Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2016 Written Episode Update

Kumkum Bhagya 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Dr. Sheela thanking Pragya for uniting her daughter with her. Dr. Sheela says I will come with you and will tell Abhi all the truth. Pragya asks him to spend time with Pari and goes. Dr. Sheela thanks God and prays for Pragya’s win. Nikhil and Tanu wait outside Dr. Sheela’s house for Pragya. They see Pragya waiting for auto. Nikhil calls goon and asks her to kidnap Pragya again, and get an auto. Tanu says it is okay, and says we will not kidnap her, but will do her murder. Nikhil is shocked. Tanu asks Nikhil to come on and says lets murder her. Nikhil says so many people are here. Tanu says I am with you, it is now or never. Nikhil agrees and says we shall kill her right here. Pragya waits for auto and thinks to walk a while. Nikhil speeds up car towards her. Tanu thinks

it is not easy to reach Abhi, you will go far from him once you cross the road. Goons see Nikhil speeding car.

Nikhil asks Tanu to see their enemy for last time. Tanu thinks she will marry Abhi after Pragya dies and will get his wealth. Nikhil thinks he will get everything money and fame. Pragya sees speedy car coming towards her and recalls the promise made to Abhi. She thinks I will not leave you and will live for you. Tanu smiles. Pragya jumps to safety and falls down. Nikhil looks on as his car burns. Abhi have a feeling that she is in danger and tells Purab. Purab thinks to save Pragya. Goons think to elope as Nikhil and Tanu get injured. Pragya sees Tanu and gets worried being good. Tanu asks her to save the baby. She takes her to hospital. Nurse talks about rules. Pragya says she is 8 month pregnant and thinks nothing should happen to Tanu or baby. Doctor says she will check Tanu. Pragya answers Tanu’s call. Aaliya cuts the call hearing her voice. Nurse asks her to fill admission form. Nikhil looks on. Nurse asks about the accident. Pragya says car was speedy and hit on the tree.

Aaliya wonders what is happening. She thinks Nikhil will be there and will take my name. She gets worried and says everything is finished now. Nikhil gets up. Pragya asks him to sit down and says you are wounded now. He asks how is Tanu? Pragya asks him to pray for the baby and says she is also praying for him. Tanu is in ICU. Nurse asks Pragya to bring all things for the operation. Aaliya calls Nikhil. Nikhil says our baby is critical and tells about the accident. He says that accident happened because of me. Aaliya asks are you crying? She asks him to stop crying and to remember that the baby is of Abhishek Mehra and not yours. Nikhil says how to forget that the accident happened because of you. Aaliya asks him to be practical and says we have to execute the plan. Nikhil says I am evil and bad, but that baby is mine. Aaliya asks him to relax and calm down. Nikhil says I don’t want to win as I have lost because of my selfishness. Aaliya asks him not to cut call else she will not leave him. Nikhil asks what do you want?

Abhi thinks to apply ointment on his hand. He recalls Pragya applying ointment on his wound. A fb is shown. Pragya makes him sit and applies ointment. Abhi says I was staring at you and got my finger cut. Sanam Re plays…….fb ends. He gets a call and picks it. Aaliya makes a hotel staff woman calls Abhi as a receptionist from city hospital, and informs him about Tanu’s accident. Aaliya thinks I have to make Abhi reach hospital. Purab and Akash feel helpless. Abhi comes to Dadi and says Tanu is serious, we have to go to hospital. Pragya comes to the chemist store and asks to give medicines fast. He asks her to wait as some medicines are unavailable. Abhi, Tanu and everyone come to the hospital and asks receptionist about Tanu.

Tanu informs Abhi that their baby is lost. She cries and says everything is finished. Dasi says God shouldn’t have done this and asks her to have strength. Tanu says that baby was my strength and asks for whom to live now. She cries and says I want to die. She gets up from bed (strange) and tries to stab herself. Abhi stops her.

