Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

Tanu follows Abhi and asks why he agreed to wait till tomorrow. He says she made him eat such a good paratha. If he had said anything, she would have stopped his food. Tanu says so what, she is there. Abhi says he would be better off eating from outside then. She asks she makes that bad food? He insults her in his humorous way and leaves. Tanu is worried what she should do now about the money.

Mitali is dreaming about money that she got in her hand, but couldn’t keep it. Her mummy ji and she plan to steal money in night.

Pragya is thinking why Tanu was insisting Abhi to take money. Is she planning something evil?

Mitali and Mummy ji are passing by. Pragya asks them about Tanu. They say they didn’t see her and will inform Pragya if they see her.

Janki maa tells

Sarla about high tax on Kumkum Bhagya hall. They have to pay 10 lakh within a week. Pragya hears it. Sarla tells Janki maa to leave papers there and don’t tell anything to Pragya. Pragya says 10 lakh? She has so much money, but how she can use it for her matters. She can’t ask Abhi for it either.

Nikhil is afraid of nurse. He tells Tanu to arrange money fast..else nurse may poison him. Tanu says she has arranged money, but Pragya has her eyes on it and Sarla too. Nikhil says they will need to do something about both of them. He shares some plan with Tanu.

Pragya is not able to find Tanu. She wonders where she went so late. Abhi quietly tries to come inside their room. Pragya sees him and asks what’s going on. He says she was busy, so he didn’t want to disturb her. She says he’s disturbing her by doing things like that and asks him to help her in work. Abhi says she didn’t help him when he was making a song, then why should he? She says she did help. He says what help? After making lyrics, she forgot it. She says he made her forget by kissing her. He says he offered her another kiss to bring her memory back, but she refused. They argue. She says she couldn’t remember song. He asks her to look aside and gives a long kiss on cheek. Pragya is shell-shocked. He asks her if she remembered? She is quiet. He says no? then he can give another kiss. She says no and sings the song super fast. Abhi thanks her. She says he’s too mean. He asks if she wants him to do any work and teases her with another kiss. She tells him to do nothing and go to sleep. Both sleep.

Tanu was waiting outside. She says once they sleep, she’ll start her work.

After awhile, Pragya jumps saying cockroach. Tanu runs. Pragya wakes Abhi. He’s on floor. He says he is that cockroach. Pragya gets mad and asks him to sleep. He asks what he will do alone in double blanket. She is irritated.

Sarla catches Tanu outside Abhi-Pragya room and ask what she’s doing there. How she came there alone in dark. Tanu is quiet. Sarla tells her she doesn’t want a second woman to be outside their room. Tanu says a second woman? Sarla says yes, thanks to Pragya she’s there. Tanu thinks she will snatch away everything from Pragya. Sarla continues with her detective mode and tells Tanu to go else something will happen to her child and family will throw her out. Tanu walks away and thinks Sarla is right about taking care of her baby else she won’t get anything.

After while, Tanu comes back. This time, she successfully goes inside their room. Both Abhi and Pragya are sleeping. Tanu tries to take keys from Pragya. In sleep, Pragya says you came again (thinking it’s Abhi). Tanu thinks so all this happens behind her. She gets mad and controls her temper. Now Abhi laughs in his sleep. Tanu says both are in deep sleep, and still thinking about each other. Soon she will change Abhi’s thinking..then he will stay with Tanu rest of his life. Tanu searches for locker’s keys. She finds it under Pragya’s pillow. She picks it up and leaves making door noise. Abhi wakes up, sees Pragya sleeping and then goes back to sleep.

Tanu succeeds in getting money.

Abhi notices Pragya is feeling cold. He goes and closes window. Pragya smiles seeing him. She quickly goes back to sleep before Abhi sees her. Abhi then goes to her and covers her with blanket. He says good night and goes to his bed. Pragya says good night and again pretends to be sleeping. Abhi says she’s in his mind, everywhere. How will this work? Once she comes in his life forever, neither he will have any complain, nor her.

Tanu recalls Nikhil telling her to steal money and try to show it’s done by Pragya and Sarla. Abhi will get mad at her then.

It’s morning. Pragya asks Abhi if he covered her with blanket in night. He says, he was sleeping. Jadoo from Koi Mil gaya must have come. Pragya says her Jadoo is him and goes to washroom. Abhi blushes.

