Kumkum Bhagya 8th June 2018 Written Episode Update: Pragya and Abhi accuse each other

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The Episode starts with Pragya telling Abhi that he couldn’t understand her, kicked her out and married someone else. Abhi says how did you know that I am happy with my remarriage or not, but you are happy. Pragya says you have moved on and asks why her marriage affects him. Abhi says some things doesn’t change, but now he will never believe on his heart and will think from his mind. Pragya says you are saying as if you were waiting for me. She says we had misunderstandings, but everything came to an end with love. Abhi says I was waiting for you even now. She says you made marriage as business. Abhi says you married that joker for your advantage and future. Pragya asks him not to tell anything wrong about King and says he did what you should have done. She says I have great respect for you. Abhi

says I hate him so much. Pragya says he understands me. Abhi says so I don’t understand you. Pragya says it is a difference to interpret my words. She says Mr. King must be waiting for her and says she cares for Mr. King. She says you shall care for your wife. King comes there and knocks on her room asking her if she is tired. Pragya doesn’t open the door. Abhi says if she thinks that he will doubt on her thinking she is bewafa. He asks her to open the door and tell him that he is her husband. He says you told Dadi that you are going to meet Simonika that day. Pragya says I don’t need to ask you what I shall do or not. She opens the door. Abhi says I am her husband. Pragya says ex-husband. They don’t see King there. King asks Tarun to bring Pragya if he sees her, if she is not tired. He asks did you see them in room. Tarun says yes. King says it will become normal for you once you have a girlfriend.

Pragya closes the door and asks Abhi to think twice before telling anything and says your decision affects others. Abhi asks Pragya to listen to him and says you can’t go until you hear me. Tarun comes and knocks on Pragya’s door. Abhi and Pragya cry. Abhi says my marriage is not marriage, but compromise which happened because of you. Pragya comes out of room. Tarun says King is waiting for cake cutting. Kiara is still at Sunny’s name. Sunny tells that he heard Tanu speaking to her and says she scolds everyone and is very bad. Kiara says she will call her chichi. Sunny says I will not get scared of her now, and says she scolds my mum also. Kiara says you shall not listen if she scolds your mum and asks where is your chichi’s room? She says we shall go to her room and teach her ABC. They see Tanu sleeping on bed after heaving drinking. Kiara says she is sleeping in deep sleep. She makes a moustache on Tanu’s face and darken her eyebrows. Sunny says I will get scolded. Kiara asks him to promise that he is innocent if someone question him. Tanu wakes up. Kiara says Mrs Universe 2018 is…..Tanu thinks it is a dream and sleeps again. Kiara and Sunny leave from there.

Pragya comes to King. King says I was waiting for you since long. Mr. wick asks King and Pragya to come on stage and cut the cake. Abhi comes there and gets upset seeing Pragya cutting cake with him. Tere liye song……Everyone claps…Abhi walks out of Pragya.

Purab asks Disha if Dadi is saying the truth and tells that Sunny and that girl were at loggerheads before. Disha says yes and tells that they have become good friends. Purab tells them that Kiara had pacified Abhi in the lift when they got stuck in a lift, and Abhi saved her in a terrorist attack. Dadi says she sees Pragya’s reflection in her. Purab says we miss her a lot.

Mr. Wick tells King that it seems your professional wife is not here. King says I will handle all alone and asks Pragya to cut three pieces. He makes Pragya eat the cake. Pragya is tensed. Abhi comes out of King’s house and recalls Pragya’s words. Sau dard hai plays……He sits in his car.

Precap: Abhi comes home. Kiara wipes his tears and asks who made you cry. Abhi says I am feeling pain. Kiara says I won’t let you cry, you are my fake pops. She hugs him. Abhi smiles.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. A big clap for pragya akhir himmat kr ke btadya ke akhir self respect ki meaning mene sikh le hai

  2. The clown oust her out of the house now apparently he wants her back hmmm do not feel sorry for him nooooo he put himself in that predicament he was ignorant back then he wanted nothing to do with her now whattt? And to add insult to injury look who he has gotten married to there are no dearth of girls why pick that nincompoop?Pre-cap saw him crying owww not sorry for him nooooo,I do have a heart it just that stuff like these makes me angry what he did to Pragya is beyond forgiveness.