Tanu tells everyone that Pragya tried to kill her and her baby. The accident was planned by her. Everyone is shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan


  1. asmitha

    Nothing to comment on epi but tanu character no words to describe her stupid character will abhi believe tanu words really I was feeling so much sad I can’t watch tommarrow epi tanu blaming abhi believing all will see like a movie no one open their mouth so sad of pragya and she took right decision at least now she ready to leave mm somewhat better
    So many times I decided not to see show but what to do sriti and shabir r attracting pls gd do something miracle in kkb to watch it
    Can anyone tell me about abhi condition he wants pragya r tanu r he don’t want both and y he was not saying anything when tanu saying pragya to get out of house

  2. Gowtham

    ha ha super…. i dnt knw wat to do other than laughing…. aftr seen tdays episode…. pity on us all…..

  3. Pratiksha

    Thank god I didn’t watch today’s episode it seems horrible and precap is again disgusting. Thank God I have decided not to watch until I will not get any gud change. Really happy on my decision and feeling very peaceful by not watching it. Asusual stuffs with same irritating scenes and things with disgusting storyline. Everuthing happened as it was expected. No surprising fact anywhere.Thanks a lot to hasan for giving the updates on time after tolerating such irritating stuffs. Really hatts off to hasan. Updates r well enough to know what happened in the episodes.

    • shobana

      I also should stop watching the show for few days. I don’t know whether I keep up my words or not 😝😜

    • Asmitha

      Pratiksha did u saw sriti INT of live radio it was really nice the answers she was given
      When she asked a question what she will do if she is current pragya the answer she said she will tell total truth to abhi and the other one is if she want to date with abhi r shabir she said that she wants to date with shabir I saw it in fb they posted it

  4. Dolly

    Fedup with all this foolishness. Tons of proof that tanu is lying but still that dumb character abhi will believe tan fedup listening to tanu voice. They are going to drag it foe thw whole 2016. END OF MY JOURNEY WITH KKB……

  5. steffyrao

    Aiyoooo. This woman has had a miscarriage in her 8th month & where on earth can she have the strength to talk let alone stand.
    Did she have a ceasarian to remove the child or did she have a premature still born.
    The precap is just totally BS !!!
    Gosh!!! God pls stop this stupidity in the way these writers write these scripts.
    I donno how the cast can bring themselves to even speak such shallow dialogues.
    Ludicrous really. …Painfully stupid.

    Just because KKB has won the best fiction award it doesn’t mean it can go to this extent with its fiction writing.

    Pragya is SUPER WOMAN.
    Tanu is WONDER WOMAN.

    God punish us pls for watching this crap!!! We need to beat the sh!+e of ourselves for being loyal to this serial. If Abhi has been portrayed to be sooooo dumb & a cry baby…then we the kkb viewers are dumber. Sorry kkb viewers. ..i speak for myself. Punish me God for watching this crap.

    • ar

      I stopped completely watching crap n cing updates but seriously all r so falsy n superficial n so unreal lik u said but still rock solid trp shows n proves audience r fools n c how mch time on whole is wasted has bcme counties problm now

  6. K

    I think there is a strict competition between kkb and ask about who has lost their senses. CVS are giving tough fight in this competition.
    I don’t know how people are watching ask and kkb. If I ever watch kkb I will have my BP shoot up. Crap.

  7. sahitha

    Are you all joking with us we all are mad of this serial and we can’t stop watching this serial so that’s why they are taking advantage of us

  8. Sahil

    hahaha….ktne tym bad updates Pdhe…still the same crap…idiot writers idiot actors and worst the people who watch this bullshit ….omg how can people so stupid…ase viewers ki wjh se hi ye show abi tk chl ra h..I thought ya ye tanu track khtm Ho gya hoga ya ye serial bt dono hi successfully logo ko pgl bna re h khud bewakuf logo ki wjh se

  9. Sahil

    hahaha….ktne tym bad updates Pdhe…still the same crap…idiot writers idiot actors and worst the people who watch this bullshit ….omg how can people so stupid…ase viewers ki wjh se hi ye show abi tk chl ra h..I thought ya ye tanu track khtm Ho gya hoga ya ye serial bt dono hi successfully logo ko pgl bna re h khud bewakuf logo ki wjh se…..hehehe lge rho well done

  10. Sahil

    hahaha….ktne tym bad updates Pdhe…still the same crap…idiot writers but worst the people who watch this bullshit ….omg how can people so stupid…ase viewers ki wjh se hi ye show abi tk chl ra h..I thought ya ye tanu track khtm Ho gya hoga ya ye serial bt dono hi successfully logo ko pgl bna re h khud bewakuf logo ki wjh se…..hehehe lge rho well done

    • Priyanka

      haan yaar same! Wohi stupid story. Ab tanu ka miscarriage hogeya, ab abhi pragya se pher nafrat karne lage ga. kya yaar, mein ne toh serial dekhna hi shordiya….

