Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya sitting at Abhi’s bedside, and recalls all the happy moments between them. A fb is shown. Milade Saiyya plays…………….Tanu are talking to Nikhil on phone. Nikhil thinks to run away from there. Tanu says Abhi haven’t gained consciousness yet and just had surgery. She tells him that Aaliya has changed and have become a caring sister now. She tells Aaliya even fought with Pragya to see Abhi and says that Aaliya will not leave you. Nikhil says it was not my mistake and tells that you said that Pragya is alone and when I checked, she was alone.
Tanu asks him not to come there. Nikhil thinks Abhi will ruin my career if he gains consciousness and gets worried thinking what to do? Purab tells Dadi that Abhi will gain consciousness in sometime and goes to bring

injection. Dadi and Beeji are happy.

Aaliya asks Purab, when will Abhi gain consciousness? Purab asks what does she wants? If she wants to fool Abhi with her fake tears. Aaliya says I didn’t want to kill you. Purab says I know you tried to kill Pragya, but Abhi sat on that car. She says you know well that he can’t live without Pragya, and says if anything would have happen to her, then he would have died indirectly. He says I know you are acting and everyone also know. He says Bulbul have saved me from you, else I would have married you. He thanks God for sending Bulbul in his hand. He says once Abhi gains consciousness, all the misunderstandings will be cleared. He asks her to think about herself. Aaliya says you are taking it personal. Purab says I am not taking it personal, and says you are selfish woman. He says when we all have left you, your so called friends will also leave you one day. He asks her never to show her face to Abhi, stay away from him. He asks her to do a favor and stay away from Abhi and him.

Pragya tells you will be fine once you gains consciousness. She says everything will be good, our relation also…there will be no pain, and says God has returned her happiness. She says all your wishes will come true and we will celebrate all occasions together. She tells we will have a daughter named Abhigya just as you wants, and says I have a son just like you. She asks him to get well soon, and come home. She says you have to start work too and perform in concerts. She reminisces how he applied color on her during holi. A fb is shown…..Tu Meri Jaan Hai plays………….She talks to him while he is still unconscious, and then she sleeps near him. Pragya asks Sarla to go home and take rest. Sarla asks her to have food else she will get unwell. Aaliya looks at her and goes. Pragya thanks God for saving Abhi. Sarla says you have suffered a lot to get him.

Pragya is happy and says I am happy that my kumkum is with me. She asks Beeji and Sarla to go home, take rest and come later. Sarla insists to see Abhi once he gains consciousness and then leave. Pragya asks her to come later. They leave after blessing her for happiness. Pragya prays to God and take the fallen flower as Prasad, and thank God. Tanu tells Aaliya that we shall not stay here and says lets go. Aaliya says I want to meet Bhai. Once he gains consciousness, I will meet him and then leave. Tanu says what do you think that he will hug you….he will not leave you and asks her to come in her senses. Aaliya asks her to stop chewing her brain. Tanu says it seems you have an idea to get away from Abhi’s anger. Aaliya says you are right and says she will give her injection to make her slip into coma. Tanu thinks what to do, she thinks she can’t leave aaliya alone.

Pragya tells Abhi that she got his dream and he was trying to say something….Suddenly Abhi holds her hand. Pragya gets emotional and calls Nurse. Nurse says you will bring him in senses with your love.

Abhi asks Aaliya since when he is in the hospital and says I don’t remember anything. Aaliya thinks Abhi lost his memory and knew only till she went to Australia for her exams 2 and a half years back.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. xoxo

    god!!!!urghhh just feel to kick kkb writers……is aliya even a human being she is trying send her own brother to coma…..chiiiii.Now again we have t bear tabhi’s nonsense as abh will forget pragya but remember tanu as his girlfriend…for how many years will they drag this track…

  2. reader

    Well!!! I know this only would happen.this is really bullshit.the writers made me to hate this serial.are they from another planet.these are illogical.

  3. Divya

    What the heck! It has to be some sort of sick twist. Abhi might be acting? Or maybe Pragya’s love brings him back? I have watched this show for so long, and was starting to believe in love, but now? This? I’m getting sick and tired of this show. Please do something to change it.

  4. Madhu

    Golmaal hai bhai Sab golmaal hai! Looks like the writers are as much confused as the viewers…maybe the viewers could be asked to script the balance of the serial….this way we can end this harakiri once and for all. What say?

