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Mahamilap episode’s update- only kkb’s portion, I m giving. Update- Taaliya talks with each other how to stop vijay or abhi to meeting then aaliya says she have an idea and they both moves from there. Abhi, pragya and Ronnie trio reaches some place where they calls vijay. Pragya asks abhi about the place that why he has chosen it? Abhi says the speciality of the place is that it has only one entrance and one exit so noone could run from here easily. Pragya asks how do u know about this place so well like u have a relationship with this place of previous birth. Abhi says not previous but this birth becoz from a little distance of this place, I had started my carrier. Pragya cracks joke and says that’s why nobody could run from ur concert. Ronnie laughs. Abhi says not to crack jokes

otherwise I will send u both in a place from where no one could find u. Ronnie says if this will happened with u then what’s ur place for hiding. Abhi scolds him. Abhi says pragya and ronnie to hide on some place. Pragya denies and says we r a team so why I hide. Abhi says u r not a teem but a dry neem, now go and hide , before it someone take u. Pragya says why don’t u say that u r worried for me? Ronnie laughs. Abhi says yes I m worried for u becoz only I have right to torched u and if that vijay will come and take u with him and torched u then I will not like it. Pragta gets irked and goes to hide. Abhi thinks to call aaliya to asks if vijay changed his meeting place or not? Abhi calls aaliya but she didn’t pick it. Abhi thinks may b she will b busy. Pragya hides at some place and watches abhi, she thinks it’s gud that he is with her, now he will catch that culprit by own self otherwise he never believes on me if I says. She thinks why vijay has not came? Then she rwminces flash back scene, where abhi says to aaliya to call abhi. Then he thinks May b aaliya stopped him? Aaliya and tanu comes there and watches them hidingly. Aaliya says tanu to go and she herself wears burkha. Aaliya comes to distract abhigya. Abhi sees her but couldn’t recognize her. He thinks who is this lady, her life could b in danger in this place, becoz vijay could use her to run. Abhi comes out and asks her who r u? Pragya also comes out then abhi gets angry and says that why u came out? Pragya says I came to see that what r u doing? Then pragya goes to near abhi and says may b vijay came in burkha. Abhi says her height didn’t match with vijay and she wear ladies sleepers. It can’t b vijay. Pragya tries to open her Gurkha to see her face but abhi stops her and says to burkha lady ( aaliya) to go becoz it could b danderouse for her to stay here. Aaliya moves from there but hides from some distance. Abhi says pragya to hide. After sometimes vijay comes. Pragya sees her and thinks it means aaliya is not involved with him this time. Abhi and ronnie comes out and surrounds vijay. Abhi says u attacked on my family, two times attacked on pragya and in this u harmed bulbul so I will send u in that same situation which u did with bulbul. Vijay says u made very gud plan but to catch me u have chosen to take help of a rat. He says ronnie- a rat. Pragya comes out. Abhi gets angry and shouts on her and says why u came out when u stopped u. Pragya says I came to increase team’s strength becoz he was threatening both of u alone. Now we all three will handle it. Pragya warns vijay not to run becoz he is surrounded by their peoples. Abhi asks him to tell the name of that person who hired him to kill pragya. Aaliya falls some things to distract them. Vijay takes advantage of it and runs after pushing ronnie. Abhi throw a stick on his legs to hit him and stop him but vijay runs from there. Abhi says Ronnie to catch him from behind and says to pragya to come with him. Vijay hides in some place. Prafya comes there to SSE him. Vijay comes behind and closee her mouth from his hand so she couldn’t call abhi. Vijay pushes her and tries to run from there. Abhi gets a call. Aaliya calls him from a p.c.o. and says that she is a nurse of nirmala devi hospital and she is calling to inform that bulbul is critical. Abhi gets shocked and worried. Vijay runs from behind him. Pragya tries to run behind him to catch him but abhi stops her and says bulbul is critical. Ronnie comes and says vijay runs from the truck. Abhi, pragya and ronnie goes to the car to reach hospital but car does not start due to some problem. Pragya says to abhi to call purab to ask about bulbul and she says to ronnie to bring taxi. Abhi calls purab and asks about bulbul and says that a call gas came from hospital to inform them that bulbul is critical. Purab says that I was with bulbul since long and bulbul is stable and fine. Purab asks him if they caught vihay. Abhi says we were about to catch him but becoz of this call they couldn’t. Abhi says we r coming to the hospital and u take care of bulbul. Abhi says to pragya that bulbul is fine and somebody have given them wrong information. She saya it means somebody knew that where we r and what was we about to do. He says u were righ, it means something from family is involved with vijay. Taaliya comes to the hospital to see bulbul. Tanu says what condition purab made own self. Aaliya says to purab that go and fresh and we r with bulbul. Purab denies but aaliya convinces him. Purab says to bulbul that he cones in two minutes after being fresh up and says to aaliya to take care of bulbul. Taaliya tries to depressed bulbul by saying this that if Bulbul’s face will not remain like before then purab will not love her. Taaliya leaves from there. Abhigya reaches at home and begins to search for that person who could involve with vihay. They goes in that room where Chandelier’s joint was burnt. Aaliya comes also there and hides and tries to listen them. Pragya sees a lighter. Abhi says to not touch it becoz they could find fingerprints of that person’s on it. Abhi promises with pragya amd says i will jot leave that person becoz of who us responaible for bulbul’s this bad condition. Other side, purab comes back and sees bulbul trues to take something from the table. Purab stops her and asks what she needs. Bulbul indicates that she wants to talk something. Purab gives him letter pad. Bulbul writes that how much u love me. Purab says that u r my life and if something happens to u then I will die. Bulbul again writes that of my face will not remain like before then u will miss me? Purab says I loved the fwelings of ur touch not with ur face, yes i will mis ur smile and all that but then also i will love u. Purab says not to asks this tupe questions again. Next scene, pragya pulls abhi in the room. Abhi shouts on her and scolds her and asks her why she brought him here when he was going to ask about the accident from everyone. Pragya says that nobody will confess ownself if he or she will b the culprit. Pragya says if that person gets to know about lighter then he could harm u. Abhi says not to show fake concern for him becoz he knows that she only cares for money and hevis her money bank. Pragya makes excuse and says I m worried for me, not for u becoz I m also lives with u in this room and that person’s target was me so that person could kill me. Abhi asks then how they will take everybody’s fingerprints, without telling to match from that fingerprints which is on lighter. Pragya says u don’t worry I will take fingerprints of everybody without telling them and then we will match that fingerprints and then we will get our culprit.

