Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2015 Written Episode Update


Kumkum Bhagya 18th September 2015 Written Episode, Written Update on TellyUpdates.com

The Episode starts with Abhi asking Pragya to go and sleep, as she has to exercise in the morning. He thinks Pragya will become fool in the morning. In the morning, Abhi do the exercises and wakes her up. He provokes her to do exercise. Pragya says you are jealous of me. Abhi asks her to do exercise again and lift the dumb bells. Pragya asks if you are challenging wrong. Abhi asks her to be careful. Pragya asks him to just wait and watch. Abhi thinks Payal has changed the fake dumb bells with heavy dumb bells. She sees Abhi staring her with a surprise and thinks he is giving same reaction. Abhi wonders how can she lift heavy 20 kgs dumb bells and takes it forcibly. He sees it is light weight and says I asked to keep heavy dumb bells. Pragya says what would have happen if my hand have break. Abhi

says he wanted that, and says you must have put camera in the room. Pragya says no, and says you tried to make me hurt physically. They argue. Pragya says I didn’t change the dumb bells. Abhi says you did. Pragya says I did not. Ronnie comes and says I changed it. Pragya doubles his salary and appreciates him. Abhi gets angry. Ronnie blackmails him and says he will tell about his yesterday talk. Pragya asks what did he say? Ronnie says he wanted me to come to his side. Pragya says you wanted to buy my MLA. Ronnie says PA. Abhi says offer is still on and says Jago Grahak Jago….Wake up customers. Ronnie assures Pragya that he will not leave his support. Pragya thanks him.

Aaliya comes to the office and thinks she will replace CD. She tells his employee that she is keeping scratch CD in her cabin. Pragya talks to Bulbul and says her plan is full proof. Abhi hears her talking. Pragya says she has laid trap and will expose her. Abhi thinks she is talking about him and takes the call. He tells Pragya will not succeed and gives the phone back. Pragya tells bye to Bulbul and disconnects the call. Aaliya wonders what to do, shall she kept CD there itself or take it home. Pragya sees her in cabin. She calls and asks for scratch music. Aaliya says she will give as promised. She thinks to keep the CD with herself and sells it to the producer. Pragya comes there and looks at the CD. She says it is my property, how can you be so careless? Aaliya asks her to keep it. Pragya says she will stay out of it as Abhi would get upset. She asks her to keep it safe and think it as most precious thing in the world.

Bulbul gets upset with Purab for coming late. He asks with whom you were talking to and doubts her. Bulbul asks are you doubting me? Purab says I was just joking and says he has informed Sarla that he will come late. He says I trust my Bulbul very much and she can’t break our trust. Aaliya comes to office in the night and breaks glass mistakenly. She then thinks guard is old and will not catch her. She sees guard waking up and drinking water. The guard leaves. Aaliya thinks her work is done.

Abhi thinks that he was served bread instead of Pizza and asks bread to smile as it is going in Rockstar’s stomach. Pragya comes with her food tray. Abhi says don’t you have shame as you are eating full tray food. Pragya says she didn’t stop him and asks to cook in the kitchen. Abhi thinks to eat her food and tells Ronnie called her. Pragya asks she will talk to him and asks Abhi not to look at her plate. Abhi eats her food. Pragya looks at him from outside and thinks she made food for him. She sees him eating and smiles happily.

Abhi and Pragya promote Special Ganpati Episode on Sunday at 4:30 pm. Pragya performs during the festival. Abhi sings Kya Hua Tera Vada… in the concert, followed by Pragya’s dance on a popular song Galliyan.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. Pragya expose aaliya and tanu soon..don’t drag guys kkb is first at trp 4.8.matsh 4.0,swaragini and saathiya 3.8 ..and ssk3.6

  2. Aliya the fool…Haha..,

  3. ha ha..after 2 days 🙂 finally Abhi’s Question turns out to be just a Question 😉

    1. I think he already knows so just to give hint he is acting like this remember in mms track he knew pragya was innocent then also he kept on teasing her with suresh till end

      1. I also feel like the same..

        In someway he is still having the doubt not the real intension about her..

        Hope he will find out soon…

      2. yes Maggi…but in MMS track, he was not shown as thinking about Pragya as guilt from mind or heart after the divorce thing..just in the outside he was teasing…but in this case, he is always shown as thinking doubtly or badly about Pragya from mind… so is the doubt … but as I used to tell since Abhi hearing Dadi-Pragya conv, i some how believe he already has idea about Pragya ..but still, the way they r showing Abhi thinking about Pragya is making me doubt.. .. we will see 🙂

      3. Any latest news..

    2. Thank god chithu, he didn’t force pragya to give answer and pragya didn’t reply. it’s better to Lee p silent rather than pretending bad. This is what I was saying from the day one that pragya should avoid abhi or remain silent. And chithu one more thing I have noticed, did u? that in today’s episode o felt like purab is also involved with bulbul pragya and dadi in their plans and he also knows whole truth. Did u noticed he was saying to bulbul that I know u can’t break ur maa’s , sister’s and my trust. And when bulbul has turned after talking with pragya on the phone, her expression was normal after watching purab. She was not shocked nor scared after watching purab suddenly. And chithu in yesterday’s episode also how purab was giving expressions to aaliya, it was also fishy. That’s why I felt that purab is also involved with them.

