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Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 26th September 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Abhi tells Aaliya that he has hired Pragya as his assistant because of her. He asks her to look at her condition and says you are looking stressed. Aaliya says she don’t want anyone interference and apologizes for not paying the installment. She says if you would have told me that you need secretary then I would have kept interview for assistant and would have hired best assistant for you. Abhi says I came to know that you forgot many things. He tells that the girl is honest, smart, intelligent and also she is like me. He asks her not to be stubborn and says you are not liking her since beginning. He says where I will find all in one secretary for me. She can sing, write song for me also. Dasi asks Abhi, if he knows about her. Abhi says she is my fan no. 1…Miss Hawa Hawaii. She is nikita.

Dasi and everyone are shocked. Dasi says Nikita. Abhi says I told you about her family with whom I had food. He introduces Dadi to Pragya. He says my Dadi is not smart as your Dadi, but she is very sweet.

Pragya greets Dadi with Namaste. Abhi says this is my joint family, don’t talk to them in high tone, and asks her to do if they give her any work. He tells her all the best. Tanu fumes with anger and takes Aaliya to room. Everyone is angry with Pragya and ignores her, go to their room. Even Robin is upset seeing her. Beeji tells Sarla that Pragya didn’t call till now. Sarla says she went for interview and hopes that she gets job. Beeji says I know interview is just for namesake, and says Pragya will get job because of Abhi. Sarla says even company have rules, and Pragya will not take a job without interview. Beeji says okay, I will call her. Sarla says no. Beeji says I will play my game. They argue. Pragya thinks Dadi is upset with her, and thinks to talk to her. Tanu gets angry on Aaliya and says ugly Pragya came back in his life, and blames Aaliya. Aaliya tells that she couldn’t do anything when she saw Pragya and didn’t tell her anything as she don’t want to upset her. She says I have to cut her roots and have to play something big to make her leave.

Dasi tells Dadi that Pragya is stranger for Abhi, and just a fan for him. Pragya comes to Dadi’s room and tells that I never did this intentionally, or tried to come infront of him. She says I was living my life alone without you people, but destiny have other plans and brought Abhi infront of me. She says I tried not to go infront of him. I have found that he didn’t have any affect when I went infront of him. She says I never tried to take his advantage or tried to make him remember anything. Dadi says I accept that you met him suddenly, but why did you come here and agreed to do job here. She says if Abhi recalls his memory then it would be dangerous for him. Pragya says she didn’t know where he was taking me, and asked to sit in car. I was shocked when he brought me here.

A fb is shown. Abhi says you will do job in this house. Pragya is shocked. Abhi asks her to come inside. Pragya says I will not do work here. Abhi says why? This house is not suitable for you. Pragya says no, and says I can’t work here. Abhi says I didn’t call you to sweep in my house, and asks her to come. Pragya refuses. He says I am helping you and you are showing me ego. Abhi says if you don’t work here, then don’t show me your face again. Fb ends. Pragya says what I would have done. Dadi asks Dasi to ask Pragya to leave, and says she don’t want to see her face. Pragya is shocked. Dadi says I can’t forgive you. You forgot the promise made to me. I told you that this house and family can’t run without Abhi. She says you have broken my trust today and asks Dasi to ask her to go from her sight. She says I have no right on her. Pragya cries and wipes her tears. Dadi also cries.

Aaliya tells Pragya that all the family members will torture her, and says she will ruin her and her family. She says I am going to ruin you and your entire family….miss pragya arora. Pragya looks shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

  1. Just because the audience iscreafy to watch anything the director and writer are taking full advantage to project the evilish Aaliya and Thanu and now dadi. It is again as good as the beginning of the episode. How much torture the audience have to bear together with Pragya? When will her goody nature will prove her worth? ???