Abhi is playing guitar. Pragya brings fruits for him. She says he favored her yesterday, so she thought to do something for him. Abhi asks about their money deal. She says she will give but he will need to tell her where he will spend that. Abhi says such a typical wife, but finals the deal with her. They fight to eat fruits. They fall on floor. Pragya on Abhi. Song plays… They have eye lock.

Precap: Pragya still on Abhi. Abhi asks Pragya did he heard her saying that she wishes they get closer like this forever. She asks why she would say that. Maybe he’s thinking like that. That is why he doesn’t want to leave her.

Update Credit to: Simmy


  1. kavi

    And the story goes onnnnnnnn anddddddd onnnnnnnn againnnnnnnn!this is the worst I’ve ever seen

  2. sutha

    this story spoils our Indian culture and heritage. How long the evil wins? please change the story and expose Tanu

  3. veena

    Why can’t they expose tanu n nikhil really it’s crazy how long tanu n nikhil evil plans going on

  4. sandhya

    guys I was thinking one thing that we all know ekta is totka queen I mean have a blind faith on astrology so what if she is moving with this serial story according to her astro I mean it is quiet possible that she had asked to her astrologer that when to disclose the tanu secret and he have told her to wait and that’s why she is keep on dragging this and CVS are also fed up of her decisions so they are showing us those previous scenes again and again like a loop because according to sources this serial is the one on which she has invested more so it is quite possible that she is concerning about this with her astrologer and she is saying that this is not the good muhurat please think from this angle and reply what do u think pls

  5. Reji

    Hello guys …episode was not so good..just they were filling abhigya scenes to keep us to watch…but really CVS have a good brain…and i got a doubt guys…actually now pragya got to know sarla is in need of 10 lakhs…and then tanu also stole the money but for wat reason …she blamed sarla..did she also got to know tax matter on kkb hall ??…

    Anyways.. I want to say onethng to u all..i am going to ooty kodaikanal side for vacation with my parents…so i can’t comment for 2 -3days..i am going on 21st may and may be returning on 24th may …so gonna miss u all my friends… I will try to comment in middle ..but let’s see…so miss u all…guys…all keep commenting…after returning u all says wat happnd ??…any positive things took place ??..OK guys !!…bye bye …tata…see u all soon !!..

    • shobana

      Reji Happy journey with ur family

      Tanu is stealing money to give it to Nikhil since nurse is blackmailing him to give 10 lakhs. Yesterday prathiksha said that sarla ma is acting in some other program so she cant make her presence often. So to get her out of MM only this stealing money storyline comes.
      And in kkb positive things will happen only in our dreams so u don’t worry we will update you

      • karthika

        hi shobana sis..sorry i couldn’t reply for u yesterday..actully u r ryt..now i wish the same…i also wanted the trps to get down as u said the CVs team will wake up nd end this track… if they even find money in sarla maa’s room also i don’t think so abhi vl trust it…..

      • U r right shobana. ..how r u ..eppayum tanu than jeikiraanga?abhi kita unnmaiya sollama kadupaethuranga. ..???serial ippadi illupaanga seriously….?

    • Bye reji? will miss u. Have a happy and safe journey and don’t worry about the show. Surely nothing important will happen until ur come back but if anything happens I m here to give u updates. So if u will get chance, u could get to know. See u soon. We will wait for ur come back in comment section.?

  6. Kimmy

    Muhurat my eyes…. cus I can’t curse. She is really dumb in making decisions and she is consulting witchcraft to inquire about her shows. This which are really obvious. This drama went downhill long time ago and she knows it. The ratings suck and the show its still on. Really degrading the characters and actors themselves as they continue to play in this cr*p. Expose the Tanu and nikhil duo and let abhigya be happy. Tanu pregnancy went to the most ridiculous extend. It’s been more than a year since she is pregnant and she still hold it. Of dumb people you shall stay away else you and up like them.

