Kumkum Bhagya 30th June 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 30th June 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Pragya telling Tanu that you tried to make me fall down in my husband’s eyes, but end up falling herself. She says this is the punishment when one gets, when she tries to snatch someone’s husband. She asks her to count down back ward numbers. Mitali comes and asks Tanu to have pure halwa made by her. Tai ji asks her to keep it and leave. Tanu thinks may be Pragya is planning to expose me and throw me out of house. She thinks may be Pragya is manipulating Abhi or doing something. She thinks she shouldn’t think much. Abhi calls Purab and says Nikhil is coming here since many days. He says whenever Champak came here, Nikhil also came. He says he came here on the pretext of something. He says he has enquired about Pragya’s boyfriend and even took their pics as if it is a

matter of nation security. Purab thinks Abhi is going on right direction. Abhi asks him to find out what is going in Nikhil’s mind and asks him to find out about his motive. Purab agrees and thinks even Abhi is doubting you now. He thinks Nikhil can’t be saved from Jai and Veeru now.

Champak meets Nikhil in darkness and asks where are you? Nikhil asks have you gone blind? He gives him money and asks him to pack his bags and leave. Champak says I have a show here. Nikhil asks him to forget about the show and says Abhi will beat you. Champak says okay, I will go to Allahabad today. Nikhil says good. He says nobody could doubt me now, because of getting hit by you. He laughs. Pragya comes to Doctor Sheela’s house and meets her daughter Pari. Sheela introduces Pari to Pragya and says she is rockstar wife. Pari insists to go and watch concert. Pragya promises her. She tells Sheela that DNA report is very important for her. Sheela says I can understand. Pragya asks if test is done. Sheela says she needs blood, hair or nail sample of Abhi and Nikhil. Pragya agrees to bring it by next week. Sheela says report will come in 2-3 days, and says this is important step against Tanu. Sheela says you should shock Tanu and Nikhil so that they could never come out.

Tanu comes to meet Nikhil. Nikhil asks her not to worry. Tanu says your plans are flopped and Pragya has not only ruined your plans, but also your nose. Nikhil asks her not to take tension and says he will make another plan. Tanu says when you will get a successful plan, when baby is born. Nikhil says I am getting angry now and asks her to leave. Tanu says I will go, and asks him to make plan fast. Nikhil thinks Champak and Tanu are spoiling his brain. Abhi thinks Dadi says good things happens with good thoughts. He plays the guitar and sings a song. Pragya hears the song closing her eyes. Abhi thinks I shall teach her a lesson and plays fast pace music on music system. Pragya says you have spoiled my mood. Abhi says I was singing just. Pragya asks for Tanu? Abhi says no, and says he was singing song for someone, and says he missed her and she came. Pragya understands and says you can’t lie. Abhi thinks why my tongue slips infront of her and says I love her a lot.

Purab tells Pragya that he has a good news for her. He says Abhi is doubting on Nikhil. Pragya says it is good, and now he will believe us if we show the proofs. Purab says our plan will become easy now. Pragya says they didn’t know that they are trapped. Purab asks do you know what is the plan? Pragya says an angel came to my life to solve everything. She says Dr. Sheela gave her idea of DNA test. She says she needs sample of Abhi and Nikhil. Purab says he will get it. Pragya says once I get the report, I will show their character certificate to everyone. Purab thinks this is a solid proof and Tanu will get mad now. He collides with her. Tanu asks I am pregnant and asks him to see and walk. Purab says he is happy today. Tanu asks if Bulbul call came from heaven. Purab says may be. Pragya asks him not to trouble Tanu and says we all should sleep. Tanu thinks what Purab wanted to say.

Tanu tells Nikhil that she is not getting good feeling. Nikhil says you never get good feeling for my betterment and they talk about some contract. Purab hears them. Later Abhi asks Pragya, if she ever had any doubt on Nikhil and expresses his doubt.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Pratiksha

    Finally track is going in very correct way. Hope this continue until takhil’s truth’s exposure finally. But things r going too fast and too right and usually extra happiness and gudness brings bad news behind it together, specially in kkb’s sense so feeling little scary till then. Anyways let’s see.

    • Jillie

      Thank God for Purab. He is the only one with some sense. He saved the day. Also KKB has to put an end to this storyline because ALL of the talented actors are LEAVING and the show is really going to be a Flop – if they don’t change the story and SOON.

