Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2014 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 5th December 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The episode starts with Sarla getting tensed thinking about Pragya. Bulbul with Daadi tries to cheer her up and says we have to keep Pragya happy by reminding her of old days here and says Sarla she should be a support to Pragya now. Sarla nods yes.

Pragya comes down with he bags to leave Abhi’s house. Aaliya says it is good she came herself, else she would have come up and thrown her out of window. She asks her to forget that she is Abhi’s wife from hereon. Abhi sees her bag and asks if she is carrying his items in lieu of coming back and returning it. Pragya gets nervous and asks why will she take his clothes. He asks her to go and keep back her clothes. Aaliya it is her bag and she can take it. Abhi says he does not want her to go now and she can only leave his house

after marrying someone else. He says she will go out and will make another MMS, so it is better that she enjoy with her lover here itself. She says she does not care what people say. He says her family will be ashamed when people will ask about her affairs, so he will not let her go like this. Aaliya asks why is he stopping her when she herself is going. Abhi says it is between Pragya and him and nobody should interfere. He says he will get Pragya married in 2 days and then she can leave this house. She says she will not marry.

Abhi says once she marries, his house’s doors will be shut for her permanently. He says if she does not marry, she will brainwash Daadi again and will stay here permanently, says Daadi is his biggest weakness and her biggest strength, so he wants her to marry and leave. He asks why she wants to meet daadi and Raj’s kids even after marriage. She says she will not meet daadi then. He asks what if Daadi wants to meet him and says he cannot take a risk of letting her out before marriage and come back here. She says he cannot hold her here after marriage and cannot force her to marry. He says if she goes out, he will upload her MMS on net. Aaliya says if he uploads MMS, his imagine and career will be ruined. He says he knows and even then will do this. He says if people will watch that MMS, her mom will be bullied more than her and her mom will die in shame.

Abhi says she can walk out if she wants to, but if she goes, it is like a suicide for her and she will be responsible for her mom’s death. He says if she does not stay, he will upload video in 5 minutes. She runs back and says if he uploads, his career will be finished. He asks her to think about herself and remarry.

Precap: Abhi warns Pragya if she does not agree to stay back, he will upload video and both their lives will be destroyed.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. reena

    show pisses me off…thats why i just read it n dont waste my time watching it……..pfttttt.

    abhi is so stupid with his sidekicks….

  2. justif

    will pragyas mom not get a heart attack if she marries suresh , when they know he was the one who stopped the marrage previously 🙂

  3. samay

    Stupid abhi …. 1 st he was worried abt his career and mow he gonna to destroyed himself … Such a stupid ….

  4. Sabawoon Khan

    I’m from afghaniatan and we live in afghanistan I love kumkum bhagya and me and all the girls in oir family watch the show I’m feeling really bad poor pragya:-(

  5. rachna

    I think abhi is upto something. May be he has doubt about the reality of the mms. Hope the writers set everything normal and make kkb a lill bit sensible.

  6. This is nonsense plZzz get a better writer this show have the potential to be a big hit like pavitra but the writer is messing it up

  7. kanie

    Hey everyone check out my abhi and pragya story on indianforum, its better then this rubbish search for angelk1 the story is called dirty secrets

  8. Reshma

    Just let Pragya leave that house full of witches!!!!! And Suresh needs to be slapped some more I guess 😉

  9. Sherri

    Its better to read this rather than waste half hour to watch this crap….hope thus boring show gets replace ,same old story everyday

  10. bored

    This show is so stupid. Pragya need to walk out n let abhi ruin his life with the video. I hope when he find out the truth its gonna be too late. Wat will happen to tanu n alyia when abhi find out the truth n wat will happen yo mitali when they find out about wat she did.

  11. Kt

    Abhi is only creating this drama because he knows deep down he is in love with Pragya but cannot admit because of fear of Aliyah/Tanu

  12. Kristen

    I Hate this f**king boring serial……. And zeetv claims that Aur pyaar ho gaya is worst than this liars and cheaters

  13. misha

    Hey what’s happening in this show? Are these people insulting the intelligence of viewers?? So stupid and so degrading for women!! O
    n one side the vamps Aliya and Tanu with their evil doings and on the other side submissive Pragya who does not say anything to defend herself!!!!!

  14. misha

    I hope that Abhi’s punishment for Aliya and co. will be quite FRIGHTENING when he discovers the truth ….. just as he keeps insulting Pragya for nothing… hope he gives the wrong doers a good thrashing and much much more…. let’s wait and see. This show is becoming quite frustrating…

  15. sony

    ohoo god Jesus this episode na really makes me cry yar I really feel very bad for pragya and abhi u are the no 1 Idoit arey writers plz plz reveal the truth yar plz…… …………………

  16. jusi

    stupid serialll…1st he ws revenging wid er 4 no reason n married er…still duin d same….meaninglez serial….ektha kapoor serial naa datz y…..simply dragging….and er evergreen serial was ‘KITANI MOHABBAT HAI’ in NDTVimagine jz 9 months d serial went..bt it was awsum stry…neva seeen such a good love story evn in movies!!!!!

  17. kkk

    I used to really like this show…..now its just crappy and full of bullshit just like every other ekta show

  18. teema

    This show is f**king stupid

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.