Update Credit to: Pratiksha

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  1. Thanks pratiksh 4 ur update. Today purab and bulbul scence r so emotional. Touch my heart. Don’t worry bulbul purab loves bulbul heart not ur face.

  2. Thnx for the update IKRS pls….

  3. The new show in colors got 10.30 slot it starts from 25jan

  4. thank u pratiksha

  5. crap ideas..alaiya had heard it by hiding ryt..so she would steal the lighter..so again flop..no exceptions..anymore..

  6. Thanx Pratiksha for the update 🙂

  7. Good job prathiksha… as I cant understand hindi I was depending on written update too.. thanks for updating

    1. Sahithi u dunno Hindi means
      Then wats yua mother tongue

      1. TAMIL is my mother tongue

    2. my mother tongue is also Tamil shavi so I can’t also understand hindi

  8. Looking at the positives, Abhi also now knows someone from his family is involved.
    They have the lighter for now as a proof, will it help or not has to be seen.

    As most ppl here felt, Abhi will now take along Pragya as he is concerned for her safety.

    One more unexpected twist is Akash n Rachna r back to shoot. As I always say, writers give different twist than what we expect. So what is gonna happen this week will b interesting.

  9. Guys I have a big heart breaking new for all of u. God knows how much this is correct but I just saw a segment on abp news. Segment update- Pragya was crying and tries to search bulbul becoz she has gone somewhere. Pragya asks some peoples about her but couldn’t get any hint. Reporter was saying that bulbul has gone for attempting suicide. Pragya will try to stop her but she will b unable. With this, Bulbul will b die in the show. Bulbul will jump in a gulf to die. Purab and sarla will see her. With this sarla and purab will go in big shock. At the same time, sarla maa will get to know about pragya’s truth that she was just doing fake drama as changed but in reality she has never changed. After get to know this sarla maa will break her all tie with pragya. Guys most scary twist r going to come if this is true.??

    1. Guys with this new big twist, lots of questions will raise in our minds. Like, what’s about new replacement- kajol srivastava if bulbul is going to die in the show and if CVS can separate purbul like this then they can same with abhigy also. Why the hell they r going to show bulbul as die and with this also they r not satisfied. They r going to torcher us with pragya more by showing sarla maa’s hatred to her for always!!! Omg!! If sarla maa’s reaction will b like this after knowing the truth then what will b abhi’s!!! I m feeling scared after listening thus news and after thinking abhi’s reaction. Dadi is totally responsible for this. I hope she will open her mouth at least in front of sarla maa that pragya was doing all this on her orders and wishes for abhi’s well. Otherwise, I just wish that nothing happen like this on the show and this news prove wrong but from the last two weeks abp channel’s news r proving right and they were saying this news like this that it is really true. So god knows what will happen now? I m more worried for abhigya and mostly for pragya. Instead of improving the track and making it reachable to it’s climax, CVS r making it more complicated and like a never ending track.??