  11. shobana

    First time I have seen Nikhil to be so emotional for the baby. Abhi should point Nikhil, what he is doing here?? How he got hurt ?? Was he with tanu during accident??

    Abhi can able to feel that pragya was in trouble but why he is not going anywhere in search of her??? Why he is sitting in his room and just crying?? Why everyone in MM is sitting in home instead of searching pragya??

    Tanu is blaming pragya for miscarriage. Abhi should raise questions how pragya knows that you will be coming by that way??
    Tanu’s tummy is same like before miscarriage. There is no difference in before and after miscarriage. I have a doubt is it possible to get miscarriage at 8th month??

  12. Zuleekhah

    Wow….what a show….. There is limit to every insanity…. The nonrealistic things happening in this serial has gone overboard today….its just crazy….I know abhi will blive tanu …and the same routine is gonna be repeated… Dadi keeping mute…purab keeping mute….rachna and akash won’t say anything either….really when is all this gonna stop?

  13. Sahil

    hahahaha…..ek saal baad updates pdhe just for tym pass…bt still the same crap just bcoz of stupid viewers…..idiot writers bt worst the people who like this show….he he he lge rho

  14. tanishq

    oh wow great episode ……I think this show is not for normal people this is for mentally disturbed viewer

  15. sonakshi

    hey guys …..I am new here..Will u guys plz frnd with me…this serial is very disgusting for me….wat abt u guys

  16. ansh

    Hahahahaha I knew it …..just becoz of these fool people this bullshit is gaining trp….lge rho munnabhaai…..its really strange that still these idiot people will watch this show

  17. Deepika reddy

    Even if doesnt want to know the updates.somwere inner thought tells me to read d update hoping tanu will get exposed…but day by day its becoming more worser..writers r u reading these comments..i cld not find atleast one positive comment…ppl do watch serials to relax..y do u irritate us like this..characters n actors r gud story line s gud…dats y ppl r watchng the serial…but do u drag n add unnecessary scenes in d script

  18. valarmathi

    it is very boring story ..for the past one year we are travelling through same tanu’s pregnancy problem…we can’t accept that there is no solution to solve this problem ..director don’t know to write further..so only he is not coming out from it..any way i stopped watching..

  19. Shaz

    Wow, very very worst precap…. Evil devil tanu’s another nonsense taunting. Uhhh… Please mehra soldiers obey ur worst commando’s (tanu’s) wrong commands & die one by one. Bcoz after tabhi’s marriage, she will definitely start to kill everyone, if they turn against her. Bcoz tanu is a best murderer than a supermodel.
    I think tomorrow we can see our statue abhi.
    Abhi the statue…
    This is a very nice opportunity to admit mehra members in the hospital for eye, heart, etc donations. So doctors don’t miss this opportunity so catch them. Bcoz,
    they can’t see the truth by eyes, they can’t hear the truth by ears, they can’t tell the truth by mouth, & they can’t feel the truth by heart. So what is the use of these parts? Nothing. So donate every parts of body. And then give the brain to scientists to research about how they live without using the brain for a long time. I hope the parts will be very very very very fresh. Bcoz mostly they are not using those parts.
    Please get abhi’s brain at last. Bcoz it is filled with many confusions. That’s y he has always headache. If u see his brain first, then u will be affected by confusion infection. Then u can’t get others parts.

  20. cicilya

    day by day KKB is becoming worst serial on zee tv. such an stupid serial, ekta kapoor the serial is going on dragged.

  21. Xavier


    |Registered Member

    Hahaha… “”” 8 MONTHS “”” pregnant .. big joke … These writers are delusional and unrealistic… they think us “” the viewers “” are “” stupid “” well I want to see what new stories they will cook up in the future. They need to admit that they are running out of ideas and have nothing else sensible to show. It is time for this show to come to an end. It ran its course , had its fame and love . Time for new show

  22. [email protected] .com

    Jitu ji Ekta ko samjhae kii writers k payment badha de warna ye serial le doobega hum viewers k dimag k.

