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Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat 19th July 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

Bindu and all the family members come out of the palace. They see a donkey there. Bindu signals Nayak to get the message. Nayak reads the letter silently. Bindu asks him to read aloud. Nayak says you are surprised Bindusar. He goes quiet so Ashoka takes it from him. Don’t you remember that (even Ashoka goes quiet but Bindu insists upon him to read it). Ashoka complies. Don’t you remember that donkeys take message for a donkey and not horse? I like dogs. Their tails never go straight and they are forever loyal to their owner. I too have one such loyal dog with me named Nirankush. I know you need him. You can try to do anything but you wont be able to take him from here. I can give him to you. I have a condition though. I want Ashoka to come to meet me alone to get Nirankush. But how will Ashoka find me? Will he be able to find me? I have heard that he is a deserving candidate of the throne. I have heard a lot about him especially of Chand Ashoka. You have to send Ashoka to get Nirankush. The consequence will not be good if you try to do something else instead of what I have asked for – Virat. Ashoka crumples the letter. Bindu says I understood everything except who this Virat is. Why is he insisting upon calling Ashoka to him alone and without a weapon?

Virat reads a letter (flashback most probably). You are taking shelter to Magadh’s traitor. You can get money in return of him if you hand him over to Magadh. But if you win over Ashoka then Magadh will be doomed. Virat is surprised to know that there is some well wisher of him in Magadh. How did he send me this letter? Surprisingly, such good people still exist in the world!

Ashoka says it isn’t important as to why he is calling me to him. it is important to know who he is who dared to go against you. Mahamatya calls him a rebel. He hates Rajvanshi. Just like Lord Parshuram had vowed to kill evil kings, Virat too has vowed to kill Rajvanshi’s. Another flashback shows Virat slaying Rajvanshi’s. I have nothing except death to give to you Rajvanshi’s. I have taken birth to lighten your burden from earth. Virat’s eagle kills the Rajvanshi’s. Virat says we will become our own Bhagyavidhata and not any King or Rajvanshi. Flashback ends.

Ashoka wonders why he has not been caught till date. Acharya RG says he is too cunning and smart to be caught. Nayak adds that all the clues always take them an old well but it is a dead end. Ashoka says he has broken all the limits with his words and letters. He has insulted our motherland, our king and all of us. I wont leave him alive. I will surely go to meet him alone that too without any weapon. Bindu says no. this is what he wants. God knows what his intentions are. They certainly don’t seem to be good. I wont allow you to go. Ashoka wants to find Nirankush to figure out Gondna’s truth. Bindu reasons that Gondna is dead. This chapter is also over. Ashoka says pardon me. we cannot let this Virat challenge us or Maurya lineage. It wont be a good message to our people. They wont feel safe if this continues. I will have to go. No one can stop me from doing my duties, not even you. He excuses himself. Sushim, Siamak and Charu look happy.

Kaurvaki is shocked to know about Virat. How can Ashoka agree to go meet him all by himself? He doesn’t know how evil Virat is. Devi asks her if she knows who Virat is. Kaurvaki denies. This guy named Virat seems to be the next problem for Ashoka. He shouldn’t go. I will have to stop him. She turns and finds Ashoka standing there. He walks towards her. She gets emotional as she looks at him. Ashoka signals Devi who quietly leaves the room. Kaurvaki tells Ashoka he cannot go. He covers her mouth. Your Ashoka will talk today. You will only listen. She keeps looking at him lovingly. He says I kept quiet knowing what all you have been through. You left your loved ones, lost some only to gain me. My silence cannot hide the truth that your Ashoka is living under the burden of your love and favours. I bow down before you. I have always gained something from you. I have come today to ask something from you as well. I have come to request you on the basis of whatever place you have given to me in your life, whatever you have thought of me. Kaurvaki says I can even sacrifice my life for you. You know it well. He shares that he has decided to go to Virat. I don’t know if I will come back alive or not. I want you to leave Patliputra and go to your home. Make this meeting as our last one. Forget me and your aim. Promise me you wont disagree. She is in tears. He extends her hand towards her. She keeps her hand in his finally with a heavy heart. They both keep looking at each other. All the childhood memories flash before their eyes. He wipes the tears off her face. A song plays in the background. They lean their heads together as feeling all emotional and sad. He takes a step back and looks at their hands. She looks at him with pleading eyes but he frees his hand from hers and leaves from the room. She is shattered.

Ashoka picks up his sword and walks up to his father. I will take it back from you once I return. Sushim smirks. you will get it only if you come back alive. Bindu says I can live with disrespect but not without you (Ashoka). Ashoka says your heart knows I will come back alive. I had already told you nothing will happen to me till I fulfil my Acharya’s dream (looking pointedly at all the killers of Acharya Chanakya). It isn’t about me but magadh and its pride. I request you to allow me to go. Bindu says you never listened to me. Why will you stay now? you will do what I will not tell you to. He turns to Dharma asking her why she does not stop Ashoka. Why don’t you tell him it is a risk he is taking? His life can be in danger. His parents are ageing. They cannot bear losing him. Dharma says I think our son should go. he is the son of motherland more than us. It is his destiny. we raise our kids thinking they will stand on their feet one day, and become capable to take their own decisions. We worry when they do so. We should never interfere in it as their parents. We should support them always. We shouldn’t stop Ashoka if his wish is to serve motherland. Ashoka smiles. He seeks blessings of his parents. He walks out.