  7. Bujji

    Worst episodes….writers if u dnt know what to write simply sit in ur home and write RAM koti like that…don’t write this type of idiotic stories…it’s completely waste of time…what is this non sense…..at least Telugu serials are better than these…they are ending up a suspense within a week not like u people prolonging since from year…movie makers are dieing to make stories of reaching audience expectation..but you are spoiling all expectations instead of that giving us a lot of headache only…there are so many clues…to expose but they won’t use at least one..worst ekta…………

  8. Naz

    For the love of the Almighty, what the France going on in this godforsaken serial. I’m 51 years young….and my life is more exciting than this kkb. Cast members, are you serious,? Why do you all do these scenes? You bore us all to thy kingdom come, with an ass of a script like what you are giving us at the moment. Its like they are so devoid of plots n tanu is soooo irritating n if she wasnt enough, they throw ugly nikhil in as a bonus.!!!

  9. Priya$

    So many abhigya scenes r there nowadays… No other way for creative team to drag.. For trp they making abhigya scenes.. But after sometime v ll fed up with tat also.. Y they are dragging this much.. And one more thing always they showing leading role as dumb always first pragya now abhi.. But evils r very sharp clever always… Ohhh god pls stop this tanu’s blah blah blah…

  10. maria chenelle

    the storyline not good.. I dun now why the writers like make the story look day after day down …. irritated .. I hate that..please unite abhigya .finish takhil shit

  11. Katiusce

    Me gusta la verdad la serie,pero está desgastada cn tanu siempre saliendo con la suya,nunca la pillan,su amiga no la delata apesar d todo por dios!!! Que sean felices al menos un poco…y que se acabe el trauma de Abhi….

  12. New on location video-

    Pragya and purab finds money stealing, tanu traps sarla maa.

    Full update- Purab and pragya finds that money has stolen. Abhi and whole family gets to know about it. Purab and pragya searches everybody’s room and at last tanu. But they doesn’t find money from there. They comes out from tanu’s room. Purab says to pragya that we searched in Tanu’s room also but didn’t find anything. He says that I think this is someone’s planning. Pragya about to say something. Just then abhi comes from behind and says he doesn’t want to say anything from anyone now as he already knew that money will not b found in anybody’s room. Now there is no need to search anymore as no place is left. Tanu comes out from her room and says one room is left which is guest room. Abhi says shutup tanu. That room is sarla aunty’s room and I know there nothing will b found. Tanu says to abhi that if u searches whole family’s room even dadi’s who is everything to u, then why u doesn’t want to search sarla Aunty’s room? If u will not search in her room then everybody will think that u r doing partiality, that uu searched our rooms but not urs dear mother-in-law’s. She looks towards purab and says hai na purab! Pragya comes and says, Tanu…, what insolence is this? Tanu says no insolence, I just want that sarla maa too gets clean chit so when she will leave then after going from here, she do not listen everybody’s taunts and talks behind her. Dadi says OK, check her room also, so she get satisfaction. Sarla maa gets teary eyes and says OK, can check my room also so everybody get satisfied. Video ends here.

    • asmitha

      pratiksha I expected something but happen something now it is very clear that telly news will be true now sarla maa will leave mm but before her leaving if anyone find it then it will be if not so many people will stop watching this serial but this time I am felling that abhi will find out not totally I think he come to know that sarla maa not did this

    • Guys I think all u can guess easily what will happen after this? They will find that money briefcase from sarla maa’s room as tanu planned. Even they will find that tax papers of kumkumbhagya marriage hall which janki amma has given to sarla maa. This will b the plus point for tanu to easliy convinced amd manipulates everyone that sarla maa has stolen that money fir her marriage hall, in which pragya helped her. So like this, Sarla maa will b blamed for stealing and pragya too will accused for involving with sarla maa by tanu according to her and nikhil’s plan. Pragya might saved becoz she is the owner of house and everything and sarla maa also will not let anything wrong happen with her. So when she will b unable to prove her innocence, she will leave the house for her self-respect. I m expecting that abhi will not believe on it that pragya and sarla maa can do this even after finding proof against them and he will shut tanu’s and everybody’s mouth and will stop sarla maa. What I think that he wiil get unable to do anything aand he will cime in dilemma. Pragya too eill b in dilemma as she can’t do anything as tanu have created a situation that if pragya will take sarla maa’s side and will stop her from leaving then she will get prove wrong in everyone’s eyes. She may say it that sarla maa can’t do it but she cannot stop her from leaving until she will not have any proof to prove it. So everything will b depend on abhi that what he will do after getting that money briefcase from sarla maa’s room? But I think sarla maa will own self leave the house for bringing them out from dilemma and for her self-respect. Now after this let’s see what will pragya do to teach lesson to tanu as we have been seen that tanu was trying to get that money somehow. That’s why she was convincing abhi for asking his shares. Pragya knows it that tanu is planning something that’s why she needs that money so it will not b difficult for pragya to find out that it was all tanu’s planning. Tanu stole lockers keys and that money briefcase from locker and them she kept it in sarla maa’s room, she purposely said to abhi to search sarla maa’s room in front of everyone so she could trap sarla maa and her and could accused them fir money stealing. So she could fall them in abhi’s and everyone’s eyes and could make everybody against them. So now it is left to see what abhi will do and what pragya will do in reply of tanu’s evil plan?

