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Tanu follows Abhi and asks why he agreed to wait till tomorrow. He says she made him eat such a good paratha. If he had said anything, she would have stopped his food. Tanu says so what, she is there. Abhi says he would be better off eating from outside then. She asks she makes that bad food? He insults her in his humorous way and leaves. Tanu is worried what she should do now about the money.

Mitali is dreaming about money that she got in her hand, but couldn’t keep it. Her mummy ji and she plan to steal money in night.

Pragya is thinking why Tanu was insisting Abhi to take money. Is she planning something evil?

Mitali and Mummy ji are passing by. Pragya asks them about Tanu. They say they didn’t see her and will inform Pragya if they see her.

Janki maa tells

Sarla about high tax on Kumkum Bhagya hall. They have to pay 10 lakh within a week. Pragya hears it. Sarla tells Janki maa to leave papers there and don’t tell anything to Pragya. Pragya says 10 lakh? She has so much money, but how she can use it for her matters. She can’t ask Abhi for it either.

Nikhil is afraid of nurse. He tells Tanu to arrange money fast..else nurse may poison him. Tanu says she has arranged money, but Pragya has her eyes on it and Sarla too. Nikhil says they will need to do something about both of them. He shares some plan with Tanu.

Pragya is not able to find Tanu. She wonders where she went so late. Abhi quietly tries to come inside their room. Pragya sees him and asks what’s going on. He says she was busy, so he didn’t want to disturb her. She says he’s disturbing her by doing things like that and asks him to help her in work. Abhi says she didn’t help him when he was making a song, then why should he? She says she did help. He says what help? After making lyrics, she forgot it. She says he made her forget by kissing her. He says he offered her another kiss to bring her memory back, but she refused. They argue. She says she couldn’t remember song. He asks her to look aside and gives a long kiss on cheek. Pragya is shell-shocked. He asks her if she remembered? She is quiet. He says no? then he can give another kiss. She says no and sings the song super fast. Abhi thanks her. She says he’s too mean. He asks if she wants him to do any work and teases her with another kiss. She tells him to do nothing and go to sleep. Both sleep.

Tanu was waiting outside. She says once they sleep, she’ll start her work.

After awhile, Pragya jumps saying cockroach. Tanu runs. Pragya wakes Abhi. He’s on floor. He says he is that cockroach. Pragya gets mad and asks him to sleep. He asks what he will do alone in double blanket. She is irritated.

Sarla catches Tanu outside Abhi-Pragya room and ask what she’s doing there. How she came there alone in dark. Tanu is quiet. Sarla tells her she doesn’t want a second woman to be outside their room. Tanu says a second woman? Sarla says yes, thanks to Pragya she’s there. Tanu thinks she will snatch away everything from Pragya. Sarla continues with her detective mode and tells Tanu to go else something will happen to her child and family will throw her out. Tanu walks away and thinks Sarla is right about taking care of her baby else she won’t get anything.

After while, Tanu comes back. This time, she successfully goes inside their room. Both Abhi and Pragya are sleeping. Tanu tries to take keys from Pragya. In sleep, Pragya says you came again (thinking it’s Abhi). Tanu thinks so all this happens behind her. She gets mad and controls her temper. Now Abhi laughs in his sleep. Tanu says both are in deep sleep, and still thinking about each other. Soon she will change Abhi’s thinking..then he will stay with Tanu rest of his life. Tanu searches for locker’s keys. She finds it under Pragya’s pillow. She picks it up and leaves making door noise. Abhi wakes up, sees Pragya sleeping and then goes back to sleep.

Tanu succeeds in getting money.

Abhi notices Pragya is feeling cold. He goes and closes window. Pragya smiles seeing him. She quickly goes back to sleep before Abhi sees her. Abhi then goes to her and covers her with blanket. He says good night and goes to his bed. Pragya says good night and again pretends to be sleeping. Abhi says she’s in his mind, everywhere. How will this work? Once she comes in his life forever, neither he will have any complain, nor her.

Tanu recalls Nikhil telling her to steal money and try to show it’s done by Pragya and Sarla. Abhi will get mad at her then.

It’s morning. Pragya asks Abhi if he covered her with blanket in night. He says, he was sleeping. Jadoo from Koi Mil gaya must have come. Pragya says her Jadoo is him and goes to washroom. Abhi blushes.

Abhi is playing guitar. Pragya brings fruits for him. She says he favored her yesterday, so she thought to do something for him. Abhi asks about their money deal. She says she will give but he will need to tell her where he will spend that. Abhi says such a typical wife, but finals the deal with her. They fight to eat fruits. They fall on floor. Pragya on Abhi. Song plays… They have eye lock.

Precap: Pragya still on Abhi. Abhi asks Pragya did he heard her saying that she wishes they get closer like this forever. She asks why she would say that. Maybe he’s thinking like that. That is why he doesn’t want to leave her.

Update Credit to: Simmy

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