      1. May be the death is a drama to be used at appropriate time, n to bring new replacement into the show. More drama n masala may be. Then no one will know new Bulbul face n may b that can be used by Pragya in trapping Aaliya.

        Who do u think is the person now lying in hospital in bandage, kajol or some dupe. I feel it’s kajol. Let us see.

      2. If her mom knows the truth why would she break ties with Pragya. May be this will only be a twist to reveal truth to Sarla.

        May b Sarla Purab will know but will hide bulbul’s truth so that Aaliya will go ahead n commit some blunder.

      3. Sahithi may b ur thinking is correct I too was thinking that this could b a medium of presenting Bulbul’s replacement kajol. And ya u r right. I too assumed this that the girl who is in hospital, cover with bandages, it is kajol. It totally looks like kajol from her lips and eyes. So it means kajol has been started her shooting from the hospotal. And kajol has been said it in her interview that she is going to replace mrunal and will play Bulbul’s character. So if she has joined the show then it could not possible that bulbul will die in the show a d her character will end and reporter also didn’t said that Bulbul’s character e d in the show. She was just telling that bulbul will die. So I think moreover it’s pragya’s and Bulbul’s plan to catch and expose aaliya becoz reporter was saying that on the time of suicide, pragya was with bulbul. I think they will decide to show bulbul as dead so when she will come with new face after cosmetic surgery and will tell that she is bulbul then in anger and frustration, aaliya could blurt out her truth from her own mouth. And about sarla maa’s portion so I think pragya and bulbul will decide to tell about pragya’s truth to sarla maa so then pragya could take care of sarla maa after bulbul’s going. But result will b opposite and sarla maa will not forgive her becoz of that pain of Bulbul’s lose and anger for pragya’s lie becoz of which she suffered a lot. May b pragya will tell about it to purab later that this is her and Bulbul’s plan to expose aaliya. So he could come from shock and become as normal.

      4. But really yaar too fed up from this drama. They r leaving no stone to unturned except tanu’s matter. Feb is going to come next month means valentine day and tanu was pregnant after that day. It means it is going to finish almost 11 months and tanu’s matter’s exit and her baby’s existence both r seeing nowhere till far.

      5. Biggest question is the what is the need of SarLa ma breaking all the ties with pragya after knowing the truth?????? And also if bulbul has to die only then what is the need of replacement ???? They can do it without replacement also …..

  10. Any new update pratiksha…..Any news about whats gonna happen today????

  11. pratiksha I too read this but I’m not clear about news whether bulbul gonna die.

    1. Srimathi I don’t think bulbul will die then wats the role for kajol pratiksha wat will be the reaction of purab and sarla and pratiksha abhi now understood that somebody from the house is helping vijay do you think this fingerprint idea ? will work out or aliya will do something to erase the finger prints

      1. Don’t know yaar. Abp news people were saying that aaliya will make one more plan and this time also she will get escaped. And now this new twist of Bulbul’s suicide attempt, death and sarla maa’s drama, totally unexpected twist. So I just didn’t get this whole twist completely. Like I said that now I m fed up from this drama and it’s unpredictable, illogical twists. So can’t say anything surely. They r showing rubbish and expecting from us to take it. Totally fed up.

  12. Oh no ..
    Really disgusting
    Y they do al this

  13. This serial n the starcast was so good.but from the beginning the lead never lived happily together.sometimes I feel pragya is overacting n shabbir is too childish even these actors r not serious about the plot.they enjoyed their new year n spoiled the viewers new year.there won’t be good thing happening .it is going to be like pavitra rishta.finally the good lead actors will leave the show.

  14. Dadi in the show is like “a dadi no one should have”……

  15. Reji hope she won’t die!!But my doubt no one knows her new face then how they ll identify bulbul.if she is in hospital no problem but she went off hospital how could they identify bulbul

  16. the script is so childlish.. when will this drama end!!!! it has been so long.

  17. Actually da writers also has forgotten da story line due to dragging soo much n they r bringing new twists n hopes….but still this remains sooo stupid n getting rotten day by day….actually this story has never given da viewers a happy o satisfactory feeling unless only disappointment …..actually very much disgusted abt da script n da writers…..im requesting da cast crew to join some other projects due to this will never b a hit serial unless a flop…?

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