      • Aishwarya

        Prathiksha i think from this abhi will also get suspicious coz he know sarala maa character very well i think he will definetly do something coz he had a lot of respect in sarala maa incase sarala maa leave mm also he will surely do his detective job i think from this we can see our old abji this is just my guess n my wish what u think guysss

    • This is something like purvi crap like aaaliya trapped purvi same thing season 2 so now wat are they planning next pragya or abhi will weep consoling or making each other drama continues aakash rachna shaadi for that I don’t know and after that fake pregnancy drama then pragya ka saazish (planning done by tanu) abhi will come to know. ….then maybe after a 500 episodes exposure m8 take place after that the show will go off air with happy ending

    • shobana

      If abhi believe that sarla ma can’t do this means, he should also think someone has trapped sarla ma and he should find that who trapped her and why they did so . Will he think in that way ?? Or as usual will he forget everything and will live in his own dreamland??

      • Shobhna abhi should do something but becoz only his heart is working, not mind since long so let’s see. But surely pragya will do something against tanu after this.

      • shobana

        Ya prathiksha I too hope that pragya will do something. We can only hope. Because whatever we expect it wont happen.

  13. One more news guys. I saw a video of tellymasala which says that Leena could b quit from the show. It says tanu could get replaced third time in the show as sources said. It says that they confirmed it with leena but she says nothing like this, she is not leaving this show. Telly masala says that but cvs r taking auditions for tanu’s role according to sources. So let’s see if tanu will again replaced in the show third time or not? Guys this news is same as nikhil’s replacement news where article was claiming that nikhil arya is leaving the show and could b replaced with some other actor and CVS r taking auditions for it. But nikhil denied from it. So guys it seems these r the rumours and it is going on purposely to maintain it’s audience as audience r so much disappointed with present storyline of the show becoz of it, show is losing it’s trip ratings. Well let’s see.

    • karthika

      yes pratiksha..this might be rumour…in case if leena wants to quit the show…it’s positive sign for us..thy vl end card for tanu’s track….

    • Hai everyone oh no it should no trim happen I am a fan of Leena. Gowtham Anna we will surely miss her if she get replaced???

    • gowtham

      wat???tanu is gonna be replaced ah…. no no no.. must not happened…. i am watching kkb fr abhighya and tanu also…. so it must be a rumour…. dnt wry hency… tanu wont quit i guess

      • shobana

        Gowtham After reading prathiksha’s update I expect this reaction from you ?
        See first madhurima tulli ( first tanu) stepped out of kkb then Suresh, purvi, bulbul sarla ma has gone to other serial so she couldn’t make her presence much now sources are tellin nikhil and tanu might step out of the show which clearly shows that the actors itself not interested to persue with this stupid storyline.

  14. Hai karthika gowtham Anna kutty reji pratiksha shobana sheeta swetha fowziya deepa sara asmitha…how r u all?????☺

  15. karthika

    gowtham bro..how r u??how is ur work going??did u get good companionship there??now a days our kkb is losing it’s charm..i feel boring to watch it…

    • gowtham

      hi karthika.. am good yar… Saturday and sunday leave… so max i will be here in telly only ??

    • shobana

      How are u ??
      I feel kkb has already lost its charm. Because nowadays I am feeling bored

  16. karthika

    that’s a great news gowtham bro..actually i forgot that today is saturday….i’m happy that u r in leave..keep commenting.