  5. keerthu

    Bad turning point .. It seem to be old stories .. Since now concept of kumkum bhagya were amazing But memory lose concept step all the credits down

  6. ar

    i read this update n found nothg happnd in this episode othr thn some flashbk n talias n nikhil already known nonsense…
    guys get ready fr again new type of dragoing with more annoying n illogical thgs 2 happn
    all d best
    really hope trp tumbles down in this new track

  7. samantha

    Sick and boring serial again grinding the same. Nothing interest again bye and switching on to c another serial bye

  8. Empress

    Lol, was expecting that tho! Memory loss and we back to square 1!. The serial shld end by 2020 hopefully. Enjoy!

  9. anna

    well as expected we are back to crap after fifteen minutes of seeing abhi and pragya together…if this track is tanu as abhi’s girlfriend….a lot is going to say bye bye…..what absolute bs….

  10. Amrita

    I predicted this stupid memory loss idea as soon as Abhi crashed. Way to make a bad-but-recovering serial worse. The writers of this show are lame and apparently sick-minded sadists.

  11. indera sanichara

    O my god another memory loss I guess the writers don’t know what to write, how long viewers have to watch this studied soap. I quit

  12. Sasha

    How long will this memory loss go on one more year or three nonsense serial don’t know how this serial gain top trp rate. As it’s the most ugliest and worst tv serial.

  13. Sonina

    Just to be optimistic.. may be it is Abhi’s turn to act to expose the “bad” people? He might be just acting to have lost memory.. just an idea 🙂

  14. Leila

    Oh lord he loss his memory Wat will happen now I think tanu n Aaliyah will get away with their lying n trying to kill him

  15. Safia

    Because always the enemy’s are the wining so this doesn’t mean any think to the honesty and ture love so it’s unless to watch kkb.

  16. Kavinnilla

    What is this nonsense. The writers became mad.when they will show the happy times between abigya.If they show them closer and jollyer like before the shows rate would be increased. Plz finish this drastic track soon and show more abhigya scenes like before. Abhi’s naughtiness is becoming low he is so sad not like before at least show that naughty active abhi like before. do that plzzzzzzzz.

  17. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Y pragya should pragya suffer all the times. These indian serials always shows wife will follow all the promises given to her hubby during their wedding. But hubby will not follow even a single promise.
    Husband will have affair with someother women but his wife shouldnot even talk with other men.
    Wife must be loyal to his huby but he never think about his loyalty towards his wife.
    Husband wont believe his wife forever and wife always used gain his trust over her.
    I hate indian husbands……
    Y abhi forget pragya and have a memory of tanu. Y he is always doing injustice to pragya. He is loving her but from the earlier stage he is in confusion.
    First he had a confusion about pragya, whether she is good or bad…
    After he started to saw in to her eyes, he had a confusion of, y she cares for him……
    Once she proposed to abhi, he started to had a confusion about, whom he is in love with? either pragya or tanu…
    After started to realise his love for pragya, tanu interrupted and he had confusion whether she is really pregnant or not?
    Pragya told him that she never loved him and she was just told it for fun, again he had a confusion whether she is saying true or not?
    Once pragya cane in mogambo makeover, he was in a confusion whether there is fuggy inside mogambo or not.? Whether she really betryed him or just doing some kind of drama…..
    During champak entry, he was felt confused whether she is in love with him or champak?
    She revealed the truth, initially he had a doubt is it true or not?
    I dont understand y always pragya has to prove her, she is loyal to him, she loves him truely, she is saying the truth, she is doing everything for his wellness……?
    Every single time he is doubting her (whenever tanu, scolds her characterless, she has to prove her innocence) and she must clear his doubt. Is this the Only reason for pragyas birth…… i dont know y?
    Im sure in upcoming session also aaliya, and tanu will make abhi believe that pragya is not a good women, she is back of ur reputation, money blah blah and im sure hel believe them, and again same batter, pragya will used to prove her innocence.
    The story will become in to same circle. Again tanu, aaliya, nikhil is freely enter in to MM. Thats it. Same crap….
    Wont this media ask about his wife to our rockstar? I dont know i think this kkb story is also going to end like MATSH… bcoz that story was also awesome and it got top trp rating but ekta kapoor spoiled the story and it was airoff few months back….
    Pragya, who is true to her husband and loves him a lot will not get nothing, even dont get her hubbys attention, but characterless tanu is getting abhis love, money attention, his reputation everything.
    Cvs are spoiling our morals…. Everone from young generation might think ‘whoever is characterless will get everything….. ‘
    This is not fair……..

  18. Ivette Alequin

    You got to be freaking kidding me. First Prayga was trying to help him get the truth about Tanu now she’s going to start helping get the truth. Or Perhaps he just doing it to trap his sister and the rest of the gang. Yea right!!!!!!

