Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi blaming Pragya for making him drink bhaang. Pragya says I didn’t give bhaang to you and says she is very conscious about his image in public, as it will be a loss to her. She tells Tanu that it is her mistake to get pregnant when she knows that Abhi is already married. She says I have become lenient and you all have taken me for granted. She threatens them to kick Tanu out of the house. She asks Dadi to make Abhi understand and make him hear his heart, so that he can get answers for his questions. Tere bin plays…………..Abhi tells Tanu that whatever Pragya said was unintentional. Tanu tells Abhi that he is living in his past life and says Pragya don’t care what happens in his present life, and says you are just profit and loss statement for her. She doesn’t

care for you, but she is still same Pragya for you. Abhi says I got an idea to remove her from my heart and get rid of the feeling. He says he will get insulted, and says I shall hate her so much to overshadow the love in my heart. I know what to do know? Tanu wonders what he will do now?

Dadi asks Pragya why did she speak so much? Pragya says he is unable to decide and is becoming joke infront of the world. She says I can’t tell him Tanu’s lie and couldn’t tell about my proof. She says when Tanu told him her life’s biggest truth, he didn’t believe her. Pragya asks why did you make that video? Dadi says we thought she will take Nikhil’s name as her boyfriend, but she was clever not to take his name. Purab shares his idea and says Ronnie will scare Tanu to make her speak the truth. Pragya says I have to hear earful from Abhi now. Abhi thinks about Pragya’s words and gets restless. Pragya comes to room. Abhi thinks to let her speak first, else she will think he is fighting with her unneccessarily. Abhi sits on TV’s remote and the video is played. Pragya insists to have baby. Tanu tells her that her boyfriend gave her baby and she will ask her boyfriend to give her baby. Abhi asks her to shut off the TV. Pragya says you are sitting on remote. They argue. Abhi tells Pragya that people say the truth in a drunkard state and says whatever you want will happen. Pragya is clueless.

Later Taya ji and Akash tell that everyone is silent. Abhi asks if I am joker to show skit. Tanu talks to Nikhil and asks him to let her handle the situation at home. She says she is going to hall to have dinner with everyone. Abhi apologizes to Taya ji and says he is bored and doesn’t feel like laughing or crying. Taya ji asks him not to worry and have food. Tanu comes to dining area and asks what is in food? Dadi asks her to sit and have her favorite food. She says your favorite soup is kept in kitchen and asks her to bring it. Tanu calls Robin. Dadi says he is on leave. Tanu says okay, I will bring soup and goes.

Tanu comes to kitchen and sees electricity off. She gets worried and tells herself to take the soup. She finds blood coming out from tap and shouts for Abhi. Abhi rushes to her. Dadi and others also follow him. Tanu tells him that blood is coming out from tap. Abhi asks why the light is off. Mitali switches on the light. Tanu tells them that she has seen blood coming out from tap. Abhi says it is just water. Pragya says still she is feeling colors hangover and asks her to consult a doctor for her family. Tanu says I am fine and need to rest. Mitali shouts seeing cockroach. Tanu asks if she saw blood. Mitali says no and says she saw cockroach. Dadi, Pragya and Akash smiles. Abhi brings Tanu to room, and asks her to rest and calm down her mind.

Pragya tells Ronnie that he has done right. Dadi says Tanu was shocked. Ronnie says he will scare her much. Pragya says Tanu is with Abhi now, and asks Ronnie to behave like ghost. Ronnie assures her. Pragya asks Dadi to sleep for sometime as everyone will be shocked in sometime. Dadi laughs and says okay. Later Ronnie goes to Tanu’s room and thinks she is sleeping peacefully after snatching Pragya’s sleep. He says I will snatch your sleep now? He wears a mask and scares her. She reads his message on the mirror that he will take revenge from her. She is shocked.

Pragya tells Sarla that they are trying to make Tanu tell all the truth and once her truth is revealed, she will not spare her for all her crimes.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. Now it’s dragging so much!!! I think how abhi told pragya you will get what you want and she insisted she wants a baby in her bhaang hangover I think abhi will get her married to someone so she can have a baby I mean balaji dramas end up like that I swear pragya better tell the truth soon!!!!