  2. Guys is it true that while abhi drunk he confess to pragya that he loves her,

  3. Joke of d year.. y robin need to be upset…
    N pls stop showing woman so helpless and stupid.. jus cos u all want 2 extend ur episodes u all write crap…

  4. Cheap. Stupid. Boring. Dadi needs a big slap. One that knock her into next year and some common sense. Can one be so stupid. I thought age and wisdom comes hand in hand but with each day that past this woman gets more stupid. Why behave the way you do with Pragya? She’s the only one you have strength for. Aalyia comes and tells you lies and work on your fear of Abhi getting a relapse and all she could do his tighten her lips and grip the chair. Not a word out of her mouth. Seeing Abhi around Pragya must send some signal to that stunted brain. He sees Pragya. He’s been hanging around Pragya yet nothing happened for the past months. Why be upset with the lady who had sacrificed all to save your childish grandchild?
    Pragya is too submissive. She needs some major work on her backbone. Or need to fine one. You know these two women and you know qhqt they are capable of, yet you fall in their trap always.
    Now their playing the whole drunk and misbehave game again. Instead of sleeping with and getting pregnant, they’re going to play the whole ” character” game as if Tanu as one or even know what having character in society means.
    It’s time for these writers come with something honest, with moral and view worthy in their script.
    I agree Pragya need a distraction from Abhi. He gets use to her. Let him see what it feels like to not be the center of attention and see how fast he will grapple after Pragya for her attention. He would be so caught up he would ask “Tanu who?”

    1. SavitaVidya

      hahahah Girl you angry. but am right therew with you. the cvs are so concetrated on prolonging the show, they forget us who watch it!!

  5. indera sanichara

    Stop your comments viewers these dumb writers never listen to us they love to see Pragya suffering.

  6. Guys my doubt on abhi is rapidly increasing. What is the need for him to bring pragya to MM. But one thing guys he will not let anything happen to pragya like that in sethi’s scene.What do u think guys. Hope abhi is faking ml.

  7. Shaza

    Seems like dadi is being selfish now 😡…very selfish …I know it can affect abhi ..but if it didn’t then what’s the problem !??….on dadi’s saying, she came back as Mogambo, dadi promised Pragya that she will win abhi and will always support her …and she broke her what’s the big deal if pragya broke her promise ..blo*dy double standards ..sometimes I feel like pragya is dumb don’t she have a mouth to speak …if I’d be there instead of her .,I would give a bold reply to everyone …including dadi ..or it’s better live without love …atleast life will be peaceful 😏…….Pragya could have solved everything in a min …from the pregnancy track itself DNA she could do in the very first time …she was very dumb to even trust at tanu….QH also had somewhat same pregnancy track but they solved it under 2 months and the leads wre United , here after waiting for more than 2 years also same track …😏😡

  8. Hi guys after long time I am commenting ,as iam busy in my project ,but if I find time iam reading all updates and your comments,but yesterday when I saw the episode I felt very bad because the only serial I watch is kkb and by reading all these spoilers I decided not go through updates even for this week.i don’t understand what is the problem of dadi .And guys what u say about upcoming track plz do reply.And hi to new guys here vinodini.

    1. Hi sandarsha…how are you??

  9. Shaza

    Dadi forgot what all sacrifices she did for the family and abhi Purab is also not there 😞

  10. I think they should bring a new +ve character like cousin of abhi and being them close abhi should feel jelous and realise his feelings for pragya and that guy should be best friend of pragya what do u think guys 😊😊

  11. Hating this series ! Pragya is suffering too long!

  12. Guys let us wait and see actual episode than trust spoilers. When purab last shot was picturised all segments said he will come to Aroras to tell he is leaving to Delhi. Some spoilers said he will meet with accident there, he will die, because they couldn’t find replacement.. but did Purab even come to tell about his Delhi trip. Or did I miss it.

    There is Dhoni movie promotion also shot but didn’t come yet. Similarly so many spoilers after that producer mentioned to Abhi about his wife, that Abhi will get his memory n all. Few other spoilers that he will propose Pragya in drunken state, now spoiler that he will propose Tanu.

    So better to wait n see what all will be shown this week.