  19. Ivette Alequin

    What is going on with those writer, OMG You got to be freaking kidding me. First Prayga was trying to help him get the truth about Tanu now she’s going to start helping get the truth. Or Perhaps he just doing it to trap his sister and the rest of the gang. Yea right!!!!!!

  20. kristin

    It was not even a day that abhi came to know the hidden truth of tanu
    and nikhil’s, and he lost his memory..this is loosing my interest in this serial..I thought now all will go well with pragya and abhi..and those 3 bad people ll suffer for what they did…but guess that time ll never come…

  21. sandy

    worst and nonsense………..I think writers have nothing else to write and writing all this bullshit. i think we all should stop seeing the KKB………..there is no Bhagya in this story.

  22. Verlinda Rambhajan

    Bye bye kkb I no longer want to watch this bullshit was interesting but after today hell no

  23. Sahithi

    There is news that Ankit(Akash) quit the show and we will see him till next week (18th Aug) only. I anyhow expected something of this sort as writers will mostly send off Akash, Rachna and their baby out of the script as Abhi doesnt remember Rachna.

    So we will only see these 3 pairs now, Abhi-Pragya, Tanu-Nikhil, Aaliya-Purab. Sometimes throw Daadi and Sarla in between for those kumkum dialogues.

    • tanvi

      Ankit took good decision. Now kkb only revolve around abhigya and Nikhil Tanu and aliya. Erlier there were stories of Suresh, akash, raj, bulbul but now same gisa pita😈😈😈😁😁😁😁

    • Sahithi

      Yes Razia, he confirmed on his IG. It seems he got some better opportunity, he will mostly announce next show/movie once his role ends and he is officially out of the show. I saw him post pictures from a movie he was acting some months back. But I think at that time, he was acting in both.

      In this new track, not sure how they will be able to fit in Rachna as Akash’s wife, so mostly he may not have much role to play. Like at start of Mogambo track how both of them vanished and came back when Bulbul died. He must have thought its better to move on.. Fair enough.

      Characters should mature and move forward with time, these writers are making a time travel back into past. Not everyone may be interested to redo same stuff over n over.

      • Iswarya_santhosh


        |Registered Member

        I saw a new promo. The scene was in abhigayas room in MM. aaliya and tanu starts to throw pragyas things. pragya enters in to the room and Slaps tanu. Aaliya and tanu starts to taunt pragya. Pragya starts to cry and ask aaliya something. Aaliya asks her to get out from MM
        (As i dont know hindi i cant say what they talk with each other)
        And tanu and pragyas small interview was also updated.
        Sahithi checkout that promo and pls tell me what they r talking with eachother

  24. Sanjay kumar das

    This Serial is totaly worst …………first time its very interesting story but now a days its totaly lost of time…i think writter dont have any more idea…

  25. kayu

    oh nooooooo pls no memory loss track😖😖.
    and again tanu’s mellow drama oh god…. I’m fed of this just want abhigya to be 2gether💝…
    pls unite abhigya…💕💕💕

  26. Vijji

    What is this serial .writer writing according to his wish.how the people can bare all these stuff.getting boared.people can expect the accident scene as writer want to prolong episodes. When the end card will beeeeeeee.

  27. preeti

    This written episode update is totally wrong….it is written that alliya tells tanu that she will give abhi a injection to send him in coma but in real episode it is shown that she got fed up with tanu and said that she will give tanu a injection so that she goes to coma and stop eating alliya’s brain….secondly abhi looks so nice with pragua …can’t these kkb writters see them and us happy …atleast keep them together for 2 or 3 dayss

  28. Sheba


  29. Naz

    Hi guys, I no longer watch kkb, I just came on to say that I saw a preview of next episode during commercials break, and I was shocked to see how much sriti jha has aged. Is is the make up-to give her that effect or did kkb take a toll on her? Poor girl, she looked so pretty just 1yr ago, tell me I’m seeing things and that I’m wrong, haven’t watched kkb for MONTHS! Wow…….

  30. Rita

    Writers don’t know how to prolong the story and like every serial they don’t want to end it either so it’s either memory loss or possessed. Have stopped watching Long ago and switched to Korean dramas which are so captivating. Their leAp is only a few Months not years. Just watched Korean drama The Promise on YouTube which every one must watch. Such a great storyline.

  31. Sahithi

    There is a new segment and some OLVs today, warning first, watch at your own risk.

    As I saw few glimpses where it shows Pragya in a new sari still in hospital and hoping n waiting for what, dont know.
    Someone in Abhi’s room in MM gathering all items related to Pragya – Pragya’s photos that were recently put up in their room by Abhi, her red-blue blanket, Rockstar doll, and such stuff. It is not shown who is removing them mostly Aaliya/Tanu. But it was very painful for me to just watch those shots.