  17. forget about Tanu…i don’t want to use any word for her…i think it’s time to avoid her….lets talk about Abhigya….oh God how can they be so cute?so perfect?so adorable?so naughty????everytime i saw them and laugh like never before. they are full of life.From kissing scene to fruit scene just perfect.simply superb.i don’t care about story line up i know i can’t do anything so it;s better i should concentrate on Abhigya only…even i watch kkb episodes on online but you know what i only watch kkb part and skip other scenes..but i guys i think there has a reason behind dragging and that is IPL matches which take high trp for last couple of months and before that world cup and Asia cup so oviously shows trp down and i notice it for many years that during ipl matches show makers don’t want to introduce any new shows or any high voltage drama they like to store it for next after ipl matches so that they can easily gain the trp….Ipl matcges are come at it’s end so i hope this time Ekta mam will not miss that oppertunity to show Tanu track end and gain the trp again….Guys it’s all about trp….not just kkb but many shows drag their story and trp also not good …….so hope this is reason behind this crap and hope by the month of june we will see something really good….All the best and till then i would like to enjoy Abhigya moment only bcs to me there is only two people in Mehra house rest of them are invisible……

  18. karthika

    yes shobana sis..i’m fine…i’m feeling the same…faltu story is going on…now a days i don’t know what to comment abut kkb??i’m fed up with it sis..i know we all r feeling the same….as u said CVs team is fooling us by showing abhigya’s scenes to make us hooked with the show…it’s one of their tactic strategy to rise trps..but sadly it won’t work for more days…

  19. deepa

    Haiiii frndssss….irritating serial…i’m a big fan of kkb but nowadaysss tanu track ivlo perusa kondu poradhu pudikala…tanu track ku end podara mariye story ah kondu vandhu aprm onnume iladha mari paniduranga…1 day la mudika vendiya seen ah 1 year ah kondu poranga…pls seikiram tanu track ku oru end card podunga..mudiyalaaaa.indha serial story logic ah ilama iruku adhan irritate agudhu….abhi kita dadi &pragyavum straight yellathayum sonna abhi nambamatangala..adha vitutu en ipdi ilukuranga…abhi avanga life la rmba important ah nenaikuravanga dadi & pragya than avanga idha sollumpodhu abhi epdi adha nambama povanga….ivanga en abhi kita peasamatenguranga..icanga abhi kita indha unmaya sollama irukuradhu than thappa teriyudhu…abhi indha unmay teriya varumpodhu nama rmba nambunavanga namakita irundhu idha ivlo nall maraichadha nenaicha kandipa proud ah feel panamaranga….

  20. deepa

    Alliya & tanu ah matume villiya pathu pathu rmba bore adikudhu…pls pudhusa edhachum story kondu vanga…

  21. deepa

    Enaku ipolam indha serial mela irukura interest koranjikite iruku…indha mari logic iladha story ah pakkum podhu tension,bp lam yerudhu…na indha pakkamaten updates matum than padipen enake ipdi iruku indha serial ah pakuravangaluku epdi irukummmmm

  22. gowtham

    i dnt knw wat to say about kkb…. if someone busy in the show, simply cvs find some stryline to take them out… frst aaliya and now sarla ma… and whn they become free, again some stryline will be created to bring them back…. i knw its a drama… but there must be some logic to take the people out…. sarla ma, aftr recovery didnt do anything gr8… we all were put all the hope on her only.. but cvs make that hope a uselss one again…. i dnt knw wat are they trying to do…. do they want to extend it wdout any logic?? since having high trp level they are doing like this… and no one wants to knw who kidnapped sarla ma mainly abhi doesn’t even care… i thnk he is busy romancing wd prgya.. and during concert time and all he was in desperate position to get divorce frm prgya.. many stupid fights and sad scens also happened…. nw they frget everything wat is this??? i dnt knw to where it ll lead nu… i dnt knw m strongly feeling that kkb loosing its charm especially past two weeks aftr the recovery of sarla ma its gone really bad to the extend…. i am really want old kkb…. and it was way old kkb…. yesterdays episode i didn see but after reading the update onethng is clear… juz pushing us to see abhigyas romance…. not to frget even if they show abhigya on the screen fr 10 hrs m ready to see… but by having this weapon, we are pushed to see this kind of useless epiosdes… and to take sarla out of the screen this much drama is happening… and aftr that it will start again… but i was putting my hope that much on sarala ma… but cvs betrayed my hope once again…. i am really feel sad… fr sarla mas leave on mm…. not feel good even a pinch… and i dnt knw in wat drama they are planning to potray next….

