Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2014 Written Episode Update

Balika Vadhu 3rd July 2014 Written Episode, Written Update on

The episode starts with Jagya asking Dadisaa about Subhadra. Dadisaa says, she is very stubborn and refused to accept Doctor’s orders. She says, I made her understand with great difficulty. She asks Jagya to talk to that doctor. Jagya says, it is not right in interfere in his treatment, but I will speak to Dr. Agarwal. Ganga jokes with him.

Subhadra calls Daddu. Daddu picks the call. Subhadra tells him that she is happy to get 5 star hotel treatment. Daddu asks, what happened. Subhadra complaints to him that it doesn’t have proper infrastructure and good food. She says, they even took my phone. I am calling you from landline. Daddu says, it is necessary for detoxication. Subhadra tells him that she had been given cow’s milk to drink. She refuses to stay there and says I am coming back to you. He asks her to have patience and try the treatment. He asks her to trust the doctor. I am sure that you will return healthy. Subhadra listens to him and disconnects the call. She feels hungry and thinks to eat candies given by Amol.

Pramila wakes up all the girls and asks them to be careful. She says, Anandi shouldn’t doubt them and asks them to remove the wine bottles and glass. One girl lights the agar batti. Anandi comes there and knocks on the door. Pramila thinks to do something to impress her. She pretends to talk on phone and opens the door. She tells on phone that she won’t tolerate people drinking while her girls performing. She tries to impress Anandi. She asks Anandi to sit and says she doesn’t want the people to look at her academy girls in a wrong way. Anandi says, I thought to meet you while dropping my son to school. Pramila sees a wine bottle beneath the sofa and gets tensed.

She calls her girls. They greet Anandi. Pramila signs one women to kick the wine bottle inside. She kicks it inside. Anandi sees them wearing NGO women’s made dresses. Pramila asks Anandi to give them to give a chance to perform. They start dancing on the song Resham Ka…………….Anandi claps for them.

Subhadra is praying. Nurse comes and asks her to come for bath. Subhadra says, I took bath in the morning. Nurse says, mud bath. Subhadra says, who takes bath in mud. Nurse says, it is good. Subhadra says, you will put me in mud. she says, I am very healthy and no one can beat me. I don’t need mud bath. Nurse tells her that they will give her cow’s dung bath. Subhadra gets shocked and refuses to take the mud bath. Doctor comes. Subhadra says, she is hungry. Doctor calls Dadisaa and says she is not ready to have mud bath. Subhadra agrees. Nurses gives her mud bath. Subhadra gets annoyed.

Saachi talks to Vivek on phone and asks him to reach within 30 mins else she will get angry. Saurabh listens to her conversation and thinks of a plan. He goes to Saachi’s room and sprays her perfume on him.

Anandi talks to shiv and praises Pramila’s dance group. She praises the girls. Shiv says, we should help her then. She asks him to speak to the govt. Shiv says, I will try.

Saurabh waits for Vivek to come and thinks 5 mins is left. He opens the door and pretends to get surprised and shocked. Vivek feels his discomfort. Saachi comes and hugs Vivek. Vivek thinks same smell came from Saurabh too.

Dadisaa argues with the nurss and asks her to let her meet Subhadra ji. Doctor comes and says she went back home.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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