Kumkum Bhagya 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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The episode starts with Pragya taking Tanu to doc’s room. Doc identifies her as Abhi’s wife and says why did not Abhi tell that he is sending his wife for pregnancy test and says all Abhi’s fan would love seeing a junior Abhi. Abhi enters room. Doc says he is different and he would told his wife is pregnant. He sends Pragya to get the test done. Tanu walks along with her. Abhi says Tanu that he knows she is not pregnant. Dumb Pragya thinks how can he know if she is pregnant (became professor without reading basic primary school biological lessons…)…

Tanu asks male nurse to tell where is lab. He asks the reason. She says her tummy is swelling. He asks if she has gas problem. Abhi and Pragya laugh hearing that. Tanu holds her head. He asks if she has

headache. She fumes while Abhi and Pragya laugh.

Akash tells asks Rachna (who surpassed 21 month’s elephant gestational period.) how is she feeling. She says she is fine, but Pragya is behaving weired, when she told daadi did not oder her to pick weight, Pragya did not apologize daadi for misbehavior at all. Akash says something is wrong and if bhabhi is in trouble he will help her for sure.

Sarla sees Tanu in hospital and asks what is she doing here. Tanu says she came with a friend and asks her why is she here. Sarla says she came for Bulbul’s dressing change.

Doc asks Pragya to accompany her for the test. Pragya gets nervous. Abhi asks Tanu to accompany her. Doc says it is pregnancy test and not a joke. Abhi says even Tanu wants her test done. Doc says it cannot be done like that. He says Tanu was insisting to get her test done. A few more hilarious moments continue..

Abhi sees Sarla and hides under steps. He then runs and sleeps on stretcher. Peon thinks other peon has left dead body out and take him. His friend asks who is this. He says patient who was ill for 3 months died and his family did not come to pick him. He takes him to morgue where Abhi wakes up. Peon thinks him as ghost and panics. Abhi runs from there.

Daadi sadly remembers Pragya’s misbehavior. Rachna comes to her room and requests to forgive her. She says she did not want to marry Akash without her consent, so she rejected him many times. Pragya got her married to Akash forcefully thinking about her pregnancy and child, so she is not the culprit. She asks if she will punish even her child. Daadi calls and hugs her and says she is not angry on her, but on Pragya.

Sarla comes to lab and knocks door to open. Pragya sees her and gets tensed.

Precap: Sarla gets happy seeing Pragya in lab and thinks she is pregnant.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


    • Lexy

      I am sure that Ratings have Fallen and I – for one- will NOT watch this DUMB bullshit until they start to write a more realistic storyline. This is just plain STUPID….just STUPID. and I cannot stand to watch a mindless stories.

    • Jackie


      Someone needs to tell Bulbul and Purab…Bulbul would put a STOP to Pragya’s sainthood!!!!

  1. pragya

    Abhi brings Tanu to the hospital to confirm with the doctor about her pregnancy. The doctor checks Tanu and congratulates Abhi for Tanu’s pregnancy. She declares Tanu pregnant and this shocks Abhi while Tanu looks on victoriously. Pragya gets shattered and feels bad as her trust on Abhi is broken and their marriage would end with Tanu’s confirmed pregnancy. Abhi and Pragya try to prove Tanu wrong, but doctor confirms that she is indeed pregnant. Pragya says she is sad as she has to leave Abhi and go. Since Abhi was unsure, he had the test done again. He gets confused and says he is not the father of Tanu’s child.

    Abhi had earlier thought of Pragya not loving him inspite of his attempts, now after Tanu’s child revelation wants to first express his innocence to Pragya. In the process, he ends up hurting his hand and tries much to get back Pragya’s lost trust on him. Pragya nurses his wound and feels pain for him but taunts him indirectly while cleaning the broken glass. She comes to Dadi’s room and cries looking at her. Dadi too feels something is amiss and some wrong has happened, and looks for Pragya. The question – Who is the father of Tanu’s child, with the first thoughts are of Abhi as the one ? Will Abhi succeed in proving himself true to his words ?

  2. indian shows suck!

    The prkblem in the show is everyone thinks …… No one speaks their heart out!! They only THINK and create stories in their minds!!! In Every EK serial characters only think! They neither speak(dumb) nor do they act… They just THINK!!!!!!!!!

    • davy

      s i agree with u.. But see.. wen evry one speaks out from their HEART all serials will finish within 100 episodes kno!!!