Precap: Kaurvaki says the one I accepted as my husband wants me to go from here. My pain does not matter when he will ask me to do something. Kaurvaki picks up her stuff and begins to go when Dharma shouts after her to stop, calling her Kaurvaki.

Update Credit to: Pooja

  1. Very swift!! Thanq di

  2. Today’s episode was rocking….
    Specially ashwaki scene…
    Happy that they are moving fast..
    But sad that they are moving fast to the end!!!

  3. According to an India Forums report, “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” will be replaced by Swastik Production’s new show titled “Shani.” The show will mark the return of cricketer-turned-actor Salil Ankola back to the small screen. The actor, who was last seen on reality show “Power Couple” will essay the role of Surya Dev while popular actress Juhi Parmar Shroff, who will also make a comeback with the new show, will play the role of Shani’s mother.

  4. Guys I had read your comments and concluded that you think the writers are in complete fault for the low trp of cas..
    But I don’t find so…
    Some viewers are equally responsible for this…

    As naggin being a super natural show which is not at all realistic had a trp of 6.5 and ssk also has a more trp than cas..while cas has a trp of only 2…

    This proves that a lot of indian viewers are more keenly interested to watch all this crap of how a human turned House fly saves her family and all the nagin, mongoose, etc animation’s in nagin in this 20th century than the historical show which helps to learn more about life n history…

    As cas is a historical show it needs more trp because for their sets and the no. Of cast which will be obviously twice than a normal serial..
    So in hunger for trp they added black magic as in ssk and animated huge eagle as in naagin in cas in a thought that it Will help them to have a increased trp as the above other shows have…. But didn’t add too much of it as those are false and will nullify the actual truth…

    So if we viewers will be intrested for actual truth than on supper natural things in this 20th century then automatically ssk , vishkanya, nagin, kawach, ye kahan aa gaye hum and the new upcoming serial of zee TV like serials will get shut… And all the other good serials like cas will be back to place…..


    1. Agree

  5. Nice episde! Not many love parts, the story is going swiftly…Thx for the update Pooja

  6. Thanks Mis.Pooja For Qick Updates.Same Precap As Yesterdy.Oh Atleast New Epi Has Start.Nw Directr Wil Drag It For Atleast Next Tuesdy!If It Nt Hapen It Is A Wounder!!He Knw Only To Drag The Episode.Ur Doing Wel Mohit Rain U To Saumaya Seth & Devi So Brilint!Superb!

  7. Mis,pooja Do U Have Any Idea Abt When Does Ashoka Defeat Virat?

  8. business news

    IBTimes Home > Entertainment
    July 15, 2016 14:57 PM IST
    ‘Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat’ to go off air; Mohit Raina’s show to be replaced by new show ‘Shani’?
    Parismita Goswami

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    “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” to go off air. Pictured: Mohit Raina as grown-up Ashoka during “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” press conference
    “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” to go off air. Pictured: Mohit Raina as grown-up Ashoka during “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” press conferenceVarinder Chawla
    “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat,” which took a 12-year leap recently and introduced Mohit Raina as emperor Ashoka, may soon go off air. Although it is not known as to why the show is being pulled off, it appears like the low TRP ratings is the reason for it. Despite the huge buzz surrounding the leap and the new cast, the show has not been able to live up the audience’s expectation.

    According to an India Forums report, “Chakravartin Ashoka Samrat” will be replaced by Swastik Production’s new show titled “Shani.” The show will mark the return of cricketer-turned-actor Salil Ankola back to the small screen. The actor, who was last seen on reality show “Power Couple” will essay the role of Surya Dev while popular actress Juhi Parmar Shroff, who will also make a comeback with the new show, will play the role of Shani’s mother.

  9. same precap but good episode just waiting

  10. Nice Epi..finally when ashok asked kvk for the promise he took her name…sad to know the news of CAS going off air

    1. Virat and ashok’s first meeting won’t b gud but they will certainly come to know and understand each other later…virat will playing as catalyst for ashwaki luvstory..

  11. S.Ravi Prakash

    The story of Virat will be dragged for how long? & the repeated “precap” will do no good for the trp ! Thanks pooja di for the nice update ?.

  12. Thank you for the update pooja di. Nice episode!but sad to hear that cas going off air.plc don’t do this. It is my request.