      • Sammie

        I agree with you Jilly. We stick with it because we love Pragya and Abhi and we want to see them get together but they need to hurry up and bring them together as a couple.

    • shobana

      Prathiksha, is purab is going to meet accident??? Or again its a rumours??? Daily new new rumours and doubt are arising ☹

    • Billu

      Pratiksha I feel pragya will take abhi to hospital first with dadi and sarla in name of checkup so that she can collect his blood samples this way so I think the hospital scene will be the first and then party ……..I guess the contract papers will work against nikhil getting a strong proof against him confirming abhi’s doubt…….in precap tanu was telling she has a bad feeling about the contract always her bad feelings have led to someone’s exposure let it be aaliya or raj…….anyway I want to be positive. ….

  2. seiko

    Ah!somethin is coming up finally… by the way tanu is a super women…she still didnt deliver the baby 😀

  3. Farz

    Oh god….. ye kumkum aur bhagya…. donoh ko ek karnaa aur story mein nayaa twist laanaaa…. got bored with d same twists and tanu…. kitney saal ye tanu pregnant rahegi…..

  4. Sona

    Its good that abhi has start doubting nikhil but I don’t understand why pragya create doubt in tanu mind by giving clue if she planned something what need to tell this in front of tanu. She try to ruin her plan in excitement. When tanu save she cries like baby.

    • hloow

      When tanu and nickil bought the proofs its 100 percent that they are the culprits how come abhi is still doubling and not confirmed is his brain there or not what nonsense is this.. Abhi dumbest person alive!!

  5. thinker

    one more episode they wasted.and paagal purab gives hints to tanu.its names actually ‘Villians Bhagya’.

  6. thinker

    one more episode they wasted.and paagal purab gives hints to tanu.its names actually ‘Villians Bhagya’.abhis thinking is first time right

  7. Buli

    After all….show is moving on right direction….
    But question is here is that HOW MANY MONTHS will be taken to take their blood samples???
    Will Pragya be succeed in taking their blood samples???

  8. unknw

    So finally after playing so much childish games pragya got an alladin who told her to do d.n.a..i mean come on even a mental can also suggest this

  9. safia meera

    I wonder what the next story will be about after this stories villains are exposed…. Please do not procastinate and make any horrible twists …. I beg of the directors :'( please please don’t ……

    • Jillie

      Well one spoiler says that Tanu is going to lose the baby – after she is exposed – and she will blame it on Pragya. So let’s see how long they can drag that out.

  10. Leila

    Pragya always doubt on nikhil m tanu but abhi never listen to her n i hope purab catch nikhil soon

  11. sri

    Frnds track is going on crt way … but i have too many douts?? They all are planing openly…

    In every serials if anything is planed by open that plan defnly flop.. if they plan secret means that get sucess like abhi mms plan, pragya expose aliya and tanu mrg stop…

    So iam not beliving this….. i thing they are try to trap us

    • sri

      My another assumtion is… Dr shela has a daughter…. there is a many chance to blackmail Dr (pragyas frnd)

    • G.G.

      Right… because they all talk loud with the bedroom doors open so anyone walking by can hear what they are saying. LOL

  12. Asmitha

    Epi was gd by their plans I think our rock star abhi is back these many days whr he kept his mind so nice to see abhi like this pls cvs continue like this only don’t make it favor fr tanunikhil really it is unbelievable they r showing gd episodes and this plan is must be surprise fr tanu it shouldn’t known to her and I think we can see our old abhigya in party and also tanus baby truth will also be in this party only as pragya said in epi that she wants to expose her in front if whole family I am hoping best only let’s see and our abhi love is also increasing today and abhigya scene is also nice really very good progress precap is also nice I think may pragya will also increase his doubt so overall our kkb is back to form pls abhi be like this only don’t change again

    • shobana

      Asmitha, its nice that kkb is back to the form. But after pragya tells the baby truth infront of whole family, it should not go in wrong path. After giving this much happiness the CVs should not make us sad..