    • shobana

      Gowtham romba feel pannatha . The main job of CVs is to betray the audience. If we think in one direction the CVs are going in other direction. Unless and until we are not getting bored by abhigya’s scenes we have to bear all this illogical and stupid storyline.
      If someone cant able to act or can’t continue with the show means the directors or the producers should search for some other person who fits for the role and should them and then should continue with the storyline. But here ulta is happening if someone not able to act means they are changing the storyline for them. So with this we can’t expect anything from the CVs. They will be continue all illogical things until the trp is high.
      Planning to kill, planning to steal and always the evil will win is the only thing the CVs thought us by this program.


      • Sahithi

        Shobana I dont think it is about actors availability really, because they are bound by contracts and the production house will have fair understanding of actors availability and the show schedule. Now if Sarla is made to leave MM, we shouldnt think that is because of actor being part of another show. As long as Sarla is around, Tanu cant execute her plans, she will be first obstacle in Tanu’s way, so if they have to drag further, they have to move her out.

        Lot of similar comments came when Shabir went to Canada for an event and that was thought as reason for dragging the track after Tanu marriage was stopped. People felt Shabir’s dupe was shooting, so track not closed. But he is back almost for a month now, why are the writers not exposing Tanu till now.

        I dont see connection between actors availability and track progress. Where has Purab(Arjit) gone from last so many months? He is not part of other shows or events. I feel he has less role to play and less importance these days than Tanu, Nikhil and most days Mithali also. Mithali was one of the MM family members till long time. Dont know why from last few months we definitely see one scene of hers everyday, more coverage than Purab n Bulbul.

        Purab is also a parallel lead along with Abhi in the starting and we all know the role he played from starting in Abhi n Pragya’s life, how he brought them close after they returned from the jungle. But now we hardly see any significance for him. There are days we dont even see him. It is all about Tanu.

      • Well sahithi it happens mostly. Lead and important actors could b bound with contract but not another ones. Leads and important actors also could have some important work for doing, for which CVS gives holiday to them but they allows only for most important and urgent works and in this situation CVS uses their dupes to shoot but other actors doesn’t bound for it. They could take necessary break for it. Supriya shukla who is playing sarla maa’s role, she is doing a daily soap on Sab tv also. In which she needs to give her most appearance so it could b possible that to give her occasional appearance in the show, CVS created this sequence. Tanu could get many chance to do further plannings as sarla maa is silent becoz of pragya. Tanu knows that they can’t do anything against her until they haven’t any proof against them so sarla maa too couldn’t do anything against her till then. And sahithi when the show starts running illogically, mostly it happens that for giving exit for someone’s character temperory or permanently, CVS creates fast situations with lots of illogical facts. Sarla maa will b seen occasionally and if she will b needed if she will leave abhi’s house in the show. May b u also right but then also if it is for giving ways to tanu then why tanu target on sarla maa? She can target other supporters too of pragya. Only saela maa’s exit could nit give way to tanu’s plannings as purab, akaash and rachna r main supporters of pragya which helps pragya through actions but sarla maa and dadi r only noral supporters of pragya. Pragya won’t allow them to do any action . Well let’s see.

      • Sahithi

        Why do you think Purab is not getting enough screen space, not even as much as Mithali does, on a daily basis?

        I know Sarla is doing show in Sab TV not now but from more than 5 months. I dont think they need to change storyline now to accomodate her other show. She is part of both shows all these 5 months.

        Sarla may not be part of plan execution, only moral support, no, I dont think only moral support. Given a situation where she thinks Pragya’s life is at risk, Sarla wont care for her own life. So if she is around, death will have to cross Sarla to reach Pragya.

        Trapping Sarla is sort of revenge for Tanu for spoiling her last plan to kill Pragya n also for pushing Nikhil instead in front of the truck. Sarla moving out of MM is what we saw in segment but where this twist will eventually end, will it indirectly take the track further, we have to wait n see.