  23. Greeshma

    Lol!dis serial shoul bee named az zee tv meri aashiqui tum se hi!!!wt de rubbish going on…m pretty sure dat dis will air soon!!!

  24. becky

    its boring already thesame story line tanu has been pregnant for more than one year from the time i started following up the serie goshhhhhhhhhhhh

  25. Naz

    Uhh…..you all now thinking that kkb is worst serial? Now crawling out of under a rock? Kkb has been crap months ago, it’s just that the numerous comments make the writers think they have a right to torture us, silence is so golden! If no comments are ever posted, for days, weeks,they will get the pic. I am compelled to post my comments after seeing what the others do post. I think Pragya should just murder tanu, do DNA on the bastard, Abhi might then believe and I guarantee that she will not be tried for murder. That might take two years to complete. If Abbi sleep with pragya, like how he slept with Tanu, and get her pregnant, she might push that baby out in two months…end of show. Best serial EVER…. KKB😂😈

  26. Naz

    Good riddance to tanu baby. Just as I predicted, whatever the outcome, it just fell flat…..this is what all viewers were waiting for. Waste of time. Imagine that Tani had miscarriage and she walking around normal, strong as a horse. Pessimistic serial……

  27. subasini

    I am think for a worst word to scold the story writer and the director. God, when this is gng to end. We al r fools watching this serial. Anyway, the story writer is gng to repeat the same thing, its better unite tanu and abhi; let the evil wins and end this serial for the sake of us. we would go mad by wtchng this stupid, illogical, idiotic serial. i feel lik killing everyone in this serial.

  28. SURBHI


    |Registered Member

    wah re waah kya track hai maza aa gaya sala mathey par hum likhwa kar baithey hai pagal 😣😣😣 jo ye sab nalayaki dekhenge aurat 8 maheene ki pregnant aur miscarriage waah agar aisa hota hai real me to doctor ko Samjh nahi aata kisye bachayen aur jis aurat k sath aisa hoga na uski haalat dekh kar insaan ro jaye par yaha is baat ko b mazaq me uda diya total mila k baat ye hai kkb ki creation team ne kasam khai hai ki har serious situation ka mazak banana hai inhone aur bhagwaan kasam ye log insano ke liye serial to bana hi nahi rahe hain mujhe lagta hai kuchh maheeno pehle India ne mangal par yaan bheja tha to mangal walon ne return gift me CVS ki team bheji jo ye likh rahey hain Wakai me had hoti hai kisi cheez ki abhi ko kyu objection nahi hai ki Pragya kahan hai Dadi ab kyu chup hai nan pragya ghar aa gayi hai RSD kyu chup hai purab to Jaise paan kha kar baitha hai ki mai to bolunga jab paan thookne ka time hoga aur wo time sach batane k liye relevant nahi hoga Aakash ne muh me dahi jama liya hai wo bol hi nahi sakta Rachna aise gayab hai Jaise gadhe k sir se seengh Raj aise chup hai Jaise usey kuchh pata hi nahi tau ji kabhi kuchh bolte nahi mitali ko sav pata hai par ussey jayada Koi darts nahi poore Mm me sabse jyada khatra usi ko hai apni jaan ka dasi ko Koi kuchh batata nahi aur sarla ma beta ji beta ji k alawa unko kuchh aata nahi kis baat ki family hai ye family nahi joke hai joke jo hum sab dekh rahey hain arey nikhil aur Aliya ko to bhool hi gayi nikhil usey bada nikamma character diya hai by god kya aadmi hai jise apna bachha b fayde k liye use karna hai aur Aliya waah man na padega gundey dhoondh l layi wo hakla waah bhai waah kkb b like welcome to the world of hell aur Pragya ko itna beizzat honey baad ab time mila ghar chhorne ka about the memory loss drama I think ki kash dono ye memory loss ho jaye maza aa jayega fir na abhi ko pragya yaad na pragya ko abhi dono jaa alag dimag kharaab😣😣😣😣😣😣

      • shobana

        Hi 🙋 surbhi hope u r doing good. That’s a funny thing, miscarriage in 8 th month. Yesterday my mom was laughing by seeing it 😆
        And its a known fact that Dadi RS dadi Aakash purab Rachna won’t open the mouth even if earthquake comes. And I wonder what raj is doing still in kkb since he has no role to play. He is just standing like a statue.
        And yesterday I didn’t expect that Nikhil will react like that to miscarriage. Abhi should question Nikhil what you are doing here?? How your hand got hurt?? Was you with tanu during accident?? I am sure abhi wont anything to Nikhil . And no comments about memory loss 😷. Totally irritating I really don’t want this memory loss drama .