      • Asmitha

        Shobana really I didn’t understand one thing yaar about Leena is she don’t want to act as pregnant lady then what she did from past 1year these many days she acted and now when she is going to expose she was saying that she is not interested in pregnancy track this not fair if she has objection about it then she can say it before only then we shouldn’t have seen this much crap these many days because of her if CVS will change storyline and keep this miscarriage scene and blaming pragya fr it it will not be nice to see yaar uff let’s see what will happen

      • shobana

        Asmitha , I feel if Leena gets exposed then she wont get much screen space like now. That too if alia enters the shows means the writers will concentrate more on her character. So maybe because of that she might have said like that or mostly villain or heroine role actors won’t prefer to play mother role. If tanu give birth to a baby she will become mom and she have to become little old for that too. This might be also one of the reason
        and ya its not fair to show miscarriage scenes at this point.

  13. Thahira

    Pragya’s enemy is not takhil but she herself and her team mates are her own enemy. They doesn’t even have a sense of when to keep their mouth shut and when to open it. Stupid people. But anyway hoping for tanu exposure soon

  14. tanvi

    I read in fb that tanu is going to have miscarriage n she blambed pragya for it. Coz pragya show d dna report in front of everyone n shocked tanu fall off…is it true ????
    but i really don’t want miscarriage atleast at this time

  15. Kutty(Manu)

    Just loved that scene..”I love her…i love her a lot”

    I think atleast the CVS got their brain now that’s they come with DNA test &also they will come with another dragging track?
    Anyways I don’t think that takhil will go easily from abhigya’s life
    They will come with another plans? which takes problems in abhigya’d life

    Anyways hope for abhigya’s reunion &their happy scenes?

    Hai friends… How are u all???

    • shobana

      Hi kutty ? ? ? ?
      Its been days. After a long time I am seeing u here. Quite happy to see you.

      Did u notice our comments got posted at the same time ?

      We will think positively that no problem will come between abhigya. But CVs won’t think positively. They won’t let us be happy . And yes tanu will not go easily from abhigya life. If they send her out also she will cause some trouble in some other way?☹

    • SURBHI


      |Registered Member

      hey yo manu in the whole episode I was wondering that abhis brain works sometime ????? and that pragyas stop like today she gave hint that she is up to something and tanu didn’t took it seriously for now but she will think about it for sure and that Purab he is jumping like a kid in promo also he is coming jumping ????? lolz kuchh nahi ho sakte inka

      • shobana

        Hi ? surbhi
        Ya finally CVs have returned half of abhi’s brain. Still he needs more brain.
        Pragya and co don’t have any work other than giving hints to tanu.?
        I feel that the story is going in the right way. Lets wait and watch for more dramas

      • Kutty(Manu)

        Hai surbhi?
        Haha yeah u r right the writers got their brain.. That’s y abhi’s brain also working????

    • Asmitha

      Hai kutty ela unnavu after so many days episodes r going gd and Telugu is also gd kidnapping track is going to start

      • hloow

        Hey Ashmita nuvvu entha pedda fan amma malli telugu lo kooda chostunava. Haha amma baboi hehe

      • Asmitha

        Ala kadu I didn’t seen this kidnapping track in Hindi I started seeing kkb from may 2015 because I was in hostel there my friends said about this kkb so I tried it once and I addicted to it after watching it I understood y my friends like it so much so I was seeing it in Telugu ya I really like abhigya jodi so much

      • Kutty(Manu)

        Hai asmitha.. Nenu bagunnanu.. Nu ela unnav yaar?
        Yeah.. Chala rojula tharvatha Manchi episodes cmng?
        Telugu lo kuda.. But I’m missing in telugu?

      • Che'

        Oh Please NOT ANOTHER Kidnapping track. WHAT will this be Kidnapping # 5. Can’t these writers do better than this. Can they Think – at all?????

  16. shobana

    Its great that abhi got doubt on Nikhil The story is going in the right track?. I think the CVs are returning abhi’s brain slowly.? Nice to see it.
    Still now I thought only pragya will always spill the beans to tanu but now purab to joints the list. ??? are giving hints to tanu always.
    Purab is going to take Nikhil’s sample??? Which means it can be proved that the baby is Nikhil’s. But will purab be successful in getting Nikhil’s sample??? I don’t think so since in promo pragya didn’t say it was Nikhil’s baby. She only said that the baby is not abhi’s. Lets see how far pragya and co are successful in this plan.
    And this Nikhil when I see him onscreen I feel that I should hit him. I hate him especially his eyes. If director ask him to act for 5 rs he is acting for 500 rs. Feel like killing him. ? ? ? ? ?

    • Kutty(Manu)

      Hai shobana.. Hw r u dear?