      1. And ya chithu I hope abhi’s doubt gets cleared in the end of mahaepisode, if not so then he should have solid doubt on pragya’s changed nature at least. So he could stop misunderstood pragya.

      2. yeah Nikki..i also hope so…but , i think Pragya is just over reacting in Aaliya’s matter…i feel, Aaliya has got some doubt on Pragya , since she is forcing her to keep the cd safely with her only..becoz, once Pragya left the office asking Aaliya to keep the CD since it is important to Abhi.. Aaliya seems to be confused…i think she might have got doubt on Pragya as she had kept CCTV in the room earlier..

      3. and yes Nikki..i saw some more videos of maha episode shoot..Abhi dancing with Pragya on Tere Galliyan song seems to be a dream only

      4. Chithu regarding aaliya’s plan, I had doubt from the day one of this plan that it will b successful becoz abhi is between this plan. So it’s difficult for pragya to complete this plan successfully. So ya there is a big question of the success of this plan. But chithu, I don’t think so aaliya got any doubt on pragya becoz if she had any doubt then she doesn’t go with it. See how she was stealing CD for giving it to another producer to get 10 crore rupees. Her full concentration is just on getting this amount soon. That’s why she is not using her mind in any other thing. And she had any doubt on pragya so just on this that pragya is still care for abhi somewhere that’s why she is suggesting her to take care of that CD. That’s it.

    3. But at mms time abhi didn’t had feelings as such so he was not confused for her but this time he is soo madly in love with her n his ego hurts as pragya has not only emotionally but financially hurt him

  4. so Tanu was pregnant…. had to be atleast 1 month along when she found out as most tests do not confirm until at least 4 weeks along. No reason for her to go to doctor and have blood work before then as how would she know…
    so 1 month there… then 3 month leap… and anothe month since the leap.
    that is 5 months. Not only is she not showing her pregnancy, her parents have suddenly disappeared (where were they when Pragya stopped the wedding celebrations?
    and where is Nik – the father of the baby? These writers are such amateurs… WRITERS – watch some real dramas and bring the quality of your shows up. Watch SUITS and learn how it’s done.

    1. Yes…u r rite jk

    2. True…I’m 100% with you about Tanu’s pregnancy. Looks like someone is really pissed here…hihihi…..

  5. Today’s episode is worth funny.. :-‘) had tear out laughs. Abhigyas each expression leaves an impression. But it’s illegal to be soooo cute… :-‘) its stealing the eyes and heart. Waiting for ganpati special episode. And writers please… let some good things happen since its ganpati special. Guys do u anyone got any news of what will happen in the ganpati episode??? Or do u anyone have any guess of twists??? Let’s our thoughts go crazy… share ur opinions

  6. Nice …. Aliya thinks she s very smart

  7. I think that tanu is not pregnant she is just faking if it so then why she is not taking care of her baby and the person is also not taking attention toward it now the scene is not showing

  8. fed up wit tis dragging storyline 🙁

  9. boring

  10. bhavna shrivastav

    Superb episode kash abhi ko truth pta chal jay

  11. by the way..in the precap.. Sriti is dancing like a classical dancer.. 🙂

  12. I like kumkumbhagya every day i watch most lve for abi & pragya so sweet both of them i like all episode , i want only the director do not stop the sriyal i n without kumkum bhagya

  13. Nice n I think abhi is figuring out pragya that’s why he iis acting silly

  14. ya all of I agree with u I luv a lot to watch kumkumbhagya with my family and with my friendzzzzzzzzz in JNV when I will pass out from JNV I will seriously miss those has I majak with my friendz while watching kumkum bhagya

  15. I agree with all of u I luv to watch kumkumbhagya with my family and my friendzzzzzzzzz.seriously when I will pass out from jnv I will miss those has I majak with my friendzzz while watching kumkumbhagya

  16. Watched the preview….wow!! Pragya looks more like a great performer than Abhi….hihihi……beautiful!

  17. It’s very tough time to pragya to reveal the plan. But don’t know how it going to b work out. Eagerly waiting for Sunday and one more thing if Nikil entry was there it ll b awesome. But writers won’t do tat. If they focusing on aliyah if their plan got flop surely tanu and aliyah ll get alert. Don’t know Wats going to happen…

