Kumkum Bhagya 18th June 2015 Written Episode Update


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The Episode starts with Aaliya thinking about the happenings and links one thing with another. She concludes that Pragya is helping Tanu and also thinks Tanu might be pregnant instead. Tanu looks for Aaliya. Aaliya meets her and says she knows everything. She says I knew that you are pregnant. Tanu says what and pretends to be shocked. She asks are you joking? Aaliya says you might be laughing if it was a joke. Tanu says I am not pregnant, but Pragya is, and asks her to confirm it with Pragya. Pragya asks Aaliya, how are you? Aaliya asks are you pregnant? Pragya thinks she can’t tell the truth to Aaliya as she might tell Dadi. She tells you heard right! I am pregnant. Aaliya asks how is that possible. Your relation with Abhi is not good. Tanu asks her to be happy with her happiness. Aaliya says you

might be waiting for this day. Tanu says she has to accept that. Aaliya says it is good that you both have compromise. She says lets celebrate and hugs Tanu. She thinks she have to do something as Purab’s marriage is after 5 days.

Purab and Bulbul are waiting for Abhi in the car. Abhi comes and tells that Bulbul is making him mad. Purab says what did she do? He asks him to come with them for shopping? Abhi agrees and sits in the car. Bulbul asks Purab to lock the car and tells Abhi, you are kidnapped. Purab thinks he has to obey to Bulbul’s orders. Abhi thinks she will eat his brain. Bulbul thinks you are thinking right. Just then Abhi gets Nikhil’s call and tells him that he is kidnapped. Then says he is joking and came for shopping with Purab. He asks him to stay there and will inform Dadi to give documents. He disconnects the call and asks Purab to take him to mall. Nikhil looks at Tanu and tries to talk to her. Dadi comes and tells Abhi’s wife will give you documents. Nikhil says okay. Once Dadi goes, he comes to Tanu’s room and locks the door. He sees Tanu in washroom.

Pragya comes and asks what are you doing here? Nikhil says he was looking for her. Pragya says she will give him documents and asks him to come. Aaliya thinks to buy bridal dress for herself and thinks Purab might marry her. She comes to the shopping mall and sees Abhi stepping down from Purab’s car with them. Tanu is trying to move a heavy suitcase. Pragya helps her and moves it. Tanu asks her to tell Dadi everything soon. Pragya says she will once Dadi gets well after Bulbul’s marriage. Tanu tells her that last time Bulbul’s marriage was postponed and what if it happens again. She says her baby bump will appear in few months. Pragya is pushing the heavy stuff, Dadi and Dasi come there and are shocked. Dadi scolds Tanu for making Pragya move the heavy stuff and asks her to take care of Pragya else they will throw her out of house. Tanu thinks she has become servant from queen.

Abhi thinks he has brought ring for Pragya on Bulbul’s insistence, but he will tell Pragya. Pragya comes to her room and sees Abhi sleeping. She thinks abhi is in tension, may be because of Tanu. She sees him smiling and comes near him. Abhi opens his eyes shocking her and covers himself with his hands. Pragya tells that she want to get the pillow. Abhi says okay. Tu Meri Jaan Hai Plays…………………song plays……..He makes her wear ring and says it is looking good on you. Pragya asks why did you make me wear? Abhi says he bought it for someone else. Pragya asks did you buy it for Tanu. Abhi thinks how to tell her that I bought it on Bulbul’s insistence for her.

Pragya tries to take out the ring from her finger. Abhi asks her to keep it and says it is a gift from one friend to another. He says you don’t think me as your friend, but you are my friend. Tu Meri Jaan plays again…… Pragya tells him good night and sleeps.

Pragya mistakenly drops flowers plate. Tanu complains to Dadi about Pragya.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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  1. two days no serial !!! hmmmmn….:(

    1. S 🙁

  2. I dint have link. I have saw in tv. But they are not uploading any videos that. Ya I too saw pragya was wearing dupatta to hide but do know they din say in detail what is happening. They cutted with that scene so I do no.

  3. I am a muslim grl frm kerala …and I am new here…all frndz and neighbors r a vry big fan of KB…during the tym of fasting,,we cant open the tv….so we are only readng update for nxt 1 mnth…..and also we r trying to put cmnts on this vry long…atlast 2day we got it…so we r vry hpy….we like abhigya and rabul vry much…and also we have one cmplnt that comparing to other updates kb’s updates are so short…so we want exact update of kb..plz……reply any1 plzzz…..

    1. which district?

    2. Salamz asna asu

  4. I hope Nikhil does not turn negative and help tanu

  5. any 1 plz..reply…..

  6. any muslim is here….??or any1 plzzzz…reply….plz….

  7. guys did u notice a thing ,the precap is wrong.
    its tanu who drops the flower plate.thappa kudithirkanga

  8. kannur and [email protected] @zeeha wasalam…..

  9. harini plzz tell the actual precap plzzz…..?

  10. harini plzz tell the actual precap plzzz…..? maanu u r frm wich district.?

  11. Wen I read the spoiler of tanu’s truth gonna come out , I knew it would take kb another 200 episodes to reach there 😛

  12. The actual precap is tanu will bump the flowers on mitali. Mitali will complain to dadi so tanu will scold mitali.

  13. Hai all. Dey r dragging it so much…

  14. Its quite sad bcoz Abhi still can’t epress his feelings towards Pragya…..and the ring part…..Abhi is so cute during that scene.

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