  2. Guys if i only noticed or u too that something was missing in today’s episode from last precap scene, where pragya says to abhi that what’s his mean that does he also agree that tanu’s baby is not his. Guys if I m right then they didn’t show that scene or may b they will show it tomorrow when tanu will blurt out something after getting scared by ronnie which will put doubt in abhi’s mind and then he will think about it in his room later and will discuss about with pragya then pragya will say that does he believe that tanu’s baby is not his. Becoz in today’s episodes, they showed only last scene of yesterday’s precap, where he said to pragya that now that will happen which she wants. And guys he said it after watching that video clip where pragya demands baby in drunken situation. So does he means to make pragya also pregnant!! God another cheap thought!! May b I m thinking wrong but scene were suggesting only this. So I shared it. Anyways starting was gud of episode when pragya gives back abhi and tanu very well. But last part of her talk that she only cares for her business, profit all that, these things made her talks importance less Ronnie’s drama is continue and if really brings positive change for pragya and doubt in abhi’s mind regarding tanu’s baby matter then it will b really gud. Hope we will get some positivity in tomorrow’s episode if my guess is right.

    • Aarti

      ya pratiksha.u r right i too noticed that pragya didnt tld that dialogue which shown in yesterdays precap…..so smetng is there in basket……

      • Yes pratiksha ur thoughts aren’t wrong but abhi won’t “make” pragya pregnant most likely he will get her married and a re-marriage drama will happen and pragya will refuse and then he will doubt her and a rift will happen and all that shit god so much drama and dragging so much!!!!

    • Sahithi

      Two options – Abhi might try to flirt with Pragya n say u wanted a baby when u were drunk, so we can have a baby as he thinks they r still legally married. Or he can think of getting Pragya married to someone as he thinks she is jealous of Tanu because of the baby.
      If she opposes to either options, as we expect it, he might confront her to divorce n let him get married to Tanu n that Pragya should go her way n get married, settle down.

      • Sahiti since cvs are repeating the sequence the only sequence they didn’t repeat is the forcing and marriage. …..let’s see whether he will force her or not

      • Sahithi and Billu what I think if my guess will get right and abhi will get doubt on tanu’s baby then this situation will not accure. But if my guess will not happen then also abhi couldn’t do anything with pragya becoz if he will force himself on her and try to intimate with her again like last time then pragya will never give him divorce as pragya said it to abhi last time as a warning when he was trying to use husband’s right on her and trying to intimate with her. And if abhi will think to make pragya settled with someone else then also it couldn’t b possible becoz firstly pragya will not b ready for it as she is not forced and helpless to settled with someone else like mms track and according to abhi, he is not divorced with pragya so without divorce, it couldn’t happen. In both the situation, defeat will b abhi becoz abhi is thinking that pragya will insult him becoz of which he will hate her but he doesn’t know that through this, he will not fall into pragya’s eyes but in his own eyes, when the truth will b revealed in front of him. Pragya like always, will forgive him as he is unfamiliar from truth but she will definetly show him the reflection of the results of his this step as she is still old pragya but sadly abhi is unaware with this. So overall abhi will get nothing from it but will only get ashamed from it.

      • Sahithi

        But sometime back, when he tried to get Pragya sign on property papers, during Diwali, Abhi brought the same discussion once on why she is not getting married again. Pragya just pushed it aside saying she is busy working.

        My guess is – I think this discussion of baby during holi is brought to delay the divorce discussion or tension between Abhi n Pragya, as Ronnie will continue to scare Tanu as ghost, till Tanu confesses one fine day that she killed Ronnie n the reason is he knows her truth. So till Tanu confesses herself, to engage audience with some discussion going on between the leads, there is again one small point brought up.

  3. gowtham

    i have one doubt….. today during abhi and pragya conversation…. remote was on at that time pragya asks fr baby….. aftr seeing that abhi conveys that she ll get wat she wants….. on relating these two incidents abhi is trying to give baby to pragya??

    so he thinks…. when he do that he ll get i insulted and pragya would leave him…. so he is gonna try to give baby to pragya??? or i am wrong??

  4. Please Ekta mam ya to is serial ko end kr do ya to tanu ka sach Abhi k samne la do,please ap itne sare serial na chalaye aap keval ek bna Diya kariye usme hi sari acchhi story dal Diya kare ap se itne sare serial ek sath nhi handle hote h to koi ek hi serial achha dikha do hum sabhi khush rahenge apni stupidity Ki vajah se sabhi achhe serial Ki band bja deti ho.