    • Nicole Darmowiredjo

      agree with you ..
      I also hate that they are JUST thinking .. they NEVER speak up !!!
      like ,, if Abhi already Pragya that he really loves he, she wuldn’t be planning this stupid thing.
      and if Pragya trusted Abhy (blindly) she would actually think that Tanu isn’t actuallt bearing Abhi’s child .. that Abhi wouldn’t done sth like this (even with Tanu) while hez still married to Pragya.
      i mean we all know Abhi has this “so called” rockstar attitude, but he wouldn’t do such a thing while hez still married.

  3. pragya

    Nd yaa bst ds scene was shown in sbs it was vry sad to see abhi crying…nd dat scene was gud wherr one side he hugs tanu nd on the other side he holds pragya ‘s handuj

  4. pragya

    Nd yaa bst ds scene was shown in sbs it was vry sad to see abhi crying…nd dat scene was gud wherr one side he hugs tanu nd on the other side he holds pragya ‘s handu

    • Ally

      Just STOP watching…that’s exactly what these writers do Draggggggggggggggggg it out- because they are NOT clever enough to come up with an entertaining story.

      It’s nice out – leave this dumb shit behind and go out with your friends or find some new friends.

  5. bhavani

    hi pragya ji… I like your serial very much……
    & also I like the scenes when you and abhi will fight will fight with comedy…..

    I wish this serial would become very successfull & all the best to all kumkum bhagya members….
    & I will continue ….

  6. Sanam

    I always find in the Indian Serials women are always portrayed in such bad light . The writers could have so much good material if they really wanted to but no they would rather portray the actress as a dumbo even though she is suppose to be highly educated person.

    REALLY come on guys this is really to much

  7. Oh Lord!Please end this pregnancy test and write something else.When the child is born then do a dna or can do it now to make sure.I just remember Abhi always use to be by Tanu when he was high on alcohol.No one knows what happened,Yhis always happen when having s*x casually.Remember Akash denied his child also until a test was done t have ever seen o prove it.When will this girl give birth to this child.This to me is the longest pregnancy In a human being.

  8. Actually tanu is not pregnant she just want pragya to leave abhi forever that is y she created this pregnancy drama.

    • davy

      aana ava pregnancy cnfrm aagiduchula fr second time.. enaku ennamo unmaiyileye ava abi nala than pregnant aagidupa nu thonuthu

  9. davy

    actually guyzz we r speaking out for tis serial. but wat do u thnk for sasural simar.. same story but differnt villanss. fst those 2 so called sisters will head up with some pblms den whole family suffers.. aftr tat oly these 2 sis alone will sove that pblms. prachanaiya kondu varathum avana than atha solve pandrathum avanga than.. theriyama than kekuren antha seriala irukura aambalainga lam enna pandranga..

  10. The doctor thinks pragya has come to take the test so she takes her inside and not tanu and when the reports come it’s positive so what if pragya is pregnant and the pregnancy report is pragyas

  11. first thing did pragya ever had s*x with abhi so how come she is pregnant so stupid and as for tanu the way abhi is treating her I would definitely not want to be pregnant for him to me abhi always loved pragya and he was just using tanu to make pragya jealous you know what I agree with lexys comment for me out of all the serials I find kum kum bhagya to be the worst storyline not realistic the acting is poor and way toooooooooooooooooo much childish game going on with this serial and it takes toooooooooooo long to solve any mishaps in the serial to make it short the serial is plain shit

    • correct gloria,

      just for TRP they are streching non sense topic…. its good tanu to abort the child, because abhi does’t like her any more… it better praga have s** with abhi, u will also get pregnent.

  12. heidi

    OMG very poor storyline And the way Pragya speaks to daadi OMG. Did Pragya forget the way Tanu treatens her in the past? I am very pissed. With kkb now.

  13. Nina

    Indian serials hardly allows a lawfully married couple to consummate their marriage! What’s new?

  14. Wat I think they r trying to drag this serial. Enna pa idhu ? Intha abhi tanu voda pregnancy dramava kandu pudipaana illaiya . Ivanga eppa kandupudikurathu eppa serurathu athukulla namma thalaiyila vella mudiyae mullachidum pola irukuthey…
    Theivamae ……….

  15. pragya gone mad….. arey yaar abhi loves pragya, pragya loves abhi… tanu was past of abhi’s…ho gae tanu pregnent, now wat pragya… agar she wants to abort the child then its good na… any ways abhi to tanu ko pasand bhi nahi karta… pragya nahi de sakti kya dadi ko pota or poti… dadi ko thodi next 9 months me hi chahiye,…. she just shared her feeeling with pragya about grand child… how biring now this…. jabrdausti apne hasband ko shadi karne bol rahi…. straight story ko non sense bana diya he…. add some new complication…..other than this… i love this show, couple…. but some times story sucks me……

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