    So only if you want to see all traces of Pragya being removed from Abhi’s life and room and house, then watch these videos.

  32. Pratiksha

    New segment update- Tanu and aliyaa throws pragya out from the mehra house with all her stuffs from abhi’s room. Full update- Tanu and aliyaa collects all stuffs, pics and things of pragya from abhigya’s room and throws all it on the floor to pack. Pragya comes in the room and sees tanu as throwing her stuffs. Pragya comes forward, turns tanu infrint of her and slaps her hard on her face. Tanu gets shocked. Pragya says to tanu that how dare she touched her stuffs related to abhi. Aliyaa comes in mid and says to pragya that she have to go now with her stuffs as abhi has lost his two and half years of his memory and he don’t know her. Pragya starts crying and shouts that she will not leave from here and will not leave abhi as she is his wife. Tanu and aliyaa tries to make her weal emotionally by saying it that tomorrow abhi will come back from hospital after discharge so how he will react after watching her and all these stuffs. He might b dead if he will give pressure on his mind to remember about these past things as doctor also said that nobody should make abhi recall his past and force him to remember his past and it’s related things becoz it could b harmful for him. Aaliya says that ur kumkumbhagya has become abhi’s durbhagya so leave him for his gud now. Pragya gets scared and gets ready to not to come in front of abhi but she insists from aliyaa that let her stay in the house. Aliyaa says that it’s not possible as abhi can see him anytime, anywhere in the house so until when she will hide herself from him. Pragya constantly beggs from taaliya to let her stay but they doesn’t ready. Dadi comes and takes pragya out from the room. Reporter mentions that even dadi wants that pragya should leave. Sriti told to reporters that everybody becomes selfish so she is also becoming and wants to stay with abhi but doctor said that nobody should come in front of abhi from his past who is unknown to him. So she have to go far from abhi, from his life and house for his well. And for a fresh start everything needs to b wrap up and finish in past so that’s the thing they r shooting for. Leena says that tthey r packing pragya’s stuffs for throwing her out from the house and pragya’s slap is nothing for her as the happiness of getting abhi nack is much than it. She says that tanu is happy that a hi has lost his memory, pragya has out from abhi’s life and she escaped. Reporter says that pragya is going far from abhi for now but she will come back again as fuggy to bring abhi’s memory back and then abhi will get his memory back.They shows pragya prays I front of durga maa’s idol and crying. Reporter says that pragya is praying from god to bring abhi’s memory back and give her kumkumbhagya back to her.

    • Asmitha

      what is the need to show this much crap when they r ready to show something different they can show without showing all these always showing so much crap so sad dadi also wants pragya has to leave abhi but purab has to be with pragya

      • Sahithi

        Serial bahus have to cry especially Pragya, for their show ratings. They want to show that she is born to cry.

        I dont understand from where are writers getting such stupid ideas to show doctors saying dont let anyone from his past come in front of him. What if Abhi is not a man married for one year living with his daadi, sister and extended family. What if he was middle aged with grown up kids and only wife to take care. And if she says he doesnt recognize me so I am leaving with my kids, for him to suffer. I mean anything for convenience.. Pathetic writing.

        And coming to Daadi, she wont ask Pragya to go away so easily. She will ask her to move out of MM for Aaliya’s sake but will give Pragya again a mission to keep meeting Abhi whenever he steps outside and try to remind him about his Fuggy. She will brainwash Pragya with kumkum dialogues. Pragya will come into her words and will be a stalker fan of Abhi…

      • Asmitha

        so sahithi next segment will be rock star and cute chashmish right but I was waiting fr completion of this week yesterday I wantedly seen some other show at 9 pm after that I read written update

      • Pratiksha

        Another news is ankit mohan aka akaash has quit for kkb for a big project. His last day of shoot is 15th August.

