Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd March 2016 Written Episode Update

Jaane Kya Hoga Rama Re 23rd March 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Sunny waking up by Nandu’s cry. Nandu cries and tells him that she has done last rites of his love. Sunny asks what, I m still alive, I m ashamed that Rashmi has gone, I will also give my life. He acts to commit suicide. Nandu smiles. He thinks why is Nandu not stopping me. She thinks he should do and show. He stops and says if I give my life, Rashmi will feel bad, whats this love. Nandu says I don’t know, I can hear two voices here. He checks the speaker and shuts it. he says even I m feeling the same, Rashmi died and you rejected my love, now I have no motive to live. She says I will give you motive of life, make me your motive to live.

She says I m married and can’t accept your love, I swear the day you make me get rid of Raju’s relation, I will accept your love. Sunny gets glad and goes to hug her. She stops him. He asks whats this. She says I m someone’s wife, we will hug when we get married. Sunny says but we love each other. She says this looks sin, wait for some time, I know you were marrying Rashmi so that you stay close to me, right. He nods and says I loved you a lot, I tried a lot to forget you and could not, I missed you a lot, you became my craze, I did not love anything else. She asks him to make her free of Raju and then she will be Sunny’s, its on you now, when you free me from Raju. He gets happy.

She smiles and says I know you would wish to come close to me. She asks him to wear the gloves and remove it before jaimala. Sunny wears gloves and says I love you very much. Nandu says we will talk this when you fill my maang. She goes. Sunny says that moment will come very soon Nandu, I will free you from Raju.

Sunny goes to Raju. Raju asks do you want to see any handsome man… Sunny says no, I came to share pain for Rashmi’s death, you don’t look sorrowful. Raju says she is gone, I tried explaining her a lot, its good she committed suicide, it would be worse if she married you. Sunny says Nandu is right, you don’t know love. Raju says I don’t know, I just hunt tiger. Sunny says you are keeping a girl your wife against her will. Raju asks why are you talking about my wife… Sunny says I m not scared to say truth, you did not marry, you forced a girl and named her wife, who has seen your marriage, there is no one, even Nandu does not believe this, she wants to get rid of you, everyone will know this very soon, your personal matters will come on road, they will know Nandu wants to leave you. Raju says fine, I will give you prize if its true, I want to hear this from Nandu. He calls Nandu and says Sunny is saying nonsense, I want to meet you and talk, you are at home, cooking food, fine, I m coming. He ends call and leaves.

Sunny goes out and calls Nandu. He says I decided I will not let you stay in hell, don’t be scared, I m with you, if anything happens, run and come to me, I m ready for every situation. She says I don’t know what to say. He says whats there to think, just get courage and speak out, I will manage. She says I promise, I will tell Raju.

Raju goes to Nandu. Nandu says he has come. Sunny says all the best. Nandu says thanks and ends call. Sunny runs to home and hears them on speaker. Raju asks Nandu what did she cook. Nandu says paraths for myself, you cook food for yourself. They laugh and tease each other. Nandu says I want freedom from you. Sunny says cheers.

Sunny hears Raju scolding Nandu. He drinks and says I will see how Raju does not leave Nandu. The sound stops again. Sunny asks Nandu to reply Raju. Nandu and Raju have some romantic moments silently. Sunny waits for their quarrel and says Nandu, I m always with you. Nandu says I will see how you do not leave me. Raju says I will see how you will free yourself. She says I m not along today. He says I know who is with you, and murmurs its me. Sunny says yes, its me. I will see how Raju does not leave my Nandini, I will get her from Raju. Raju and Nandu get close and smile holding hands. Sunny calls someone and says I will give 2 lakhs donation, this time there should be very big drama.

The NGO ladies come there and protest against Raju and Nandu. They sit on Dharna and shout to separate Raju and Nandu. Sunny gets glad. Raju and Nandu are dancing at home and do not care for the sound coming. Nani and Garima see the ladies. Garima and Nani go to Raju and Nandu. They stop dancing. Garima asks do you know whats happening. Raju says don’t worry, it will be all fine, good thing will happen today, I will manage. He calls Sethi and says sorry I could not come on duty since 2-3 days, there is major twist in my life, come and see, I have invested your advance in some good thing. He tells Nani not to take stress, I will see. Raju goes out….. He argues with the women. Sunny says laugh for some time Raju and goes. Raju laughs and requests the lady for her two mins. The lady goes with Raju. Raju tells the lady that he will donate 5 lakhs, and kept it for her. He asks her for blessings. She agrees by the bribe.

Sunny gets shocked seeing Raju and Nandu happily marrying and laughing. He gets angry.

Update Credit to: Amena

  1. Superb episode!!!!!

  2. so nice episode
    love their cute moments together …
    sunny plan backfire
    he’s soon going to leave

  3. Why do I think that they are ACTUALLY dating or seeing each other in real life…. cos for the last 4-5 episodes they look extremely into each other… Just a thought….. I maybe wrong too… but then they act really well if that is not the scene…. Heehee

  4. Shraddha Sharma

    Waaawoooo so cute…. i just loved their chemistry…..

  5. Please repeat this show 2,3, times in a day I like it so much but sometimes I miss it it’s a request repeat more

    1. Nikita Sharma

      its my request also

  6. Omg…… Are they both real couples I am really falling in love with this show. Special request to the makers pls do not change the lead actors. Vinati pls don’t quit the show…. Rajuuuuuuhh is just that awesome.

    1. I m not sure. But that’s what I thought ….

  7. For raju…… After a long time I have seen so much passion in an actor what dialogue delivery and timing amazing hats offf….. Keep going?

  8. Nikita Sharma

    sunny’s acting is also superb and what to say about jatin i cant express in words

  9. Jatin rocks always!! Even vitni also

  10. Please yaar repeat this show two or three times in a day.and vinti pls pls pls don’t leave the show.

  11. Omg, today’s episode was awesome. And the scene where they were just dancing together was so cute! I don’t know how they’re going to replace Vinti, I’ll be sad when I see a new face interacting with Raju. And Jatin’s acting…they have awards for soap stars, right?

  12. I am confused, why nandu gave sunny gloves???

  13. I loved the epi. Both raju sunny encounter and of course raju nandu scene??

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