Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Abhi blaming Pragya for making him drink bhaang. Pragya says I didn’t give bhaang to you and says she is very conscious about his image in public, as it will be a loss to her. She tells Tanu that it is her mistake to get pregnant when she knows that Abhi is already married. She says I have become lenient and you all have taken me for granted. She threatens them to kick Tanu out of the house. She asks Dadi to make Abhi understand and make him hear his heart, so that he can get answers for his questions. Tere bin plays…………..Abhi tells Tanu that whatever Pragya said was unintentional. Tanu tells Abhi that he is living in his past life and says Pragya don’t care what happens in his present life, and says you are just profit and loss statement for her. She doesn’t

care for you, but she is still same Pragya for you. Abhi says I got an idea to remove her from my heart and get rid of the feeling. He says he will get insulted, and says I shall hate her so much to overshadow the love in my heart. I know what to do know? Tanu wonders what he will do now?

Dadi asks Pragya why did she speak so much? Pragya says he is unable to decide and is becoming joke infront of the world. She says I can’t tell him Tanu’s lie and couldn’t tell about my proof. She says when Tanu told him her life’s biggest truth, he didn’t believe her. Pragya asks why did you make that video? Dadi says we thought she will take Nikhil’s name as her boyfriend, but she was clever not to take his name. Purab shares his idea and says Ronnie will scare Tanu to make her speak the truth. Pragya says I have to hear earful from Abhi now. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and gets restless. Pragya comes to room. Abhi thinks to let her speak first, else she will think he is fighting with her unneccessarily. Abhi sits on TV’s remote and the video is played. Pragya insists to have baby. Tanu tells her that her boyfriend gave her baby and she will ask her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi asks her to shut off the TV. Pragya says you are sitting on remote. They argue. Abhi tells Pragya that people say the truth in a drunkard state and says whatever you want will happen. Pragya is clueless.

Later Taya ji and Akash tell that everyone is silent. Abhi asks if I am joker to show skit. Tanu talks to Nikhil and asks him to let her handle the situation at home. She says she is going to hall to have dinner with everyone. Abhi apologizes to Taya ji and says he is bored and doesn’t feel like laughing or crying. Taya ji asks him not to worry and have food. Tanu comes to dining area and asks what is in food? Dadi asks her to sit and have her favorite food. She says your favorite soup is kept in kitchen and asks her to bring it. Tanu calls Robin. Dadi says he is on leave. Tanu says okay, I will bring soup and goes.

Tanu comes to kitchen and sees electricity off. She gets worried and tells herself to take the soup. She finds blood coming out from tap and shouts for Abhi. Abhi rushes to her. Dadi and others also follow him. Tanu tells him that blood is coming out from tap. Abhi asks why the light is off. Mitali switches on the light. Tanu tells them that she has seen blood coming out from tap. Abhi says it is just water. Pragya says still she is feeling colors hangover and asks her to consult a doctor for her family. Tanu says I am fine and need to rest. Mitali shouts seeing cockroach. Tanu asks if she saw blood. Mitali says no and says she saw cockroach. Dadi, Pragya and Akash smiles. Abhi brings Tanu to room, and asks her to rest and calm down her mind.

Pragya tells Ronnie that he has done right. Dadi says Tanu was shocked. Ronnie says he will scare her much. Pragya says Tanu is with Abhi now, and asks Ronnie to behave like ghost. Ronnie assures her. Pragya asks Dadi to sleep for sometime as everyone will be shocked in sometime. Dadi laughs and says okay. Later Ronnie goes to Tanu’s room and thinks she is sleeping peacefully after snatching Pragya’s sleep. He says I will snatch your sleep now? He wears a mask and scares her. She reads his message on the mirror that he will take revenge from her. She is shocked.

Pragya tells Sarla that they are trying to make Tanu tell all the truth and once her truth is revealed, she will not spare her for all her crimes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Very good grand salute to CVs what a mind if it would be calculated then in original it is like an ant is trapped in to a glass from where there is no scope of escaping great Pragya have lots of patience dear after all you have to attend Abhi’s child marriage also and he will declare you his child’s badi ma there then u both give them blessings BUT NEVER EVER TRY TO LEAVE THIS CRAP SERIAL WHICH IS WASTING UR TALENT great round of applause for CVS they dragged it very well

  2. Tanu boyfriend da kandu pidika 220 episode, antha unmaya abhi kitta expose panna 100 episode ana tanu voda stomach matum 0 size than.anyhow within 1 year abhi will know truth

    1. dnt be hurry sana…. y avasaram….. abhi porumaya kandupidikatum…… nama elarum loose maari wait panitu irupom…. vera vali ila namaku…… elam vithi…..

      1. Ivanga illukrathu pathu enikku gandu aakuthu

    2. currectu thaan gowtham ……irunthalum atleast writerkku konjam manasaatchi vendaam….avan ishtathukku juwwu mittaiya iluthikkutte irukkaan ….but first antha mittai sweeta irundhucchu ippo podhunda saami innu iruukku……all fate only ..

      writers iluthathu podum illanaa sugar vanthu sethuduvom …..

  3. I stopped watching months ago and I only check in here to see what’s going on with the show. It’s sad to see how badly the show is dragging. Tanu barely looks pregnant and the truth is still not out about the real father of her baby? This is ridiculous. Are they going to keep this going until the show has jumped 30 years and the baby has grown up?

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