      • shobana

        I also wonder from where alia is getting money ?? She lives in hotel . How she will pay rent?? She even doesn’t do any work. God only knows from where she is getting money 😐

    • surbhi

      hi shobu 🙋 i am good ye actually it is a well known fact that everything in KKb is just happening with out any reason or logic everything illogical if we point out mistakes than it will be list more than millions for sure and Aliya I don’t know why they choose solid punishment for her which is actually not punishment but her enjoyment they can do a simple thing as a punishment which will be solid for her just block her credit and debit cards I am sure then she will become mad cat and surely this punishment will effect on her 😂😂😂

  29. karthika

    wht a serial.ha ha. Slowly slowly kumkum bhagya fans are also decreased . No progress in d serila.same theme in evry episode.once twice dats ok,but every tym evil mind wins.Dats ridiculous.Thank god 2day didnt waste my tym watching it.

  30. Koyel

    Only Tanu has brains…Abhi is dumb.he has no brains. and prgya is totally fool it shows….Nikhil is master mund..plz directors and writers i think u all r not mad???i have doubt

  31. Abigail

    U guys need to stop commenting we all know its madness. The less u comment is better. Just read and no comments.you are contributing to the dragging by commenting

  32. Swetha

    I guess there will be some positive thing going to happen in coming episode. with Sriti interview.. I assume that Abhi will act as memory loss to find out the truth (or) may be suddenly Bubul may re-enter MM surprising Pragya .. Im sure there will something hidden behind all this.. only thing we have to wait till then

  33. Naz

    Abagail, that’s what I’ve been saying for so long. Thank you….. People need to stop commenting, that’s the only way writers will end the bullshit, but no one is listening. Viewers are commenting like the world is coming to an end and they need to put in a last word before it’s too late. So they write long narratives, in desperation, thinking that the writers will listen to them. They all say they are frustrated but they are contributing to the dragging and shitty,script , that fact is the frustrating thing in my book.

  34. Shamna

    Bakwas hey ye..abhi loves pragya vry much.nd he loves dadi too…dadi ke liye abhi kuch bhi kahega .tho phir dadi tanu ki sach abhi ko bolthe kyo nahi..agar bol diya hotha tha zarur abhi blve kartha…thanu…the b*t*h ..slpt with one nd had kid trying to give name of other one…she is a dirty minded mom..how can she b do dirty minded hsving baby in her womb….there is no single min wer she loved her baby…plz we all beg u…plz stop this serial…its too much…u r dragging a lot….nd some charectors r missing in this…pragyas cousin ..bulbuls body..nd purab waav…he is grt..so soon forgot his wife…here all are puppets…tanu nd nikil are the main roles here…abhi is totally wastereally…he is realy a rock star…because rocks don feel don think don hav sense…he is full of waste…y these artists are spoiling their image by doing such acts…plz quit this show nd better look for any other good serial…its all of bakwas…

  35. Arundati

    Tanus was never pregnant in the first place as I recall in last night’s episode she was drinking wine which means it was an act

  36. Ddd

    Now please stop this …get truth near abhi otherwise there will be no exitement in watching this serial…its too much lengthy

  37. Billu

    Guys after reading the updates killing the baby might be alia’s plan so that she can shush pragya …….I am pretty sure alia is the one who through nikhil would have told to kill the baby and blame it on pragya so abhi will throw pragya out of the life………if baby is not their she can’t prove anything

    • shonana

      i dont think so billu since nikhil was worried for the baby when he heard its miscarriage. and moreover alia too came to know through pragya while she was speaking to nurse. Tanu is the one who told nikhil to do accident. so i think it was a pure accident. who knows cvs may also keep a twist in it like alia was behind all this.