      Yeah.. Great news that abhi got doubt on nikhil
      Hope he will come to knw the truth soon
      &exactly feeling the same at purab.. Don’t they hv brains?(pragya&her team) always used to give hints for tanu?
      actually CVS don’t hv?
      &I’m laughing hard at nikhil lines?
      I’ll accompany you to hit nikhil?

  17. jiaa

    hahaha………….. i think this time again plan will flop,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, pragya will take abhi’s sample, purb will take nikhil’s samle ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , and but the sample will mixed by extra excited and over confident pragya,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, , , , every thing will finish,,, ,,, , , , , , tanu and nikhil will happy,

    • hloow

      Haha if u go these ideas the cvs will like and change the plan. 100pc sure because even trp jumped up so high. Lol

  18. spoiled

    i think Pragya will bring the report diretly to Abhi in excitment without even reading and When abhi will read it will say that only he s father of the kid.

  19. spoiled

    either actors or writers of this show are dumb. n viewers are dumbest. DNA test could be only solid proof and they stretched for 14 months ghosh!!!!

  20. Naz

    Writers were ashamed to take advice from viewers, who were telling them how to do their jobs, so now with nothing else to write, a light bulb was switched on in their heads, to do a DNA test!!! For crying out loud,,, after a year n half. Or maybe they read the article in international newspaper that kkb was described as a nonsensical story and should be banned for promoting a story where a man’s mistress was sharing a housewith his wife as well!!! Lollllllllll

  21. Kiara

    NEWS: An actor that has been doing a cameo who will play as Abhi’s friend in the party has confirmed on Instagram that Tanu’s truth will be out at the party. To prevent getting in trouble with the production house, he asked accounts not to spread it.

  22. jiaa

    may be or may not b……..
    because the promo in which pragya give reports to abhi ,,,, there is written “result NEGATIVE”
    mean abhi is not fathr,,,, so ,if promo is true ,,,, then dna reports will b correct …………

  23. Toya

    This is history, this is the first show i see I woman pregnant for over a year in real life even after the show had leaps.

  24. Durga

    I just realised this is a stone age serial.. no one knows about DNA Test, CC Tv cameras, voice recorders, Phone cameras etc.. How many times Tanu openly challenged Pragya.. Couldn’t anyone hide and record it.. idhula pragya’s team has so many people.. and tanu even if she is single makes proper planning..

  25. Durga

    But why in the first place so much trouble.. abhi believes every accusation on pragya inspite of loving her.. will he not believe accusations on tanu the one he doesn’t want to be with.. dadi and pragya could have said the truth to abhi instead of all this makeover drama and asked for time to prove the allegations if he didn’t trust them..

  26. maham

    phr tanu n nikhil koi new plan bna na lain n pragya ka plan flop ho Jay ga I 100% sure tanu ab b expose nai ho gi writer ka dil hi nai hai is boring story ko end krny ka….

  27. Fairy dust

    According to the new spoilers tanu’s truth will come out and she will fall down due to which she’ll have a miscarriage and pragya will feel guilty and tanu will vow to take revenge from her

    • hloow

      Every time they get evidence against tanu she falls
      1.after chori episode
      2.after champak epiaode
      And again wht bullshit

  28. Asmitha

    So many new characters r going to come in kkb I think so many surprises r there fr us

    • shobana

      Really its a good news
      And below the pic Chiranjeev Chaudhary has commented that he is going to play a positive role as abhi’s friend and he also mentioned that tanus all lie is going to be out

