Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th May 2016 Written Episode Update

Silsila Pyaar Ka 20th May 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Vinay asks Sanjana where is Neeti,Sanjana says we are alone home,I mean everyone is out, forget that tell me what will u have I will cook special dinner for u,Vinay says thanku but I’m not hungry,Sanjana says I’m sorry for all that happened,I know Neeti is my sister but I don’t believe why she did this to u, ur so nice person n also with her pregnancy I worry how the poor child will have effect of all this on it,Neeti is my sister but this is all bcoz of Janki me she spoilt Didi,Neeti n Kartik listening to all this from door,Sanjana says what Didi has done I just can’t imagine how she did this to u, all her mistakes were never corrected n so this is the result spoilt brat, I’m never brought up like this I was always taught good things,Neeti is gone n how long are u going to live with this pain now, u have to move on, I think divorce is what u shd go for.

Kartik says Neeti go in n tell Vinay abt Sanjana n her dirty plans,Neeti says I can’t believe Sanjana did this to me,Kartik says I’m sorry I shdnt have believed Sanjana,Neeti says leave me alone n leaves.

Janki closed eyes walking to raunaks room,she tries opening door but finds it locked from inside,Janki knocks the door,Kajal wakes Raunak, raunak says u need something tell me,Kajal says I’m fine ma is here she is waiting for u at the door,raunak walks to door n says go away from here,Janki says Raunak,Raunak says no ma when I see at u,I see betrayal n I don’t want mat the less respect I have for u even go,plz go,janki says listen to me once,Raunak says plz leave,Kajal says sir plz talk to her, Raunak says u aren’t fine yet u rest let me give u ur meds,Kajal says sir try understand,Raunak says ma ur still here I said leave.

Janki in tears leaves, Kajal says sir u are ruining the situation,Raunak says u know I love cooking today I shall cook breakfast for u,unfortunately I can’t cook though,I will go look aft Sakshi u go freshen up.

Rauank opens door n sees Janki standing,jankis opens eyes n says Raunak,Raunak walks away,jankis look at Kajal getting ready in anger n walks away.kajal gets a call from Neeti,Kajal says Neeti tell me all fine Neeti in tears say no all is not good bhabhi,infact nothing is good n tells whole story to Kajal,Kajal says I can’t believe this Sanjana did it n what’s wrong with Vinay he shd have trusted u,Neeti says I don’t know what to do ,Kajal says calm down u have to win this,nits ur marriage u have to fight for it ,do something that Vinay will know the truth n Sanjana will realise her mistake,we all are with u but u have to fight,Neeti says I will bhabhi I won’t let this relation break.

Ashok walks to Vinay, Munshi sees him n asks Ashok did u talk to Neeti, did u agree, Ashok says no she didn’t,Sanjana walks to them n says uncle don’t worry all will be fine,Radhika says I didn’t expect this from Neeti she is so stubborn n has lot of attitude,look at Sanjana she is so good,Munshi says think before u speak Radhika,Radhika says what’s wrong look at Sanjana she is so sweet I was so wrong abt her,she was here to study but is looking after all of us, the family will be so happy to have her where she marries,Sanjana says I will gets some tea for jiju n leaves,Vinay leaving for office sees Neeti walk in with her bag.

Munshi Ashok very happy to see Neeti back,Neeti says Vinay I made a huge mistake,I have realised my mistake, I think we shd give a second chance,and aft we have baby, if u still can’t forgive me I will walk away with the baby I promise but till then plz let me stay,Ashok says u don’t have to go anywhere Neeti this is ur house too,go to ur room n rest go,n no one will stop u,munshis ays very good decision Neeti,right Radhika,Radhika says yes ,Neeti says Sanjana ur my siste right tell ur jiju to forgive me,Sanjana says yes Didi I will even I want the same,Vinay says I don’t agree to this.

Rauank goes to see Randhir,Randhir gets scared of him,Raunak says papa its me Raunak ur son,don’t be scared, are u hungry come lets have breakfast,Randhir says no I will go only with Kajal call her,Raunak says Kajal isn’t well so I’m here come with me,Randhir says no Kajal only with Kajal,Raunak says papa calm down first n trust me, me n Kajal we will both look after u n I’m sorry for the things happened to u in past 20 yrs n I promise u, u won’t be done any bad n if u don’t keep my promise u slap me again n now come lets go have breakfast,Randhir walks with Raunak.

Janki sees Raunak walking with Randhir n is surprised,Raunak says papa sit here this is ur place, Sakshi says papa dadu will join us for breakfast everyday,Raunak says yes Sakshi,Kajal walks down n sees Raunak with Randhir ,Raunak says Kajal come sit join us for breakfast, Kajal joins them for breakfast, Raunak serves them breakfast n joins them,Randhir says Kajal u will be fine don’t worry, Kajal says yes papa have breakfast n then u got to have medicines,Raunak helps Randhir have breakfast n takes proper care of him.

Harish says Didi u take ur seat lets have breakfast,Raunak says stop, n walks to Harish n says u all plz leave if papa sees ma again he will be islet n loose calm n from today onwards I will have breakfast with my papa, wife n daughter n once we are done u all can have urs.

Pre cap: Harish says Raunak ur crossing ur limits,u can’t insult my sister, Raunak says the way u care abt ur sister so do I care for my family n so I don’t want my papa to be affected by my ma.

Update Credit to: Tanaya

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