    1. Ya sahithi I too was wondering exactly about this yesterday that why they didn’t showed last scenes of purab with arora family yet and why they didn’t showed promotion scene of sushant with shabbir yet? Sahithi purab’s last scene which we saw last, it was at that the when abhi calls pragya in construction office to provide her job. But later when pragya comes back to the home, purab was not there anywhere and they didn’t showed that last scene if purab where pragya looks lost in thoughts and sarla maa and beeji talks with purab. Now next day has come but scene didn’t showed.
      Something is about sushant’s promotion scene, which they shot in love life company and the costume which abhi wore in that scene, he has been wore it already in that scene when aliya accuses pragya as characterless with the help of varun sethi . Even manager saira was on that same costumes. Now pragya has been left her job and even abhi’s contract has also finished with that company. Abhi has not shown going to that company again yet. When I saw shabbir with suahant in same costume, I thought scene will come before accusation scam with pragya or after it. But it didn’t showed. Now days has been over but bith scenes didn’t come yet, on that time they should b showed. That’s why i was wondering that why these two scenes didn’t came yet or when these scenes will come or it ever comes or not or how cvs will fix these scenes in upcoming episodes, when they didn’t showed it with it’s exact time, where it should b showed. Well let’s see.
      And sahithi did u read my update which I gave about tanu and abhi’s drunk and dance sequence? After a disgusting sequence for pragya now it’s turn for seeing abhi’s disgusting sequence with tanu. Although abhi is not in his senses but in his half senses too he is dancing with tanu passionately, which benefit tanu is taking by getting intimate with him. Reporter says that aliya is too there in a side and will click all tabhi’s intimate pics to show it to pragya later in order to make her away from abhi. Shabbir told to reporter that some scam has happened but it’s result will b known later. What do u think about this sahithi? When I saw that video, i feels so disgusting and very upset for thia upcoming sequence and thought now pragya will trust on the evil’s plan and make herself away from abhi like she did last time when she saw tanu with abhi and when tanu tild her that she is pregnant with abhi’s child but later i thought that this time cvs r showing some changes in this new season like abhi met with pragya first before tanu, mixed uo with pragya before tanu, he has gud opinions for pragya and trust on her, sarla maa and abhi’s dadi both the ladies who were jodi maker of abhigya last time, this time they r against them, pragya also doing almost things by her own wish. so i think for another change, it might b possible that this time pragya will not believe what taaliya will show to her and will understand that it is all their planning. But whatever will happen, i can’t see such disgusting stuffs and sequences. I feels yuck, specially with tabhi’s scenes. Sriti was saying in her last unterview that they r showing the love journey of abhigya where they needs ti b comfortable with each other and that is what they r showing that journey of being comfortable with each other of abhigya. Tanu was also saying in yesterday’s episode that the way abhi is impressed with pragya and have trust on her, it seems he us so comfortable with her. Last time they had lack of trust on each other becoz if which they didn’t become comfortable with each other so i think this is the process of developing a strong trust between them to make them comfortable with each other so their relationship could b strong later. But if they shows same crap again like last time then how they will bring abhigya together in bond of love and legal relationship which is a husband and wife’s, when almost peoples r against their relationship and abhi too didn’t fell for pragya yet and only feels a soft corner for pragya as his fan. Well lets see what happens? What u think about this?

    2. Pratiksha since Dhoni is releasing this Friday I think there is still sometime for the promotions to be shown and if you remember in the segments Pragya is not there as she is already out of job from that company. May be the order of picturisation and telecast is different, but yeah Abhi’s costumes changed twice after those shots with Sushant so let us see.

      And coming to Abhi and Tanu going out on dates or Abhi really proposing to Tanu under pressure from Aaliya or by himself. None of the family members are ready to reveal to Abhi his marital status and when he himself asked also they lied. But Daadi is not looking out for matches, and including Pragya none is trying to remind Abhi his past or help him get back his memory. So what is expected of Abhi, if his family is not looking for a match and since he believes he is single, there is every chance for him to meet other girls and may as well love someone and select as his partner, get married. I dont know what is going in Daadi or Pragya’s mind regarding such situation. But from Abhi’s perspective its justified on his interest or forced interest in Tanu.