  5. OMG !!!! He didn’t just tell that watever she wants will happen don’t tell these people are going to repeat the mms track scene again don’t tell me abhi is going to force on pragya .The way he will make pragya hste him will be forcing his relation on her in that way pragya would not only be forced to give divorce but also stay away from him

    • gowtham

      i thnk they wont do like that….. she gets wat she wants…..
      1) frm the video abhi may thnk pragya in drunken stage talked about baby.. so he may do that…
      2) or in drunken state pragya didnt say anythng about money basis things… so abhi may get doubt that she still loves him… so might have some doubts on tanu regarding her blabaring…. in drunken state

  6. [email protected]

    Guys please don’t guess following scene… Because CVS will not write what we guess and discuss.. Just critisis what has happened… All the guess has went wrong…

  7. Brintha

    As per precap tomorrow also nothing will happen… because pragya tells Sarlat that they are trying to get out the truth.. which means tomorrow also another flop mission… I think instead tanu Ronnie will be exposed and things will become more complicated… in that case I will stop watching… if the show goes like this… I myself call the mental hospital… and I myself book the bed in the mental ward..

  8. ananthalakshmi sarma

    Ronnies drama should bring positiveity to praghya n doubt to abhi n tanu should revel the truth. Kindly end up the tanus chapter n reunite abhi n praghya ss soon as possible.

  9. Still no nothing intresting just like small kidz movie..we love kkb n we alwez think dat myb tday smething good will cme bt same same toooo much boriiiiiiiiiing line..as dis is movie it has to go like movie not lyk reall lyf more dan 9mnth tanu pregnancy plz show as smething gud writer hav mercy on as viewers

  10. Sri

    This is just dragging!! All the main plot is just fading.. This serial is becoming more and more like a bubble gum…..The taste has gone but is so rubbery…
    Once Abhi mentioned that pragya was really kidnapped..but that case is also not closed…
    It’s just getting awful

  11. sridevi

    I switched to other serial long back …today when I saw the serial it’s still on same point….I made gud decision by shifting ???????

  12. zanaib

    I think abhi now rape her and she vll also leave the house vth abhi actual child after her move frm home abhi come to know tanu truth but it vll be late. Pragaya meanwhile leave the city or move somewhere else. On the other side a liya will also ruin Abhi and he totally go into bad dark side of life

  13. sania

    Dragging dragging ND dragging……..
    WORST serial ever in the history of this world uuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Just tired of this

  14. This serial was good before the makeover of Pragya. That track ruined everything. She could have simply gone and told Abhi whatever she had heard,before her accident. Dadi believed her. Why not Abhi? Now, the writers just do not know how to continue the story. I don’t understand who the main lead is. Pragya or Tanu? If Abhi is going to come up with cheap plans now, let him rather have Tanu. Pragya seriously deserves much better. The main lead pair is now becoming shitty, thanks to the writers. If this continues to happen,the trps will definitely go down.
    A sad fan of kkb.

    • Shaz

      If she tells the truth to abhi,will he believe her??? He will say that she is jealous with tanu.if she had said the truth to abhi in 360th episode, abhi would have been confused but he would have been forced to marry tanu by aliya’s & tanu’s master plans. Because they can control him easily. Abhi is look like a puppet. His key is with aaliya. Then they can make him to hate pragya because she was so innocent at that time. And also she will not be allowed to live with him because they got divorce. Or though she had asked abhi not to tell anyone about tanu’s truth, idiot abhi would have been told to aliya. Aliya is a woman, who was filled with brain. She has full qualification to become a head of CID. So pragya’s, & dadi’s plan is correct. And abhi can marry tanu legally because anyone don’t have any reason to stop the marriage because abhi is single. And also tanu will not let to give much time to pragya and will be alert.

    • Shaz

      If dadi tells the truth to abhi, that brainless, heartless idiot will say pragya has confused dadi by her black magic eyes and sensitive words.