  38. shwetha

    Shit things they men! Crap serial. blo*dy director.. Doesnt have brains…dirty serial..nit watchable.. Heights man!!! Yukkkkkk

  39. Reneeka

    What rubbish. Just expose Tanu but now this serial will drag on. Why should Abhi marry her without the baby. Also remember that the divorce papers are signed. I knew that the would try to pin on Pragya. Backwash episode.

  40. Sri

    Ohhh go…how tanu will think like that even pragya saves her life???what a human being tanu is???even crual nikil also realize somewhat bt y shouldn’t tanu???? Getting irritation by seeing tanu…

  41. Nahid

    Surbhi… sach kaha apni. Dusra acha khel rahta to mai ye khel chor de ti jaise maine pavitra rishta ka chora tha. Chale hum sab log ye khel hi dekhne ko chor dhi. Mai ye written episode parh ke tab dekh ti hu. Aaj ka episode to dekhne ki layak hi nahi hai.

    • SURBHI


      |Registered Member

      bakwaas hai Nahid jisey apney baal nochne ka shauk ho wahi is serial ka episode dekhe mai to shuru se hi updates hi Padhti hun actually maine isey dekha nahi hai aur shukr hai mujhe is baat ka kyuki jab bina dekhe itna frustrate ho rahi hoon to dekh kar kitna houngi bhagwaan Jane so isey door se darshan bhaley

  42. nidhi

    i hve nvr evr seen such a bakwas track in serials.may b thy will b dragging the same story for anothr yr

  43. Varsha

    Prathiksha, asmitha and shobana….is Swetha told was truth r its just a rumour…. I am new to this…. But I have seen all ur comments guys.. Fan of that too…..

  44. ajwa ajwanoor

    guyzzzz i know ap log indian ho lekin phir b main ye kehna chahti hun ke plzzz mere lie pray karo mera result acha sa a jay plzzz 1 bar dua mang do plzzzz it is a humble request

  45. Sahithi

    So in the latest promo where Pragya was calling Abhi and telling that Tanu was cheating him again, that part of the promo was fake??

    I think till now Zee would show promos for this show which were mostly happening in show, but as far as I can recollect this was the most misleading one.

    • Pratiksha

      Sahithi may b promo scene happened like this, when pragya calls abhi but abhi doesn’t answer her call assuming it as unknown number. I think that promo call scene happened like this. But here also they misleaded us becoz in the promo, abhi answers the call but in episode, he doesn’t even answer the call. They r continuously making us fool or they r digging their own grave by this way becoz, with which way they r going and spoilers about further story is to b believe then they will drop own self in the grave. Misleading promos, illogical story, disgusting and irritating stuffs, these all will taking the show again down. This week is fixed for annoying things, whom most peoples will not want to watch. Now everybody is waiting for further story after tanu’s blame game. I think next week will decide the future of kkb. I mean if it’s story will b likable by audience then it will remain on top or if story will b horrible then it’s diwn fall will again start from number-1 position. Now I really don’t have any care of memory loss track, if it’s really happens. Becoz I have been left all the expectations and hopes for gud from the show. Only bad and worst things r expected with them. Yesterday I was thinking that according to the concept of the show, abhigya r destined to b together but the way story is running since long time, it seems abhigya r destined to b separate again and again for being together and the show’s title should b kumkum ka durbhagya not kumkumbhagya. Alteady it’s story is not digestible and the stuffs which they r showing these r completely unacceptable but they r lucky that they have sruti and shabbir as leads and peoples r fans of their onscreen chemistry. That’s why they r still running with successfully. Arjit amd mrunal too were great with each other. Otherwise kkb is a big zero in every sense.

      • Sahithi

        Yeah Abhi didnt pick when Pragya called and Pragya didnt say anything when Abhi called back. I am not convinced if that phone call has to be seen as the one shown in promo.

        There is a monologue of Pragya in coming episodes when she is packing her bags, I wish for once she realizes and says to herself that blindly trusting Daadi and hiding truth from Abhi for this long had been her biggest mistakes, and finally this Mogambo getup was such a flop.

        Also, I dont want Daadi to stop Pragya this time when she is packing bags as Daadi lost her credibility to involve in Abhi-Pragya life after hiding all truth, baby truth, Sarla kidnapping, Pragya kidnapping from Abhi all these days. And even if she does I wish Pragya shouldnt listen to her, rather should hand over the property papers that she found to Abhi, tell Mogambo truth and let him decide.

