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The episode starts with Abhi reaching home. Taiji asks if he came back. Abhi jokes it is his bhooth/evil. Raj’s kids ask Abhi where is chachi. He says she is coming. Kids see Pragya and say she is pani puri aunty and meet him. Raj also says she is the same woman. Daadi meets Abhi and asks who was it. Abhi says he did as she told and enjoyed staying at Sarla’s house. He says everyone were okay, but daadi was rocking. Daadi says he is trying to make her jealous, but nobody can take her place. She then gifts him switzerland’s ticket for honeymoon. Abhi says he enjoys honeymoon with her everyday and says he will go to Shimla instead. Daadi agrees and asks Pragya to get ready. Abhi gives her switzerland tickets back.

Bulbul thinks Pragya hid such an important thing

from her and if Pragya married knowing all this, she will not forgive her, thinks to meet Pragya.

Rachna hears door opening sound and thinks it is Suresh, but is shocked to see Akash in and asks him to go. Akash asks why did she accept him as her child’s father in front of everyone. Suresh comes home, sees Akash and gets angry on him. He asks how dare to come here. Akash says he just wanted to ask Rachna something and says even he cannot stop him as he is Rachna’s child’s father. Suresh slaps him and asks him not to repeat that and to get out from there and not show his face again.

Bulbul reaches Pragya’s house and searches her room. Daadi sees her, greets her in and asks if she came to meet Pragya. Bulbul says she wants to return Pragy’s book. Daadi shows Pragya’s room. Pragya sadly opens her suitcase and carries gifts. She sees Bulbul there and says when did she come, she would have called, if she was remembering her, says even she remembers her. She shows her Abhi’s room and his guitar, cupboard, etc. Bulbul asks where is her happiness, she cannot see that. Pragya says I go so much and even happiness. Bulbul says she wanted to get a husband who would love and understand her, but Abhi betrayed her. Pragya says what is she talking. Bulbul says she can read her eyes and knows she is not happy. Pragya says it is not like that. Bulbul says she heard her and Abhi’s talks. Pragya says Abhi was just joking. Bulbul insists to tell, else she will ask Abhi what is he conspiring against Pragya. Pragya asks if she wants to kill Sarla and says Abhi will not reveal anything, she is now married to Abhi and nobody can change that, her dream of marriage came true, and if Sarla gets to know this, she wont be able to handle it. Taiji sees them and asks what are they doing here. Pragya says she is about to go to her room and takes Bulbul to her room. She requests Bulbul not to tell anything. Bulbul says she will complain about Abhi in police. Pragya says you and Sarla matter to me than Abhi’s family, Sarla is happy seeing me married and I cannot snatch her happiness. She says Abhi’s daadi is here who will protect me, asks her to help her than troubling her and asks her to promise her to help. Bulbul says she promised herself, but every wrong thing is happening because of her. Pragya hugs her and says if she would have been her sister, she would have been her mohter. They both cry emotionally.

Sarla calls tauji and taiji and informs about Abhi and PRagya’s shimla honeymoon and asks them to arrange everything. Taiji thinks this budhia/old lady with spend all the money without leaving us anything. Her bahu thinks she did not send us to honey and asks Raj if they can go somewhere. Raj says Pragya and Abhi married recently, not them. Pragya asks them not to disturb Abhi during their honeymoon. Tanu comes there, hears daadi’s words and gets annoyed thinking Abhi is going to honey with Pragya.

Abhi comes to his room, gets annoyed seeing Bulbul and Pragy. PRagya signals Bulbul not to say anything to Abhi and to go from there. Bulbul leaves.

Abhi starts scolding Pragya for planning her wishes with Daadi. He says how can I stay with you for 4 days in a room and says he will make her life there, walks out of room. Tanu comes there and asks Abhi how can he go to honey when she is there. Abhi takes her to Pragya and asks if she can think him being with this chashmish and asks Pragya to tell what he told her just now, says he will not melt seeing her and it is an insult for him being wiith her. He says Pragya he hates her and will make her life so tough that she will get confused if she got married or in jail, says he loves only Tanu. He takes Tanu with her while Pragya cries sadly.

Precap: Daadi along with Sarla asks Abhi to take care of Pragya in honeymoon. Abhi asks her not to take tension.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. What the hell…. Come on stop showing Pragya cry….She is the leading lady…She should be strong… Why do they show the lead lady as tolerant and mute who never raises her voice against wrong but just tolerate with a hope that everything will be fine one day… What the S***.No educated woman would tolerate this much in real life…

  2. This is a real woman, the power of woman hood…I just can’t wait when the sleeping dog will bit that rock star!

  3. Ease canes after difficulties. Love it. At d end she will be the one to smile.

    1. Don’t forget that in Ekta Kapoor’s serial the leading lady has more crying scene even more than dialogues..

  4. *comes

  5. Wish Akash realizes his mistake and comes to Rachna, the truth is that he was fearing with his mom’s anger as she wanted her son to get married to a rich girl. She was against him marrying Rachna, hence he rejected her. When nobody is there to support him Pragya sees him concerned for Rachna and takes an initiative by talking to Akash. He pours his feelings for her and Pragya says I trust you and the first step towards any relationship is of trust and as that you have broken her trust by ignoring her in-front of everyone, you must accept her in-front of everyone giving her the rightful place. Abhi who hears the conversation between Akash & Pragya is confused at what kind of girl she is? He wonders thinking about her character that this girl is confusing.

    She asks him to ask rachna sorry for all that he did to her. He wants to marry her and give her rightful position in his life and wants to give name to his unborn child she is carrying.

  6. Hey…i felt bulbul ko purab ke baare me sab malum ho jaaega n then they will be 2geter

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