Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dr. Sheela thanking Pragya for uniting her daughter with her. Dr. Sheela says I will come with you and will tell Abhi all the truth. Pragya asks him to spend time with Pari and goes. Dr. Sheela thanks God and prays for Pragya’s win. Nikhil and Tanu wait outside Dr. Sheela’s house for Pragya. They see Pragya waiting for auto. Nikhil calls goon and asks her to kidnap Pragya again, and get an auto. Tanu says it is okay, and says we will not kidnap her, but will do her murder. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu asks Nikhil to come on and says lets murder her. Nikhil says so many people are here. Tanu says I am with you, it is now or never. Nikhil agrees and says we shall kill her right here. Pragya waits for auto and thinks to walk a while. Nikhil speeds up car towards her. Tanu thinks

it is not easy to reach Abhi, you will go far from him once you cross the road. Goons see Nikhil speeding car.

Nikhil asks Tanu to see their enemy for last time. Tanu thinks she will marry Abhi after Pragya dies and will get his wealth. Nikhil thinks he will get everything money and fame. Pragya sees speedy car coming towards her and recalls the promise made to Abhi. She thinks I will not leave you and will live for you. Tanu smiles. Pragya jumps to safety and falls down. Nikhil looks on as his car burns. Abhi have a feeling that she is in danger and tells Purab. Purab thinks to save Pragya. Goons think to elope as Nikhil and Tanu get injured. Pragya sees Tanu and gets worried being good. Tanu asks her to save the baby. She takes her to hospital. Nurse talks about rules. Pragya says she is 8 month pregnant and thinks nothing should happen to Tanu or baby. Doctor says she will check Tanu. Pragya answers Tanu’s call. Aaliya cuts the call hearing her voice. Nurse asks her to fill admission form. Nikhil looks on. Nurse asks about the accident. Pragya says car was speedy and hit on the tree.

Aaliya wonders what is happening. She thinks Nikhil will be there and will take my name. She gets worried and says everything is finished now. Nikhil gets up. Pragya asks him to sit down and says you are wounded now. He asks how is Tanu? Pragya asks him to pray for the baby and says she is also praying for him. Tanu is in ICU. Nurse asks Pragya to bring all things for the operation. Aaliya calls Nikhil. Nikhil says our baby is critical and tells about the accident. He says that accident happened because of me. Aaliya asks are you crying? She asks him to stop crying and to remember that the baby is of Abhishek Mehra and not yours. Nikhil says how to forget that the accident happened because of you. Aaliya asks him to be practical and says we have to execute the plan. Nikhil says I am evil and bad, but that baby is mine. Aaliya asks him to relax and calm down. Nikhil says I don’t want to win as I have lost because of my selfishness. Aaliya asks him not to cut call else she will not leave him. Nikhil asks what do you want?

Abhi thinks to apply ointment on his hand. He recalls Pragya applying ointment on his wound. A fb is shown. Pragya makes him sit and applies ointment. Abhi says I was staring at you and got my finger cut. Sanam Re plays…….fb ends. He gets a call and picks it. Aaliya makes a hotel staff woman calls Abhi as a receptionist from city hospital, and informs him about Tanu’s accident. Aaliya thinks I have to make Abhi reach hospital. Purab and Akash feel helpless. Abhi comes to Dadi and says Tanu is serious, we have to go to hospital. Pragya comes to the chemist store and asks to give medicines fast. He asks her to wait as some medicines are unavailable. Abhi, Tanu and everyone come to the hospital and asks receptionist about Tanu.

Tanu informs Abhi that their baby is lost. She cries and says everything is finished. Dasi says God shouldn’t have done this and asks her to have strength. Tanu says that baby was my strength and asks for whom to live now. She cries and says I want to die. She gets up from bed (strange) and tries to stab herself. Abhi stops her.

Tanu tells everyone that Pragya tried to kill her and her baby. The accident was planned by her. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Wow kya gaja b ki story hai es serial me….maine pahle hi kaha tha ke tanu aur nikhil ki kidnapping ko chhipayenge es story me aur pragya abhi ka talaq v katwa denge….ye sb to huaa hi blki tanu ke bachche ki maut v pragya ke upr eljaam lga diye …aur aage dekhiyega…..abhi es baat ko sach mankar tanu se shadi karega….aur pragya ko bahar nikalega bs v karo durector sahab…..bs … bnd kar do serial srory nhi aati likhni to……par lublic ka dimank kharab mt kro

  2. Sahithi, shobhna, asmitha and guys I just saw adita’s (doctor sheela’s)comment on her instagram account. Someone asked from her that have she more scenes and works in kkb to shoot? Then she replied yes. She told pari’s real name too. Pari’s real name is delisha. Guys It means we have more scenes of Sheela in kkb so we can hope about the truth revelation or can hope that matter has gone nowhere about DNA and kidnapping and still it’s scope is left. Well let’s see.

    1. If she will shoot then it will helpful fr pragya r it may create any problems in her life again if this three evils will again play any game with sheela then what is the hope to see again what u r thinking she will be helpful fr pragya r may create any other problems

      1. Well asmitha we can hope or not, it we will get to know only by updates or episodes but till then we have to wait.

    2. Whoever it is I just want Abhi to know the damn truth, not one but many that r hidden from him for reasons best known to those hiding from him. Even if Pragya tries to leave MM, let her leave. But if she leaves without telling truth that will be biggest disappointment for me. I am not waiting for Tanu’s truth to come before Abhi, never really cared because Abhi will anyhow never marry Tanu. That we are sure of.

      I always wanted either Daadi or Pragya or both to tell him the truth. So if Pragya brings along Sheela or Sheela herself volunteers, either way, tell him truth. I have started hating Pragya more than the 3 evils for this reason. Unless she tells to Abhi, starting from her Mogambo getup, I think I will see her character same as evils. All of them ultimately cause pain to Abhi.


    what bullshit writer
    u should not be writer your story is stupid , how can u kill sucha lovely story for your stupidity

  4. Hi pratiksha I am new to join plz don’t listen to anyone plz update kkb because I read only ur updates so plz update the story

  5. I literally stopped seeing yestarday..wriers are jusr making fools out of viewers. .such a bad rwist..melodrama .lots of tears..i salute tanu and aliya actresses for accepting such roles…they always win..think better than d lead roles. Like this d story will always be negative…

  6. Day By Day KKB is getting worst. Not intereted to watch this serial. Waste of time.

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