      But what I feel is irritating audience is the way Aaliya is pushing him towards Tanu. For once writers should have thought beyond Tanu. They could have brought in a new girl – a new actor, a new character, and not again Tanu. If Aaliya wants Abhi to stay away from Pragya, for her own revenge or since she is scared Pragya will bring back his memory which will threaten her place in MM, then it would have been better if she brought around a new person. Another rich n glam girl, another celebrity, someone else. But I think there is the glitch from writers to show there is no one other than Tanu to be Abhi’s gf. Also since Tanu was also part of the murky past, Aaliya should actually be equally worried that Tanu may also bring back memories and that is a bigger risk for Aaliya.
      Either Aaliya is being foolish right now to think Tanu will keep Pragya away from Abhi, or thats the twist that Tanu and Aaliya will indirectly dig their graves by pushing Tanu near Abhi and help him remember past.

      But I think other than for reminding his past and help Pragya indirectly, Tanu staying in the show is no way justified. They could have brought a new girl if they dont plan to proceed this way.

      We need to wait for like another month or so to see which way the story progresses.

  13. Hey again guys my request to all tamil viewers who r watching uravey uyirey plzzz tell me in yesterday episode which hindi song is played in tamil version while ravi n shalini’s marriage rituals(pheras)plzzzz tell me guyss

  14. Hi Sahithi,

    A very big thank for u. Please do comment and analyzing regularly .we r eager to c ur comments. Those r very sensible and practical ideas of what can be achieved or expected in KKB. Thanks again dear

    I think Pragya’s character needs another love interest one that could make Abi jealous. Then both sides much attached to each than suffering one side every time.Then KKB would more interesting .

    1. Thanks for liking my comments.. good to know.

  15. I’m very anger to see the selfish dadi. She deserve a very big slap from pragya.
    How can she do like that with pragya?????? and how can she make her cry????????? shit dadi.

    I feel very sad for pragya, there is no one for supporting here. Even purab also not in there….. Then who will support for my pragya????? Purab is the only very strong supporter for Pragya always. Now who will be like purab for support pragya?????

    The damn writters, why always pragya will suffer and sacrifice everything???????

    Plzzzzzz stop writing the story like always pragya only deserves all the bad things….

    I can’t see her in pain like this. I’m going to stop watching……..

  16. Hey finally kb got new villan… dadi

  17. Nice epsoide bt it is nt fre to prgya all r becoming enemy

  18. Nice epsiode

  19. Haha funny episode … KB got new villan .. I had a doubt since long..does abhi had a calendar at his home?funny.. memory lapses! Practically he should be effected with senses around him..
    OK.. I agree not to raise practical issues.. it good to see a new way love story with memory lapses .. but y u writers again draaaaaag things .. always making pragya suffer every thing…now all alone… ! Too sick…
    If you really want to make a suffering show… u must have made that tanu Aliya and all suffer… but nop u r just making us suffer.. so long draaaaaaging things in show…! no happiness!!😞

  20. kumkum bhagya

    abhi ka memory loss drama serial mein kab reveal hoga

  21. Itsme_reji

    New SBS segment written update !

    Alia Tanu and Abhi are out at a club. Alia Tanu get Abhi drunk post which Tanu tries taking advantage of the situation and intimately dances with Abhi who is totally sloshed & buzzed Tongue. Abhi is clumsily dancing with Tanu (wish he drops her on the floorLOL). Pragya is nowhere to be seen.

    Alia will be clicking intimate pictures of Abhi and Tanu to later make Pragya jealous & pose a different story in front of her. Will Abhi fall for Tanu’s fake-trapped love or will Pragya’s love pull him towards her is for viewers to be seen.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Rockstar shares how he partied after long and ‘kuch zyada hi hogaya’TongueLOL & when something happens after long, it happens a lot. He doesn’t know what will happen ahead but for now it’s a kaandh (mistake) LOL.

    Offscreen INT, Leena: Leena shares how Alia and Tanu have planned to take advantage of Abhi’s drunken state & to eventually make him fall in love with Tanu. She shares how Pragya is not around this time otherwise tables would have turned on them & their plan might have failed.




