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Scene 1
Devika says to Janki that if Nivi died then i wouldnt have taken Devika’s revenge, i want to take revenge for all her sins, the pain she has given me, i have to give it back to her, she cant die so easily, i will fulfill promise i made to you, i will bring justice for Devika, she threw me off cliff and now i will throw her from all positions, i want to give justice to Devika thats why i tried to save her with everything i could do, tell me did i do wrong? Janki says no you did right.
Manju makes Nivi eat, Shweta says i lost my diamond earring in party too. Nivi thinks how Ravi said that Ambika saved her, Nivi says i have to go somewhere, Ravi says you are not fine, Nivi says i am fine, i have some important work, Ravi says go tomorrow, Nivi says its important, Ravi says okay i will drop you to your car, Manju says Ravi go with her, Nivi says no i want to go alone, Ravi says i will take you to car, he goes with her. Manju says to Shweta that where is she going? Shweta says she must have gone to Ambika’s house to kill her, she can do anything when she is angry, Manju says you are right, she can do anything, Ambika can go to hell but Nivi should remain fine, she doesnt listen anything.
Nivi is driving car and recalls how she confessed to Devika that she tried to kill her many times in party, how officer said that Ambika took care of her in fire, Nivi thinks that these things are clashing, i have to finish this Ambika, Devika drama, i have to put an end to this chapter, i have to do full and final tonight.
Ravi comes to his room and thinks where did Nivi go? she was so weak still she didnt allow me to come with her, where did she go? what can be urgent work? she didnt take driver too else i would called him to ask about her health.
Manju says to Shweta that i am worried, what if samething happens which happened 10months back, Shweta says Nivi seemed angry, anything can happen, Ravi comes there and asks what you people are talking, where did Nivi go? Manju says i dont know anything, she is your fiance, we were just thinking that she has gone to Ambika’s house, maybe to talk about fire incident, Ravi goes from there and goes to his room. Manju says to Shweta that cant you close room’s door before talking all this? Shweta says think what to do now, Manju says Nivi will do everything now.
Nivi comes to Janki’s house, guard stops her but Nivi comes in house, Janki says you are again entering my house without permission? you cant even manage a party, my daughter was in danger because of you, she had put her life in danger to save you, you dont deserve such goodness of her, you are like evil mark on her life, she went to bank, you came there and incident happened, you are evil soul for her, Nivi says i want to meet Ambika, Janki says meet her in office tomorrow, Nivi goes towards Devika’s room, Janki tries to stop her.
Ravi thinks to call Ambika and inform her, he calls her, she says i will not pick his call but i have to scold him for his doings, she picks up call, Devika says to Ravi on call that i think your watch is showing wrong time as i am not your friend that you can call me at anytime, and they way you behaved with me in your house, after that you really think that i will be interested in talking to you? Ravi says dont cut phone, i am sorry to call you but Nivi has gone out of house and she maybe coming to your house, she was angry so dont meet her, she can do anything, Devika says shame on you, you are talking about your fiance, you cant remain with one girl, you are habituated to cheat on girls, Ravi says you are talking as if you know everything about my life, Devika says the way you are talking about Nivi, it shows you dont respect her, the way you were trying to get close to me in party, it showed you are so cheap, no relation matters to you, let me tell you these things will not work on me, it wont affect me, who am i to you that you are showing so much concern to me? Ravi says even i am finding answer for that, for now you are just our business partner but your face is so close to me, your face was the one who promised me to be with me for 7births then i lost it, Devika recalls how she promised Ravi, Ravi says i lost her then you came in my life, i feel i have strong relation with you, when i see you, i go crazy, i feel my heart beats when i see you, i feel like you have come to torture me or to be with me, Devika says stop it, i am not Devika but Ambika, i have no relation with you, i never had and i never will, you are stubborn like your fiance, dont call me again, Ravi says my heart never accepts it, when you come infront of me, my heart beats like it used to beat for Devika, Devika cant this anymore, she cuts call. Nivi comes in Devika’s room, Janki stops her and says you cant meet her, i will call police, Devika comes there and says let her be here, what you wanna say Nivi that you couldnt wait till now? Nivi says i want to talk alone to you, Janki says no she is dangerous, Devika says its okay, maa you go, Janki says be careful, she leaves. Devika says to Nivi that your plans failed in party so have you come to kill me in my house now?

Scene 2
Ravi is driving car and says Ambika and Nivi must be fighting, Nivi can do anything.
Nivi says to Devika that i always took you as my enemy, i always hated you as you have same face as Devika, i was so happy as i was getting engaged to Ravi but then you came there and it felt like my whole world was shaken, i was terrified and then it changed to anger, i could see Ravi drifting away from me for you, you were danger for me so i thought to kill you, i love Ravi like crazy and i cant lose him thats why i thought to kill you but you proved me wrong today, i dont understand, you knew that i gave that party to kill you then why did you save me? what are you? how can someone be so nice? i did everything to kill you, i made every plan but why did you save my life? you have done huge favor on me, no one did for me so much which you did as stranger, i dont think words are enough to thank you, i am so sorry what i have done, i am sure now that you are Ambika and you have no connection with Devika, i know i am bad and selfish, everyone thinks like that, i was not like this, this world made me like this, all those people, my dad, my brother, my friends, my collegues, everyone cheated me, broke my trust and what i saw, i did same, i payback sameway, the way people snatched my happiness, i crushed their dreams sameway, i never cared about relations and you know the funny part is that as i became more selfish, i got more success, then i started living that, Nivi has tears in her eyes, she looks at Devika and says whatever happened today has changed my thinking, you taught me that goodness has no boundaries, people are good too, there is not only hatred but love too in this world, i will never forget this, i am sorry for all this, i am really ashamed for doing all that with you, i am guilty, please forgive me Ambika, she sits in Devika’s feet and says if you dont forgive me then i wont be able to forgive myself, i beg of you, please forgive me, she cries, Devika thinks that she doesnt seem like playing game, she seems guilty but i cant forgive her, she destroyed my life, you have bowed down to me for first time and now you will just bow down to me for whole life, you said that you payback sameway what you got so now i will pay you back everything which you did to me, now your life is in my control, she sits and dont cry Nivi, its okay, relax, okay, she wipes her tears and makes her get up, Nivi asks if you are sure you have forgiven me? Devika says yes i have forgiven you but i dont understand one thing why you are so afraid of Devika? i mean she has died, Nivi is shocked listening this.

PRECAP- Devika says to Nivi that you can share everything with me, its okay, just tell me what happened that you are so scared of Devika, what you did with her in past that she still terrifies you, what you did with her? tell me, you can tell me anything, Nivi turns to her and is about to blurt out truth.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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  1. Can’t wait to see tmorrows episode I hope navi blurts everything out and also tells that Ravi is innocent he never was in the plan amazing show even better than yhm sns ssel it is amazing I want to see the normal cheerful sakshi

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