  15. pooja

    O god i dnt knw wats tanu’s gestation period… She z having a camel’s gestation period or elephant’s??? Ekta kapoor stop this nonsense now.. At least dnt change d biological processes.. Uffff

  16. farida

    I agree with pratiksha abhi was definitely talking about giving a baby to pragya because it’s what she wants

  17. Durga

    This isn’t right.. Tanu could be a worst selfish person but what did the innocent baby do? Will someone scare a pregnant lady with ghost and stuff? What if she gets panic attack or something which could even be fatal for the baby.. please stop showing such nonsense.. use some other means to bring out her truth..

  18. mima

    O dear, it’s one thing to write scripts of abuse to women but depicting abuse a pregnant woman is taking it a bit too far, the writers should please look for other ideas on how to get Tanu to tell the truth . I like KKB but this pregnancy episode has dragged on for almost 1 year! Kind of boring dragging an issue for so long……………..

  19. Shaz

    I hate the character abhi day by day. Irresponsible idiot. A man who can’t save even his life how is he able to save his wife, his image & everything?? The writer create the character to drink, to cry, to sing & dance, to blame pragya, finally to be fool. Love is not only blind but also brainless according to his activity.

  20. gowtham

    i thnk team of kka dnt knw anythng other than pregancy drama….. frst tanu pregnant…. ipo i thnk they are planning that with pragya also….. truth of tanu will not be revealed until she delivers a baby…. at that time pragya also will be pregnant…. and at 1000th episode truth of tanu and pragyas delivery occurs at same time….. aftr knowing the truth.. tanu in one episode will go to jail…. and kkb ends…

    abhigya will live happily ever after… we all will be in mental hospital??

    • Ya gowtham. Tanu is more important than second female lead bulbul for CVS. That’s why keeping Bulbul’s existence aside, they r busy in only how to increase tanu’s appearance in the show as much as possible, instead of mentioning about what they did with Bulbul’s character. That’s why mrunal left the show becoz not only abhigya even useless vamp is becoming spirit of the show and getting more importance than the second lead couples. It’s like without tanu, their show will get closed. That’s why they r getting scared to finish tanu’s chapter in the show. If ekta haven’t enough time and if her creatives r weak in creating a new track than better for ekta to search for gud creatives so they can show us different- different track on time to time. It will b better to watch different- different tracks instead of long lasting boring, nonsense and irritating track. Gowtham I want to mentioned about a show which telecasts on star plus, that show’s name is suhani so ek ladki. I sees this show too with kkb. This is my another favourite show with kkb. Becoz it’s concept is gud and based on social message that inner beauty is most important than outer. And show always proves this concept in their every track logically. Another gud quality of this show is that this show is very gud in showing different-different tracks on time to time and it’s each track have it’s limit. They usually shows it’s one track mostly for two- three weeks. Then they starts with another one. Which gives freshness to the show. And their every track gives interest and gud entertainment with logical things, which is very gud. That’s why Iike this show to watch. I want to see this type of creativity in kkb too. Kkb have lots of scope to show different- different tracks and audience will see it with interest becoz firstly it will give freshness and change to the show and most importantly abhigya and purbul our these two charms of the show will never let it’s audience loose. Becoz they r talented actors which will make the track more interesting. So their is no need to CVS to bore and irritate us by one useless character and nonsense track for long. But let’s see when they will understand this.

      • gowtham

        i have a doubt regarding trp…… wat basis trp is given???
        bcoz till now… kkb has good trp… though it reduced and trp fr kkb is like b4, it still has high trp.. and coming under most famous serials…. how s this happeneing?? wat basis still it gets high trps?? bcoz nowdays all knw this crap is going beyond d limit of dragging…..

        maybe does it base on hw much hatred coming towards the show??? i want to knw this thing… still how kkb is coming under top rated serials….. and in zee tv serials this is the top….

        so considering this other serials of zee tv will be wrst than kkb… coz i dnt watch other serials… tats y asking??? kkb itself seems dragging and it is top in zee…. then wat about other serils in zee tv… do they ll be wrst than this??? according to wat kkb is still in top??