      • razia

        I agree wid u sahithi .. Shabbira Canada visit or sarlas other show doesn’t matters in this screen space issues .. YU wer absolutely right .. They may use dupes .. BT on tabhi wedding sequence tanus exposure is not postponed it was actually planned .. They dint postpone it since shabbira was in Canada or any where I don remember .. Also including sarla ma n blaming her is al sort of twist which the CVS think vl keep their audiences .. Even Maggie told us before Na the CVS had written up to 800 episodes .. So they slightly makes changes .. The thing is .. Tanus expose sequence is well planned .. They vl do it wen they planned to do .. Only things changed fa shikas marriage n mrunals quit from the show ..

      • Guys why we r doing arguements on this matter? Whatever happens exactly or whatever not, we audience only wants a gud story with logical facts. But cvs have the power to turn it according to their wish and mind, according to demand of situations. Keep the matter if availability of actors aside, we cannot ignore this that story of a show can b changed anytime. And razia a show which bases on series their story cannot changed but these r daily soaps who runs on this bases that how much they will b successful in maintaining it’s popularity as long as possible, so daily soap’s shows scripts writes on daily bases becoz changes can happen anytime in the script. Maggie’s information were wrong. It’s story has not written for 800 episodes, it just can’t written. If they already made this much story then also it will b changeable according to situations. So whatever reason comes, this is true fact that story can b changed and adjust anytime, according to situations.

      • Sahithi

        Why do u think it is an argument, everyone voicing their own opinions. If our opinions dont match, I dont think it means argument.

  23. Sahithi

    Purab mentioned the amount as 1 Cr, Tanu needs 10L for Nikhil, Sarla also needs 10L so out of 1 Cr did Tanu put only 10L in Sarla’s room.

    So has Tanu already given the 10L to Nikhil? If not, then even if she can send Sarla out of MM by this plan, how can she use the 10L out of the 1Cr for Nikhil. I think the OLV is not giving these details. May be actual episode can clarify or as usual writers will not show it clearly and make the audience bakras.

    • asmitha

      hai sahithi u r correct but I am thinking that tanu took 10L and rest of the money she kept in sarla maa room and while they r searching they notice money and papers and I think that papers will be seen by tanu & she will read it and she will blame sarla maa by this tanu will escape again

      • Sahithi

        Thats an option but I am thinking how could Tanu dare do it, as Pragya wont spare her when it is her mom who is concerned. Hopefully they will tally the money that would be missing and find where Tanu is using it. As Tanu wont need 10L for Nikhil’s treatment. Tanu doesnt have Aaliya or Nikhil around to help but still if she is being bold then hopefully it should lead to her digging her grave.

    • shobana

      Sahithi, Im sure that CVs will make some illogical story for this 10L too as usual. Its totally waste to search logic in this illogical storyline.

    • Sahithi tanu left only of some cash in briefcase. It was not almost 10 lakh rupees. And if she left this amount then also question will b raised that rest of money where had gone? I feels that surely tanu left some proff behind her unknowingly in her over confidence which will prove that it was all her plan. Let’s see how it will happen and what pragya will do but surely she will do something as tanu has made target of her maa. So pragya won’t spare her. I was wondering g how was tanu so easily stole money and then kept it in sarla maa’s room and nobody saw her in the house when so many peoples lives in that house. And if I m not wrong so abhi’s house is covered with CCTV camera’s, specially whole corridor and main hall. Let’s see how CVS will make it logical,later.

      • gowtham

        u ask fd logic reason….. no way pratiksha… we should knw this that dumbest cvs ll let it fly as they do alwys

  24. Reji

    Hi guys. ..now I am travelling in car…lying down commenting…all fine na ??..ippo car vandalur side poguthu..driver said today night only we will reach. ..car la paduthukuttu comment panren. ..ok bye ….!!..

  25. shobana

    I have a doubt

    Rachana was pregnant for nearly 13-14 months
    Tanu is pregnant since last April.
    If pragya become pregnant how long the story will be stretched??

