Kalash 21st May 2015 Written Episode Update

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Kalash 21st May 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Scene 1
Saket is in Savitri’s house, Rekha ask Shekhar to keep Saket busy till Ravi comes else he can talk abotu ring and then we wont be handle situation, Shekhar ask Saket to go and try sherwanis, Saket goes to try it, Sakshi ask Devika to sit too, she sit in lounge, Saket comes wearing a sherwani, Sakshi sys you look more like a band member than groom, color is dull, Sanjay ask him to try other one, Saket goes to try it, Devika says to Sakshi do you wanna get beaten up? Saket comes wearing other sherwani but nobody likes it, they keep him busy in changing sherwani, Saket says you all have brought these sherwanis and not liking a single one, decide one sherwani then ask me to wear it, Sakshi thinks now i will teach him lesson, she shows him bright sherwani and ask Saket to wear it, Saket angrily looks at her, she leaves.. Sakshi comes in mandir and says i will see him, she prays to lord that make devika realize that Ravi cant live without her, give her some sign and i will help to make them one.
Savitri, dada, Rekha and Shkhar are selecting cards, Ravi comes there, Savitri ask Rekha to bring cold drink, Ravi says i will bring it. Ravi comes in kitchen to get cold drink, DEvika is taking cold drinks, glasses are about to fal but Devika holds her hands to save cold drinks from falling, aap jo pas eye plays, Ravi says you are getting married and working, he says i will take it, she says its okay i will take it, he says lets go together, they look at each other, Ravi is holding Devika’s hand, Sakshi sees them and smiles, Saket comes there and sees them like that, he reclls how his mother said that they are close to each other, Saket thinks that Ravi is taking advantage of situation, Ravi sees him and leaves Devika’s hand, Ravi ask Devika to go.

Scene 2
Manju finds Pundit on street, Manju says i wanted to talk to you, she says Ravi got job, i want him to settle down, like you found groom for Saket, find same kind of relation for Ravi, as you said Devika have 10crores property, Pundit says yes but Devika will not get single penny, i have listened that case is going on that land, and his paternal uncles will get that land, not DEvika. Manju says find a girl who is rich, Pundit says ok i will search, he leaves.
Sakshis stops Ravi and ask what you feel for DEvika? tell me instantly, Ravi says she is my friend, Sakshi says but i feel you are not telling whole truth, you cant hide anything from me, i have seen world, i can see which guy see which girl more than just a friend, she says Devika is simple so cant understand things but i can sense feelings in your eyes, do you love DEvika? Ravi laughs and says Devika knows me well so she cant even think about it, she ask what she knows? Ravi says i am a big flirt, i date a girl 3 times and then go to next girl, Sakshi ask do you see DEvika same like you see other girls? Ravi says no, i have different friendship with her, i can spend three lives with her forget about 3 dates, her happiness means alot to me, i cant see her in problem and dont think about it else it will be problem for Devika, he leaves, Sakshi says why i am seeing things which are not present or is it that Ravi cant see his love for Devika, what he calls friendship, is actually love, what should i do.

Scene 2
Shekhar comes to Ravi and ask did you find some way out, Saket is here. Saket comes there, Ravi says good you came, there is some misunderstanding between families so i have come to remove it, i have bought my ring back, Saket says i will check if your ring have date written on it, Ravi says i didnt know about it, Saket says if that is your ring then prove it, Ravi asys why should i prove? i have showed you my ring, he says you will not believe till i dont show him everything, Rekha thinks that maybe Ravi forgot to apply date on ring, we are dead now, Ravi says doubt can make anyone mad, Saket says show ring, he sees date written on ring, Ravi says check clearly, i know truth and you are doubting me? i did mistake by taking your contract, i know now you will ask for bill from Devika’s family, he stealthily gives bill to shekhar and ask him to show bill to Saket, Shekhar gives Bill to Saket, Saket is shocked seeing bill, Ravi says i am sure now your doubt is clear, they didnt lie to you, Saket says there is no way to doubt now, he leaves.
Saket is drinking wine, he recalls how he have seen Devika many times with Ravi, Saket’s mother comes and ask did they give bill? Saket says yo were right, Devika and ravi are close, he is taking advantage of my goodness, mother says dont forget Ravi is brother in law of your sister, Saket says i will not do any mistake this time, i will go so much closer to devika that nobody will be able to come inbeteen us.
Sakshi comes to Devika and says i need answer of question, what you feel for Ravi? tell whats in your heart, DEvika says we are friends from heart, Sakshi says its very important, if you have feelings then you can share with me, i will solve everything, just tell me, DEvika thinks, she then says its nothing, i dont have time for these questions, she leaves, Sakshi says they dont wanna understand their feelings, they love each other alot, they think about family and Saket, why dont they accept their love, she says to DEvi Maa that they dont wanna accept, i have requested you before too, do something, i dont want Devika to marry that Saket, do something that she will go away from Saket and comes closer to Ravi.

PRECAP- DEvika says to Ravi that what you have done for my family, nobody do in this age, you can call is favor or anything but i cant define in words what you have done fro my family, thanks.

Update Credit to: Atiba

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