisfied now. she eyes lajo, and says that here he is the authority, and tells that she shall come again here, startling them, saying that when she does, she shall take lajo and the truth from here, thats Kausar Mirza’s promise. he says that he shall await her arrival. she takes leave. Lajo stands tensed.

While lajo is working, she eyes her empty hands, and asks herself not to lose hope, as good days shall return, and for her baraati, she shall keep smiling, as she had promised him. She looks around for her favourite pigeon, and then unearths an idol of Lord Ram embedded underneath the sand. she is super ecstatic and with great devotion, washes it nicely, and gets to her rituals.

Scene 2:
Location: Peshavar Jail
Sunder anticipatedly awaits her arrival, with lajo, but is boggled when he finds her coming alone, without anyone else. he asks whats the matter. Kausar begs for an apology, and says that she was mistaken, as the girl isnt lajo, but aisha, and she didnt have any tandolas on her face. she apologises for having given him hope. he says that this cant be, as this is betrayal. he apologises, and says that he doesnt care for his life, but hers. she apologises, and walks out, as her time is up. Sunder stands distraught and apalled. he then thinks that he can instinctively feel his lajo here. just then, he spots a pigeon bearing the same bangle that he had gifted lajo, and recognises them, and is very happy, considering it as God’s sign. he says that he knew his lajo is smwhere near, as he can feel her scent, and knows that she only has sent him here. He then asks kausar to come back, as he knows his lajo is alive. kausar is shocked to hear this, and turns back around and enters the cell. Sunder narrates to kausar overwhelmingly about the bangle and pigeon, and how they signify lajo being here. she hears shocked and overwhelmed. Kausar says that her belief in the lord is strengthened today. he begs her to get him free somehow, as god knows what condition she is in, and must be waiting for her, as he had promised, that he would come back for her, and take away all her sadness. she says that she shall definitely get him free, but right now, its impossible and illegal, and begs him to have slight more patience. yakub comes in saying that this is absolutely right. they are tensed. Kausar too excitedly tells yakub about their belief, that lajo is alive, and shows them the pigeon with the bangle. yakub tensedly eyes it. She says that even the lord wants them to meet and begs him, to let sunder got free. Sunder too apologises and begs to go. He asks him to think of mariam, and decide whether she wont be happy, if they unite, and that he shall be forever indebted. she too begs him for their relation, and begs him to go free. he stands tensedly. She says that maybe mariam’s soul shall be in peace. He finally complies, and says that he shall agree, but with the right papers. Sunder is overwhelmed, and says that he shall forever remember his favour, and gives the pigeon to kausar, saying that this shall lead her to lajo. kausar prays. The screen freezes on their faces.

Precap: the next morning, as sunder is almost unconscious, he is stealthily and secretively, hanged to death, in his unconscious state, by yakub, saying that now there shall be no chances of him being free. meanwhile, the pigeon that hovers over jamaal’s kabeela, is shot by jamaal, who says that now no one, neither her pigeon, nor her baraati shall save lajo at all. sunder is hung, while they all leave, as he struggles and then his legs stand still.

Update Credit to: Rimjhim

  1. Very bad on your part Rimjhim Why r u not updating Satrangi Sasural written episode????

  2. I hope the pigeon don’t die he is lajo angel

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