    • Pratiksha

      Sahithi even I was wondering that how abhi can forget only pragya and things related to her? I mean according to aliyaa abhi’s memory has stopped at that point when she comes back from Australia after her exams. And she was saying in precap that it was about January 2014. So my question and confusion is when kkb itself started from April so how aliyaa came in Jan and if somehow we accepts it then also how it could possible that abhi forgets pragya completely as abhi already had been met with pragya even after aliyaa’s come back from Australia after her exams? I mean may b he could forget that he is married with pragya but how pragya becomes totally stranger for him when he has been met with pragya in starting of the show and before aliyaa’s come back? It’s completely unacceptable fact for me. And ya another crap is doctor’s suggestion that no one should come in front of abhi in front of his past which is unknown for him now. Can Someone tell it to us that will abhi never know that he is in 2016 and the things which he remembered these r from 2014? What happened with him in these two and half years? Will he never want to know about it? Pragya and abhi’s family will not tell about anything about his past but hiw they will shut everybody’s mouth as abhi is a famous rock star and everybody knows that pragya is his wife and what issues happened in his life mainly in these days? And as u r saying sahithi that what is the mean of dictir suggestion? If a person lost his memory so his relatives should leave him by ruining our life for letting him live another life with a new start? Ya just after accident, in his recovery stage, nobody should try to remind him but later when he will fully recover then peoples can try to remind him his past na. All this is just bullshit and crap. From past few days whatever info we got from segments and updates it seems it is not onlu unfair with pragya but it is completely unfair with us, the viewers who were waiting for gud since long. And sometimes heart says that it can’t happen. Heart says that it is all fake and planned by abhi and whatever we r seeing and getting it’s original picture is different and we will know it later. But recent update claiming that this all is happening for real. But let’s see. But surely this week is not worthy for watch as it will only boil our blood. So let’s see what happens from the next week and how the track will move further. Whatever happens but I can’t see tanu romancing with abhi and taaloya enjoying with him by making him dance on their fingers like before. I think like ankit, arjit should also quit as makers still not ready to put focus on his story. But in this upcoming track, his presence will increase more and will b much needed so may b he will not quit. Anyways let’s see but this week has become really very tough to pass with kkb now and god knows how further days will pass if it turns again annoying.

      • Sahithi

        Thats okay Pratiksha, we dont need to feel bad for what is happening on the show. The makers dont really seem to bother about their loyal audience or check how their own storyline graph is going down with each week. I personally wont watch such crap, stopped watching from last Monday after Abhi sat in that car. Not sure if I will find anything interesting after 1-2 weeks. If they keep showing that evils win over the leads, they may have a set of audience who like such stuff. They will also have audience like us who stopped watching owing to poor script. It was same from almost 3-4 months now, but if they keep doing it again n again, we will definitely move on.

        I mean how long can we drool over the leads good looks or their acting capabilities. Why would I waste 30 mins everyday to see Sriti acting brilliantly but that means Pragya always shedding tears. Showing variations of sorrow and pain only.

        Anyhow lesson learnt not to watch a EK show again in life, not even for sake of actors. I realized late that I liked Sriti as Ganga in BV only because it was a strong and interesting character which was inspiring and I could relate to.

        Pragya pleading to Aaliya to let her stay in MM after Abhi forgot her, not stuff I will relate to or would like to watch. Sriti portraying such scenes is not what I watch the show for. In a word, I stopped relating to or feeling for Pragya.

      • Pratiksha

        Same feeling sahithi. I think with this new track of kkb either we will get a lesson to not to dare to watch kkb ever and ek’s shows in future or makers will get the punishment of ruining it if further also their crap will continue. U r absolutely right. Actors r very much talented but until when we pay the madness of writers and makers. Even actors seems fine with the story of their show. They should b becoz after all show is the source of their earnings so they have to take it’s side always but those actors who doesn’t get their valid value in the show, only they can objects by quitting from it and most screen space getting actors just obeys what writers and CVS says to them to do. But this is not our problem. Until when we can watch same crap again and again with always shading tears of lead actress. They r constantly claiming that story will b different and new this time in this old getup also but i m not seeing any freshness and new thing in this upcoming track. I m also not watching kkb since so many days, intact I just started reading updates from this week to know what happens next, for which they r claiming for interesting. Once i will get my answer, then I will take my decision and this time it will b final.

  33. Teenu

    just chill folks. this crap will b telecast only on this wk.i just hope that from nxt wk onwards it will
    start a new romantic story line. I guess thanu will follow abi but abi wouldn’t much interest her. Instead of thanu he will fall for pragya. Crazy to c that. Im waiting n waiting for that new love story..

    • mel

      Have u forgotten how they like to drag their storyline? It might even take months. Just wasting my time watching de series

  34. Iswarya_santhosh


    |Registered Member

    Its better to watch kkb from next week. Even if i see next week also i know i cant bear the pain of pragya. I think its better to quit the show for atleast onemonth. for past 5 days i cant even sleep well. In my dream also abhi and pragya scenes were running. I dont what im gonna do… I got upset completely, and my brain was jammed bcoz of this crap kkb. Even i didnt complete my work for past 5days. i think its better to quit the show forever but i want to see abhigaya happily…..

  35. xyz

    atchi khasi serial ko kya se kya bna dya…bht atche lgte the yeh serial lekin ab lgta he ki writer ko pakadh ke laga du do thappar kan ke nise faltu kahika

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