      • shobana

        No gowtham other serials are far better than kkb
        Especially tashan-eh- ishq

        I used to watch kaala teeka, sometimes tashan-eh-ishq and sometimes ek tha raja ek thi rani
        All these stories are far better than kkb

  21. naren

    Guys I don’t think abhi want to give baby to pragya. He said to pragya that whatever she wants will happens but us she really wants baby or abhi. she was told in a drunken state that she wants a baby. now this is abhi turn to think about it. she said she wants only money and property then why suddenly she wants baby. its the right time to think abhi about what pragya really wants. even if he doubts about 50% he will get the answers. I think abhi will definitely think about what they told in a drunken state. then it will be easy for him to understand tanu truth. nowadays the story are too dragging. Instead of exposure the show only failure. I can’t understand what he told to tanu that he knows what to do. If he really doubts tanu and it will be a good twist.

  22. reji

    hi guys i can’t comment because my exams r going to start but i read ur comments ….and i”m little bit confused with the track….can anyone pls explain me??…..and ya ….HAPPY HOLI guys ……….may your life will be colorful with these colours and guys will abhigya be united pls tell me abt ur opinion

    • Well reji we r also confused whether we should watch the show or not and what actually gonna happen in the show. Anyawys pragya and purab using ronnie to scaring tanu through his ghost drama so she herself confess her truth infrot of abhi and everyone. Other side after coming out of hangover of bhaang, abhi is again back on get rid from pragya somehow so he could move with tanu in his life. In last episode’s they showed that when he sees that video clip of his, tanu and pragya, made by purab in bhaang’s hangover, he sees pragya is talking about having baby like tanu for herself too so after seeing it abhi says to pragya that now that will b happen which u wants. So don’t know what he is going to do actually, against tanu or in favour of pragya but what we got yet that he is going to do something against pragya. It is left to see we r right or CVS have stored something else for us. But reji don’t expect abhigya’s reunion soon becoz we also don’t know that how much more time it will take but it is sure not so soon.

      • Reji

        Ya pratiksha I am waiting that atleast after my exams abhigya will be United …. and thank u so much for it wishes pratiksha ….definitely i will do my exams well…

  23. I don’t really understand what ektha and the writers are upto..when the serial started I thought abhi was a sensible person compared to all others…but once pragya came into his life she made him very dependant…abhi was the one who revrajes abt pragya’s truth in that MMS track.abhi is not dumb..pragya made him dumb..abhi is really very unlucky to get a life partner like that..

  24. Ybarrie Barrie

    I’m Sri Lankan and I dont speak Hindi but, I know enough to say this serial is “bakwas” to the max..

  25. honey

    It’s nt at all progressing Im enjoying the Telugu version of KB there even the suresh mms track dint so enjoying tht one

  26. fan of kkb

    hi guess…
    i have one question give answer plzzz……….
    few episode back pragya drinking alchol in that time abhi asking question pragya why r u changing avthar…in mean time pragya is sleeping….but now thanu drink the baanga and thanu also told that one….. baby father not u(abhi)my boy frnd…. what cvs are thiking in the story…… plz change the make over……… first time am commite in this time……

  27. surbhi

    Very good grand salute to CVs what a mind if it would be calculated then in original it is like an ant is trapped in to a glass from where there is no scope of escaping great Pragya have lots of patience dear after all you have to attend Abhi’s child marriage also and he will declare you his child’s badi ma there then u both give them blessings BUT NEVER EVER TRY TO LEAVE THIS CRAP SERIAL WHICH IS WASTING UR TALENT great round of applause for CVS they dragged it very well

  28. sana

    Tanu boyfriend da kandu pidika 220 episode, antha unmaya abhi kitta expose panna 100 episode ana tanu voda stomach matum 0 size than.anyhow within 1 year abhi will know truth

    • gowtham

      dnt be hurry sana…. y avasaram….. abhi porumaya kandupidikatum…… nama elarum loose maari wait panitu irupom…. vera vali ila namaku…… elam vithi…..

    • Sandhya

      currectu thaan gowtham ……irunthalum atleast writerkku konjam manasaatchi vendaam….avan ishtathukku juwwu mittaiya iluthikkutte irukkaan ….but first antha mittai sweeta irundhucchu ippo podhunda saami innu iruukku……all fate only ..

      writers iluthathu podum illanaa sugar vanthu sethuduvom …..

  29. Jashi

    I stopped watching months ago and I only check in here to see what’s going on with the show. It’s sad to see how badly the show is dragging. Tanu barely looks pregnant and the truth is still not out about the real father of her baby? This is ridiculous. Are they going to keep this going until the show has jumped 30 years and the baby has grown up?

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