  18. guys? … . ….For me a doubt in pregnancy period the baby bump should be seen in three or four months but in kumkum bhagya the tanu’s baby bump is not seen till now y ,????? I think tanu is playing some games over everyone

  19. Waiting badly for tomorrow’s episode … There wil be lovely performances … <3<3

  20. guys,is the ganapati special episode the continuation of the series,is it so necessary to watch because itll get tough for me to watch,f its a continuation then obviously ive gotta watch ,so pls answer guys and gals

  21. Guys I have a gud news for all of u. It seems Mrunal aka bulbul is not ready to leave kumkumbhagya for another upcoming show siya k raam becoz another south indian actress’s name has approached for it also. I think guys mrunal doesn’t want to leave the show becoz she is second lead of the show and show is going on number-1 position among all Indian television shows. So how could she leave such a popular show which is already in top position. And guys SBS showed some clipping of ganesh mahotsav mahaepisode with this news too where bulbul was showing doing arguments with aaliya. After going Aaliya, purab was making her understand. There were no voice in background, they showed only this much clipping. But It seems they were arguing and talking about pragya’s kidnapping. It seems like bulbul was accusing aaliya for pragya’s kidnap and asking her about pragya’s whereabouts but aaliya was denying. Then purab comes and tells bulbul to calm down and not to blame anybody without proof.

    1. yes nikki..even I saw the sbs…but nikku if bulbul reacts more towards pragyas kidnapping..either purab or abhi will have surely doubt in her…soo she has to be really careful in that sense..

      1. Ya sana u r right but I think it’s not a thing of doubt becoz pragya is Bulbul’s real elder sister and she loves her so much and pragya didn’t any wrong with her own family and bulbul so it’s obvious that she will b worried about her sister. But ya she should careful about this that she should not say those things in her tension and anger which gives hint or doubt in specially taaliya’s mind.

      2. And sana when bulbul was talking with aaliya and purab, I think abhi has already gone in searching for pragya. So if we believe on spoiler than if abhi will get some doubt about pragya’s changed behavior or if he will get to know that she has not changed but only pretending, then he will get to know during or after this kidnapping sequence. And if we talk about purab then read my previous comment sana. I said in that comment that I felt and I think purab is also involved with pragy-bulbul and dadi in their plan. Why I felt this, just read my that comment then u will get to know.

      3. yes nikki I have read your comments…yes chance is there dt purab is involved with them in their plan…and I hope abhi finds out pragyas truth

      4. Nikki and Sana..i think Bulbul will always be careful in that sense 🙂 i mean she is not that much innocent as Pragya is..so she will be able to handle the situation well unless otherwise CVS wants us to shock with her behavior 🙂 and i still have some hope that Abhi has some clue about Pragya already..but we will see..hope this special episode will not be same as the earlier Mahaepisode which v saw for Pragya’s accident track 😉 expecting something good from this Maha epsiode 🙂

      5. yes chithu..I want this mahaepisode to be superb..not like d last one

  22. Thank u guys for all the informations

  23. I think pragya is kinnaped by aliya or raj. Doubt aliya Bcus I think she cums doubt on pragya n then with her 1 lakh she wil kidnaped her. Bcuz she thinks tht abhi Hates her n she dnt knw abt Dadi n bulbul knws everything abt them n abt nikil also i think they kidnapped to him also may be Bcus aliya tells in 1 epidode tht nikil is jst small stone she wil rmv n throw out. May be she done sumthing with him also may be.

  24. Still dragging ……………. so stupid

  25. Jamai raja January. I am not sure if you 9th and the rest of the King of the King

  26. Wish there performance would be as good as they performed zra2014 … I loved it a lot … Wish this performance should also be like that … Waiting Fa it :-*

  27. Intahaee bakwas or bemaqsad Drama ha, Khaas kar Aliya jo chahe karti phray koee poochne wala nahi ha. Or wo Raaj jo bara imandaar bana phirta tha ab Aliya k kahne pe bahir a kr har do number kaam kare ga ye wo pahle sooch leta.

    Sub se bari bewaqoofi Bhagya intahaee gira how character kar rahi ha koee Shareef women is tarha nahi karti, are dono ka bacha kiuon nahi karwa rahe Writer Sahab! Kia un k ghar main yahee hota ha?

    Or Corporater kahn gaya us ne abhi rak Aliya k bare main kiuon nahee munh khola? Kia itni na ahal ha Indian Police????????

    Abhee itna bewaqoof bataya ha jis ki intiha nahee.

    Plz change character, s rolls warna ye fail ho jae ga drama.

    Commedy some times achi hoti ha khaas kar ik episode main jab Jangle main makaan main jate han.

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