    • asmitha

      very nice doubt shobana we r waiting for those moments only but I think it will not happen in this year may be next year she will become pregnant but up to that time we have to see this tanu pregnancy only

      • shobana

        Ya asmitha, im also waiting for that moment and I know pretty well that it won’t happen now. But I want to know how long she will be pregnant. Because rachana is a supporting actress for that itself the CVs made her pregnant for more than a year.
        Tanu is parallel role and her pregnancy is never ending tale.
        Pragya is a lead so just imagining how long she will be pregnant…

    • asmitha

      shobana that now in kkb abhigya r romancing so much if by mistake by losing in each other if they intimate then it will be a very nice twist just am thinking like this but however it will not happen but if happens I think no one will think about tanu and abhi will be more happiest person but it not happens

    • Mayuri

      Shobana … When they will show that pragya is pregnant then the one only possible thing after born of child is a time leap of minimum 2to 3 years ….. And in pregnancy all the villans from the world will approach …. Virtaul world is really funny ?????????

  26. karthika

    shobana sis…tanu vl not let it happen ….tanu vl become haddi in kabob…she vl not let abhigya to live happily..everytime when abhigya share some romantic moments tanu vl interrupt it…as we all know abut our kkb history they vl never let it happen…..if pragya becomes pregnant then abhi vl concern more for her….in that case if they stretch pragya’s gestational period track also it vl be nyc…but CVs team vl never bring that story as they always wanted to dissapoint the audience in all way….

  27. sham

    Sarala came out from big tragedy and Abhi is not bothered ask how she met with accident. Who kidnapped her. Just asking her to cook and eating parata. Even uneducated person also first he enquiry about these incident. Even though this is serial but at least some logic should apply. Looks like in mehra house only ancient monkeys are living

  28. New segment update-
    Update same as today’s on location video, only interviews added.
    Everybody finds that money has stolen. Tanu firstly, accuses pragya for stealing the money but nothing finds in her room them she targets on sarla maa at last after finishing of search in everybody’s room. Sriti says that 1 crore rupees has stolen from the lockers. Tanu accuses pragya for stealing the money. Pragya thinks that tanu stole the money but didn’t find anything from her room. Nobody knows that where money has gone? Tanu says to abhi to check sarla maa’s room too so everybody get satisfied. Abhi and pragya doesn’t ready for it as she believes that sarla maa can’t do it but tanu uses family’s satisfaction excuse so dadi gets agrees for this and sarla maa too gives permission to check her room. Supriya ji says to reporters that tanu is desperate to take revenge from pragya and sarla maa as they have spoiled her plan of killing pragya and becoz of sarla maa nikhil also is in hospital. So tanu is doing planning against them and don’t know how much she will plan more becoz this is just beginning. Reporter says that tanu stole the money and she kept it in sarla maa’s room and now she is ready to trap her. So more drama will take place in this twist when abhi will find money briefcase from sarla maa’s room.

  29. gowtham

    sahithi i have a doubt from your point… if its not based on actors availability, hw can u differntiate shika singhs departure, it was clearly known she was taken only bcoz of her marriage… so i thnk there, actors availablity made the huge role and also and if she had stayed stryline would have differd entirely.. juz bcoz she is not here, stry goes without her.. and one more example, juz bcoz bulbul wanted to relieve they killed her its a simple line… and in her case also if she had stayed, stryline would have changed… i dnt thnk its about tanu only… it basically comes wd thr availability of the actors as well.. i agree shobanas point in this… and i thnk that in sarla mas departure, as u said it may be to run the stry further they have planned to move her out.. bcoz of she is here, stry wont go on.. so maybe intentionally cvs done that.. but fr all other cases we cant juz come to this conclusion…. actors availability is also playing a role here…. its coming under contractula period also not to forget…

    • Yes gowtham this is what I m trying to say. Thank god u too thinks same. I m not trying to foist my view as I know everybody have their own opinion but I m just trying to explain the fact that actors availibilty too puts effect on storyline mostly. It is true. CVS changes it according to the actors availibilty and we have been seen it so many times in kkb. Even what I think that tanu’s truth revelation’s delay is also happened becoz of shikha’s aka aaliya’s absence but when she will come back, most probably story will take different turn. So I m waiting for her come back eagerly becoz whenever she comes back, story becomes interesting and gives some conclusion. So let’s see.

  30. asmitha

    hai guys our abhi playing cricket in colors BCL cricket match its coming now he looking so cute

    • asmitha

      s hency but they lost it I was waited for his bating I heard he is a wonderful player but they didn’t gave him a chance if he plays it na they will surely won it but how cute he was looking yaar he sat like a good boy

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.