  13. But simar, Shivanya or anyone from those fiction shows are nt the greatest emperor of india!! We r watching CAS frm the first epi itself. Bt nw it has lost its charm. We jst want cas comes back to track. Because when u r watching a show based on a person who is the brightest star of ur country’s history, u definitely don’t want to see a fake love story, dragging unnecessary plots, totally fictious elements. It should be close to reality, and it was! untill Acharya Chanakya’s death. Even now they will again get trp, all they need to do is to research n bring the show back to track like it’s starting days.

  14. Too slow episodes. This way it would take atleast 5 more years to show Ashok becoming samrat. More of fiction than reality in the show. Historical shows need to cover more reality.

  15. it is just rumor and nothing else….so don’t worry Ashoka is not going to end soon….

    1. Yeah me too heard the same.
      It is the same type of rumour when they said so myasthenia is going to be replaced

  16. trp of ashoka is not too low….it satands at no 6( under10) top shows… will do better & yes balika vadhu is going to end soon…..just don’t worry & enjoy…..abhi to kahaani shuru hui hai☺

  17. The serials like NAGIN contain superstitious content/screenplay. In the period of science and technology, that to by an electronic media such shows are going on air. Where as an epic like CAS is to go off air. I don’t find any matter concerning the TRP. Other shows of colors have more than 3/5 repeat telecasts. So there shouldn’t be any major issue to drop any one’s one repeat telecasts to introduce a new show. Again CAS has one one telecast over a complete day. It will be of more variety of shows if CAS is continued in accompanying anew show.
    Hope colors team will workout all the possibilities to continue CAS on air.

  18. devaki ganesan

    I am very disappointed that Ashoka will be terminated soon. This happened with Chandragupta Maurya and Ganga Ki Dheej. This serial is good. There are a lot of local stories and legends connected with Historical and mythological essays. Even Ramayana, Mahabharatha and such epics are not exempt from embellishment. When the skeleton structure provides the framework. I wish the story continues to its logical end with Ashoka as emperor and leader.

  19. The Director wild imagination has twisted the history of Great Ashok to the extent that it is becoming unbearable. It is injustice. What joy he gets in befooling people. The irony is that our love to Great Ashok is so much that we bear nonsense with a hope that next episode onwards we will get the correct story line. Sometimes we also feel that it is better if the serial is stopped as it is bringing more hatim tai kissey than highlighting the historical figure of Great Ashok. The Director has lost the great opportunity.

    Thanks Puja. You are doing great job for updates as many times we miss the serial due to some other engagements.

    1. Love this comment..The director has lost the great opportunity…

    2. agree.. director and writer have totally screwed up the history, showing melodrama with their own fancies and imagination

  20. Amazing serial, I just love it.

  21. It is better ashoka ends soon as episodes are only dragging and ashoka’s greatness not at all shown

  22. oh i saw in spoiler alert show that ashoka met virat & has to fight with a guy name kradav to free nirakush & nirakush was on his last breth & asoka try to ask who is goddna bt nirakush was dead & asoka return to palace & start to find evidence to shw that helena is not death…….that mean helena real face wil releveld so soon bt i think nt in this week becuz our Cas Director Is Expert In Draging The Story With Fictional Thing Unnecesarily.Ply Dnt Drag The Episode Like This It May Cause Loosing The Cas Fans…BT TELING THESE THINGS FOR THIS DIRECTOR IS LIKE PLAYING FLUTE FOR DUMB ELEPHANTS!!

  23. It will be best if Ashoka serial ends soon and it should not be a rumour as episodes are dragged upto a point where it tests our patience

  24. Oh director saabji, please stop showing mythological things and speed up the serial, there are soooo many aspects of ashok’ s life like taking up the throne, kalinga war, spreading of buddhism, formation of akhand bharat , his ruling system, taking up of buddhism, spreading of buddhism, establishing his son as emperor…… and many more. Please dont show these hypotherical charachters to prolong the serial or to get so called trp.
    Please Be crisp and succinct.
    Such things are taking away the very essence of ashoka.

    Aise cheeze to hum cartoons me aur bhoot pret wale serials me bhi dekh sakte hai.

    Dear director please do justice to the great Legendary Emperor Ashoka,

  25. Ashok will be having a fyt with kraduva and kvk will be staying in the palace for lalitkala competition….what does the director wants why not stick to the reality….spoiling chakravartin ashok samrat’s history…

  26. are yar mera bas chale to mai ess director aur us writter ko gajar mulli ki taraha kat kat ke gande nalle me pek do. are en koote kamenoko ko kya kahe ye saale to es luvstory ko etna drag kar rahe hain jaise ke apne kudke luvstory ki biography dikarahe hai
    are yar hamare bharat ka mahan eithihas banane wala ko apne bap ke naukar samaj rahe hai ke jo mann me aye jyo dikane ke liye en criminals logoo ko bare bazar footwr se marna chaheye

    1. Lol! Awesome i love your comment…

    2. Same feeling here dude!! a
      All the CAS lovers r feeling like this way!!

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