    Show is going nice now a days.

    how can dadi be so stubrron and selfsih. I don’t know if anyone noticed or not but i always noticed it that dadi is also selfish and evil not like aaliya or tanu or nikhal but she is as how can she always ask pragya to scrifice everything for abhi??
    Pragya ne hmesha hi abhi ko bachaya hai yahn tak ki jo abhi marr gya tha usko jinda kiya pragya ne, vo alg baat hai abhi pragya ko bhul gya but iska matlb yeh thodi hai ki dadi pragya se aise behave kre; infect dafi ko khush hona chiye ki apne life ke 2.5 yrs bhulne ke baad bhi abhi pragya ke sath khush hai but nahi… dadi ko sivaye apne abhi ke koi or dikhta hi nhi… aaliya, tannu or nikhal atleast jo bhi vaar krte hai samne se krte hai but dadi hmesha emotional warr krti hai or pragya ko hmesha helpless krti hai.. aaj kal iss show me aaliya, tannu or nikhal se jayda main dadi ko hate krti hun as vo sirf apne bare me sochti hai; apne hisab se sochti hai..

    I m sorry agr kisi ke sentiments hurt hue ho to but its truth.. dadi hmesha yeh sochti hai ki kaise abhi ko safe rakha jaaye baki sab kisi ko kuch ho jaaye she did not care….


    Alia Tanu and Abhi are out at a club. Alia Tanu get Abhi drunk post which Tanu tries taking advantage of the situation and intimately dances with Abhi who is totally sloshed & buzzed . Abhi is clumsily dancing with Tanu (wish he drops her on the floor). Pragya is nowhere to be seen.

    Alia will be clicking intimate pictures of Abhi and Tanu to later make Pragya jealous & pose a different story in front of her. Will Abhi fall for Tanu’s fake-trapped love or will Pragya’s love pull him towards her is for viewers to be seen.

    Offscreen INT, Shabir: Rockstar shares how he partied after long and ‘kuch zyada hi hogaya’ & when something happens after long, it happens a lot. He doesn’t know what will happen ahead but for now it’s a kaandh (mistake) .

    Offscreen INT, Shikha: She shares how Tanu is trying to seduce Abhi and they wanted to make it seem as if Abhi is also getting attracted towards her & somewhere they are succeeding.

    Offscreen INT, Leena: Leena shares how Alia and Tanu have planned to take advantage of Abhi’s drunken state and memory loss & to eventually make him fall in love with Tanu. She shares how Pragya is not around this time otherwise tables would have turned on them & their plan might have failed.



    1. Thanx for the updates sweetheart(Pratiksha) just donno y again tanu but one thing no girls must go thru what pragya is going thru in real life i know its a serial but it hurts to see a woman need to go thru so much of pain i just donno what to say na now even dadi i just read the updates didnt watch the episode just wait n c what happens u know what y must robbin b upset what did pragya do to him joke of the day cvs r really going out of stories n going crazy

    2. But pratiksha Sunday we seen segment of abhi pragya in which she was handling him but today they shown that abhi drank because of aaliya and tanu it means after abhi and tanu we will see abhi and pragya right

      1. Ya asmitha tabhi scene will come first then later abhigya’s.

  24. I am fine vinodini ,guys I feel this is imagination of alia and tanu while they were planning and instead of that abhi comes out to pragya. What u guys say ??? Pratiksha,sahithi,reji,and all…

  25. Hai Pratiksha I am Santhi from Tirunelveli Now I am ur fan I usually read ur comment Thank u for your updates

  26. this dadi is such a selfish person….pragya did so much for abhi and his family bt dis dadi is nt even realising dat….i hate dadi

  27. Dadi should be the strenght of Pragya. she knows Aliya very well so she should be supporting her. i think all the character are dumb in this episodes.

  28. Dadi should be the strenght of Pragya. she knows Aliya very well so she should be supporting her. i think all the character are dumb in this episodes.

  29. Enzama Stella

    Purab won’t be shown coz i read somewhere that he is out of kumkum bhagya serial.they continued by saying that he feels like he is doing nothing after bulbul’s death

  30. Enzama Stella

    I am wondering when will pragya get what she deserves.Dadi is so selfish only thinking of Abhi and forgetting what pragya went through.But you writters also stop boring us,we like this serial alot but its like your now taking advantage of that.

  31. Sarayumane

    I want to give a tight slap to dadi, idiot, selfish budiya and that Robin, he is also angry on pragya, what an episode, worst writers, dumb characters including pragya

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