  29. Pratiksha

    New onlocation update finally- Guys it’s nikhil’s birthday party is happening in Mehra house. Abhi arranged this party to find out about nikhil’s involvement in champak’s matter. Nikhil’s comes in the party. Everybody is present in the party even Sarla maa too. Pragya comes from stairs and sees towards abhi. Abhi also stares her and gives flying kisses to her. Pragya feels shy. Everybody wishes him along with abhi. Abhi and purab discusses how to trap nikhil that his involvement in champak’s matter gets reveal. Purab tells about his plan to abhi. Pragya listens all this and thinks once DNA reports come, then there will b no need to find out anything. Pragya calls her friend doctor sheela and asks about DNA reports. Sheela told that report is ready and says to pragya that come and collect it. Pragya goes to collect report from sheela. Pragya says thanks to her for her help and asks for report. Sheela brings report and gives it to pragya. Pragya asks is everything is in favour of us and ok in report? Sheela says yes reports r very right, tanu’s baby is not abhi’s. She says but she couldn’t match DNA sample with nikhil as nikhil’s sample got ruined becoz a chwengum stick I’m that sample and becoz of which it got ruined. So it is still not proved in reports that tanu’s baby is nikhil’s but ya it has proved in it that it is not abhi’s baby. Pragya says that’s OK. Atleast this much enough for now to reveal tanu’s baby’s truth Infront of abhi. Pragya thanks to sheela and leaves from there back to Mehra house with reports. Then we have a dance sequence of abhigya and Rachna and akaash. Abhigya performs on bolna Mahi bolna and akaash and Rachna on rang de tu mohe gerua. They both performs romantically. Sriti told to reporters in interviews that she is dancing with happiness with abhi becoz she thinks that everything will get fine and abhigya will get unite now. That’s why she is so happy. Reporter asks about her different look in the party this time then sriti jokes that becoz it’s nikhil’s birthday party and she is very happy for it.

      • shobana

        Finally this update is giving some clue. Actually most of our doubts got cleared. Now its clear that pragya is going to prove only the baby is not abhi’s and she is not going to prove its Nikhil’s.
        Y Nikhil’s bday party is happening in abhi’s house ??? If he wants to trap Nikhil then he can arrange somewhere else. I think CVs are not in an idea to go out of MM and shoot. I feel that after this bday party there is going to be lots of twists. One more thing has been proved that if any truth is going to be out or if any problem is going to happen , it will happen only in parties and functions.??

    • Asmitha

      Its really gd I think our most awaited moments r coming by the way pragya looking so pretty in her attire

    • Pratiksha

      It seems yes tanu’s truth will b out in this party now that she is not carrying abhi’s baby but it will still left to reveal that nikhil is tanu’s baby’s father. That actor chiranjeev chaudhery who is going to play abhi’s friend role I’m upcoming party sequence and doctor sheela they both says in their social accounts that tanu’s truth will get exposed. So it means it will b half win from pragya and half will b left to win becoz nikhil will b left to expose and until nikhil will not get exposed, tanu will not b out completely from abhigya’s life.

      • Sahithi

        First thing, looks like the makers r hell bent on getting the lost audience back to the show and maximum TRPs for this important sequence, as the new actors are posting on IG about Tanu truth revelation. Its like most audience lost trust that promo can be true and something positive will happen as we have seen so many failed attempts in last 5 months.

        Second, Pragya may not be able to show who the baby real father is and before that can be proved, Tanu may have miscarriage. So now Tanu and Nikhil both will be in revenge mode owing to their missed expectations – marriage to Abhi and getting share in Abhi’s property/CEO post. But it will be horrible if we see Tanu staying back in MM after a miscarriage also, but u never know, the way Nikhil’s bday is being celebrated, anything can happen.

      • shobana

        Yes sahithi, if tanu stays in MM after truth revealed too, then it will be really horrible and I can’t tolerate her irritating speech anymore. But personally I like Leena very much ?? not as tanu.
        Finally I am super excited to watch the upcoming drama. I feel that there will be definitely some negative twist after revealing that the baby is not abhi’s Since the CVs are making us more excited. Lets wait for more updates.

      • Sahithi

        But Shobana it is better keep less expectations so that we are not disappointed..Knowing these writers they can turn events at any point, so fingers crossed..

      • Che'

        It will be ridiculous if Tanu comes back to the Mehra Mansion after losing the baby….she should go to stay with her parents or some place. So…. Abhi’s ex-girlfriend and mistress will STILL be living under his roof with him and his wife!!! WTH???

      • Asmitha

        Then what about abhi purab plan is they r going to know about nikhil that he only hired champak

      • shobana

        Yes sahithi its better to keep expectations low but what to do its a most awaited moment that’s why feeling very excited

    • asmitha

      Really pratiksha abhigya dance is so romantic really it’s a treat to fans really waiting fr epi

    • Sravs

      But are the reports got hand over to Abhi?, updates are there till she brought report right
      whether abhi will see or not and before he see if tanu will find the reports?
      just thinking because till now all proofs happen like this,
      pragya will get the proofs and she will dream about abhi
      in reality tanu will stole the proofs and she will make favour to her

  30. Sasirekha

    Now it is in correct way
    When the tanu is pregnant the story is going on very boring and no interest

  31. rishnee

    This plan will be flopped.. I think cv’s want to rule out the DNA idea since viewers are making a constants note of it…

    • Rachni

      If this plan flops KKB will Lose a lot of Fans. I think it will happen. Just wait on it.