  3. BhanupriyaSreeram

    Still they are not saying things properly….. Baat karna hai bolte hain but ladkar aa gaye….. Baat toh batao poori

  4. Cathy

    I am baffled by this show, clearly Pragya is required to know that after being told that she murdered Abhis grandmother and he hates her, threatened her with physical violence humiliates her in front of the family and kicks her out, she’s should have known that he was just “Angry”..well ain’t that something and here he is again trapping her holding her with controlled violence, she protests that he is hurting her and he turns it around and starts whining about his broken heart…REALLY? You know what disturbs me about this show are the fan girls that think this is ok because Abhi and Pragya make a cute couple. How freakin sad is that.

    1. Women in India will never think that this kind of controlled abuse is wrong thanks to Ekta who I am sure is not 100 percent female to begin with

    2. So true….

  5. I am waiting for the day ke kab ye dono apni baat poori kare. Today’s episode Abhi’s expressions were too good.. his eyes were saying her not to go. Wow

  6. Sick.. Abhi is getting idiotic and irrating day by day… He does not know what he wants from his life.. Then also controlled by his b*t*hy sister Aliya and now also.. What does he mean that now he thinks through his so called brains and now his heart, as of he had any of both, if earlier he thought with his heart would be have thrown pragya out just because of dadi death, when just a few days before pragya had saved him from simonika trap, if he thought through his heart would be have listened to aliya when she said that pragya is inauspicious and because of her abhi would lose all his loved ones, would be have married tanu. He neither had a heart nor brain… Now also instead of apologizing to pragya he is accusing her for marrying king and also he blames pragya for his marriage to tanu.. WTF ABHI THE ROCKSTAR, CAN ANYONE BUUULY HIM TO MARRY THAT b*t*h TANU… BLODDY HELL GETS INTO A MESS ALL THE TIME AND EXPECTED PRAGYA TO SAVE HIM THEN AND ALSO NOW.. PRAGYA U ARE BETTER OFF THAN ABHI.. LET HIM LIVE WITH THAT b*t*h TANU, HIS PSCHOPATH KILLER Sister ALIYA AND HIS LEECHAD FAMILY.. HATE PURAB ALSO HOW CLD HE STAY WITH ABHI AFTER ALL WHAT HE DID TO HIS SISTER, AND WHAT ALIYA DID TO BULBUL AND DISHA..

    1. Alka, agreed. After all, what kind of a man has his wife negotiate his marriage with the gold diigger’s parents. Abhi…the character, basically has accomplished one thing. he has been Tanu’s and Aliyah’s bank machine. Remember all their dresses and jewelry? Pragya, the character, didn’t receive gifts. Not even promised gifts. But Abhi is not the only fool here. Pragya as well created unnecessary trouble for herself. She was taught to be responsible for her mothers condition because her mother is a whining idiot who creates problems for everyone. She was taught that it was her fault/responsibility when anyone was unhappy. She had to suffer in order to keep others happy. It was her duty.
      It was her purpose in life. To serve and sweetly, too. Every woman born in India knows this.

      It would appear that Pragya is at least being responsible for her daughter and thus will learn to become responsible for her own happiness. We’ll see. The producer sure likes immature, idiot like characters. Perhaps that’s because the producer herself has not matured so is unable to create characters that actually mature and change. Now. that would be the makings of a story!

  7. Pragya finally has the chance to be a whole woman. King Singh appears to be a ‘whole’ man, respectful, mature and he makes his own decisions and takes responsibility for those decisions. Abhi on the other hand will never shake off the two parasites nesting in his body. He will never make his own decisions or be capable of being a respectful, mature man until the parasites are dead. Is Abhi even capable of thinking for himself, any longer? Doubtful. He still blames and punishes others for his choices. He thinks just like his parasites.
    Where is Aliyah hiding? Each time they disappear Aliyah for a short time, they use this character to pump up the drama into more negativity. Personally, I think that she has a S & M lover hidden away somewhere, so that she can always be in control. She can afford it , right? She owns Abhi’s money.

  8. When will this serial end.. seriously their acting is good but how long they are going to drag this. Sriti , don’t you feel bored of this nonsense. I know you pretty well. This show has become a government job for the cast. Please stop this nonsense..

  9. Nice episode. I am very happy because its time for Abhi to learn lessons. From the beginning always pragya is the only one person who comes first to face life long troubles. Hoping this Abhi fellow will know the value of a proper life partner. Even though he is a mle and a lead character, he always emotional than a reason. Pragyas acts now will give him a proper understanding. ofcourse this theme will take few more months which we already know however they may unite wth a good sign.

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