1st Epi – Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 8th August 2016 Written Episode Update

Ek Rishta Sajhedari Ka 8th August 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with serial’s heroine Sakhshi wearing biker jacket at night and getting ready to go out. She hears someone coming in and acts as sleeping. Her dad Viren enters and she says he frightened her. He asks if she ready to go on bike ride. She says yes. He says then her friends must be waiting out and asks her to silently. She leaves saying she loves him. He looks at her going out of house and says he is proud of her. On the other side, hero Aryan gets ready in biker’s jacket. His uncle comes and says route is clear and he can go. Hero tows his bike out and thanks uncle for helping him. Uncle says Jaa Simran jee le apni zindagi. Aryan says he made him kajol. Uncle says he should feel his feeling. Aryan hugs him and leaves.

Sakshi meets her friend who is waiting for her with bike. She rides and they reach a roadside tea shop. Aryan races bike with his friends and move closely to Sakshi’s friend. Friend falls down. Sakshi takes his bike and follows Aryan to scold him, but Arjun stops bike seeing a puppy on road and drops him aside. Sakhi thinks Mr. arrogant is kind hearted and gets impressed.

In the morning, Viren prepares kachoris competing with his cook. His sisters scolds him that he is a big businessman, even then is competing with cook for kachoris. He says nobody can prepare kachoris like him and they will lick whole hand. Sister says its fingers. He calls everyone down to come and have kachoris. Sakshi comes down. Her mother scolds where was she whole night. Dad tries to handle situation. Pandit comes and tells Viren that he got an alliance for Sakshi and shows Aryan’s pic and describes he is from rich Agarwal family and whole family is coming to Jaisalmeer for a wedding and they can meet them there. Viren says even he is attending wedding and asks pandit to go ahead.

Aryan’s father Agarwal thinks his elder Sushanth took bike out at night and scolds him. His brother’s wife requests him not to scold Sushanth as he is married now. Agarwal continues scolding Sushanth. Family driver comes and reminds even he used to ride bike at night. Aryan asks if papa also used to ride bike. Driver says yes, nobody could ride bike speeder than him in Jaipur. Pandit comes and shows them Sakshi’s photo and says she is Viren Mittal’s daughter. Agarwal says he knows Mittal built his business empire with his hard work without any tricks and says they will meet during friend’s daughter’s wedding. Aryan’s brother runs behind Aryan to hit him. He bends near his feet and says he is ready to accept punishment. Sushanth hugs him. Aryan’s mom then sings bhajan at home temple..

Sakshi’s sister taunts her with a song sun sun didi tere liye ek rishta aya hai. Sakshi gets nervous and shy. Aryan’s friends also taunt him and say he will lose freedom after marriage. Sakshi’s mom comes to her room and asks her to see Aryan’s pic. Viren also comes in. Sakshi says they want to get rid of her, so they are trying to marry her and send her out of house. Mom tells childhood story where Viren had to go to London for 5 days for a business trip and does not as he cannot stay away from Sakshi. Sakshi emotionally hugs dad.

Aryan stands nervously in balcony thinking about his marriage. Sushanth and his wife come and ask if he must he tensed that he will lose his freedom after marriage, but it is not like this, he will get a life partner. Sister-in-law gives Sakshi’s pic and asks to look at it once. Aryan looks at Sakshi’s pic.

Precap: Aryan and Sakshi come to temple with their family. Aryan runs dropping his kerchief. Sakshi picks kerchief and calls him.

Update Credit to: MA

  1. starting is awesome…….i enjoyed watching this serial…..hope it never looses its charm?

  2. Lila

    Nice start… hope it continues like this..

  3. Like da episode specially the hero ….he’s dam quiet nd sakshi’s papa is so nice

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  5. this show reminds me of rajshree production’s movies..may be the content will be better than what is already playing on the tube

    1. It s kavita barjatya productions serial so typical start as thy hav n all their movies.

      But a nice start i wud say.

  6. wow…. the story plot is amazing!!!!!
    lead actor and actress are doing their good job…. hope it will be become more interesting !!!!

  7. Nice start .being rajashri productions serial expected start .
    Reminds me of shahid kapoor n amrita rao movie Vivah.

    1. Goldie Di you are here too. What a cinematography!

    2. I could not watch anythg that was on gog after dehleez ended so ztarted watchg new serials.let c how long i can watch them.

    3. I have seen your comments on Bade bhaiya ki dulhaniya. I am with u. I am also watching these and of course Kuch rang….

  8. A nice start…

  9. Aaru

    It’s sanchi n not sakshi, I think..I’m a big fan of rajshree productions n d barjatyas..I’m gonna watch dis serial daily..barjatyas’ projects, may it be a movie or TV serial, always portray family values in a vry nice manner..n guys, did Aryan hv a KTM bike!?

  10. Loveleen

    oohh d hero is damn cute…

    1. Cutie pie. Crunchy bakery. I can eat him all way in.

  11. Yes a nice serial…..

  12. Wow…nice response…☺☺
    Even I thought to comment yesterday..some where I forget to do so..but..I’m impressed not only with show beginning but also..this huge response..on the very first day..nice..☺

  13. Vry nyc serial…..nd its family show no negative shades only values manner……no craping….nd vivah movie type show lg rha hai sbhi serials se alag show barjatya’s serial hmesha nyc osm hote hain

  14. The serial had a wonderful start.
    The hero and heroine’s parents are so cool.
    I love it thus far… It appears as if they are going to have ashould have som-jhok kind of relationship in the start with lots of arguments. By the way only their fights can bring them closer together.
    I think, in my opinion, I think marriage should not happen so fast. There should be some sort of courtship (dating,etc) before wedding. They should have some time to enjoy their youth together.

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    Sorry for typing errors.

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