        Anyways writers killed baby suddenly and its like permanent closure for baby dad truth. So atleast they should let Pragya speak up truth.
        Also, Nikhil as a character made sense after this pregnancy started so without that baby, say even if Tanu manipulates Abhi to marry her, Nikhil wouldnt have any ask for Abhi’s CEO post.

        So we need to see how Nikhil character proceeds further. Remember initially when Nikhil entered, he was a trouble for Tanu. Then Aaliya convinced him, brought to their side. Now what if he becomes a trouble again for Tanu. So we will have to wait to see that.

      • asmitha

        Sahithi me to thinking about nikhil if there is no baby then how they will show nikhil character what I am thinking is he will threaten tanu by saying that he have proofs regarding baby r any other and this three evils will be together and plans against abhigya and in coming episodes how much crap they will show don’t know but one thing I liked is pragya is decided to leave mm

  46. Abi

    Hi frnds, wether kumkum bhagya is going to end soon? Because for past 2 days iam seeing a promo of new serial which is going to get telecast from 6th August ….

  47. shahana

    How come tanu able to stand sooo fastly and grabs the knife. How could be possible.she has miscarrage and feels terrible pain.women at this stage cant able to stand.bull shit writers.dont know what to write.no brains.

  48. sony

    This is too much, why are you do this,,, plz stop make stupid us. Abhi have to hear the true & he. Can take action against tanu and nikhil

  49. Shreya

    Wow kya gaja b ki story hai es serial me….maine pahle hi kaha tha ke tanu aur nikhil ki kidnapping ko chhipayenge es story me aur pragya abhi ka talaq v katwa denge….ye sb to huaa hi blki tanu ke bachche ki maut v pragya ke upr eljaam lga diye …aur aage dekhiyega…..abhi es baat ko sach mankar tanu se shadi karega….aur pragya ko bahar nikalega bs v karo durector sahab…..bs … bnd kar do serial srory nhi aati likhni to……par lublic ka dimank kharab mt kro

  50. Pratiksha

    Sahithi, shobhna, asmitha and guys I just saw adita’s (doctor sheela’s)comment on her instagram account. Someone asked from her that have she more scenes and works in kkb to shoot? Then she replied yes. She told pari’s real name too. Pari’s real name is delisha. Guys It means we have more scenes of Sheela in kkb so we can hope about the truth revelation or can hope that matter has gone nowhere about DNA and kidnapping and still it’s scope is left. Well let’s see.

    • Asmitha

      If she will shoot then it will helpful fr pragya r it may create any problems in her life again if this three evils will again play any game with sheela then what is the hope to see again what u r thinking she will be helpful fr pragya r may create any other problems

      • Pratiksha

        Well asmitha we can hope or not, it we will get to know only by updates or episodes but till then we have to wait.

    • Sahithi

      Whoever it is I just want Abhi to know the damn truth, not one but many that r hidden from him for reasons best known to those hiding from him. Even if Pragya tries to leave MM, let her leave. But if she leaves without telling truth that will be biggest disappointment for me. I am not waiting for Tanu’s truth to come before Abhi, never really cared because Abhi will anyhow never marry Tanu. That we are sure of.

      I always wanted either Daadi or Pragya or both to tell him the truth. So if Pragya brings along Sheela or Sheela herself volunteers, either way, tell him truth. I have started hating Pragya more than the 3 evils for this reason. Unless she tells to Abhi, starting from her Mogambo getup, I think I will see her character same as evils. All of them ultimately cause pain to Abhi.


    what bullshit writer
    u should not be writer your story is stupid , how can u kill sucha lovely story for your stupidity

  52. md ali

    Hi pratiksha I am new to join plz don’t listen to anyone plz update kkb because I read only ur updates so plz update the story

  53. Triveni

    I literally stopped seeing yestarday..wriers are jusr making fools out of viewers. .such a bad rwist..melodrama .lots of tears..i salute tanu and aliya actresses for accepting such roles…they always win..think better than d lead roles. Like this d story will always be negative…

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Before submitting a comment, please be sure it meets our comment guidelines.