  32. Sahithi

    Arjit posted pic that he is hosting that new show which he is supposedly taking up after quitting this show. I thought if he is already working on both shows at same time, as in he is adjusting his time and production house and channel are okay with that, then shouldnt it be fine to continue like that and not quit this show. What say?

    • asmitha

      Ya sahithi after abhigya purab is the one who I like him so much really if he will quit somewhat charm will miss in epi even I didn’t felt anything when mrunal quitted the show but when I heard he was quitting the show it really disappointing he can manage it by two shows na

    • shobana

      Sahithi I really don’t want arjit aka purab to quit the show instead the CVs should either bring back bulbul or some other girl in his life. They should give importance to his role.

      Bt the way, what show he is hosting??

  33. shobana

    I have a doubt.
    Abhi has arranged bday party for Nikhil. According to abhi, Nikhil is married and his wife is pregnant. Then y abhi didn’t invite or inform about the bday party for Nikhil to his wife (fake wife). I think CVs forgot abt it

    • Sahithi

      They seem to be forgetting so many things these days, even if Abhi asks Nikhil will say she is pregnant so didnt get her along. I think audience are also forgiving, not really bothered of smaller details as everyone eager to see Tanu exposed/exit..

      • shobana

        Ya Nikhil will say some reasons and abhi too will believe without giving a second thought on it

  34. Pratiksha

    Today’s segment update from all the news channel with it’s video link- HIGHLIGHTS:

    The upcoming party in Mehra house is for Nikhil’s birthday. Pragya will be visiting Dr. Sheila during the party and she will handover the DNA reports to Pragya. The DNA reports will prove that Abhi is not the father of Tanu’s child but as Nikhil’s DNA sample given by Purab was hampered the reports won’t prove Nikhil is the real father (as told by Dr. Sheila to Pragya). Pragya will be thankful to Dr. Sheila for all the help.

    Abhi and Pragya will be dancing at the party. Romance is blooming between the two & it seems as if all their problems will finally be solved. They’ll be dancing to the song ‘Bolna’ from the movie Kapoor & Sons [They’re look so stunning and gorgeous]

    Akash Rachna & Nikhil along with another girl will be dancing at the party too.

    No other news or spoilers about what, when, how this whole thing will play out, whether Tanu-Nikhil will have a counter-plan or not. Reporters only mention that the long awaited truth of Tanu’s baby will be out.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir Sriti: TiSha joke about how the rainy weather is the reason for AbhiGya’s romance . Reporter says then they should be doing a rain dance , Shabir responds, haan toh karo na Sriti tells the reporter that the answer lies in his question only & that Pragya is happy and thinking that finally everything will be sorted that’s why she is happily dancing with Abhi.

    SBS: http://youtu.be/gYekpdg-s1Y

    SBAS: http://youtu.be/fyTefIycIEY

    SBB: http://youtu.be/Yi42hKu0z0A So guys conclusion of all the updates and segments is that tanu will b exposed in party in front of abhi but her chapter will also get finished here and she will b out from abhigya’s life forever from he or not? It is still a question and not confirmed. And guys we knows what will happen. If tanu’s baby’s truth eill get exposed infront if abhi then she will nit b out from here becoz it will b depend on abhi that he will believe on it or not as tanu will try her best to convince abhi and itherside nikhil’s truth is also hidden. So if oragya will get succeed in showing abhi the DNA reports of tanu’s baby then also tanu will not b out from here until it will not b revealed that nikhil is tanu’s baby’s father and for know about it pragya and abhi needs strong proof against them which takhil couldn’t denied. So it will b half win of pragya and like that win when pragya knew that nikhil is tanu’s baby’s father and then we got this long dragging after it to reach here that now finally abhi is going to know that he is not responsible for tanu’s pregnancy. And now it seems we will get another more time to reach nikhil’s exposure and final exposure of takhil after it. Well let’s see.

  35. Virasat

    Its pass out more than 1year now of tanu’s pregnancy….baby take 9 and half month 4 born…..

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